T-USED-DAY Update for Wedn-Used-Day January 27th, 2016

T-USED-DAY Update for Wedn-Used-Day January 27th, 2016 [Through the persistence of time…]
at Redscroll Records

Can’t stress enough that you should follow us on Instagram if you don’t already. We’ve got stuff that moves fast in right now that we haven’t priced yet (and therefore is not on this list). A lot of it is leaving as we price it out for people. Early bird… Instagram.com/REDSCROLL

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s

A Loss For Words “No Sanctuary” (Bone) $14.00
A$AP Rocky “Long.Live.A$AP” (Orange) $17.00
AC/DC “’74 Jailbreak” $8.00
Against Me “Reinventing Axl Rose” (Brown Mix) $12.00
Agnostic Front “Dead Yuppies” $13.00
Alice Cooper “You Want It, You Got It” (VG Condition) $5.00
Andrew Jackson Jihad “Can’t Maintain.” (Pink) $12.00
Bambaata, Afrika & The Soul Sonic Force “Planet Rock” $3.00
Beach House “Devotion” $11.00
Beirut “The Rip Tide” (Cloth Packaging) $24.00
Berio, Luciano “Berio Conducts Berio” $7.00
Birth Refusal “Lost In The Cove” (/118) $5.00
Black Sabbath “Paranoid” $9.00
Blackjack “Worlds Apart” $6.00
Blue Oyster Cult “Spectres” $4.00
Blue Oyster Cult “Secret Treaties” $5.00
Blue Oyster Cult “On Your Feet Or On Your Knees” $3.00
Bomb20 “Field Manual” $10.00
Bon Iver “For Emma, Forever Ago” $12.00
Bon Iver “Blood Bank” $10.00
Boulez / The BBC Symphony Orchestra “Boulez Conducts Boulez – Pli / Selon / Pli” $8.00
Broken Bells “Broken Bells” $16.00
Bumps “Bumps” $6.00
Burdon, Eric & The Animals “Eric Is Here” $5.00
Burdon, Eric & War “Eric Burdon Declares War” $6.00
Burdon, Eric Band “Sun Secrets” $5.00
Burdon, Eric Band “Eric Burdon Band” (German Pressing) $12.00
Burmese “A Mere Shadow And Reminiscence Of Humanity” $7.00
C. Spencer Yeh “Nothin’ But A Heartache” $5.00
Cactus “Cactus” $16.00
Cactus “One Way… Or Another” (Check Condition) $7.00
Cardboard Sax / Wasteland Jazz Unit “Cardboard Sax / Wasteland Jazz Unit” $4.00
Caspian “Tertia” (Maroon /700) $27.00
Caspian “Waking Season” (Clear) $25.00
Casualties, The “Underground Army” $14.00
Cleese, John “Fawlty Towers: At Your Service” (UK Pressing) $4.00
Cliff, Jimmy “Follow My Mind” $4.00
Cliff, Jimmy “Give The People What They Want” $5.00
Cliff, Jimmy “Special” (Sealed!) $6.00
Crystal Antlers “Tentacles” $6.00
Dead Comet Alive “Universe For One” (38/100) $6.00
Dead Machines “The Night Callers” (Pink /500) $4.00
Dead Machines “Live A Tzompantli” $2.00
Dead Machines “Dead End At Olson St.” (White) $3.00
Dead Machines “Plays Invasion Of The Body Snatchers” $3.00
Dead Machines / John Wiese “Failing Lights” (Magenta) $12.00
Dead Machines / The Haunting “Private Live” (Red) $5.00
Dead Macines / Damion Romero / John Wiese “Friday The 13th” $9.00
Decemberists, The “We All Raise Our Voices To The Air (Live Songs 04.11-08.11)” $18.00
Defiance, Ohio “Share What Ya Got” (Green/Blue Marble) $7.00
Defiance, Ohio “Midwestern Minutes” (180 Gram) $9.00
Dilloway, Aaron / C. Spencer Yeh “The Squid” $13.00
Divorcee “Divorcee” (Red Velvet /400) $20.00
Doors “L.A. Woman” (With Windowed Jacket) $12.00
Double Leopards / Mouthus “Double Leopards / Mouthus” $4.00
Double Leopards / Mouthus / Sunroof “Crippled Rosebud Binding” $6.00
Drumm, Kevin / 2673 “Kevin Drumm / 2673” $4.00
Drusky, Roy “All My Hard Times” $5.00
Fennesz “June” (Orange/Brown) $7.00
Fireworks “Gospel” (Red) $16.00
Flour “Machinery Hill” (Red) $7.00
Flour “Flour” $6.00
Ford, Lita “Stiletto” $8.00
Four Year Strong “Rise Or Die Trying” (Yellow/Purple Nuke) $28.00
Four Year Strong “Enemy Of The World” (Gold) $13.00
Four Year Strong “In Some Way, Shape, Or Form.” $12.00
Freaks Amour “Regressive Music For Mind And Body” (CT Improv Experimental Group From 1989) $9.00
Genesis “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway” $12.00
Genesis “Three Sides Live” (Four Sides Live Variant, UK Pressing) $17.00
Graveyards “Night In A Graveyard” (71/200) $7.00
Graveyards “Night In A Graveyard Part 2” (White) $8.00
Grin “Gone Crazy” $5.00
Grizzly Bear “Veckatimest” $21.00
Growing “Live” $8.00
Halo, Laurel “Sunlight On The Faded” $5.00
Hastings, DS & DL Savings T.X “’95 Flashback Attack” (39/100) $8.00
Hendrix, Jimi “Free Spirit” $5.00
Hendrix, Jimi “War Heroes” $5.00
Hendrix, Jimi “Flashing” (Unofficial, VG Condition) $8.00
Hive Mind “Elemental Disgrace” $13.00
Hive Mind “Writhing Flesh” $9.00
Hive Mind “Scavenger’s Feast” $8.00
Hive Mind Aaron Dilloway “Fogotten Thirst” $8.00
Hive Mind / Workbench “Flash Flood” $6.00
Hive Mind / Workbench “Permanence” $5.00
Hototogisu “Pale Fatal Sister” $7.00
Husker Du “Land Speed Record” $15.00
Ignite “Call On My Brothers” (Red 2014 Repress) $10.00
Ignite “Our Darkest Days” (Blue) $12.00
Ilsa “Intoxicantations” (Transparent Black Swirl) $10.00
Inner Space, The “Agilok & Blubbo” (Soundtrack) $16.00
Isan “Meet Next Life” $10.00
Jarre, Maurice “The Year Of Living Dangerously: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” $2.50
Judas Priest “Screaming For Vengeance” (With Insert!) $7.00
Judas Priest “Stained Class” $9.00
Judas Priest “Hell Bent For Leather” $8.00
Karlheinz “Fucking” (Picture Disc) $5.00
Kelley, Greg “Greg Kelley Uncomfortable” $15.00
King Felix “Spring” $5.00
Kiss (K.I.S.S.) “Alive II” (With Booklet) $6.00
Knife, The “Silent Shout” $17.00
Kool Keith “Lost Masters Volume 2” $8.00
La Dispute “Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega & Altair” (Purple) $18.00
Lil’ Wayne “Tha Carter III” $10.00
Living Colour “Vivid” $8.00
McCann, Les “Live At Montreaux” $7.00
McCartney, Paul “Spies Like Us” (Picture Disc, UK Pressing) $12.00
McLean, Jackie Quintet “Jackie’s Pal (Introducing Bill Hardman)” $10.00
Medium Medium “The Glitterhouse” $7.00
Menche, Daniel “Guts” $10.00
Metalux “Victim Of Space” $5.00
Methadones “Methadones” (Clear) $16.00
Mighty Sparrow “Hotter Than Ever” $8.00
Miller, Fred “The Sounds Of Love… A To Zzzz: Sensually SINthesized” $6.00
Minus The Bear “Acoustics II” (Red/Blue/Black, Sealed!) $18.00
Minus The Bear “Lost Loves” (Pink/Blue Swirl, Sealed!) $10.00
Mothers, The “Over-Nite Sensation” (VG Condition) $7.00
Mountain Movers “Apple Mountain” $10.00
My Morning Jacket “Acoustica Citsuoca Live! At The Startime Pavilion October 31st” $9.00
Nazareth “Hair Of The Dog” $4.00
Nmperign & Dorner, Beins “Nmperign + Dorner, Beins” $15.00
Noveller “Paint On The Shadows” $13.00
Odd Clouds “The Cavernous End” $8.00
Olson, John / C. Spencer Yeh “Live At Kathy’s B-Day” (No Insert, 39/200) $6.00
Owl Xounds “Teenagers From Mars” (Brown) $5.00
Panda Bear “Person Pitch” (Plays Through With Noise – Check Condition) $20.00
Peterson, Oscar “The George Gershwin Songbook” (German Pressing) $6.00
Pianos Become The Teeth “The Lack Long After” (Blue/Green) $12.00
Portishead “Third” (Box Set With USB Stick) $30.00
Prawn “Kingfisher” (Aqua Blue /300) $12.00
Priester, Julian Pepo Mtoto “Love, Love” $14.00
Quiet Evenings “Impressions” $8.00
Radiohead “King Of Limbs” $14.00
Rahdunes “Rahdunes” $5.00
Rain Machine “Rain Machine” $5.00
Ramones “Ramones Mania” $13.00
Ratking “Wiki ’93” (Green) $12.00
Religious Knives “Bind Them / Electricity And Air” $7.00
Riddle, Nelson “The Untouchables: Original Music From The TV Show” $8.00
Rish “Hemispheres” (Picture Disc) $15.00
River City Extension “And The Unmistakable Man” (White) $16.00
Robbins, Richard “A Room With A View: Original Soundtrack” $5.00
Rockets “Rockets” (Italian pressing) $10.00
Rosenthal, Phil “Turkey In The Straw” $7.00
S.O.D. “Speak English Or Die” (Green Splatter, Stormtroopers Of Death) $14.00
Saddest Landscape, The “After The Lights” (Dark Wine) $9.00
Scenic “Aquatica” $9.00
Set Your Goals “Mutiny!” (Brown) $28.00
Shabazz Palaces “Lese Majesty” $13.00
Shadows Of Knight, The “Gee-El-O-Are-I-Ay” (UK Pressing) $12.00
Sharks “The Joys Of Living 2008-2010” (Black/Red) $9.00
Sheer Terror “Standing Up For Falling Down” (Purple) $12.00
Shins, The “Chutes Too Narrow” $10.00
Sir Douglas Band, The “Texas Tornado” (Promo) $10.00
Slava “Soft Control” $6.00
Smith, Elliott “Elliott Smith” (2012 Pressing) $12.00
Sneeze “I’m Going To Kill Myself” (Blue) $6.00
SpaceGhostPurrp / Raider Klan “Mysterious Phonk” $13.00
Spine Scavenger “Shackles Of Man-Measured Time” $5.00
Spykes “Citizens Dream Of A City” $4.00
Strife “Witness A Rebirth” (Blue) $12.00
Sweet, The “Sweet 16: It’s It’s…Sweet’s Hits” $10.00
Tallest Man On Earth, The “King Of Spain” $15.00
Their/They’re/There “Analog Weekend” (Baby Blue) $8.00
Timberlake, Justin “My Love (Feat. T.I.)” (Single) $4.00
Timberlake, Justin “Sexyback” (Single) $4.00
To Rococo Rot “Paris 25 (EP)” $4.00
Transit “Listen & Forgive” (Gray/Orange) $8.00
Transit “Keep This To Yourself” $10.00
Trapped Under Ice “Secrets Of The World” (Clear) $14.00
Twilight Sad, The “The Wrong Car.” $8.00
Twisted Sister “Stay Hungry” $4.00
Twisted Sister “Come Out And Play” (Pop-Up Sleeve) $6.00
Ultimate Spinach “Ultimate Spinach” (Cover Has Writing And Tears) $11.00
Ultra “Big Time” $13.00
Universal Indians “Monster Approach” $8.00
Valby, John “Concerto For Piano, Voice & 500 Screaming Assholes” (Signed like almost all of them are :)) $4.00
Van Halen “Fair Warning” $5.00
Van Halen “Diver Down” $4.00
Var “No One Dances Quite Like My Brother” $12.00
Various “Times Square: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” $3.00
Various “Heavy Metal: Music From The Motion Picture” $6.00
Various “Easy Rider: Music From The Soundtrack” $3.00
Various “Killed By Death #6 Great Punk Shits” (White Vinyl, Unofficial) $10.00
Various Artists “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (Soundtrack) $5.00
Warmth “Warmth” (Yellow) $4.00
Warning Sign “Live At Copymax Jason’s Birthday” $15.00
Wolfe, Chelsea “Apokalypsis” (Orange With Black) $28.00
Yeldham, Justice / Dave Phillips “Two Thousand-Five” $4.00
Young Widows “Old Wounds” (Cover #2) $9.00
Zappa / Mothers “Roxy & Elsewhere” $5.00
Zappa, Frank “Apostrophe (‘)” $7.00
Zappa, Frank “Sheik Yerbouti” (VG Condition) $8.00
Zappa, Frank “Sheik Yerbouti” $7.00


American Scene, The / Daybreaker “The American Scene / Daybreaker” $3.00
Arms Aloft / The Manix “Arms Aloft / The Manix” $2.00
At Our Heels “At Our Heels” (Green / Blue) $1.00
Blocparty “The Prayer” (Promo) $1.00
Broadway Calls “Be All That You Can’t Be” (White) $5.00
Broadway Calls / The Riot Before “Broadway Calls / The Riot Before” (Pink) $5.00
Broken “We’re Fucked!!” $2.00
Cannabis Corpse “Blame It On Bud” (Postcard Flexi) $7.00
Casting Curses “Cold All Over Again” (Blue) $2.00
Cheap Girls / Lemuria “Cheap Girls / Lemuria” $3.00
Chilmark “Driftwood” $5.00
Crossed Eyes “Rattled” $1.00
Dead To Me / Flatliners “Dead To Me / Flatliners” (Yellow) $5.00
Death Threat / Over My Dead Body “Death Threat / Over My Dead Body” (Blue) $5.00
Detournement “Screaming Response” $3.00
Disfear / Doomriders “All Paths Lead To Nothing, There Is Only Death” $5.00
Division Of Laura Lee “Need To Get Some” $1.00
Doubledealer “Whose World Is This” (Blue) $4.00
Fake Boys, The / Frogball “The Fake Boys, Frogball Split” $3.00
Heathens “Heathen” $2.00
Held Hostage / Get It Today “Held Hostage / Get It Today” $1.00
Hollywood “Starving Artists” $2.00
Imperial Leather “Antibodies” $1.00
Integrity “Walpurgisnacht” $4.00
Internal Affairs / Last Nerve “Internal Affairs / Last Nerve” $2.00
International Superheroes Of Hardcore, The “HPXHC” (Yellow/Red) $8.00
Jasta / All That Remains “Jasta / All That Remains” (Red) $2.00
Jawbone “Loss Of Innocence” (Black / Red) $5.00
Just Surrender “Burning Up” (Red) $3.00
Just Surrender “Take Me Home” (Yellow) $3.00
Just Surrender “On My Own” (Orange) $2.00
Kill Life w/Dwid “Snake Kills Whole Family” $3.00
Landmine Marathon “Landmine Marathon” $2.00
Left Alone / Mastema “Territorial Pissings / Breed.” $3.00
Low Threat Profile “Low Threat Profile” $3.00
Man Overboard “The Absolute Worst” (Blue/White) $10.00
Man Vs. Humanity / Bury Me Standing “Crash & Burn” $1.00
Meltdown “Meltdown” (Silver) $2.00
Midnight Souls “Colder” $1.00
One Up “The Single” (Green) $3.00
Palehorse “Demo” $3.00
Prowl, The “The First Room On The Left” $3.00
Rah “The Truth Will Reveal Itself” $1.00
Rain Crow “Between Shoers” $4.00
Rampant Decay / Kruds “Rampant Decay / Kruds” $2.00
Rawhide “Branded For Life” $3.00
Ritual “Kissing Pavement” $3.00
R’N’R / Fit For Abuse “Split 7″” (White) $2.00
Set To Explode “Set To Explode” $1.00
Shining, The “A Song For The Rest Of The World” $2.00
Shoot To Kill “Shoot To Kill” (Winter Tour Press /100) $3.00
Skaters “Deadbolt” $1.00
Slimy Cunt & The Fistfucks “Bastards” $1.00
Sojourner “Overwhelming” (Black/Green) $3.00
Strong Intention “Razorblade Express” $3.00
Take Control “Trapped Inside” $2.00
Thieves And Assassins “Tour 7″” (Orange/Black) $2.00
Throwdown “Covered With Venom” (Red) $2.00
To The Point “Give Me A Reason” (Green) $4.00
Transit / Man Overboard “Transit / Man Overboard” (White) $8.00
Trapped Under Ice “Demo 2007” $5.00
Turner, Frank / Crazy Arm “Long Live The Queen / Still To Keep” $10.00
Unforgiven “Last Of The Few” (Pink) $2.00
Unlearn “When The Reaper Comes To You Will You Clap?” $2.00
Various “Louder Than Hell” (Hirax, The Accused, Municipal Waste…) $2.00
Voetsek / Cold War “Voetsek / Cold War” $2.00

Cassette Tapes

Aerosmith “Greatest Hits” $1.00
Anderson, Jason E. / Carlson, Matt “Jason E Anderson / Matt Carlson” $3.00
Beck, Jeff And The Big Town Playboys “Crazy Legs” $3.00
Blown Doors “Drug Punishment” $2.00
Blown Doors “Crystal Myths / Crystal Paths” $3.00
Blown Doors / Hunted Creatures “Blown Doors / Hunted Creatures” $4.00
Clerics “Born In A Lake” $3.00
Connelly, Mike “Recycled Music” $2.00
D/A A/D / Nodolby “D/A A/D / Nodolby” $4.00
Demoon Skirt “Fag Tapes Style” $4.00
Disguises “Disguises” $4.00
Endless Time “Removal” $2.00
Ex-Graveyards “Blk Paintings Vol 2” $7.00
Exhumanations “Organ Harvesting 1-10” $4.00
Filthy Turd / Green Mist “Filthy Turd / Green Mist” $2.00
Fossils / P.N.S. “Fossils / P.N.S.” $3.00
Gillan, Ian / Glover, Roger “Accidentally On Purpose” $3.00
Goldberg, Sam “Cycles” $3.00
Heat Conference / Ctephin / A Vibrant Struggle “Druids” $5.00
Hive Mind / Dead Brain “Unearthed Union Three” $4.00
Hobo Cubes / Jonathan James Carr “Hobo Cubes / Jonathan James Carr” $3.00
Hollow Bonez “Blue Blazer Irregular” $3.00
Human Loop “Untitled” $6.00
Jethro Tull “Rock Island” $2.00
Jethro Tull “Crest Of A Knave” $2.00
Kites “Recycled Music” $3.00
Kosmonaut / Adderall Canyonly “The Four Directions Of The Universe” $3.00
Lafidki “Absynthax” $3.00
Lambsbread “Drug K9” $4.00
Lay, Josh “All Of My Dreams Are Dead” $3.00
Lynyrd Skynyrd “What’s Your Name” $4.00
Lynyrd Skynyrd “Second Helping” $3.00
M. Geddes Gengras “Rebirth Live In Los Angeles” $4.00
Meditative Sect “Uneasy Coexistence” $5.00
Panicsville “Recycled Music” $3.00
Panther Skull “Gunk Vol. One” $5.00
Panther Skull “Gunk Vol. Two” $5.00
Pillars Of Heaven “Breeding Moths” $2.00
Sick Llama “Polar X” $4.00
Sick Llama “Holiday At The Cove #2” $3.00
Sick Llama “Polar W” $5.00
Slither “Trails Of These” $4.00
Slither “Dishearten Disenthrall” $5.00
Slither “From A Fading Age” $4.00
Spine Scavenger “Pigs” $4.00
Transit / Man Overboard “Transit / Man Overboard” $5.00
Travels “Dripping Down The Walls” $3.00
Tusco Terror “Seventy Second Eternal” $2.00
Uneven Universe “Solar Grapes” $3.00
Vales “Vales” $4.00
Van Halen “OU812” $1.00
Various Artists “Rough Hewn” $5.00
Various Artists “Super Street 3 – Diamonds In Th’ Ruff” $5.00
Various Artists “Pacific Support” $2.00
Various Artists “Super Street 2 – Street Freaks” $6.00
Various Artists “Super Street 22 – Hot Numbers” $4.00
Various Artists “Super Street 20 – Stage Fright” $5.00
Vestigial Limb “Sour Gas Kills” $4.00
Vestigial Limb “Rotten Esophagus” $3.00
Violent Ramp “Strange Notes” $4.00
Wether / Unicron “Wether / Unicron” $2.00