28th Of July 2017 Update

28th Of July 2017 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Air Cushion Finish “Flink”
Akis “Space, Time And Beyond: Selected Works 1986-2016”
Akkord “RCVR/XMTR”
Alpha Steppa “3rd Kingdom”
Amnesty “Free Your Mind”
Ancst “Furnace”
Arawak “Accadde A…….”
Arcade Fire “Everything Now”
Archivist “Chutes And Ladders”
Astral TV “Chrystal Shores” (Ltd. Ed. /500 + D/L)
Atheist “Unquestionable Presence” (Ultra Clear Vinyl /200)
Atheist “Piece Of Time” (Ultra Clear Vinyl /200)
Atkins, Juan & Moritz Von Oswald “Present Borderland: Angles”
Avey Tare “Eucalyptus” (2LP + D/L)
Bacalov, Luis “Summertime Killer” (AKA Target Removed, Soundtrack)
Beach Bullies, The “We Rule The Universe” (+ D/L)
Bedouine “Bedouine” (Spacebomb)
Benedek “Bene’s World”
Benni “I & II” (Primitive Sci-Fi Warlock Soundscapes)
Blockhead “Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book”
Body Count “Manslaughter”
Bolt Thrower “Warmaster” (Full Dynamic Range Reissue)
Boogie Down Productions “Ghetto Music: The Blueprint Of Hip Hop”
Boysen, Ben Lukas / Sebastian Plano “Everything” (+ D/L + Full 43 Track Score)
Buckley, Tim “Goodbye And Hello” (50th Anniversary Mono Version 180 Gram Rhino)
Buildings “You Are Not One Of Us” (+ D/L)
Captain Ganja And The Space Patrol “Tradition”
Chon “Homey” (Opaque White)
Circa Tapes “Love And Venom”
Clayton, Merry “Gimme Shelter” (White Vinyl /900)
Codek “Closer”
Containers, The “Self-Contained”
De Angelis, Guido & Maurizio “Il Grande Racket (The Big Racket)” (OST)
Death In June “Euro Cross” (Transparent Orange)
Death In June “Symbols And Clouds” (Orange 2LP)
DJ Hell “Zukunftsmusik”
DJ Stingray “Kern Vol. 4”
DMX Krew “Strange Directions”
Doppelgangaz, The “Doppic Of Discussion”
Doppelgangaz, The “Rhyme Over Beats”
Dorrsett, Tashan “Kool Keith Presents… The Preacher” (Deluxe Edition: Picture Disc)
Dub Spencer & Trance Hill “Return Of The Supervinyl” (+D/L)
Evergreen Terrace “Wolfbiker” (10th Anniversary Vinyl Remastered Reissue)
Foisey “Byrds”
Fonemi “Cosmopolis”
Fraser, Scott “Architecture”
Grey House “New Beats The House”
Grimez “Mental Slave”
Hall, GP “Industrial Blue”
Haslinger, Paul “Halt And Catch Fire: Original Television Series Soundtrack”
High-Functioning Flesh “Culture Cut” (+ D/L)
Hole “Celebrity Skin” (180 Gram Audiophile Pressing)
Horner, James “Avatar: Music From The Motion Picture”
Hurula “Vapen Till Dom Hopplosa”
Iron Maiden “Death On The Road” (2LP 180 Gram)
Iron Maiden “Flight 666 – The Original Soundtrack” (2LP 180 Gram)
Iron Maiden “The Final Frontier” (2LP 180 Gram)
Iron Maiden “En Vivo!” (3LP 180 Gram)
Jenkins, Martin “Dance Cave”
Ka-Spel, Edward “High On Station Yellow Moon” 10″
Kalbells “Ten Flowers”
K-Def “Night Shift: Late Edition”
Konami Kukeiha Club “Snatcher: Cyberpunk Adventure” (Soundtrack)
Land Of Talk “Life After Youth” (+ D/L)
Lapalux “Ruinism” (2LP 180 Gram Blue Vinyl Deluxe Edition)
Lapalux “Ruinism” (2LP 180 Gram Standard Edition)
Life Garden “Songs From The Other Side Of Emptiness” (+7″)
Lipp, Eliot “Skywave”
Los Wembler’s De Iquitos “Ikaro Del Amore”
Manchester Orchestra “A Black Mile To The Surface” (2LP 130 Gram With Etching + D/L)
Manchester Orchestra “A Black Mile To The Surface” (Deluxe Version 2LP 180 Gram Color Vinyl With Etching + D/L)
Marker “Marker”
Micalizi, Franco “Italia A Mano Armata” (Soundtrack)
Micalizi, Franco “Napoli Violenta” (Soundtrack)
Migos “Culture” (2LP Picture Discs)
Moby “Black Lacquer (Moby Classics Remixed)”
Modern Art “Oriental Towers” (/500)
Monkees, The “Summer Of Love” (Rhino)
Napalm Death “From Enslavement To Obliteration” (Full Dynamic Range Reissue)
Necro “Death Rap” (2LP)
Necro “Die!” (2LP)
Negative Response “Oblique Angles”
Niblock, Phill “Rhymes With Water”
Nice, Paul “Drum Library: Lost Volumes”
Nidia Minaj “Nidia E Ma, Nidia E Fudida”
Nipsey Hussle “Crenshaw” (Numbered 180 Gram 2LP Red/White)
Ogura, Hisayoshi “Darius: Suntata Taito Sound Team Arcade Classics Volume Two”
OOIOO “Gold & Green” (Ltd. Ed. Color)
Parker, Jeff “The Relatives”
Patrick, Pat & The Baritone Saxophone Retinue “Sound Advice”
Pedro “One Kind Of Love”
People Like You “Verse”
Popol Vuh “Agape – Agape Love – Love” (Ltd. Vinyl Release + Bonus Track)
Popol Vuh “Spirit Of Peace” (2LP Ltd. Expanded Release)
Prayer “Seeing”
Prong “Zero Days”
Ras_G “The Gospel Of The God Spell”
Raspail, Roger “Dalva” (2LP)
Redding, Otis “The Soul Album” (Stax 60 Edition)
Redding, Otis “The Great Otis Redding Sings Soul Ballads” (Stax 60 Edition)
Revenge, The “Roar Groove Meets Dirt Crew Recordings”
Rise Against “Wolves” (+D/L)
Roy & Yvonne “Moving On With Teddy Garcia’s Musical Combo”
Sakamoto, Shintaro “Love If Possible”
Sam & Dave “Soul Men” (Stax 60 Edition)
Sam & Dave “Double Dynamite” (Stax 60 Edition)
Satan “Satan” (Ltd. Ed. /1000)
Scott, Raymond “Three Willow Park: Electronic Music From Inner Space 1961-1971” (3LP, 20 Page Book + D/L)
See Through Dresses “Horse Of The Other World” (+ D/L)
Serra, Eric “The Fifth Element” (Original Score)
Ska-Talites “Walk With Me”
Sollo, Jake “Jake Sollo”
Souleyman, Omar “To Syria, With Love” (2L PColor Vinyl)
Stillichimiya “Bangkok Nights”
Suicideyear “Hate Songs”
Sun Ra “The Magic City” (Remastered & Expanded Stereo Edition)
Sweet Apple “Sing The Night In Sorrow” (Clear Orange Haze)
Thomas, Carla “Carla Thomas” (Stax 60 Edition)
Thomas, Pat “The Elephant Clock Of Al Jazari”
Thor “Live In Detroit”
Thou “Peasant”
Tical, H. “Impact: Synthesized Sound And Music”
TLC. Fam. “Isbethelo seGqom”
Trapped Under Ice “Heatwave” (Cherry Red)
Unearth Noise “Prayer And Resonance”
Various “Love Oakland: A Benefit For Those Affected By The Ghost Ship Fire”
Various “‘8,9,10’ And ‘9,10,11’ From Gung Ho 1,2,3D” (Don’t DJ, Goat, From Scratch, Utena Kobayashi Group)
Various “Turn On, Tune In” (Magic Carpathians, Unearth Noise, Sugai Ken…)
Walker, Shirley / John Carpenter “Escape From L.A.” (Soundtrack)
Welch, Gillian “The Harrow & The Harvest”
Wren “Auburn Rule”


Diplomats, The “Cards On The Table / Don’t Ever Go”
Ellis, Roy “The Beginning: First Ever Recording In 1964”
Guided By Voices “Just To Show You” (+D/L)
Panton, Roy “Endless Memory / Tell Me”
Various “House Of Waxwork” (Comic + 7″)
Vicious Seeds, The “Sneaker Collector / African Spy”


13th Floor Elevators “Psychedelic Circus”
Alpha Steppa “3rd Kingdom / Dub Kingdom”
Avey Tare “Eucalyptus”
Barreca, Marc & K. Leimer “Dual Mono”
Benni “I & II”
Daphni “Fabriclive 93”
Death In June “Abandon Tracks!”
Death In June “Symbols And Clouds”
Death In June “DISCriminate” (2CD Collection, 33 Tracks)
Death In June “Braun Buch Zwei (Brown Book)”
Death In June “Rule Of Thirds”
Diamond Ortiz “Baby Lotion”
Gorillaz “Demon Days”
Kill Alters “No Self Helps”
Make Them Suffer “Worlds Apart”
Mori, Ikue “Obelisk”
Nidia Minaj “Nidia E Ma, Nidia E Fudida”
People Like You “Verse”
Planning For Burial “Matawan: Collected Works 2010-2014” (2CD)
Prong “Zero Days”
Trapped Under Ice “Heatwave”
Zeshan B “Vetted”


Curve, Bethany “Mee-eaux” (SA-012/MFG-054)
Diamond Ortiz “Baby Lotion” (DO1001)
Dorrsett, Tashan “Kool Keith Presents… The Preacher” (Deluxe Edition, JM82)
Foisey “Byrds” (SCM124)
Kill Alters “No Self Helps” (HAUSMO61)
Lipp, Eliot “Skywave” (YL1708)
People Like You “Verse” (TSR175)
Trapped Under Ice “Heatwave” (WIG-010)
Various “Guardians Of The Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 2” (Marvel)



Cemetery Urn
Cemetery Urn
(Hells Headbangers)
Calling their style “Australian barbaric death metal”, this Melbourne-spawned band has been around for over ten years, with this being their third record. Cemetery Urn’s members have honed their vicious and warlike brand of extreme metal with experience in bands like Abominator, Bestial Warlust and Belligerent Intent. Stylistically comparable to Incantation, the guttural vocals, blackened guitars and absolutely pulverizing machine-gun drums make this a particularly savage listen, like a demolished landscape covered in jet-black shrouds.
[Reviewer: Mark]

(Planet Mu)
On his third Planet Mu album, Bristol-based Nick Edwards creates a varied assortment of saturated electronica inspired by early-to-mid-90s leftfield. Opener “A Caustic Romance” sets the mood with its lo-fi beats coupled with synth flourishes that make it sound surprisingly soothing. I really like “Saturation (Full Rinse)” as well: its rumbling, crunching beat and lovely synth melody make it sound like a fuzzed-out sunset memory.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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