17th of March 2017 Update

17th Of March 2017 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
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LPs & 12″s

Abysmal Lord “Disciples Of The Inferno”
Adult. “Detroit House Guests”
Albert, Todd “Detroit Twelve String Blues & Rags”
Alchemist, The “Rappers Best Friend 4”
All “Pummel”
Animals As Leaders “Weightless”
Arrested Development “3 Years, 5 Months And 2 Days In The Life Of…”
Bianchi, Maurizio / Abul Mogard “Nervous Hydra / All This Has Passed Forever”
Blood Brothers “Young Machettes”
Bobo, Willie “Always There”
Califone “Quicksand / Cradlesnakes” (+ D/L)
Charn The Fury, The “The Sick , Dumb & Happy”
Cherry Glazerr “Haxel Princess” (Ltd. Ed. Red Vinyl)
City And Colour “Peaceful Road” (EP)
Cohen Beats “Daily Affirmations”
Columbia Nights “In All Things”
Creation, The “Action Painting”
Crystal Fairy “Crystal Fairy”

Dead Can Dance “Aion”
Dead Can Dance “Spiritchaser”
Dead Can Dance “The Serpent’s Egg”
Death Worship “Extermination Mass”
Depeche Mode “Spirit”
Dischange “The Demos”
First Blood “Rules”
Funky DL “Marauding At Midnight: A Tribute To The Sounds Of A Tribe Called Quest”
Fusioon “Fusioon (Danza Del Molinero)”
Grails “Take Refuge In Clean Living”
Grails “Black Tar Prophecies Vols. 1,2,&3” (+ D/L)
Group Zero “Forces And Light”
Growing “Disorder”
Harrington Saints “Bettin’ On A Longshot: The Singles”
Haslam, Gunnar “Scale No Flam”
Havok “Conformicide” (Colored Vinyl & CD)
Hopkins, Clutchy & Fat Albert Einstein “High Desert Low Tide”
Hurray For The Riff Raff “The Navigator” (+ D/L & Poster)
Imyrmind “Uniwersum Luxus”
Jacaszek “Kwiaty” (Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Johnson, Paul “Bump Talkin'”
Marcus I & The Tucxone Army “Inner Calling”
Mined “Loves Low”
Mortician “Re-Animated Dead Flesh”
Mortician “Domain Of Death”
Moving Units “Collision With Joy Division”
MSXII Sound Design “The Breaks Collective”
Nice, Paul “Ultimate Block Party Breaks Volume 4”
Night Riots “Love Gloom”
Oberst, Conor “Salutations”
Opeth “Orchid” (180 gm Pink Vinyl)
Osmose, The Silver Rider, King Most “Bedroom Disco 2”
Painkiller “Execution Ground”
Perico, G “Shit Don’t Stop”
Pinback “Some Offcell Voices” (Blue/Orange Vinyl _+ D/L)
Porter Ray “Watercolor” (Loser Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Psychedelic Witchcraft “Magick Rites And Spells Volume II”
Public Memory “Veil Of Counsel”
Real Estate “In Mind”
Rolling Blackouts C.F. “The French Press” (Loser Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Rose, Aaron “Elixir”
Selena “Dreaming Of You”
Shins, The “Heartworms” (180 gm & D/L)
Shit And Shine “Total Shit”
Skeletonwitch “Serpents Unleashed”
Somatic Responses “RAAR005”
Sorority Noise “You’re Not As ____ As You Think”
Soundgarden “Ultramega OK” (Loser Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Spoon “Hot Thoughts”
Strummer, Joe & The Mescaleros “Live At Acton Town Hall”
Sueno Latino w/ Manuel Gottsching “Performing E2-E4”
Sum-41 “Chuck” (Reissue, Red/Black Marble)
Superpitcher “The Golden Ravedays 2”
Takada, Midori “Through The Looking Glass”
Tennis “Yours Conditionally”
Those Who Walk Away “The Infected Mass” (180 gm, Art Booklet + D/L)
Tuamie “Holy Ghost Spirituals”
Various “200 Breaks And Drum Loops Volume 4”
Various “Spiritual Jazz 7: Islam”
Vices “Now That I Have Seen I Am Responsible”
Virus “Memento Collider”
Wild Pink “Wild Pink”
Zeitkratzer “Performs Songs From The Albums Kraftwerk And Kraftwerk 2”


Anohni “Paradise” (+ D/L)
Save Ferris “Checkered Past”


Baker, Julien “Funeral Pyre”
Baxter, Rayland / Dylan LeBlanc “Luck Mansion Sessions”
Caudill, Jeff “Voice”
Creation, The “Making Time”
DaiN “Gave It A Try”
Fall Silent “Cart Return”
Hiatt, Lilly / Aaron Lee Tasman “Luck Mansion Sessions”
Jarosz, Sarah / Parker Milsap “Luck Mansion Sessions”
Mae, Lilly “Over The Hill And Through The Woods”
Raconteurs, The “Steady As She Goes”
Record Breakin Ensemble “Batacuda Samba”
Will Sessions & Elzhi “Knowledge Of 12th”


Adult. “Detroit House Guests”
Anohni “Paradise”
Bestial Raids “Master Satan’s Witchery”
Creation, The “Action Painting”
Death Worship “Extermination Mass”
Depeche Mode “Spirit”
Havok “Conformicide”
Jacaszek “Kwiaty”
Jackson, Michael “Xscape”
Necrosic “Putrid Decimation”
Oberst, Conor “Salutations”
Pinback “Some Offcell Voices”
Porter Ray “Watercolor”
Real Estate “In Mind”
Shins, The “Heartworms”
Sorority Noise “You’re Not As ___ You Think”
Soundgarden “Ultramega OK”
Spektor, Regina “Live On Soundstage”
Spoon “Hot Thoughts”
Takada, Midori “Through The Looking Glass”
Tennis “Yours Conditionally”
Those Who Walk Away “The Infected Mass”


Higher Power “Can’t Relate”
Hopkins, Clutchy “High Desert Low Tide”
Johnny Baxter “@LA”
Primordial Conscience “Hateful Isolation”
Sorority Noise “You’re Not As ___ You Think”
Tuamie “Holy Ghost Spirituals”
Weekend Nachos “Punish And Destroy / Torture”


Noura Mint Seymali Tzenni









Born into a musical griot family in the minimally-developed West African desert nation of Mauritania, Noura Mint Seymali is a singer who also plays the ardin (a Mauratanian harp reserved for women.) Backed by several musicians including her husband playing guitar and tidinit (another stringed instrument from the region), the resulting sound is certainly exotic but also rhythmic, sounding comparable to funk or psychedelic guitar rock. The title track is a downright catchy, swirling in a rhythmic pattern of vibrant instrumentation buoyed by Seymali’s unique vocals.

Joe Henry Invisible Hour








(Work Song Inc.)

With both a music career and marriage that have been active for about thirty years, alt-country singer-songwriter-guitarist and producer Joe Henry provides an in-depth of analysis of marriage (as a verb, not a noun, he says) on this thirteenth album. His acoustic-based songs explore topics of commitment while coping with disorientation, such as finding ourselves within lonesome moments. The lyrics of “Grave Angels”, for example, take on the role of observing the complexities of matrimony: “our union of fracture, our dread everlasting / this beautiful, desperate desire.”

[Reviewer: Mark]

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