11th Of March 2016 Update

11th Of March 2016 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s

80XX (Richie Hawtin) “Creature / Grindr”
Agnostic Front “My Life My Way”
Akbayram, Edip “Nice Yillara Gulum”
Akita, Masami / Eiko Ishibashi “Kouen Kyoudai”
Amara, Vanessa “You’re Welcome Here”
Andrews, Guy “Our Spaces”
Angelic Upstarts “Bullingdon Bastards”
Arttu “Rave Dogz”
Asa & Sorrow “Knights of Ren EP”
Auroch “From Forgotten Worlds”
Bard “Rain & Pressure”
Bartos, Karl “Communication”
Bjork, Brant “Gods & Goddesses”
Black Goat “Black Goat”
Bonehunter “Evil Triumphs Again”
Boy 8-Bit “Jungle Gym”
Cardopusher “Unsatisfied Customer Jams”
Chi “The Original Recordings” (AI-03)(2LP)
Children “Rebirth”
Chippendale / Gustafsson / Pupillo “Melt”
Church Of Misery “And Then There Were None…”
Circles “Circles”
Circles “More Circles”
Clarence “Hyperspace Sound Labs”
Coke Bust “The Early Years”
Coni “Imaginarium Essai EP”
Cool Uncle “Cool Uncle” (Bobby Caldwell & Jack Splash)
Counter Intuits “Monosyllabilly”
Creation Is Crucifixion “Antenna Builder | The Soldering Iron Gives Us Control” (2LP Final Album With Live Swiss Set)
Cunninglynguists “Strange Journey Volume Three”
Damu The Fudgemunk “Full Time” (Uhhhhm… I’m Gonna Need You To Go Ahead And Come In Tomorrow…)
Damu The Fudgemunk “How It Should Sound: Foundations (Rare, Unreleased Demos & Alt. Mixes From HISS Volumes 1 & 2)”
De Kidal, Amanar “Tumastin”
Destruktor “Opprobrium”
Dibia$e “Baker’s Dozen”
Dilloway, Aaron / Bill Nace “Band EP”
DJ Richard “Nailed To The Floor”
Dobson, Al Jr. “Sounds From The Village Vol. 1”
Doppelgangaz, The “Beats For Brothels Volume Three”
Doppelgangaz, The “Beats For Brothels Volume Two”
Dreamboat “Dreamboat”
Dynamo Dreesen / SVN / A Made Up Sound “Untitled” (SUE013)
Emika “While They Put Me To Sleep,”
Erlandsson, Mats “Valentina Tereshkova”
Feelies, The “Only Life” (+ D/L With Bonus Material)
Feelies, The “Time For A Witness” (+ D/L With Bonus Material)
Figub Brazlevic & Teknical Development.IS “The Everyday Headnod Instrumentals”
Figub Brazlevic & Teknical Development.IS “The Everyday Headnod” (Gatefold 2LP)
Florist “Phenomena EP”
Fluxion “Prospect”
Fluxion “Bipolar Defect” (2LP)
Fluxion “Outerside”
Frak “Sudden Haircut”
Fred P “Expressing Dark Matter EP”
Friend, The / L/F/D/M “Fuck Sunsets / Balearic Fisting”
G-Eazy “When It’s Dark Out” (+ D/L)
Ghali, Fatou Seidi & Alamnou Akrouni “Les Filles De Illighadad”
God’s Hate “Mass Murder”
Green, Billy “Stone: Original Instrumental Soundtrack”
GZA (Genius) “Beneath The Surface” (Respect The Classics Edition)
Haslam, Gunnar “Athabaskan Languages”
Hawtin, Richie “Expanded / Xtension”
Holy Wave “Freaks Of Nurture” (+ D/L)
Household “Time Spent”
In Flagranti “Radiation Level”
J Dilla “Donuts” (10th Anniversary Edition)
Jimi Bazzouka “Edits Vol. 3”
Kan Kick “Full Time Work, Part Time Pay”
La Sera “Music For Listening To Music To” (180 Gram White Vinyl + D/L)
Last Exit “Iron Path” (Ltd. Ed. /500 Red/Black Splatter)
Last Exit “Iron Path”
Life But How To Live It “Life But How To Live It?”
Los Siquicos Litoralenos “Sonido Chipadelico”
Mac Dusty “Distorted Dreams”
Massacre “Metal Medallo Attack”
Meriwether, Roy “Nubian Lady” (Remastered + Bonus LP Ltd. Ed.)
Midnight Runners “Fantasy Touch EP”
Mind Spiders “Prosthesis”
Mischief Brew “Smash The Windows” (180 Gram Remastered + D/L)
Mischief Brew “The Stone Operation.”
Mmoths “Luneworks” (+ CD)
Moctar, Mdou “Afelan”
Moebius, Dieter “Blotch”
Moebius, Dieter “<<Nurton>>”
Mondo Drag “The Occultation Of Light”
Monocrhrome Set, The “Unreleased & Rare Vol. 2”
Morbid Saint “Spectrum Of Death” (Remastered 180 Gram)
Moss, Jamal “4 This Is Living That Gherkin Life”
Murphy, Hakim “The Chocolate Dice EP (You Never Know What You Will Get.)”
Muslimgauze “Buddhist On Fire”
Muslimgauze “Hunting Out With An Aerial Eye”
Muslimgauze “Opaques”
Na “Cellar”
Neufeld, Sarah “The Ridge” (Ltd. Ed. White Vinyl + D/L)
Nighty Nite, The “Pimples”
Norin “Bakom Planteringen”
Nxworries “Link Up & Suede”
Odd Nosdam “Sisters” (+ D/L)
Orion 70 “Book Of Rhythm”
Platonos, Lena “Red Axes Remixes”
Price, Sean “Songs In The Key Of Price” (Purple Splatter Ltd. Ed.)
Purple Pilgrims “Eternal Delight”
Quilt “Plaza” (+ D/L)
Richter, Max “Sleep Remixes” (180 Gram + D/L)
Ritual Chamber “Obscurations (To Feast On The Seraphim)”
Shockwave “This World Is Ours”
Shovels & Rope “Busted Jukebox Volume 1” (+ D/L)
Sister Crayon “Devoted”
Souleyman, Omar “Rezzett”
Sunwatchers “Sunwatchers” (+ D/L)
Throwing Snow “Axioms”
Truth Inside “Keeping It Alive”
United Vibrations “The Myth Of The Golden Ratio”
Various Artists “Thai? Dai!”
Vynehall, Leon “Midnight On Rainbow Road”
World Be Free “The Anti-Circle” (Color Vinyl + D/L)
Yorn, Pete “Arrangingtime” (180 Gram + D/L)
Zackey Force Funk “Chrome Steel Tiger”


Basement “Promise Everything”
Blu & The 45 King “Pocket Full Of Miracles”
Crazy Spirit “Crazy Spirit”
DoomStarks “Lively Hood”
Giuda “Roll The Balls / Gone For Good”
Reality Jonez “Just Say Yes”
Salem’s Pot “The Vampire Strikes Back”
Schoolboy Q “Hoover Street”
Slow Season “Supernaut / One Way” (Black Sabbath / Cactus)


Boosie Badazz “Out My Feelings In My Past”
Genocide Organ “Obituary Of The Americas”
Lok 03+1 “Signals”
Mac Dusty “Distorted Dreams”
Morbid Saint “Spectrum Of Death” (Extended Edition)


Luka Productions “Mali Kady” (SSC-016)
Segall, Ty “Mr. Face” (Famous Class Records)


Animal Collective Painting With
This Baltimore band’s latest album is a tirelessly vibrant, kinetic barrage of modular synthesizer-powered psychedelic pop, cutting right to the chase without any drawn-out passages. Animal Collective have also dropped the reverb effect from the vocals, focusing on the unique (and probably fun) challenge of keeping in time with the high-energy percussion. Opening track “FloriDada” is a great way to set the mood, with dizzying, high-speed psychedelic sunshine that conjures up Beach Boys vibes (when I saw Animal Collective perform it live a few weeks ago, the crowd couldn’t stop moving to it.)
[Reviewer: Mark]

Animal Collective Painting With
Animal Collective Painting WithThe psychedelic genre bending alchemists return with a bubbly new adventure entitled Painting With. A return from their cold, sterile studio heavy direction they took with their last album Centipede Hz, Animal Collective are back making sunny pop songs but with their brand of extreme weirdness intact. This album is very much a cousin to their breakthrough album, Merriweather Post Pavilion, and dare I say it… even poppier (don’t be alarmed!), with tighter song structures and more colorful noises. If I had to describe the sound, I would bizarrely describe it as the Beach Boys mashed through a Sega Genesis for some 16-bit psychedelic goodness.

Animal Collective are a band that takes pride in change. And by change I mean extreme change. From their freak folk days of yore to their more recent electronic dabbled work, each album is a snapshot of a particular time and place. I have seen them perform five times throughout the years and each concert was a unique experience. I even got to see them play at Merriweather Post Pavilion (a venue in Maryland that they named their 2009 album after) for their first time. Most recently, I saw them play at Irving Plaza in New York and they were once again an experience like no other; a force of tribal nature accompanied by enthralling harmonies and electronic doodads. Now a three piece band plus a touring drummer (guitarist Deacon sat this album out), they played two hours of extended jams and hypnotic mind melting soundscapes. Touring behind their new album, naturally most of the night’s set revolved around songs from Painting With, with a couple of deeper treasure tracks tossed in from their back catalogue of almost twenty (!) year long career.

My favorite parts were the transitions between songs and how the band would erupt into starry swirls of noise before returning to Earth to segue back into the next song. The night’s set had a couple of awesome surprises, especially “Daily Routine,” a cut from Merriweather. Its swirling beats and washed out vocals got the biggest reaction of the night, sending people into a dance frenzy overdrive once the band settled into its groove. A cool part of this tour is that they are playing their new songs for the first time live. Usually before going into the studio to record their tracks, the band would road test their songs on the live circuit to audiences and tweak them every show like mad scientists until they are satisfied enough to tape them for an album. This tour they are reversing the process with their new songs fully realized for audiences. Remarking on this change in practice, band member Avey Tare said that:
“For this album, our challenge was to show up with nothing and write together through jamming. We thought it would be cool to do it this way because we’ve never really done it before and because it worked out in terms of what each of us had going on in our lives. We couldn’t just jump back on the road, so we felt this would be a less stressful way to get things done.”
All in all, it was a great night but no “My Girls”? Whaaaaa

[Reviewer: Q]

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