T-USED-DAY Update for February 2nd, 2016

T-USED-DAY Update for February 2nd, 2016
at Redscroll Records
TUSEDDAY 02022016
Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s

AC/DC “Back In Black” $12.00
AC/DC “Let There Be Rock” (Check Condition) $5.00
AC/DC “If You Want Blood You Got It” $6.66
AC/DC “High Voltage” $15.00
AC/DC “Highway To Hell” $10.00
Adolescents “Complete Demos” (Writing On Cover) (Clear Vinyl) $8.00
Agape “Agape: Gospel Hard Rock” $16.00
Agent Steel “Mad Locust Rising” (Blue Vinyl) $18.00
Agnostic Front “Liberty & Justice For…” $15.00
Agnostic Front “Cause For Alarm” $25.00
Alice Cooper “Alice Cooper’s Greatest Hits” $5.00
Allman, Duane & Greg “Duane & Greg Allman” $7.00
Anthrax “Fistful Of Metal” (1984 Pressing) $20.00
Antlers, The “Burst Apart” $14.00
Artillery “Fear Of Tomorrow” $36.66
At War “Ordered To Kill” $16.00
At War “Retaliatory Strike” $18.00
Baron “The Jammer / Priscilla / Feeling It” $3.00
Bathory “Blood On Ice” (2003 Pressing) $18.00
Beatles, The “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” (1970 Pressing With Insert) $25.00
Beatles, The “Yesterday And Today” (1978 Reissue) $13.00
Bender, Ruth “Yoga For Beginners” (Filed In Soundtracks) $5.00
Berry, Chuck “Chuck Berry’s Golden Hits” (Sealed! Club Edition) $9.00
Big Black “Headache” $9.00
Black Breath “Razor To Oblivion” (Clear /100) $20.00
Black Flag “Damaged” (Repress) $15.00
Black Sabbath “Black Sabbath” $20.00
Black Sabbath “Master Of Reality” $14.00
Black Sabbath “Never Say Die” $9.00
Black Sabbath “Sabotage” $16.00
Black Sabbath “Live At Last” (Irish Pressing) $8.00
Black Sabbath “Vol. 4” $15.00
Blank Dogs “On Two Sides” (Repress) $6.00
Blind Illusion “The Sane Asylum” (Les Claypool Pre-Primus) $15.00
Blink 182 “Buddha” (Reissue) $14.00
Blood Feast “Kill For Pleasure” $25.00
Bone Sickness “Alone In The Grave” $10.00
Borealis “Sons Of The Sea” (German Pressing, Check Condition) $7.00
Burning Star Core “A Brighter Summer Day” $9.00
Bush, Kate “The Kick Inside” $15.00
Bush, Kate “The Whole Story” $9.00
Butthole Surfers “Butthole Surfers” $15.00
Butthole Surfers “Live PCPPEP” (Blue) $13.00
Byrds, The “Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde” $5.00
California X “Nights In The Dark” $10.00
Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band “Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)” $18.00
Clash, The “This Is England” (Single/EP) $6.00
Code Orange Kids “Love Is Love // Return To Dust” (Yellow) $12.00
Cold Cave “Full Cold Moon” $10.00
Collins, Phil “No Jacket Required” (Sealed) $6.00
Collins, Phil “Hello, I Must Be Going!” (Sealed! Club Edition) $5.00
Crass “Christ The Album” (Box Set 2003 Repress) $15.00
Creedence Clearwater Revival “The Concert” (Sealed! Club Edition) $17.00
Crumbsuckers “Beast On My Back” $10.00
Crumbsuckers “Life Of Dreams” $20.00
Culture “Two Sevens Clash” $13.00
Cut / Copy “Zonoscope” $16.00
Cyclone “Brutal Destruction” $16.00
D.R.I. (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) “Dirty Rotten LP – 22 Songs” (1983 Reissue) $16.00
Dag Nasty “Can I Say” (Original Pressing) $15.00
Dark Angel “Leave Scars” $16.66
Dave Clark Five, The “5 By 5” $4.00
Davis, Wild Bill & Johnny Hodges “Con-Soul & Sax” $5.00
Death “Spiritual Healing” (Combat 1990 Pressing) $56.00
Death Angel “The Ultra-Violence” (Canadian Pressing) $25.00
Death Angel “Frolic Through The Park” $20.00
Deathrow “Riders Of Doom” $27.00
Deathrow “Raging Steel” (Import) $28.00
Deep Purple “Perfect Strangers” (Sealed!) $5.00
Defiance “Product Of Society” $20.00
Derdiyoklar Ikilisi “Coban Mamos: Disco Folk” (2013 Reissue) $16.00
Destruction “Eternal Devastation” $30.00
Devastation “Idolatry” $35.00
Devastation “Violent Termination” $35.00
Devastation “Signs Of Life” $22.00
Devlin, Barry “Breaking Star Codes” (Irish Pressing) $30.00
Devour “Devour” $3.00
Dino, Desi & Billy “Memories Are Made Of This” $6.00
Doors, The “Morrison Hotel” $12.00
Doors, The “Resurrection” (Unofficial) $33.00
Double Negative “Daydream Nation” (Blue Marble) $9.00
Dr. John “Zu Zu Man” $6.00
Echo & The Bunnymen “Echo & The Bunnymen” $10.00
Electric Moog Orchestra, The “Music From Star Wars” (Filed In Soundtracks) $3.00
Embrace “Embrace” (Red) $12.00
Entombed “Left Hand Path” (Import) $50.00
Entombed A.D. “Back To The Front” $12.00
Equitables, The “None Stop Party” $7.00
Excel “Split Image” $20.00
Exodus “Bonded By Blood” $20.00
Faith Or Fear “Punishment Area” $15.00
Faust “Faust IV” (Reissue, Sealed!) $18.00
Ferrante & Teicher “Star Wars” $5.00
Fire “Fire” $17.00
Fishbone “Party At Ground Zero (Pink Vapor Stew)” $5.00
Fleetwood Mac “Black Magic Woman” (Sealed! Holland Pressing) $10.00
Flying Burrito Bros “Airborne” $7.00
Forbidden “Forbidden Evil” $20.00
Foreseen “Helsinki Savagery” $7.00
Freeze, The “Live From Cape Cod 1980” (Black / Green) $8.00
Frontiere, Dominic “Hang ‘Em High: Original Motion Picture Score” $3.00
Fucked Up “Couple Tracks” $9.00
Fugazi “Fugazi” (Remaster) $9.00
Fugazi “Fugazi” (Remaster) $9.00
Gang Green “We’ll Give It To You” (Green) $8.00
Germs, The “Forming” (Picture Disc) $11.00
Ghoul “Transmission Zero” (Blue / Red) $18.00
Girlschool “Hit And Run” $10.00
Glass, Philip “Glassworks” $13.00
Gore “Mean Man’s Dream” $10.00
Grass Widow “Grass Widow” $10.00
Grass Widow “Internal Logic” $8.00
Hallows Eve “Tales Of Terror” (2 Copies – One With Chain Labels, One With Non-Chain Labels) $26.66
Hawkwind “PXR5” (UK Pressing) $16.00
Hawn, Goldie “Goldie” $6.00
Helloween “Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 2” $16.66
Helloween “Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1” $16.66
Hendrix, Jimi “Moods” $5.00
Hendrix, Jimi “The Jimi Hendrix Concerts” $14.00
Holiday, Billie “God Bless The Child” $5.00
Horton, Big Walter / Carey Bell “Big Walter Horton With Carey Bell” $13.00
Human League, The “Crash” (Sealed! Club Edition) $5.00
Human Sexual Response “In A Roman Mood” $5.00
Humpback Whale “Songs Of The Humpback Whale” (Filed In Soundtracks) $7.00
Images “Fall From Grace” $5.00
Impaler “If We Had Brains” (Tear On Cover) $10.00
Indestroy “Indestroy” $20.00
Indian Summer “Indian Summer” (Clear, Screen Printed) $8.00
Intruder “A Higher Form Of Killing” $15.00
Iron Christ “Iron Christ” $12.00
Jade Warrior “Released” $17.00
Japan “Japan” $6.00
Jawbreaker “Bivouac” (Repress) $12.00
JBA (John Browns Army) “Who Fucked The Culture Up?” (White) $2.00
Jesus Lizard, The “Liar” (Reissue) $12.00
Jethro Tull “Under Wraps” (Sealed! Club Edition) $5.00
Jett, Joan & The Blackhearts “Album” $8.00
JJ DOOM “Key To The Kuffs” $18.00
Joel, Billy “Storm Front” $9.00
Johnson, J.J. & Nat Adderley “The Yokohama Concert” (Canadian Pressing) $5.00
Judas Priest “Unleashed In The East (Live In Japan)” (Promo) $12.00
Judas Priest “The Best Of Judas Priest” $6.00
Juggernaut “Baptism Under Fire” $4.00
Kelly, Jo Ann “Ja Ann Kelly” (With John Fahey, Woody Mann, John Miller, Alan Seidler) $18.00
King, Johnny “Doh Rub Meh!” $4.00
Kiss (K.I.S.S.) “Dynasty” $10.00
La Fraction “La Vie Revee” $5.00
Leather Slave “Leather Slave” $10.00
Led Zeppelin “Physical Grafiti” (Club Edition) $29.00
Lennon, John / Yoko Ono “Double Fantasy” (Sealed! Club Edition) $6.00
Life Of Agony “Ugly” (Import) $38.00
Little Richard “Little Richard’s Greatest Hits Recorded Live (Okey Hall Of Fame)” (Sealed! 1987 Release) $5.00
Low Threat Profile “Low Threat Profile” $6.50
Ludichrist “Powertrip” $12.00
M.D.C. “Millions Of Dead Cops” (Picture Disc) $8.00
Madness “Complete Madness” (Polish Pressing) $5.00
Marley, Bob & The Wailers “Early Music (Featuring Peter Tosh)” $7.00
McCartney, Paul “Flowers In The Dirt” $11.00
Middle Class, The “Out Of Vogue – The Early Material” (Red) $9.00
Misery “Who’s The Fool” $12.00
Misfits “Die Die My Darling” (1986 Pressing) $16.00
Moody Blues “Early Blues” (Sealed!) $5.00
Morbid Angel “Altars Of Madness” $44.00
Morgan, Dearrick “Greatest Hits Volume I” $7.00
Morrison, Van “Saint Dominic’s Preview” (German Pressing) $10.00
Motley Crue “Shout At The Devil” $15.00
Motley Crue “Theatre Of Pain” $10.00
Motley Crue “Theatre Of Pain” (Sealed!) $15.00
Mountain Movers, The “The Day Calls Out For You” (+ CD) $10.00
Narrows “New Distances” (Blue) $12.00
Nasty Savage “Abstract Reality” $8.00
Nasty Savage “Indulgence” $11.00
Nation Of Ulysses, The “Plays Pretty For Baby” $10.00
Nation Of Ulysses, The “13 Point Program To Destroy America” (Clear) $13.00
Nation Of Ulysses, The “13-Point Program To Destroy America” (Orange /1000) $10.00
No Mercy “Widespread Bloodshed / Love Runs Red” (1987 Pressing With Inserts) $45.00
Nunslaughter “Hex” $12.00
Obsession “Marshall Law” $8.00
Ophelias, The “Oriental Head” (Sealed!) $5.00
Orphan, Shelleyan “Century Flower” $5.00
Osbourne, Ozzy “Diary Of A Madman” $6.00
Overkill “Triumph Of The Will” $16.00
Pagan Altar “The Time Lord” (First Edition) $55.00
Panic “Epidemic” $10.00
Parsons, Alan Project “Ammonia Avenue” (Japanese Pressing With OBI Strip) $10.00
Pavement “Slanted And Enchanted” $10.00
Pavement “Brighten The Corners” $15.00
Pickett, Wilson “The Best of Wilson Pickett” (Sealed!) $6.00
Pink Floyd ” Obscured By Clouds” $22.00
Pissed Jeans “Hope For Men” (Tip-On Jacket) $8.00
Possessed “Seven Churches” $50.00
Prong “Beg To Differ” $10.00
Public Image Ltd. “9” $11.00
Queen “Sheer Heart Attack” $8.00
Reagan Youth “Vol. 1” (Red Vinyl, Stained Cover) $15.00
Realm “Endless War” $20.00
Re-Animator “Deny Reality” $5.00
Reatard, Jay “Blood Visions” $10.00
Reatard, Jay “Singles 06-07” (Sealed!) $20.00
Rectal Hygienics “Even The Flies Won’t Touch You” $13.00
Redding, Otis “History Of Otis Redding” $6.00
Reeves, Martha & The Vandellas “Anthology” (Sealed!) $7.00
Reign Supreme “Testing The Limits Of Infinite” (Light Blue) $12.00
Replacements, The “Tim” $40.00
Rolling Stones, The “England’s Newest Hit Makers” (1986 Abkco Pressing) $16.00
Rolling Stones, The “Hot Rocks 1964-1971” (1986 Remaster) $10.00
Roxy Music “Flesh + Blood” (Yugoslavia Pressing) $6.00
Rude Awakening “Collateral Damage” (Tri Color) $17.00
Rush “Grace Under Pressure” (Sealed! Club Edition) $12.00
Sacrifice “Torment In Fire” $27.00
Sam & Dave “The Best Of Sam & Dave” $6.00
Santamaria, Mongo “Workin’ On A Groovy Thing” $6.00
School Of Violence “We The People…?” $8.00
Screaming Tribesmen, The “Date With A Vampire” $6.00
Second Coming, The “The Second Coming” $18.00
Sectarian Violence “Upward Hostility” (Blue) $9.00
Sepultura “Schizophrenia” (Cogumelo Original) $60.00
Shook Ones “The Unquotable A.M.H.” $9.00
Simon, Paul “Rhythm Of The Saints” (Sealed! Club Edition) $25.00
Slade “Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply” (Sealed!) $6.00
Slayer “Hell Awaits” (Chain Labels 1987 Pressing) $32.00
Slingshot Dakota “Their Dreams Are Dead, But Ours Is The Golden Ghost” (Yellow/Pink Splatter) $17.00
Smiths, The “Panic” $14.00
Smiths, The “Strangeways, Here We Come” $23.00
Snatches Of Pink “Send In The Clowns” $7.00
Spits, The “19 million A.C.” (EP CD LP) $10.00
Springsteen, Bruce “Born In The U.S.A.” (Sealed!) $7.00
Stein, Ronald “Getting Straight: An Original Soundtrack Recording” (Sealed!) $15.00
Stone “Stone” $16.00
Stonepillow “Eleazar’s Circus” $8.00
Subhumans “The Day The Country Died” (1st Reissue Version) $11.00
Sunny Day Real Estate “LP2” (Pink Album) $15.00
Sweet Pain “Sweet Pain” $14.00
T. Rex “T.Rextasy: The Best Of T. Rex, 1970-1973” (Sealed!) $16.00
Tangerine Dream “Phaedra” $13.00
Tangerine Dream “Flashpoint: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” $8.00
Television Ghost “Television Ghost” $7.00
The Special AKA “Nelson Mandela” (UK Pressing) $4.00
Thermals, The “Desperate Ground” (Sealed!) $7.00
Thin Lizzy “Jailbreak” $15.00
Three O’Clock, The “Sixteen Tambourines” $9.00
Tigers Jaw “Two Worlds” (Yellow/White/Green) $7.00
Toadies “Rubberneck” (20th Anniversary Edition 180 Gram) $12.00
Tobacco “Fucked Up Friends” $45.00
Tones On Tail “Tones On Tail” $8.00
Townshend, Pete “White City: A Novel” (Sealed! Club Edition) $4.00
Turbo Fruits “Echo Kid” $8.00
Turner, Tina “Foreign Affair” (Sealed!) $6.00
Twisted Sister “Under The Blade” (UK Pressing) $13.00
Twisted Sister “Under The Blade” (VG Pressing) $4.00
Twisted Sister “Stay Hungry” $8.00
Twisted Sister “Under The Blade” (UK Pressing) $12.00
U2 “Desire” (Gatefold Single) $5.00
Unknown Artist “It’s OK to Say NO!” (Soundtrack To A Coloring Book – Not Included, Filed In Soundtracks) $3.00
Uriah Heep “Abominog” $6.00
Van Halen “1984” $6.00
Vangelis “Hypothesis” $11.00
Vangelis “Spiral” $4.00
Vangelis “Direct” $7.00
Various “Miami Vice: Music From The Television Series” $2.00
Various “Cocktail: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” $4.00
Various “Speed Metal Hell II” (Samhain, Mayhem, At War…) $12.00
Various “Platoon: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack And Songs From The Era” (Sealed!) $6.00
Various “Rhythm ‘N’ Blues” (UK Pressing) $12.00
Various “Welcome To 2013 (Not Normal Presents)” $9.00
Various “On The Down Low Vol. 1” (Big DS, Tryadz, Brown Sugar) $8.00
Various “Clockwork Orange (Stanley Kubrick’s)” (Soundtrack)(Check Condition) $2.00
Various “Phantom Of The Paradise: Original Soundtrack Recording” $11.00
Various “Thunder Before Dawn: The Indestructible Beat Of Soweto Volume Two” $5.00
Various “Sounds Of Indian America – Plains And Southwest: Recorded Live At The Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial” $7.00
Vaughan, Sarah “Volume III” (Sealed!) $7.00
Vaughan, Stevie Ray & Double Trouble “In Step” $22.00
Venom “Black Metal” (No Inserts, UK Pressing 1982) $40.00
Void “Sessions 1981-83” $10.00
Wasted Youth (L.A.’s Wasted Youth) “Get Out Of My Yard! (Remixed)” $7.00
Waters, Muddy “Rolling Stone” $10.00
Whiplash “Insult To Injury” $17.00
Whiplash “Ticket To Mayhem” $19.00
White Fence “Live In San Francisco” $10.00
White Zombie “God Of Thunder” (Green, Check Condition!) $16.00
Whitesnake “Whitesnake” (1987) $13.00
Who, The “Who’s Last” $5.00
Who, The “Who’s Missing” $7.00
Who, The “Anthology – Who Rocks Harder?” $7.00
Who, The “The Best From Tommy” (Netherlands Pressing) $6.00
Wild Flag “Wild Flag” $8.00
Wire “It’s Beginning To A Back Again (IBTABA)” $8.00
Wrecking Crew “Balance Of Terror” $7.00
X “More Fun In The New World” $10.00
XTC “Beeswax – Some B-Sides 1977-1982” $12.00
Yardbirds, The “Shapes Of Things” $13.00
Young Rascals, The “Collections: The Young Rascals” $5.00
Young, Neil “Trans” (2nd Pressing, Club Edition, Sealed!) $8.00
Zombies, The “Time Of The Zombies” $16.00
ZZ Top “Recycler” $9.00


Clash, The “Black Market Clash” $7.00
G. Love & Special Sauce “Blues Music” $3.00
Girls Just Want To Have Fun “You Will Always Be Relevant To Me” $5.00


Adventures “Adventures” (Pale Yellow) $9.00
Adventures / Pity Sex “Adventures / Pity Sex” (Red / Blue) $3.00
Alert “Find Your Way” $4.00
Antidote “Thou Shalt Not Kill” (Clear) $5.00
Attractions, The “Arms Race” $4.00
Back Track “Deal With The Devil” (Red) $4.00
Bad Seed “Bad Seed” (Purple) $10.00
Beautiful Ones “Birth Of Desire” (White) $8.00
Best Coast “Make You Mine” (Yellow) $7.00
Best Coast “Best Coast” (Seafoam Green) $7.00
Beware “Won’t Get The Best Of Me” $4.00
Big Nils “Bitch Gutssss” $3.00
Black Face “I Want To Kill You” $3.00
Black Flag “TV Party” $4.00
Black Flag “Six Pack” $6.00
Black Flag “Louie Louie” (Gray) $5.00
Black Flag “Nervous Breakdown” $7.00
Blacklisted “So You Are A Magician?” $3.00
Bold “Bold” $8.00
Born Low “The Hunger Within” (Red) $4.00
Burn “Burn” (Yellow) $6.00
Caught In A Crowd “The Fight” $2.00
Ceremony “Scared People” (Grey) $5.00
Chalk Talk “The Food Chain” $4.00
Cherries, The “Daddy*O” (Red) $5.00
Citizen / Turnover “Citizen / Turnover” (Baby Blue / Magenta / Black) $14.00
Cloud Rat / Orgullo Primitivo “Cloud Rat / Orgullo Primitivo” $4.00
Code Orange Kids “Cycles” (Purple) $5.00
Coke Bust “Degradation” $3.00
Colony “Colony” (Orange) $3.00
Daylight “The Difference In Good And Bad Dreams (Jade Green) $10.00
Demolition “World Gone Mad” (Blue) $4.00
Destructive New Age “Destructive New Age” (White / Black) $3.00
Dr. Know “The Original Group…” (Red) $8.00
East Beast “East Beast” (Red) $4.00
Ends Meet “Nothing To Show” $2.00
Expire “Sink With Me” (Clear) $5.00
Face Reality “Face Reality” $4.00
First Annual, The “Carolina” $1.00
Force Fed “5 Song EP” $2.00
Foundation “At Your Mercy” (Blue Marble) $5.00
Free Spirit “Free Yourself” (Red) $15.00
Friend Or Foe “Friend Or Foe” $5.00
Friend Or Foe “Outsider” (Clear Orange) $3.50
Gorilla Biscuits “Gorilla Biscuits” $5.00
Graf Orlock “Los Angeles” $3.00
Hard Stripes “Hard Stripes” $3.00
Her Breath On Glass “Her Breath On Glass” $8.00
Hunted Down “Lifes Womb” $1.00
In My Eyes “Demo” (White) $5.00
Insight “What Will It Take?” $3.00
Judge “New York Crew” (Unofficial) $30.00
Just Say No / Tesco Vee’s Hate Police “Fuck Straightedge Vol. 2” $2.00
Justice “Look Alive” $8.00
Knife Fight “Burning Bridges” $3.00
Knife Fight “Knife Fight” $4.00
Kremlin “Will You Feed Me?” $4.00
Living Laser “Versus Pigs” (Purple) $3.00
Look Alive “Both Feet On The Ground” (Yellow) $3.00
Lorde “Tennis Court” $7.00
Magic Circle “Scream Evil” $4.00
MFP “MFP” $3.00
Minus “Hard Feelings” $1.00
Mongoloids “Room To Grow” $5.00
Nails “Obscene Humanity” $9.00
Narratives “Hell Is Here” $2.00
Noose “The War Of All Against All” $4.00
Omegas “NY Terminator” $3.00
Operation Ivy “Hectic E.P.” $6.00
Our Side “Back To Reality” $2.00
Out Crowd “Just Us” (Red) $4.00
Pegasus “Pegasus” $2.00
Power Trip “Power Trip” (Purple) $10.00
Prince “When Doves Cry” $0.75
Prowl, The “What Are You Doing?” $2.00
Prowl, The “The First Room On The Left” $3.00
Punch “Nothing Lasts” (Blue) $5.00
Quasimoto “The Front” $2.00
Quasimoto “Hittin Hooks” $2.00
Quicksand “Untitled” (Green) $10.00
Reign Supreme “American Violence” (White / Pink) $5.00
Revenge “Frustrations” (Red) $4.00
Revenge / Hate Your Guts “Watch The World Burn” (Green / Gold) $5.00
Ross, Diana “If We Hold On Together (The Land Before Time Soundtrack Song)” $3.00
Rude Awakening “Demo 2011” (Gray Marble) $5.00
Rude Awakening “The Awakening” (Camo) $6.00
S.H.I.T. “Collective Unconciousness” $4.00
Sectarian Violence “Sectarian Violence” $3.00
Sectarian Violence “Sectarian Violence” (2nd Pressing) $3.00
Self Defense Family “I’m Going Through Some Shit” ( Green) $3.00
Sham 69 “Untie And Win” (UK Pressing) $5.00
Shelter “In Defense Of Reality” $7.00
Sinatra, Nancy “So Long Babe” (French Import, Lee Hazlewood Produced) $12.00
Sonic Youth / Erase Errata “Sonic Youth / Erase Errata” $3.00
Spirit Animal “Real” $3.00
Stick Together “Surviving The Times” (Clear / Grey) $3.00
Suburban Scum “Hanging By A Thread” (Dark Marble) $8.00
Sucked Dry “Sucked Dry” $2.00
Swamps “Seven Sides” (Red / Black) $7.00
Those Unknown “Oi! Keep On Goin’ Strong” (Blue) $28.00
Thought Crusade “It’s Our War” (Green) $4.00
Tigers Jaw “Spirit Desire” (White) $5.00
Tigers Jaw “Hum / Cool” (Blue) $9.00
Tigers Jaw “2008 Summer Tour EP” $10.00
Tigers Jaw / The Sidekicks “Tigers Jaw / The Sidekicks” $8.00
Tigers Jaw / Tiny Empires “Tigers Jaw / Tiny Empires” (White) $4.00
Tigers Jaw / TWIABP / Code Orange Kids / SDF “Tigers Jaw / TWIABP / Code Orange Kids / SDF” (Rose Red) $3.00
Title Fight “Spring Songs” (Orange) $4.00
Top Dead Center “American Angst” (Red) $1.00
Total Chaos “Nightmares” $14.00
Trapped Under Ice “Stay Cold” (White / Blue) $6.00
Trash Talk “Walking Disease” (White / Purple) $6.00
Trash Talk “Awake” $7.00
Tremors “Island Songs” $2.00
Turnstile “Pressure To Succeed” $6.00
Twitching Tongues “Preacher Man” (Clear) $5.00
Underdog “Underdog” (Red) $3.00
United Youth “Something To Prove” $4.00
Vaccine “Dead Inside” $3.00
Various “Back Again Western Massachusetts Hardcore” $1.00
Violence To Fade “Tug Of War” (Pink) $3.00
Violent Future “Violent Future” $3.00
Vitamin X “Rip It Out” (Red) $3.00
Void “Condensed Flesh” (Green) $18.00
Warcross “Warcross” (Blue) $2.00
Waste Management “Power Abuse” (White) $3.00
Wolf Whistle “MA Glory” $3.00
Wrong Answer “Cross A Black Cats Path” $3.00
Youth Of Today “Disengage” $5.00


Masta Ace Incorporated “Sittin’ In Chrome” $3.00