9th Of June 2017 Update

9th Of June 2017 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Acephalix “Deathless Master”
Agents Of Time “Day One EP”
All Time Low “Last Young Renegade” (+ D/L)
All We Are “Sunny Hills”
Alt-J “Relaxer” (+ D/L)
Armoured Angel “Wings Of Death” (Red Vinyl)
Asobi Seksu “Citrus” (180 Gram + D/L)
Asphixiation “What Is This Thing Called ‘Disco’?” (+ D/L)
At The Drive-In “Acrobatic Tenement”
At The Gates “Slaughter Of The Soul”
Auerbach, Dan “Waiting On A Song” (Indie Exclusive Blue / Yellow Vinyl + D/L)
Auerbach, Dan “Waiting On A Song”
BadBadNotGood “Lavender (Ft. Kaytranada & Snoop Dogg) (Nightfall Remix)”
Bassett, Marcia & Samara Lubelski “Live, NYC”
Beach Fossils “Somersault” (+ D/L)
Beach Fossils “Somersault” (Ltd. Red Vinyl + D/L)
Bellows “Sander”
Best Available Technology “Exposure Therapy”
Big Thief “Capacity” (White Vinyl /500)
Black Ryder, The “Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride”
Blondie “The Old Waldorf, San Francisco September 1977”
Buffalo Tom “Let Me Come Over” (25th Anniversary Edition)
Camille “Le Fil” (+ CD)
Campbell, Cornell “Ropin'”
Casas, Carlos “Pyramid Of Skulls”
Cemetery Urn “Cemetery Urn”
Chastity Belt “I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone” (Ltd. Color Vinyl + D/L)
Cherry, Don “Hear & Now” (unofficial)
Coltrane, John “Trane: The Atlantic Years”
Coltrane, John & Wilbur Harden “Tanganyika Strut”
Conrad, Tony “Ten Years Alive On The Infinite Plain”
D’Alberto, Luca “Endless” (+ D/L)
Danzig “Skeletons” (Purple & Black / 1200)
Danzig, Glenn “Black Aria”
Deathprod “Morals And Dogma”
Deep Pill “Sub Dural Frequency”
Din “Saturate EP”
Dreamcar “Dreamcar”
Drunk Elk “Drunk Elk”
Dubfire “Hybrid: A Decade Of Dubfire [2006-2016]”
Dylan, Bob & Tom Petty “Live On The Radio ’86”
Dzeltenie Pastnieki “Lentu Gabalini”
Eighteen Visions “XVIII” (Ltd. Color Vinyl + D/L)
En Vogue “Funky Divas: 25th Anniversary Edition”
Erez, Noga “Off The Radar” (+ D/L)
Estrada, Susana “The Sexadelic Disco-Funk Sound Of Susana Estrada”
Evans, Faith & The Notorioius B.I.G. “The King & I”
Eyes Of The Lord “Call It War”
Faust “Od Serca Do Duszy”
Fiasco, Lupe “The Cool: 10th Anniversary Reissue” (2LP Clear Vinyl)
Fields, Lee & the Expressions “Special Night Instrumentals”
Flogging Molly “Life Is Good” (+ D/L)
Follakzoid “II” (Sacred Bones 10th Anniversary Edition, “Outer Space” Color / 400)
Gallagher, Rory “Riding Shotgun” (unofficial)
Garcia, Jerry “Old & In The Way”
Gibbs, Freddie “You Only Live 2Wice”
Glochids “Ni Fila”
Gold Dime “Nerves”
Gothic Tropic “Fast Or Feast”
Granite Mask “Second Wind”
Grotto “At Last..”
Hackman, Marika “I’m Not Your Man” (Ltd. Loser Edition Color Vinyl + D/L)
Halsey “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” (Clear & Teal Vinyl + D/L)
Heaven “Lonesome Town” (Green Transparent Hourglass)
Heliocentrics “A World Of Masks”
Helium “The Dirt Of Luck”
Helium “Ends With And” (Yellow / Blue Vinyl)
Helium “The Magic City & No Guitars”
Higher Power “Soul Structure” (Orange & Red Vinyl)
Highland “Loyal To The Nightsky” (2LP Tri-Fold)
Holiday, Billie “The Blues Are Brewin'”
Insane Clown Posse “Beverly Kills 50187” (Remastered 180 Gram)
Institute “Subordination” (Ltd. Clear Vinyl)
INXS “Live At The Cleveland Agora June 1984”
Jaar, Nicolas “Love You Gotta Lose Again EP” (White Vinyl)10″
Jewel, Johnny “A Beautiful Now” (OST) (Lavender)
Jewel, Johnny “Home” (OST) (Translucent Pink)
Jewel, Johnny “Lost River” (OST) (3xLP Box Set / 180 gm Deep Purple)
Jock Club “Morphism EP”
KG “Come Closer, We’re Cool”
Komon & Will Saul “Harmonise”
Kreator “Endless Pain: Remastered” (2LP 180 Gram Gatefold)
Kreator “Terrible Certainty: Remastered” (2LP 180 Gram Gatefold)
Kreator “Extreme Aggression: Remastered” (3LP 180 Gram Gatefold)
Kreator “Pleasure To Kill: Remastered” (2LP 180 Gram Gatefold)
Lord Echo “Melodies”
Lowe, RG “Slow Time” (+ D/L)
Lumpy And The Dumpers “Huff My Sack”
Lynch, David & Alan R. Splet “Eraserhead” (Sacred Bones 10th Anniversary Edition, Silver/1000 + 7″, Art Prints, & D/L)
Lynyrd Skynyrd “Super Jam With Dickie Betts & Charlie Daniels”
Magas “Explanatory Denial”
Mansion “Devil Woman”
Men, The “Open Your Heart” (Sacred Bones 10th Anniversary Edition, Purple Vinyl /500)
Moniquea “BlackWaveFunk” (We have a signed copy – by both Moniquea and XL Middleton)
Moon Duo “Killing Time” (Sacred Bones 10th Anniversary Expanded Edition /1000)
Moon, Ko Shin “Ko Shin Moon” (+ D/L)
Mukqs “11,666,666,666,666,666,666”
Mutoid Man “War Moans”
Nau, Michael “Some Twist” (Ltd. Pink Vinyl + D/L)
Night Demon “Darkness Remains”
Nirvana “Hollywood Rock Festival, rio 1993”
Nite Jewel “Am I Real?”
Orgonon Pit “Orgonon Pit”
Pearl Jam “5 Alive”
Pearl Jam “Monkey Business”
Perera Elsewhere “All Of This”
Pink Floyd “Embryo’s Growing” (unofficial)
Psychic Ills “Hazed Dream” (Sacred Bones 10th Anniversary Edition, “Desert Sunset” Color / 300)
Queen “Queen” (Clear, Unofficial)
Raekwon “The Wild” (+D/L)
Rush “Kiel Auditorium, St Louis, Missouri February 1980”
Russian Tsarlag “Gel Stations Past”
Satan “Satan” (Red Vinyl)
Satanic Warmaster / Archgoat “Lux Satanae (Thirteen Hymns of Finnish Devil Worship)”
School Damage “School Damage” (+ D/L)
Sibelius, Orval Carlos “Ordre Et Progres”
Skatalites, The “Independence Ska And The Far East Sound”
Sleep Party People “Lingering” (Clear Vinyl + D/L)
Sneaker Pimps “Splinter” (180gm Reissue + D/L)
Sodom “Masquerade In Blood” (Remastered w/ Bonus Track)
Somali Extract “Pareidolia”
Sonico De La Frontera “Cumbia Mundial”
Soren Roi “Macon”
Springsteen, Bruce “WGOE Radio, Alpha Studios, Richmond, VA May 1973”
Stapleton, Chris “From A Room: Volume I” (+ D/L)
Steely Dan “Ellis Auditorium, Memphis April 1974”
Stigmata “Hymns For An Unknown God”
Subhumans (UK) “Time Flies + Rats”
TALsounds “Love Sick”
Terje, Todd “Maskindans” (Ft. Det Gylne Triangel)
Third Eye Blind “Third Eye Blind: 20th Anniversary Edition” (3LP)
Thunder Dreamer “Capture” (Ltd. Color Vinyl + D/L)
Tops “Sugar At The Gate” (Sunshine Yell-o Vinyl, + D/L & Poster)
Trevor Sensor “Andy Warhol’s Dream” (Ltd. Silver Vinyl + D/L)
Twisted Wires “Struck Twice” (Opaque Ivory)
UGK “Too Hard To Swallow” (Clear Vinyl)
Ulrika Spacek “Modern English Decoration” (LTD Yellow Vinyl + D/L)
Ulrika Spacek “Modern English Decoration” (+ D/L)
Vanum “Burning Arrow”
Various “Welcome To Zamrock! How Zambia’s Liberation Led To A Rock Revolution”
Vaughn, Stevie Ray “Spectrum, Philadelphia May 1988”
Verocai, Arthur “Encore” (Ft. Azymuth & Ivan Lins)
Vile, Kurt “Square Shells EP” (Ltd. Color Vinyl Edition)
Vile, Kurt “So Outta Reach EP” (Ltd. Color Vinyl Edition)
Waits, Tom “Bone Machine”
Waters, Roger “Is This The Life We Really Want?”
Weather Report “The Agora, Columbus, Ohio, October 17th 1972” (unofficial, 180 gram)
Whitney “You’ve Got A Woman” (+ D/L)
Wilson, Gary & Tredici Bacci “Another Lonely Night In Brooklyn”
Winehouse, Amy “At The BBC”
Winehouse, Amy “Ska Sessions”
Zappa, Frank & The Mothers “Mudshark Live”
ZZ Top “Hi-Fi Mama… Live 1980”


Bikini Kill “New Radio” (Ltd. Edition Red Vinyl + D/L)
Black God “Four” (Blue Vinyl)
Butcher Boys & Cheetah Chrome “I’ll Tell Me Ma” (Green Vinyl)
Ghoul “Wall Of Death”
Jesus Piece / Malice At The Palace “Jesus Piece / Malice At The Palace”
Lion’s Law / Stars And Stripes “Heritage”


All Time Low “Last Young Renegade”
Alt-J “Relaxer”
Beach Fossils “Somersault”
Big Thief “Capacity”
Carnivore “Carnivore”
Dauwd “Theory Of Colours”
Eighteen Visions “XVIII”
Frum, John “A Stirring In The Noos”
Ikonika “Distractions”
Institute “Subordination”
Kreator “Extreme Aggression: Remastered” (2CD)
Kreator “Pleasure To Kill: Remastered”
Kreator “Terrible Certainty: Remastered” (2CD)
Kreator “Endless Pain: Remastered”
Moon, Ko Shin “Ko-Shin-Moon”
Mutoid Man “War Moans”
Norska “Too Many Winters”
Rancid “Trouble Maker”
Skatalites, The “Independence Ska And The Far East Sound”
Suffocation “Of The Dark Light”
Tops “Sugar At The Gate”
Ulrika Spacek “Modern English Decoration”
Vallenfyre “Fear Those Who Fear Him”
Various “Welcome To Zamrock! How Zambia’s Liberation Led To A Rock Revolution” (Book+CD)


Beach Fossils “Somersault”
Big Thief “Capacity” (LBJ-255)
Dehd “Fire Of Love”
Woe “Hope Attrition” (VR-133)



You’re Welcome
(Ghost Ramp)

On their sixth album, this nearly ten-year-old San Diego indie/surf/pop-punk band shows off their developed style with a new batch of catchy summery tunes. They’ve found a great balance of lo-fi instrumentation and clean vocals, keeping one foot in their distortion-heavy past while also moving forward with an accessible sound to win more fans. Some of my favorites are the bizarre reality-bending romantic ode “Daisy” and the refreshing reverb-filled “I Love You”, sounding straight from a 50s school dance.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Thurston Moore / John Moloney
Caught On Tape – Full Bleed
(Northern Spy)

Caught on Tape is the name for the collaboration between former Sonic Youth vocalist-guitarist Thurston Moore and drummer John Moloney (his credits include Sunburned Hand of the Man, Gown, and Moore’s own Chelsea Light Moving.) This album consists of blazing and screeching instrumental free improvisation with Moore’s sludgy guitar and Moloney’s manic drumming for the result being of volcanic intensity.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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