30th Of December 2016 Update

30th Of December 2016 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

Note about weekend hours:
Saturday, December 31st, 2016 12-6PM
Sunday, January 1st, 2017 12-6PM (normal Sunday hours)

LPs & 12″s
Beyond “No Longer At Ease” (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl) REV164 REVHQ LP $13.98 Underground
Blitz The Ambassador “Diasporadical” JAKARTA RECORDS 119 Fat Beats LP $17.39 Hip-Hop
Boogie Belgique “Volta” 7.02334E+11 Fat Beats LP $18.39 Hip-Hop
Eno, Brian “Reflection” (New Year’s Day Release – Sunday 1-1-2017) WARPLP280 Redeye LP $22.98 Ambient
Have Heart “Songs To Scream At The Sun” (Coke Bottle Blue) B9R096 REVHQ LP $14.98 Underground
MarQ Spekt & Blockhead “Keep Playin'” 7.00261E+11 Fat Beats LP $17.39 Hip-Hop
MNDSGN & Ahwlee “A Rap Vacation X-Mas With Mndsgn & Ahwlee” (Red/Green) RV001 Fat Beats LP $16.98 Hip-Hop
Red Alert “The Oi! Singles 1980-1983” CPR017 REVHQ LP $22.98 Underground
Various “Sofie’s SOS Tape” (+ D/L) STH2376 Fat Beats LP $17.98 Compilation
Venom “Black Metal” (Back On Black Reissue) BOBV197LP REVHQ LP $27.98 Metal
Withdrawal “Never” ER025 REVHQ LP $14.98 Underground


Funky Drive Band / Amadeo “Move Your Feet RMX / Drive Me Crazy RMX”
Krimewatch “Demo 2016”
Loathing / Savage “Savage / Loathing”
Teeko “Real Ones (SFC)” (Ft. Diamond Ortiz)
Wrice, Joyce & Kay Franklin “Rocket Science” (Produced By MNDSGN)


Eno, Brian “Reflection” (New Year’s Day Release – Sunday 1-1-2017)


Alexander “Ridge Rd.” (C/S010)
Daedelus “Labyrinths” (DOD_045)
Pieces Of Fruit “Reach For Their Anger” (C/S009)
Rowe, Tim “Meet Me At The Hospital” (C/S011)



Shadow in the Cracks
Shadow in the Cracks

Brothers Jim and Mike Blaha are best known for being the vocalists-guitarists for Minnesota-based noise-punk band The Blind Shake (which also features drummer Dave Roper). This side project features the brothers creating a more stripped-down and introspective garage/noise rock sound, more focused on building atmosphere with echoed vocals, menacing and distorted guitars and tireless Indian bell percussion. Interestingly, the recurring lyrical theme is life in an icy wasteland, invoking imagery such as “truth buried under the ice”, icebergs “on the attack” and living underground “frozen and proud”.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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