31st Of December 2015 Update

31st Of December 2015 Update of New and Key Restocked Items 
at Redscroll Records

Happy New Year!
We’ll be open normal hours tomorrow (New Year’s Day) 12-8PM.

LPs & 12″s
A Global Threat “Until We Die”
Andrea Noce & David Kristian “Be In Sync”
Apocalypse “Apocalypse” (Reissue Of 1972 Album)
Bath Queen “Queen”
Beastie Boys “Beastie Boys Instrumentals – Make Some Noise, BBOYS!”
Body, The / Krieg “The Body / Krieg” (Collaborative Album – Not A Split)
Carpenter, John “The Fog: New Expanded Original Film Soundtrack” (Green/White Vinyl 2LP 180 Gram)
Circus 2000 “An Escape From A Box (Fuga Dall’Involucro)” (Clear Blue Ltd. Ed.)
Circus 2000 “Circus 2000” (Reissue)
Consumer Electronics “Dollhouse Songs”
Danava “Hemisphere Of Shadows” (Clear/Purple)
De Witte, Charlotte “Welschmerz”
Der Zyklus “Krypton 84”
DJ Fast Eddie, The “My Melody EP”
Doc Daneeka Feat Seven Davis Jr. “What’s It Gonna Be? Remix Ep”
Duo Tsafri “Spices”
Dwarves “How To Win Friends And Influence People”
Dyke Drama (Sadie Switchblade Of G.L.O.S.S.) “Tender Resignation”
EMG & Battista “The Bridge”
Fagan, Scott “South Atlantic Blues” (Numbered/1000)
Hall, Kyle “From Joy” (3LP)
Hardy, Francoise “Le Premieir Bonheur Du Jour”
Hardy, Francoise “Mon Amie La Rose”
Hawkes, Marquis “Chances / A Very Deep Groove / Free Of Sin”
High Dive “New Teeth”
Hijokaidan “Emergency Stairway To Heaven” (Picture Disc + CD)
I Giganti “Terra In Boccca: Poesia Di Un Delitto” (Ltd. Ed. Clear Red)
I.B.M. (Alias Of Jamal Moss A.K.A. Hieroglyphic Being) “From The Land Of Rape & Honey (The Suppressed Tapes) 1995-2005”
I:Cube “EP” (VER 105)
Jah Thomas “Dance On The Corner”
Jarvis Street Revue, The “Singles (And More)” (LION LP-151)
Legowelt “Institute Of The Overmind”
L-Vis 1990 (Dance System) “System Preferences EP”
Nico “BBC Session 1971”
S:VT “Urgency Grip EP”
Space Afrika “Primrose Avenue”
Sworn Enemy “Living On Borrowed Time”
Teeth Of The Sea “Highly Deadly Black Tarantula”
Theil, Bob “Songs From The Margin” (/500 Acid Folk Previously Unreleased)
Thomas, Prins “Paradise Goulash – Versions”
Umiliani, Piero “Fischiando In Beat” (Special Edition Of 1968 Record + Bonus CD)
Umiliani, Piero “Synthi Time” (Special Edition Of 1971 Album + Bonus CD)
Umiliani, Piero “Le Isole Dell’Amore” (Soundtrack)
Unknown “Legit Edits #3”
Vampire Belt “Unfit Structures” (+ D/L)
Various “Library Of Sound Grooves: Action Beat & Psycho Grooves From The Italian Cinema (1966-1974)”
Various “Nouakchott Wedding Songs (Republique Islamique De Maurtianie)”
Various “Sugar’s Delight: The Afro-Cuban Roots Of Boogaloo 1955-1962 Spanish Harlem Dancefloor Fillers”
Various “Coco May May: The Afro-Cuban Roots Of Boogaloo 1955-1962 Spanish Harlem Dancefloor Fillers”
Various “Kvlt Acid”
Various “Library Of Sound Grooves: Erotic Vibrations & Bossa Moods From The Italian Cinema (1966-1973)”
Various “Koute Jazz: A Collection Of Jazz Tracks From The French West Indies (Selected By Digger’s Digest)”
Zingale “Peace” (1977 Record Reissued)


Allergy “Peace Fuckers EP” (Flexi)
Derbyshire, Delia “The Delian Mode / Blue Veils And Golden Sands” (Red /500)


MZ.412 “Hekatomb”
Psychic TV “Thee Fabulous Feast Ov Flowering Light”
Psychic TV “Hacienda”
Psychic TV “Live At Thee Marquee”
She Spread Sorrow “Rumspringa”
Various “Treatment Of The Dead”

The Color Of Noise: A Film About The Artist Haze XXL And His Notorious Record Label, Amphetamine Reptile Records. (Blu-Ray Disc)

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