11th August 2017 Update

11th August 2017 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
… And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead “Source Tags & Codes”
Amon Amarth “With Oden On Our Side” (180 Gram Ultimate Vinyl Edition)
Amon Amarth “Fate Of Norns” (180 Gram Ultimate Vinyl Edition)
Atriarch “Dead As Truth”
Bergsonist “Mutation”
Bicep “Aura” (180 Gram)
Bob & Fene “If This World Were Mine…” (Remastered + D/L)
Bonobo “Remixes & B Sides” (Ltd. Ed. 180 Gram Repress)
Brainbombs “Obey” (+ D/L)
Brown, Stephen “Power Factor EP” (Blue)
Caliban “Digital Reggae / Supernatural Magic”
Copy Envy “TS014”
Dangus Tarkus “Rock N’ Roll For The People”
Daze, Danny & Shokh / Patrice Baumel “Aire / Sorcery” (Speicher 98)
Detroit Swindle “Can’t Hold It EP”
Download “Sidewinder” (Snake-Green Vinyl)
Downtown Boys “Cost Of Living” (Loser Edition)
Fake, Nathan “Providence Reworks – Part I”
Foster The People “Sacred Hearts Club” (+ D/L)
Garrett “Private Life”
Glue “Glue”
Hieroglyphic Being “Association For Research & Enlightenment Project”
House Of Feelings “Last Chance” (Debut Vinyl EP)
Housewives “FF061116”
Impalers “Cellar Dweller”
Incantation “Profane Nexus”
Invisible, The “Patience Remixes!”
Judiciary “The Axis Of Equality Demo ’14”
Keane “Hopes And Fears”
Kutmah “Trobbb! Soundtrack To The Film”
Lil Ugly Mane “Three Sided Tape”
Limp Wrist “Facades”
Lockwood, Annea “Tiger Balm / Amazonia Dreaming / Immersion”
McKay, Freddie “Picture On The Wall” (Deluxe Ed.)
Midnight “Shox Of Violence” (4-Track EP)
Moral Void “Deprive”
Mpunga, Denis & Paul K. “Criola Remixed”
No Funeral / Livid “No Funeral / Livid”
Noyes, Rob “They Told Me The Train Had To Be Endless.” (Repress 180 Gram + D/L)
Nurse With Wound “Dark Fat” (3LP Set)
OneOhTrix Point Never “Good Time: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (2LP + D/L + Poster)
Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold “What Not To Do”
Poison Blood “Poison Blood”
Portugal The Man “Woodstock” (180 Gram + D/L + Bonus Sleeve)
Prince “I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man” (Single)
Prince “Sign O The Times” (Single)
Prince “Wish U Heaven” (Single)
Prince “Batdance” (Single)
Prince “Partyman” (Single)
Prince “Pop Life” (Single)
Queensway “Swift Minds Of The Darkside”
Red Axes “The Beach Goths”
Rocchi, Claudio “Suoni Di Frontiera”
Run Dust “Leisure Village”
Sam O.B. “Positive Noise”
Sevdaliza “ISON” (Ltd. Ed. /1000 White Ivory Vinyl Numbered 180 Gram)
Singers & Players “Revenge Of The Underdog”
So Much Light “Oh, Yuck” (+D/L)
Strand, The “Seconds Waiting” (’83 Archival Reissue + Unreleased Studio Track)
Tau Cross “Pillar Of Fire” (2LP)
Thollot, Jacques “Thollot”
Tolouse Low Trax “Decades Vol. III”
Trailer Trash Tracys “Althaea” (180 Gram + D/L)
Tyler, Brian “Power Rangers: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (Yellow Ranger Vinyl /500)
Vaccina, Lino Capra “Echi Armonici Da Antico Adagio”
Various / Tyler Bates “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2: Deluxe Edition”
Wen “Carve + Gaze”
Wolf Eyes “Strange Days II”
Zeitkratzer / Svetlana Spajic / Dragana Tomic / Obrad Milic “Serbian War Songs”
Zeitratzer & Elliott Sharp “Oneirika: Live At Berghain Berlin”


Buried Alive “Watchmen Session (Demo ’98)”
Free “Ex Tenebris”


Atriarch “Dead As Truth”
Belfi, Andrea “Ore”
Downtown Boys “Cost Of Living”
Frankie Rose “Cage Tropical”
Incantation “Profane Nexus”
Kesha “Rainbow”
Kutmah “Trobbb! Soundtrack To The Film”
Lurking Fear “Out Of The Voiceless Grave”
McKay, Freddie “Picture On The Wall”
OneOhTrix Point Never “Good Time: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Penderecki, Krysztof “Kosmogonia”
Poison Blood “Poison Blood”
Spacemen 3 “For All The Fucked-Up Children Of This World”
Tau Cross “Pillar Of Fire”


Blystex “Nasty Licks Demo” (FLR010)
Downtown Boys “Cost Of Living” (SP1206)
Open Your Eyes “Building A Better World Demo” (New Absolute Records)


Wire Magazine #403 September 2017



(Ghostly International)
Taking his stage name from the Armenian word for “moon”, Texas-born Jeff McIlwain creates an intriguing style of ambient/IDM. On this latest record, he downplays past pop styles for a more sophisticated, introspective sound that utilizes a varied electronic palette for songs that both chill out and encourage dancing along. One highlight is the downtempo techno duet “Ticking Hands”, co-written by and sung with Jeff’s wife Sarah as a catharsis for the longing feelings both experience while he’s away on tour.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Various Artists Jalilah’s Raks Sharki Stage Cuts
This exotic sixteen-track CD consists of various tracks of Middle Eastern music compiled by dancer Jalilah, whose specialty is Egyptian Ghawazee but also performs other forms of Oriental dance. Many of the tracks are edited to four or five minutes, boiling them down to their essence for the limited times that dance ensembles have to perform at increasingly popular world music festivals. As a result, the swirling mix of lively percussion, flute, accordion and more make for an easily accessible, enticing experience.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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