23rd Of November 2016 Update (Black Friday Exclusive List Edition)

23rd Of November 2016 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records


Quick note: As much as we’d like to have every possible thing on hand in quantities exactly matching the demand it just can’t work that way. We order a tremendous amount as do many other stores. We are allocated certain amounts of things and ultimately we get a lot because we put in the leg work. That said, we get less than we order and in some cases we miss out on items completely (trust us, it’s not purposeful by any stretch). We’ll also invariably get some things late; we’ll do our best to let everyone know using our social medias about those. If there’s something you’d like us to keep an eye out for for you specifically please let us know. We want everyone to be happy in the end so be excellent to each other.

Parking can be an issue as well. If you’re parking in our lot please leave the spaces against the building empty (for the other stores and employees). If your bumper is up against a wall you’re in the wrong spot, basically. Plenty of parking exists across the lot and in adjacent lots. Here’s a quick map (there won’t be food trucks so you can also park in that area – this map is from April’s RSD event):

FURTHER NOTE ABOUT LINING UP IN BAD WEATHER! Please take care of yourself first and foremost. If you are here super early to line up and weather is bad please stay in your car and out of the bad weather. Pay mind to what order you’ve arrived, make yourself known to others who might be waiting in cars and be respectful for when we do finally open. Please please please do not expose yourself to a cold and wet environment for a prolonged period of time. Be safe and take care of yourself first and foremost.

FRIDAY, We open at 8AM and DJs start at Noon. Let’s have a good time!


Black Friday LPs & 12″s

Alice In Chains “Live Facelift”
Badu, Erykah “But You Caint Use My Phone”
Bay, James “Chaos And The Calm Live”
Betts, Dickey / Jimmy Hall / Chuck Leavell / Butch Trucks “Live At The Coffee Pot 1983”
Bischoff, Jherek & Amanda Palmer “Strung Out In Heaven: A Bowie Tribute”
Bolt Thrower “Those Once Loyal” (Gold)
Budos Band “The Shape Of Mayhem To Come”
Callahan, Bill “Apocalypse: A Bill Callahan Tour Film By Hanly Banks” (Soundtrack)
Coffey, Dennis “Hot Coffee In The D”
Comeback Kid “Turn It Around”
Death By Stereo “Into The Valley Of Death”
Death Grips “Fashion Week / Interview 2016”
Deicide “To Hell With God”
Disclosure “Moog For Love”
DNA “A Taste Of DNA”
Dungen “Haxan” (White)
Dyan, Bob “The Real Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert!”
Electric Wizard “Witchcult Today” (Silver/Clear)
Elliott “Song In The Air”
Explosions In The Sky & Steve Jablonsky “Lone Survivor: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Garcia, Jerry “Reflections”
Geto Boys “Mind Playing Tricks – Wax”
Goldsmith, Jerry “Chinatown: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (Color Vinyl)
Gonn “Time Travel: 50 Years Come & Gonn”
Grossman, Steve “Some Shapes To Come”
Gunn, Steve “Ancient Jules”
Hayes, Isaac & The Bar-Kays “Do Your Thing”
Iggy & The Stooges “Telluric Chaos”
In This Moment “A Star-Crossed Wasteland”
Integrity “Seasons In The Size Of Days”
Iron Horse “Fade To Bluegrass: The Bluegrass Tribute To Metallica”
Knockout Kid “Manic”
Lil Yachty “Lil Boat”
Mad Parade “Mad Parade”
Minor Victories “Orchestral Variations” (Clear)
Mr. Hankey “Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics”
My Little Pony “Friendship Is Magic – Explore Equestria: Greatest Hits” (Picture Disc)
Prophets Of Rage “The Party’s Over”
Puscifer “Money Shot
Radiohead “A Moon Shaped Pool” (Case Bound Ltd. Ed. 2LP 2CD + Piece Of Master Tape + 32 Pages Of Artwork + 2 Bonus Tracks)
Rockabye Baby! “Lullaby Renditions Of Depeche Mode”
Run DMC “Christmas In Hollis” (Picture Disc)
Sesame Street “Sesame Road” (Color)
Soundgarden “Satanoscillatemymetallicsonatas”
Sparks “Sparks”
Stone Roses, The “Sally Cinnamon”
Sun Ra And His Arkestra “At Inter-Media Arts April 1991” (3LP)
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats “Blood Lust” (180 Gram Purple)
Van Hoen, Mark “The Last Flowers From The Darkness”
Vandals, The “Hollywood Potato Chip”
Various “Generations: A Hardcore Compilation”
Various “Collateral Damage: Bloodstains Across Beach Blvd.” (+ 7″)
Various “Lagniappe Sessions Vol. 1”
Various “Scepter Records: Out In The Streets Again: The Soul Sounds Of Scepter”
Various “Popeye: Music From The Motion Picture” (Feat. Harry Nilsson)
Various “Calabar-Itu Road: Groovy Sounds From South Eastern Nigeria (1972-1982)”
Various “Hot Tub With Kurt And Kristen: Live At The Virgil”
Various “American Noise Vol. I”
Various “Underworld: Music From The Motion Picture” (Blue)
Video Liszt “Ektakrom Killer” (Reissue)
Volbeat “Byond Hell / Above Heaven”
Waters, Muddy “The London Muddy Waters Sessions”
Winter, Johnny “Live Bootleg Series Vol. 13”
Yardbirds “Birdland” (2LP)

Black Friday 10″s

Church, Eric “On The Rocks – Live And (Mostly) Unplugged”
Motley Crue “Logo Picture Disc” (Shaped Oversized 7″ Filed In 10″s)
Rolling Stones “Ride ‘Em On Down”
Shag Kava (JJ Abrams & Lin-Manuel Miranda) “Star Wars Headspace” (Picture Disc)

Black Friday 7″s

Alice Cooper “Live From The Astroturf”
Anthrax “A Monster At The End”
Fatso Jetson / Del-Toros “Dreamhomes / Diecast”
Fleshtones, The “Ama Como Un ombre / Ama Mas”
Gwar “Gwar” (Picture Disc)
James, Wendy “You’re A Dirtbomb, Lester”
McKenzie, Bob & Doug “Twelve Days Of Christmas” (Strange Brew)
Napalm Death / Melt-Banana “Like Piss To A Sting”
Perry, Lee “Scratch” “Scientific Dancehall / Scientific Dub”
Raconteurs, The “Steady As She Goes / Store Bought Bones”
Sinatra, Frank “White Christmas / The Christmas Waltz” (White Vinyl)
Twiztid “Are You Insane Like Me?” (Picture Disc)
Vitamin String Quartet “Performs Radiohead’s True Love Waits And Burn The Witch”
Zappa, Frank & The Mothers Of Invention “How Could I Be Such A Fool / Help, I’m A Rock, 3rd Movement: It Can’t Happen Here”

Black Friday CDs

Dungen “Haxan”
Sun Ra And His Arkestra “At Inter-Media Arts April 1991”

Black Friday DVD

Various “The Smart Studios Story”


LPs & 12″s

Ache “Fade Away”(grey mix)
Acid Arab “Musique De France” (2LP)
Adesse Versions “Push It Along EP”
Agathocles “Mincing Through The Maples”
Banjaw, Yishak “Love Songs Vol. 2” (Deluxe Ed. + D/L)
Beatles, The “Live At The Hollywood Bowl: A Ron Howard Film ‘Eight Days A Week, The Touring Years'”
Behexen “The Poisonous Path”
Body/Head “No Waves: Live At The Big Ears Festival” (Kim Gordon & Bill Nace)
Built To Spill “Ancient Melodies Of The Future”
Caretaker “Everywhere At The End Of Time”
Caretaker “An Empty Bliss Beyond This World”
Coldcut “Only Heaven EP”
Crystals, The “He’s A Rebel” (Remastered/Restored 180 Gram + D/L)
Cupol “Like This For Ages”
Dangers “The Bend In The Break”
Dead Can Dance “Toward The Within”
Die Antwoord “Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid” (+ D/L)
Dolan, Terry “Terry Dolan” (Previously Unreleased 1972 Debut)
ESP Ohio “Starting Point Of The Royal Cyclopean”
Feral Ohms “Live In San Francisco” (+D/L)
Georgia “All Kind Music”
Gold Panda “Remixes” (Fort Romeau, John Roberts,, Daisuke Tanabe)
Gou, Peggy “Seek For Maktoop EP”
Hawkes, Marquis “I’m So Glad” (Feat. Jocelyn Brown)
Hopkins, Jon “Opalescent”
Hung, Andrew “The Greasy Strangler” (Soundtrack)
Huxley “Rag & Bone”
Idea Fire Company “The Synthetic Elements” (Numbered/300)
In The Woods… “Pure”
Islands “Return To The Sea” (10th Anniversary Repress)
Jansch, Bert “It Don’t Bother Me” (First Time Domestic Release)
Jones ,Sharon & The Dap-Kings “Miss Sharon Jones: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Kriegshog “Kriegshog”
Lady Wray “Queen Alone Instrumentals”
Letherette “Last Night On The Planet”
Levi, Mica & Oliver Coates “Remain Calm”
Liminanas, The “Malamore”
Lungfish “Rainbows From Atoms”
Mark III, The “Marvin Whoremonger” (+ D/L)
Mars, Bruno “24K Magic” (+ D/L)
Master Musicians Of Jajouka “Master Musicians Of Jajouka”
Mercyful Fate “9” (Translucent)
Mommy “Songs About Children”
Monolithe “Epsilon Aurigae / Zeta Reticuli”
Morgenstern, Christian “Remixes 8/8”
Oh Sees, The “An Odd Entrances” (+ D/L)
Omegas “Power To Exist”
Platonos, Lena “Sun Masks”
Poison Idea “Latest Will And Testament” (10th Anniversary Edition)
Rateliff, Nathaniel & The Night Sweats “A Little Something More From…” (B-Sides & Bonus Songs 180 Gram + D/L)
Redbone, Leon “Long Way From Home: Early Recordings”
Redbone, Leon “On The Track”
Richman, Jonathan “Ishkode! Ishkode!”
Rival Schools “United By Fate” (Music On Vinyl Reissue)
Sad13 “Slugger” (Buttercup Vinyl + D/L)
Shlohmo “Bad Vibes” (5th Anniversary Edition)
Smersh “Selected Deep House Anthems”
Snow Ghosts “Husk”
Statiqbloom “Mask Visions Poison”
Still Corners “Dead Blue”
Svirsky, Leo “Heights In Depths”
Tangerine Dream “Quantum Key”
Terra Tenebrosa “The Reverses”
Various “New Orleans Funk – New Orleans: The Original Sound Of Funk Vol. 4 Voodoo Fire In New Orleans 1951-77” (Soul Jazz Records)
White Stripes, The “Get Behind Me Satan” (Black Vinyl)
Yabby You & The Prophets “Beware Dub: An Expanded Version Of The Classic Album”


Deerhoof “I Thought We Were Friends”
Frightnrs, The “Dispute”
This Kind Of Punishment “Radio Silence”


A Tribe Called Quest “We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service”
Dangers “The Bend In The Break”
ESP Ohio “Starting Point Of The Royal Cyclopean”
Levi, Mica & Oliver Coates “Remain Calm”
MF Doom “Operation: Doomsday.”
Prince “Prince 4Ever”
Richman, Jonathan “Ishkode! Ishkode!”
Sad13 “Slugger”
Sandoval, Hope And The Warm Inventions “Until The Hunter”
Still Corners “Dead Blue”
Stilla “Skuggflock”
Watt, Mike “Ring Spiel Tour ’95”
Wiltzie, Adam Bryanbaum “Salero” (Soundtrack)


Dangers “The Bend In The Break” (TSR160CS)
Sheer Mag “II” (WILSUNSRC8935TP)
Sheer Mag “III” (WILSUNSRC9036TP)

Couple other notes about the sale: During the sale we do no online business in the store (if you place an order and expect to pick it up in store you’ll have to do that after the sale – so Monday at soonest). We also do not conduct any trade-in business during the sale so please hold off on that until this coming Monday as well please. On the bonus side we will have a few deals that you’ll see in the store that weren’t advertised (we’ll probably post about them on social media too).

As ever, if you’re viewing from a non-drivable distance please check what we have for sale (these titles and more) at http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll