T-USED-DAY Update for November 1st, 2016

T-USED-DAY Update for November 1st, 2016
at Redscroll Records

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s

!Vamos! “Spiderbait” (Red) $5.00
A Is Jump “Weird Nostalgia” $6.00
AC/DC “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” $8.00
Accept “Kaizoku-Ban” $4.00
Alice In Chains “MTV Unplugged” (2010 European Pressing) $19.00
Aloonaluna “The Gilded Hegemony Of Stars” $8.00
Alt-J “This Is All Yours” (Orange/Blue) $17.00
Always August “Largness With (W)Holes” $6.00
American Football “American Football (EP)” $9.00
Andrew Jackson Jihad “Christmas Island” (Blue/Pink/White Swirl) $11.00
Annalibera “Nevermind I Love You” $6.00
Antlered Aunt Lord “Ostensibly Formerly Stunted (And On Fire)” $5.00
Barooga “Running Alone” (Sealed!) $5.00
Bastards Of Fate, The “Vampires Are Real And Palpable” $5.00
Belly “King” (White Vinyl 1995 Pressing) $27.00
Birthmark “Antib0dies” (White) $6.00
Black Sabbath “Black Sabbath” $14.00
Blood, Sweat & Tears “Mirror Image” (Quadraphonic) $8.00
Blue Law, The “Bou Noura” $10.00
Bombay Harambee “Goldmine” $6.00
Bowie, David “Tonight” $6.00
Bunnygrunt “Vol 4” $6.00
Carlin, George “On The Road” $3.00
Carlin, George “Class Clown” $2.00
Casper & The Cookies “Dingbats” $5.00
Cock Sparrer “Shock Troops” (Yellow) $14.00
Cock Sparrer “Here We Stand” (LP+DVD Camouflage 180 Gram 2011 Pressing) $17.00
Cold World / Sean Price “How The Gods Chill” $8.00
Coltrane, John “John Coltrane” $12.00
Country Joe & The Fish “I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die” (Silver Labels, Mono, Has Poster Board Game Insert) $16.00
Cowtown “Paranormal Romance” $6.00
Cure, The “The Kissing Tour” (Unofficial) $27.00
Cure, The “Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me” $24.00
Curious Mystery, The “Rotting Slowly” $4.00
Dead Kennedys “Bedtime For Democracy” (2003 Pressing) $10.00
Dead Weather “Dodge And Burn” (TMR Vault Edition, Sealed! Yellow/Black Streaks) $40.00
Denning, Wade “Monster Mash, Sounds Of Terror” $5.00
Dio “The Last In Line” $11.00
Ego “Economy” $5.00
Eureka California “Crunch” $4.00
Evil Conduct “Working Class Anthems” $12.00
Evil Conduct “Today’s Rebellion” (Pink) $13.00
Faust “So Far” (2009 Reissue 180 Gram) $17.00
Franklin, Warren “Your Heart Belongs To The Midwest” $9.00
Front Bottoms “Back On Top” $13.00
Furrow “West Felton” (Green/Bone/Clear /100) $8.00
Garson, Mort “Signs Of The Zodiac: Aries” (Filed In Soundtracks) $6.00
Gaslight Anthem, The “American Slang” (180 Gram) $10.00
Gaslight Anthem, The “Sink Or Swim” (Purple Marble) $25.00
Gaslight Anthem, The “The ’59 Sound” $12.00
Gaslight Anthem, The “Handwritten” (Blue) $10.00
German Army “Kalash Tirich Mir” $8.00
Giant Claw “Dark Web” $20.00
Glasvegas “Glasvegas” (Import) $25.00
Guerilla Black “Guerilla Nasty” $1.00
Guru “Jazzmatazz Volume 1” $50.00
Hacienda “Shakedown” $14.00
Heaven “Where Angels Fear To Tread” $3.00
Heimat “Heimat” $6.00
Heron, Mike “Smiling Men With Bad Reputations” (Sealed!) $15.00
High Sunn “Luv Songs For Whiners” $5.00
Hives, The “Vieni Vidi Vicious” (2003 Pressing White Vinyl) $30.00
Holmes, Richard “Groove” “Misty” $5.00
Hoot Hoots, The “Colorpunch” $6.00
Horrible Crowes, The “Elsie” $15.00
Hot Hot Heat “Future Breeds” $7.00
Hotelier, The “It Never Goes Out” $10.00
Hurricane “Over The Edge” $4.00
Hurt, Mississippi John “The Best Of Mississippi John Hurt” $12.00
Husker Du “Warehouse: Songs And Stories” $14.00
Incredible String Band “Earthspan” $13.00
Jackson, Wanda “The Pary Ain’t Over” $10.00
Jennifer Touch “EP” $5.00
Judas Priest “Point Of Entry” (VG/VG Condition) $6.00
Judas Priest “Screaming For Vengeance” $9.00
Kon “Kon & The Gang” (Sampler 12″ UK Pressing) $10.00
La Dispute “Rooms Of The House” $10.00
Lame Drivers “Chosen Era” (Gold) $9.00
Les Bicyclettes Blanches “Einfugen” $5.00
Lost Trail “A Foreground And A Backdrop” (Clear) $8.00
Malkuth “Tamahprabha” (#55/100) $15.00
Marley, Bob & The Wailers “Survival” (German Pressing) $12.00
Martin, Steve “Comedy Is Not Pretty” $3.00
Mayall, John “Blues From Laurel Canyon” $10.00
McDonald And Giles “McDonald And Giles” (Check Condition)(Promo White Labels) $10.00
Meat Puppets “Meat Puppets” $17.00
Meat Puppets “I Am A Machine / Get On Down” (Promo) $5.00
Meat Puppets “Mirage” $10.00
Meat Puppets “Out My Way” (1986 Pressing) $8.00
Meat Puppets “Monsters” $10.00
Meat Puppets “Up On The Sun” $13.00
Metal Rouge “Soft Erase” $5.00
Mines “Just Another Thing That Got Ruined” $6.00
Monty Python “Contractual Obligation Album” $3.00
Moraz, Patrick “The Story Of I” $5.00
Muuy Biien “DYI” (White) $5.00
Nearly Dead “Nearly Dead” (Yellow) $5.00
New Johnny 5 “Alternative Tactics” $6.00
Nexus 6 / Funeral Diner “Nexus 6 / Funeral Diner” $6.00
Noon:30 “Finding Release” $4.00
Observer Drift “Corridors” (Bone) $8.00
Of Monsters And Men “My Head Is An Animal” (Pink) $15.00
P.T.L Klub “13 Comandments” $26.00
Poison The Well “Tear From The Red” (Gold) $20.00
Politess “Politess” $5.00
Potions “Midi Jazz Bass” $8.00
Principal Edwards Magic Theatre “Soundtrack” $9.00
Redding, Otis “The Dock Of The Bay” $16.00
Rise Against “Appeal To Reason” (Clear) $16.00
Schoener, Eberhard “Video-Magic” $6.00
Screaming Females “Baby Teeth” $13.00
Sheer Terror “Standing Up For Falling Down” (Purple) $15.00
Shins, The “Oh, Inverted World” (Check Condition) $4.00
Skratchy Seal “Sealed Breaks” $3.00
Spin Doctors “Turn It Upside Down” (1994 Pressing, Green Vinyl) $16.00
Springfield, Dusty “The Look Of Love” $9.00
Starr, Ringo & His All-Starr Band “Ringo Starr And His All-Starr Band…” (Coke Bottle Clear) $14.00
Sunken “New Zealand Eels” $5.00
Tangerine Dream “Force Majeure” $10.00
Tangerine Dream “Rubycon” $12.00
Tape Waves “Let You Go” (Bone) $15.00
Tribe Of Issachar “Wardance (Serial Killaz Remixes)” $6.00
Tristen “Mars En Marche” (Green / Grey) $4.00
Troggs, The “Best Of The Troggs” $13.00
Twisted Sister “Come Out And Play” $8.00
Tygers Of Pan Tang “The Cage” (German Pressing) $8.00
Tyrese “Nobody Else” (Single) $1.00
U2 “Peace Under A Chicago Sky” (Unofficial) $16.00
Vangelis “Chariots Of Fire: Music From The Original Soundtrack” $3.00
Various “St. Elmo’s Fire: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” $4.00
Various “Beverly Hills Cop: Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack” $3.00
Various “Concert For Bangladesh” (Box Set) $6.00
Various “Trojan Records Rude Boy Ska Volume I” (Sealed!) $15.00
Various “Les Miserables: Broadway Album” (Soundtrack) $10.00
Various “Die Pfalz” $5.00
Various “Nigeria 70 ‘Sweet Times'” $18.00
Various “San Francisco Sampler” (Cold Blood, Tower Of Power, Hammer…) $3.00
Various “Elvira Presents Haunted Hits: The Greatest Rock ‘N’ Roll Horror Songs Of All Time!” $20.00
Various “Some Bizarre Album” (French Pressing) $16.00
Various “Raging Death Volume One” $40.00
Various “Straight Outta Compton: Music From The Motion Picture” $16.00
Various “Easy Rider: Music From The Soundtrack” $7.00
Various “Kiss My Ass: Classic Kiss Regrooved” (Red Vinyl, Kiss Covers By Dino Jr., Lemonheads, Anthrax…) $10.00
Velcro Lewis / Tijuana Hercules “The Ovens On / Look Here” $15.00
Warrior “Fighting For The Earth” $4.00
Westbrook, Mike Concert Band “Mike Westbrook’s Love Songs” (Japanese 2016 Reissue) $33.00
Whatever Brains “Whatever Brains” $6.00
Who, The & Various Artists “Quadrophenia: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack From The Who Film” $8.00
Wild Turkey “Turkey” (Promo) $12.00
Williams, Hank “I Ain’t Got Nothin’ But Time December 1946 – August 1947” $12.00
Winehouse, Amy “Back To Black” $14.00
World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, The “Whenever, If Ever” (Coke Bottle Clear With Blue Smoke) $10.00
Xome / Boar “Xome / Boar” $8.00
Yek Koo “Love Song For The Dead C” $5.00
Yek Koo “Desolation Peak” (/259) $6.00
Yoakam, Dwight “Buenas Noches From A Lonely Room” $8.00
You Blew It! “The Past In Present” (Blue /256) $6.00


Ellington, Duke “Ellingtonia Volume Two” $3.00
Ellington, Duke “Ellingtonia Volume One” $4.00
Ellington, Duke “This Is Duke Ellington” (Check Condition) $2.00
Ellington, Duke “Mood Ellington” (Check Condition) $2.00
Ellington, Duke “The Duke Plays Ellington” $6.00
Herman, Woody & The New Third Herd “Dance Date On Mars” $2.00
Hines, Earl “Piano Solos” $4.00
Lashley, Lenny Gang Of One “U.S. Mail” (Oversized Stamp Shaped 7″ Filed In 10″s) $4.00
Powell, Mel Septet “Mel Powell Septet” $10.00
Primal Scream / Suicide / Conrad Standish “Diamonds, Furcoat, Champagne” (UK Pressing, Sealed!) $10.00
Shearing, George “You’re Hearing George Shearing And His Quintet” $1.00
Various “The RCA Victor Encyclopedia Of Recorded Jazz In 12 Great Albums: Album 1” $2.00


1910 Fruitgum Co. “Goody Goody Gumdrops” $0.75
1910 Fruitgum Co. “1,2,3, Red Light” $0.75
A*Star / Blindness “Flashbulb / Last One Dies” $2.00
A*Star / Porcupine “A*Star / Porcupine” $3.00
Adams, Keith John “This Is A Six Track EP” $1.00
Aerosmith “Love In An Elevator” $2.00
Aire, Jane & The Belvederes “Yankee Wheels” (Yellow Belgian Pressing) $3.00
Alexander, Monty “Spunky” $4.00
Alley Cat / R.B.K. “Hot Gal / Girls Anthem” $4.00
Ames, Nancy “Friends And Lovers Forever” $4.00
Andrews, Lee & The Hearts “Teardrops” $1.00
Animal Daydream “Citrus” $2.00
Animotion “Let Him Go” $1.00
Anton, Susan “Listen To My Smile” (Promo) $3.00
Anybody But The Cops “The Shape Of Punk To-Go” $2.50
B. Bumple & The Stingers “Bumble Boogie” $1.50
Banarama “I Heard A Rumour” $1.00
Barnum, H.B. “Lost Love” $1.00
Beatles, The “Movie Medley” $1.00
Bechet, Sidney “The Payoff” $1.00
Beenie Man / Stranger “New Suzuki / Dugu Dugu” $1.50
Benson, George “Summertime / 2001” $1.00
Benton, Brook “Rainy Night In Georgia” $1.00
Blackbyrds “Happy Music” (Promo) $2.00
Blondie “One Way Or Another” $1.50
Blood Sister “Dysphoria” $2.00
Blood Sister “Crystal Teen Girls” (Flexi) $1.00
Bloody Knives “Death” (Red) $3.00
Blue Period / Golden Synthetic Songbook “Golden Synthetic Songbook / Blue Period” $3.00
Boys Club “The Loneliest Heart” (Promo) $2.00
Bradshaw, Terry “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” (Promo) $2.00
Brother Phelps “Were You Really Livin'” $1.00
Brothers, The “Voce Abusou” (Promo) $2.00
Bulldog “No” $2.00
Bunsen Honeydew “Modern Gal” $1.50
Burke, Solomon “More Rockin’ Soul” $1.00
Cagle, Buddy “Apologize” (Promo) $1.00
Carter, Clarence “Warning” (Promo) $3.00
Cex “Get Your Badass On” (Yellow) $1.00
Chad & Jeremy “You Are She” (Promo) $1.00
Chambers Brothers “Time Has Come Today” $1.00
Channel, Bruce “Hey Baby” “A Presley Medley” $1.00
Chantels “Look In My Eyes” $4.00
Chaotic Past “New Young Girl” (Clear) $1.50
Charles, Ray “I’ve Got News For You” $1.50
Cherry, Don “I Can’t Help It” $2.00
Child, Desmond “Love On A Rooftop” $1.00
Clapton, Eric “Layla” $1.00
Clark, Terri “If I Were You” $1.00
Columbo, Chris Quintet “Minerology” $1.00
Come “Fast Piss Blues” (Blue) $3.00
Condemned 84 “Oi! Ain’t Dead” (Orange 2009 Pressing /250) $5.00
Cooke, Sam “Having A Party” $1.00
Cougar Vox / Enemy Anemone “Cougar Vox / Enemy Anemone” $2.00
Cowsills / Unit Four & Two “Indian Lake” (Canadian) $1.00
Creedence Clearwater Revival “Fortunate Son / Down On The Corner” $1.50
Crosby, Stills & Nash “Wasted On The Way” $2.00
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young “Our House” $2.00
Crystal Tones “A Girl I Love” $3.00
Crystals, The “He’s A Rebel” $0.75
Crystals, The “All Grown Up” $2.00
Crystals, The “Da Doo Ron Ron” $1.50
Cursory “La Sorciere” $2.50
Curtis, Betty “Chariot” (Promo) $6.00
Debutantes “Debutatantes” (Pink Marble) $3.00
DeCastro Sisters “Before The Next Teardrop Falls” $2.00
Dexy’s Midnight Runners “Come On Eileen” $2.00
Dino, Paul “Bye Bye” $1.00
Dire Straits “Money For Nothing” $1.00
Distant Trains / Squeegeed Clean “Buzzed & Howled Under Influence Of Food Poisoning / Not The Normal Pigs, Bu The Zombie Pigs From Down Below” (#38/50, Lathe Cut) $6.00
Dupont Circles “53 Bicycles EP” $2.00
Duran Duran “White Lines” $2.00
Duran Duran “New Moon On Monday” $1.00
Egon / Search For Saturnalia “Egon / Search For Saturnalia” (Clear) $2.00
Ellison, Lorraine “A Good Love / I’m Over You” (Promo) $6.00
Farmer, Art Quintet “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy” (Promo) $1.00
Five Keys, The “The Verdict” $1.50
FLB “Boogie Town” (Promo) $1.00
Fogerty, John “Rockin’ All Over The World” (Promo) $3.00
Fogerty, John “The Old Man Down The Road” $0.75
Foo Fighters “All My Life” $7.00
Four Guys “Stealin’ The Feelin'” $1.00
Foxfire “Fell Into Love” $4.00
Frampton, Peter “I Can’t Stand It No More” $1.00
Frankienixon “Sweaty From Your Uselessness” $1.25
Frehley, Ace “New York Groove” $1.00
Fret! “Attune / Cowboy” $2.50
Frijid Pink “House Of The Rising Son” $1.00
Genesis “Misunderstanding” (UK Pressing) $2.50
Gibson, Debbie “Lost In Your Eyes” $0.75
Gilberto, Astrud “I Haven’t Got Anything Better To Do” (Promo) $3.00
Glaser, Jim “You’re Getting’ To Me Again” $1.00
Godfrey, Arthur “Santa Barbara Gold” $1.00
Godley & Crème “Cry” $1.25
Goldblums “Gnat Bones” $2.50
Goldfinger “Ted Nugent” $4.00
Great Crusades / Planeausters “Sometimes On Sundays Too / Wouldn’t Say It’s Over, But It’s Gone” $1.50
Hall, Connie “Half The Time” $2.00
Hall, Connie “It’s Not Revenge I Want” $3.00
Hammond, Albert “I’m A Train” $0.75
Hammond, Albert “Half A Million Miles From Home” $1.00
Hancock, Herbie “Autodrive” $1.50
Harbingers “It’s Time That You Settled Down” (Promo) $1.00
Hearts, The “Dear Abby” $4.00
Hey Exit “Yes They Said So” (Lathe) $2.00
Holy Hum “Appendix A+B” $4.00
Hombres, The “Am I High” $2.00
Hopkin, Mary “Goodbye” $2.00
Hulaboy “He’s Making Violent Love To Me, Mother” (Purple Marble) $3.00
Human League “Don’t You Want Me” $1.25
Hyman, Dick “Not So Cold In Alaska” (Promo) $1.00
Ian, Janis “A Song For All The Seasons Of Your Mind” (Promo) $1.00
Idol, Billy “Eyes Without A Face” $1.50
Ingmann, Jorgen & His Guitar “Desert March” $1.00
Jackson, Janet “What Have You Done For Me Lately” $2.00
Jackson, Janet “When I Think Of You” $2.00
Jackson, Janet “What Have You Done For Me Lately” (Picture Sleeve) $1.00
Javells Ft. Nosmo King “Goodbye Nothin’ To Say” (Promo) (Check Condition) $5.00
Jive Five “My True Story” $1.00
Johnny & The Hurricanes “Reveille Rock” $1.00
Johnny & The Hurricanes “Crossfire” $1.00
Kayak “Periscope Life” $3.00
Kaye, Debbie Lori “Come On Home” (Promo) $1.00
KC & The Sunshine Band “Get Down Tonight” $3.00
KC & The Sunshine Band “Keep It Comin’ Love” $0.75
Kentucky Headhunters “Honky Tonk Walkin'” $1.00
King Harvest “Dancing In The Moonlight” $1.00
Knight, Jean “Mr. Big Stuff” $1.25
Kraftwerk “Computer Love” (Promo) $7.00
Lame Drivers “Flexi Book” $7.00
Lauper, Cyndi “Time After Time” $1.00
Lauper, Cyndi “True Colors” $1.00
Lauren Hospital / Last Day Parade “KA04” $1.50
Leamers “Getting Older” $2.50
Lennon, John & Yoko Ono “Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)” $3.00
Lewis, Huey & The News “I Know What I Like” $0.75
Linton & Stewart / The Aislers Set “Linton And Stewart / The Aislers Set” (Purple Grey) $3.00
Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam “Lost In Emotion” $2.00
Little Richard “Greenwood Mississippi” $8.00
Little Wretches “Just About Due” (Red Promo) $2.50
Lodge, John “Children Of Rock N Roll” $2.00
Loren, Sophia “Secrets Of Rome” (Promo) $3.00
Loveless, Patty “Lonely Days, Lonely Nights” (Yellow) $1.00
Lovin’ Cohens “Noshville Katz” $1.00
Malkay, Barbara “It’s All Rite…” (Import) $1.00
Mayfield, Curtis “Freddie’s Dead (Theme From Superfly)” $3.00
McCartney, Paul “Another Day” $1.00
McDowell, Ronnie “It’s Only Make Believe” $0.75
McDowell, Ronnie “It’s Only Make Believe” $0.75
Meanest Man Contest “Contaminated Dance Step” $1.50
Meatpacker / Fetus Christ “Meatpacker / Fetus Christ” (UK Pressing) $1.50
Mekler, Gabriel “The Presidents New Clothes” (Promo) $1.00
Men At Work “Down Under” $0.75
Mess, Kristin / Birds Of California “Kristin Mess / Birds Of California” $1.00
Metronome, Eric “The Broken Seas” (Picture Disc) $1.25
Mexican Pets “Subside” $2.00
Mexican Pets “Diana The Moon” $1.00
MHFS “Alone Together #4” $2.00
Mills Brothers “I’ll Never Forgive Myself” $1.00
Mini Kyute “Sanctuary” $5.00
Mohicans / Suborbital “Mohicans / Suborbital” (Red) $2.00
Mole People “Red Reflector” $2.00
Moment “A Year Ago Today.” $2.00
Moon Martin “Love Gone Bad” (Promo) $1.00
Moore, R. Stevie / Boys Age “R. Stevie Moore & Boys Age” $4.00
Moving Pictures “What About Me” $1.00
National Splits “Grab The Bottle And Run To The Hill” $2.50
Nena “99 Red Balloons” $0.75
Nervous Norvus “Transfusion” $3.00
Norwood, Daron “Bad Dog, No Biscuit” $3.00
Nutmegs, The “Ship Of Love” $2.00
Nyro, Laura “I Never Meant To Hurt You” (Promo) $1.00
O’Neill, Bill & The Great Scott Band “I See You” $2.00
Orchid Pool, The “Imaginary Instrumentals EP” $3.00
Pacific Gas & Electric “Are You Ready”” $1.00
Pack, The “Next To Your Fire” (Promo) $5.00
Parris, Fred & Five Satins “Everybody’s Got A Home But Me” $5.00
Parton, Dolly “I Know You By Heart” (Promo) $2.00
Paul, Ashley “Alone Together #2” $4.00
Pedicin, Mike Quintet “Shake A Hand” $2.00
Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers “Listen To Her Heart” (Promo) $3.00
Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers “Don’t Do Me Like That” $2.00
Picts, The “F.O.P. EP” (Blue) $1.00
Platinums, The “Walking In The Rain” $1.00
Poison Control Center / Lake Holiday “Poison Control Center / Lake Holiday” (Red) $2.00
Porter, David “Can’t See You When I Want To” $5.00
Price, Lloyd “Stagger Lee” $1.00
Primitive Calculators “I’m Fucked” (Brown) $3.00
Prince “1999” $4.00
Prince “When Doves Cry / Let’s Go Crazy” $2.00
Psychedelic Furs “Shock” $3.00
Queen “You’re My Best Friend” $1.00
Rainbow “Street Of Dreams” $1.25
Reeves, Martha & The Vandellas “Honey Chile” $3.00
Reeves, Martha & The Vandellas “I Should Be Proud” $4.00
Rolling Stones “Harlem Shuffle” $0.75
Sade “Smooth Operator” $1.00
Safe Distance, The “Songs” $2.00
Sam The Sham “Ain’t No Lie” (Promo) $1.00
Sand Family “Monkey Pants” $2.00
Sandpebbles “Never My Love” $10.00
Santana “Nowhere To Run” $1.00
Santana “Hold On” $0.75
Santana “She’s Not There” $1.00
Santana “Black Magic Woman” $1.00
Santana “Jingo” $1.00
Santana “Evil Ways’ $0.75
Seville, David “Armen’s Theme” $1.00
Shabba Ranks “Let’s Get It On” $2.50
Shades Of Blue “Lonely Summer” $2.00
Shafter, Whitey “Let’s Love It Over Again” (Promo) $2.00
Shark Toys / UV-TV “Shark Toys / UV-TV” (Gray) $4.00
Shivering Window “Days I’ve Closed” $4.00
Shocking Blue “Venus” $1.00
Side Of The Road Gang “Sittin’ By The Side Of The Road” $2.00
Silence “Silence” (White) $4.00
Silver Hawk “Awaiting On You All” (Promo) $1.00
Simon, Paul “Me And Julio Down By The School Yard” $1.00
Siouxsie & The Banshees “Peek-A-Boo” $3.00
Sir Douglas “Quarter To Three” $3.00
Sir Douglas Quintet “Nitty Gritty” $2.00
Sledd, Patsy “We Gotta Lotta Love” $1.00
Sly & The Family Stone “Family Affair” $1.00
Sly & The Family Stone “Thank You” $1.50
Smith, Lonnie Liston “Space Princess” (Promo) $3.00
Smith, Margo “Meet Me Later” (Promo) $1.00
Smith, O.C. “I Betcha” (Promo) $7.00
Souther-Hilman-Furay Band “For Someone I Love” (Promo) $1.00
Stankus, Tom T-Bone “Existential Blues” $2.00
Starr, Ringo “It Don’t Come Easy” $2.00
Steward & Jen Turrell “The Wedding 7″” (White) $3.00
Stewart, Dean / Margie Meinart “Chicken Hop” $1.00
Stills, Stephen “Love The One You’re With” $1.00
Stones, The “Come On Along” $1.00
Strange Land, The / Bad Bad “The Strange Land / Bad Bad” $2.00
Stray “How Could I Forget You” (Promo) $1.00
Styx “Light Up” (Promo) $2.00
Sun “Reaction Satisfaction” $1.00
Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship / Vanilla Beans “Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship / Vanilla Beans” $2.00
Supremes & The Four Tops “You Gotta Have Love In Your Heart” (Promo) $3.00
Survivor “Eye Of The Tiger” $1.50
Swallow “Rockin’ Shoes” (Promo) $1.00
Sweet Revival “Sidewalk Christian” (Promo) $1.00
Sweet Rock “Big Train / 1984” (Promo) $3.00
Sweet, The “Little Willy” $0.75
Talking Heads “Take Me To The River” $3.00
Taylor, Johnnie “Disco Lady” $1.00
Teifer, Jerry “Poco A Poco” (Promo) $1.00
Terry, Gordon “Orange Blossom Special” (Promo) $1.00
Thank God For Astronauts “Take It Tough” $1.50
Thank God For Astronauts “Thank God For Astronauts” $1.25
Thompson, Hank “But That’s All Right” (Promo) $2.00
Throckmorton, Sonny “Aint’ Gonna Lie No More” (Promo) $1.00
Tollison, Johnny “Dark Cloud Over Memphis” $1.00
Uniques, The “My Babe” $3.00
Various “Tunes From The Toilet Vol. 2” (Green/Grey) $2.00
Vehicle Blues “Luke Song” $3.00
Vogues “Magic Town” $1.50
Whitman, Slim “There’s A Rainbow In Every Teardrop” $0.75
Whitman, Slim “Singing Hills” $0.75
Who, The “Won’t Get Fooled Again” $0.75
Who, The “Magic Bus” $1.50
Williams, Hank Jr. “Removing The Shadow” $1.00
Wings “Hi, Hi, Hi” $1.00
Withers, Bill “Make Love To Your Mind” (Promo) $1.00
Yek Koo “Alone Together #3” $2.00
Yoko Ono “Walking On Thin Ice” $1.50