18th Of August 2017 Update

18th Of August 2017 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Aggrovators, The “Aggrovating The Rhythm At Channel One”
Awon & Linkrust “Moon Beams”
Bezier “Primes”
Big Hush “Spirit / Wholes”
Blige, Mary J. “Strength Of A Woman”
Bombay Royale, The “Run Kitty Run” (+ D/L)
Bro. Valentino “Stay Up Zimbabwe / Ah Wo (Brand New Revolution)”
Buck Biloxi And The Fucks “Streets Of Rage”
Cameron, Dylan “Infinite Floor”
Causa Sui “Euporie Tide” (Orange Ltd. Ed. /500 + D/L)
Chambers, Robert W. / Maurizio Guarini “The Yellow Sign (Read By Anthony D.P. Mann)” (Soundtrack/Story)
Chambre Froide “Rouges Chapelles”
Clipse “Til The Casket Drops” (First Time On Vinyl)
Croww “Prosthetics” (RAVE019)
Darkthrone “Under A Funeral Moon” (Picture Disc Ltd. Ed.)
Dday One “Journal | Extended”
Death Fortress “Triumph Of The Undying”
Death SS “… In Death Of Steve Sylvester” (Reissue Of 1st Studio Album)
Ditto, Beth “Fake Sugar” (+D/L)
DJ Bone “Ride The Thin Line” (0006AD)
Earthling “Spinning In The Void”
FP-Oner “7” (2LP) (MUSIQ216)
Frankie Rose “Cage Tropical” (Ltd. Ed. Color + D/L)
Future “Pluto” (Remastered 2LP 180GM)
Gainsbourg, Serge “Indifferente”
Goldfinger “The Knife” (Ltd. Ed. First Press Color)
Granadians Del Espacio Exterior, Los “La Onda Cosmica” (+ CD)
Gravetemple “Impassable Fears”
Haim “Something To Tell You” (2LP 45RPM With Bonus Track + D/L)
Heinali & Matt Finney “How We Lived”
Herrmann, Bernard “Cape Fear: Original Soundtrack” (First Time Complete Score On Vinyl)
Ilmestys “The Noose Hangs From Heaven”
Interpol “Our Love To Admire” (10th Ann. Ed. 180 Gram)
Little Brother “The Minstrel Show” (2LP Gold Vinyl)
Lives Of Angels “Hole In The Sky”
Mane “Alpha Female”
Mayhem “Live In Sarpsborg” (180 Gram)
Morbid Angel “Blessed Are The Sick” (Full Dynamic Range Reissue)
Motor City Drum Ensemble “Send A Prayer”
Muller, Thomas “Not A Bird / Transcarnation One”
Neck Deep “The Peace And The Panic” (Opaque White + D/L)
Old Graves “This Ruin Beneath Snowfall”
Oliveri, Nick “No Hits At All Vol.2”
Pan Daijing “Lack”
Pessimist “Pessimist” (BLACKESTLP017)
Picacyu Makoto “Galaxilympics”
Piccioni, Piero “Sette Cadaveri Per Scotland Yard (Seven Murders For Scotland Yard)” (Soundtrack/Score)
Platonos, Lena “Sun Masks Remixed”
Rabelais, Akira “Spellewauerynsherde” (BKEDIT015)
Rainer Maria “Rainer Maria” (180GM + D/L)
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement “Green Amulet Crafts Supernatural Qualities” (Green)
Rememberables, The “The Rememberables”
Rotting Christ “Theogonia” (/500)
Savage Hymn “La Vida Sigue Igual”
Shooting Guns “Flavour Country”
Simple Plan “No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls” (Red Vinyl 15th Anniversary Edition)
Stills-Young Band, The “Long May You Run” (Source Mastered From Original Analog Tapes)
Terrorizer “World Downfall” (Full Dynamic Range Reissue)
Three 6 Mafia “Most Known Unknown” (Bonus Track Edition 2LP Remastered 180 GM)
Toli & The Nameless Femm “See Line” 10″
Topor, Roland / Theologian “No Ordinary Fairy / Laying The Queen (Read By Lawrence R. Harvey)” (Soundtrack/Story)
Triumvir Foul “Spiritual Bloodshed”
Triumvir Foul “Triumvir Foul”
Trombone Shorty “Parking Lot Symphony”
Unkle “The Road: Part 1” (2LP 180 Gram)
Various “Girls In The Garage: A Collection Of Girl Garage Groups From The 60’s!”
Warning “The Strength To Dream” (1999 Debut Reissue)
Washed Out “Mister Mellow” (Yellow Vinyl)
Wilt “Moving Monoliths”
Young, Neil & Crazy Horse “Live Rust” (Source Mastered From Original Analog Tapes)
Young, Neil & Crazy Horse “Rust Never Sleeps” (Source Mastered From Original Analog Tapes)
Zuli “Numbers” (UIQ0009)


D.O.A. “Fucked Up Donald” (Ltd. Ed. White Vinyl)
Panton, Roy “Seek And You’ll Find / Cherita”
Preening “Beeters”


Black Lips “Satan’s Graffiti Or God’s Art?”
Dread Sovereign “For Doom The Bell Tolls”
Grizzly Bear “Painted Ruins”
Guided By Voices “How Do You Spell Heaven?”
Porter Ricks “Anguilla Electrica”
Ruins Of Beverast “Exial”
Shooting Guns “Flavour Country”
Slaegt “Domus Mysterium”
Thy Art Is Murder “Dear Desolation”
Unkle “The Road: Part 1”


Blystex “Nasty Licks Demo” (FLR010)
Curved Light “Channelview” (HD042)
Downtown Boys “Cost Of Living” (SP1206)
Open Your Eyes “Building A Better World Demo” (New Absolute Records)
VVV “Shadow World” (HD036)
VVV “Why El Paso Sky” (HD038)



White Suns
Psychic Drift
(The Flenser)
I’ve been following Brooklyn trio White Suns since their 2011 debut LP Waking in the Reservoir, which was a half-hour blast of balls-to-the-wall, screeching-and-screaming experimental noise-rock. They continued developing that chaotic sound for the next few records, but on this latest effort, they push themselves far into “experimental” and “noise” territory while leaving the “rock” elements (including guitars) behind. White Suns’ sound on Psychic Drift reminds me more of acts like Wolf Eyes or Pharmakon, relying on a slow-burning, fundamentally unsettling dark ambient tapestry that morphs with electronic screeches, brooding low-pitched tones, frazzled spoken-word passages and occasional percussion. The fourteen-and-a-half minute opener “Korea” sets the uncomfortable mood well, simulating the feeling of wandering aimlessly under a foreign highway, complete with dissonant electronic tones that simulate the din of horns blaring.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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