22nd Of July 2016 Update

22nd Of July 2016 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

New Stuff 7-22-16

LPs & 12″s

0 (Mika Vainio) “Kantamoinen”
Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra “A-H-E-O” (180 Gram + D/L)
Aggrovators And The Revolutionaries, The “Guerilla Dub” (Ltd. Ed. 180 Gram)
Audion “Alpha” (+ CD)
Bad Assets “Spirit Of Detroit”
Body, The “All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood” (White Vinyl Reissue)
Boss Hog “Brood Star”
Busted Outlook “Not Defined By Violence”
Cakekitchen, The “World Of Sand” (Remastered Reissue + D/L)
Cakekitchen, The “Time Flowing Backwards” (Remastered Reissue + D/L)
Califone “Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People”
Converse, Bill “Warehouse Invocation”
Crampton, Elysia “Demon City (Elysia Crampton Presents)”
Crystal “Music Life”
Dillinger Four “Versus God” (Black & White)
Dillinger Four “Midwestern Songs Of The Americas” (Red & Blue)
Dust Moth “Scale”
Dwarfs Of East Agouza, The “Bes” (2LP + D/L)
Endgame “Flesh”
Goggs “G0GGS” (+ D/L)
Head Technician “Zones”
Helm “Olympic Mess RMXS”
Inkke “Secret Palace”
Jameszoo “Fool” (180 Gram White Vinyl + D/L)
Julie Ruin, The “Hit Reset” (Ltd. Color + D/L)
Kozelek, Mark “Live In Copenhagen”
Kumasi “Togetherness”
Lattimore, Mary & Jeff Zeigler “Music Inspired By Philippe Garrel’s Le Revelateur”
Lifted Bells “Overreactor”
Machine Listener “Endless Coil”
Machine Listener “Machine Listener”
Man Is The Bastard: Bastard Noise “The Honesty Shop”
Masked Intruder “Love And Other Crimes” (+ D/L)
Mistress “Hollygrove”
Monarch “Two Isles”
Mosse, Kassem “Chilazon”
Nirvana “From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah”
Oliver, Mickey & Shana Jae “Never Let Go (Drumapella & RMXS)”
Orb, The “Alpine Remixes / Sin In Space Pt. 2”
Pink, Ariel & R. Stevie Moore “Ku Klux Glam” (Ltd. First Pressing)
Prairie Empire “The Salt”
Protestor “The First Two Years”
Redondo, Javi “Hammocks Go West”
Rhyton “Redshift”
Roberts, John “Plum”
Rogue Wave “Descended Like Vultures” (+ D/L)
Ryals, Matthew “We Could Make The Ride Better For Everyone”
Saccharine Souvenirs “Trauma”
Samo DJ “Kicked Out Of Everywhere”
Sepalcure “Folding Time” (2LP)
Shackleton With Ernesto Tomasini “Devotional Songs”
Shalabi, Sam “Isis And Osiris”
Space Dimension Controller “Orange Melamine”
Suicide “Alan Vega – Martin Rev”
Tempelhof & Gigi Masin “Tsuki”
Various “Nigeria Freedom Sounds! Popular Music And The Birth Of Independent Nigeria 1960-63” (2LP + D/L)
We Are Scientists “Helter Seltzer” (Ltd. Ed. Teal Vinyl + D/L)
Wilful Boys, The “Rough As Guts” (+ D/L)
Wreck & Reference “Indifferent Rivers Romance End”
Yeesh “Confirmation Bias”
Yogisoul “By Nights”
You. “Bouquet”


Alienation “2016”
Budos Band, The “Maelstrom / Avalanche”
Corrective Measure “Corrective Measure”
G.L.O.S.S. “Trans Day Of Revenge”
Ocote Soul Sounds “A Pesar La Vida / Not Yet”


Avskum “Re-Crucified By The System”
BadBadNotGood “IV”
Blut Aus Nord / Aevangelist “Codex Obscura Nomina”
Body, The “All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood” (Reissue)
Ghost Bath “Moon Lover”
Gucci Mane “Everybody Looking”
Kondabolu “Mainstreem American Comic”
Krigsgrav “Waves Of Degradation”
Lavender Flu, The “Heavy Air”
Pinegrove “Cardinal”
Psalm Zero “Stranger To Violence”
Revelation “Book Of Revelation / Variation On A Theme”
Rimbaud, Penny L’Academie Des Vanites “Yes, Sir, The Truth Of Revolution”
Space Dimension Controller “Orange Melamine”
Stab You In The Head “Throw Ups”
Terra Tenebrosa “The Reverses”
Toska “Toska”
Totalitar “Wallbreaker 1986-1989”
Various “Nigeria Freedom Sounds!”
Yellow Eyes “Sick With Bloom”


75 Dollar Bill “Wood Metal Plastic Pattern Rhythm Rock” (TW-J)
Box Fan “Secret Passions” (Reflective Tapes / Total Negativity)
Jaeng “Demo 2016” (Total Negativity)
Night Witch “Night Witch” (Total Negativity)
Pinegrove “Cardinal” (RFC:147)
Prince “Dirty Mind” (556181-4)
Prince “Controversy” (556180-4)
Ryals, Matthew “We Could Make The Ride Better For Everyone” (BG002)
Stab You In The Head “Throw Ups” (TC004)
Thin Skin “Dead Ends”



Atheist’s Cornea
Envy Atheists Cornea(Temporary Residence Limited)
Active since 1992, Envy is a Japanese band whose highly intense music bridges the gap between post-hardcore/screamo fury and post-rock grandeur and beauty (Deafheaven is the most frequent comparison.) On this sixth record, they still manage to pull of an epic sound: it may involve high-speed black metal-style rage (such as the abrupt shock after the peaceful beginning of “Blue Moonlight”) or heaviness atop a glistening post-rock passage (such as “Shining Finger”.)
[Reviewer: Mark]

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