4th of August 2017 Update

4th of August 2017 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
33.10.3402 “3.10.3402”
Admx-71 “Melted Fuel”
Akhtar, Nahid “I Am Black Beauty”
Amy O “Elastic” (Clear)
Anemone Tube & Post Scriptvm “Litaniæ Mortuorum Discordantes” (Gold)
Anti-Flag “Die For The Government” (Ltd. Ed. Red)
Belfi, Andrea “Ore” (+D/L)
Belling, Andrew “Wizards: A Ralph Bakshi Film” (Soundtrack /1000)
Blackdown “Rollage V.3”
Broken English Club “The English Beach”
Broselmaschine “Indian Camel” (+ D/L)
Carter, Shayne P “Offsider”
Celtic Frost “Morbid Tales” (2LP 180 Gram Remastered Reissue)
Celtic Frost “To Mega Therion” (2LP 180 Gram Remastered Reissue)
Chipzel “Interstellaria”
Coldplay “Kaleidoscope EP” (Coloured Vinyl + Poster + D/L)
Control “Out For Blood” (+ D/L)
Crover, Dale “The Fickle Finger Of Fate” (White Vinyl)
Crover, Dale “The Fickle Finger Of Fate” (+D/L)
Daphni “Face To Face”
Daywalker + CF “Wave Force”
Der Blutharsch & The Infinite Church Of The Lending Hand “The Wolvennest Sessions”
DJ Wey “Song For Masahiro”
Don’t DJ “Hyperspace Is The Place / Hyperspace Is No Place”
Download “III” (2LP Reissue)
Download “Effector” (2LP Reissue Ltd. Ed. Blue)
Empusae “Lueur” (+ D/L)
ESG “Keep On Moving” (Ltd. Ed. Blue Vinyl + D/L)
Faster Action “Faster Action”
Fixmer, Terence “Force EP”
Flangertrackx “FLAX003”
Foundars 15 “Co-Operation”
Golczewski, Wojciech “The Signal” (180 Gram, Death Waltz Original)
Gold “Interbellum”
Gold “Optimist”
Grateful Dead “Long Strange Trip: The Untold Story Of The Grateful Dead – Motion Picture Soundtrack” (2LP)
Grim “Orgasm”
Guantanamo Baywatch “Desert Center” (Ltd. Ed. Amber Color + D/L)
Haslam, Gunnar “Porte Maillot”
Ice Cube “Death Certificate: 24th Anniversary”
James, Etta “The Right Time” (Analogue 180 Gram Ltd. Ed.)
Jim V Dan “Koehler / Stabudown Productions”
K. Bytes “I Adore Commodore: Computer Music Flash”
King Bucknor Jr. & Afrodisk Beat “The Black Isaiah Of Africa”
Klein, Nick “Rhinestone Cowboy”
Konami Kukeiha Club “Super Castlevania IV: Original Video Game Soundtrack”
M//R “M//R”
Mac Dre “Mac Dre Is Thizzelle Washington” (2LP Psychedelic Rainbow Vinyl)
Maiovvi, Antoni “Thug: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (Ltd. Ed. Pink Vinyl)
Mansell, Clint “Black Mirror: San Junipero – Original Score” (Coloured Vinyl Edition)
Marela, Briana “Call It Love” (Clear + D/L)
Maxine & Cleo “Celestial Frame Of Mind”
Mermaidens “Perfect Body”
Morrison, Van “Astral Weeks” (180 Gram Clear Vinyl, Rhino Summer Of Love Ed.)
Multiple Man “New Metal”
Naomi Punk “Yellow” (2LP)
Nash, Jonny & Suzanne Kraft “Passive Aggressive”
New Radicals “Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too.”
Non (Norio Hanzawa) “Gunstar Heroes” (Mega Drive Game Soundtrack, 2LP)
Obatala “Obatala”
Patricia “Several Shades Of The Same Color 3/3”
Pecker “Pecker Power” (Cult Japanese Reggae / Cosmic Dub)
Piccioni, Piero “Puppet On A Chain” (Soundtrack)
Popol Vuh “Sei Still, Wisse Ich Bin” (WAH WAH LPS191)
Preoccupations “Cassette” (Reissue, Debut EP + D/L)
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement “Fallen Leaves Camouflaged Behind Tropical Flowers” (Translucent Green)
Ramones, The “Leave Home” (40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition – 3CD/1LP Set)
Ruins Of Beverast, The “Exuvia” (2LP)
Space Farm “Space Farm” (Ltd. Ed. /500)
T. Rex “T. Rextasy” (2LP)
Tether “Mirror Finish”
Trad Gras Och Stenar “Hemlosa Katter (Homeless Cats)”
Trad Gras Och Stenar “Gardet 12.6.1970” (2LP /500)
Trance “Tapes”
Trappes, Penelope “One”
V/VM “Brabant Schrobbeler” (Boomkat Editions)
Varg “Nordic Flora Series Pt. 3 Gore-Tex City” (2LP)
Various “Master Of None Season Two: A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack” (2LP 180 Gram)
Various “Afrosonique Vol1 (Africa Seven Presents)”
Various “Solar Power: New Sounds In Seattle Hip-Hop”
Various “Ina Hudba: Experimental Bratislava Series 1” (+CD)
Via App “Secret Rotation”
Villa H2H “Villa H2H” (PERL113)
Vortex, Bill “Collection Musiques Imaginogenes Volume 1”
Wetware “Salpinx”
Wilted Woman “Diary Of A Woman”
Wray, Link “Link Wray” (Gold & Black Vinyl Versions)
Wray, Link “Mordicai Jones” (Ltd. /1200)
X-Ray Spex “Germfree Adolescents” (Test Tube Clear With Blue Splatter Vinyl /1000)
Zodiac, The “Cosmic Sounds: Celestial Counterpoint With Words And Music” (50th Anniversary Mono Version Ltd. Ed. Glow In The Dark Vinyl)


Gast, John T. “WYGDN” (EP)
Herrmann, Bernard “The Day The Earth Stood Still”(Ltd. Ed. /300)
Pye Corner Audio “The Spiral”


(Dolch) “An Den Mond”
Dame “Dame” (CharmSchool001)
Gold “Medicine Man / Gone Under”
Herrmann, Bernard “Psycho: From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
King Dude / (Dolch) “Our Love Will Carry On / Riding With The King”
Les Chasseurs De La Nuit “Nebelwerfer”


Abattoir & Satori “Aether”
Accept “The Rise Of Chaos”
Aderlating “Hell Follows”
Blush Response “Reshaper”
Ciani, Suzanne “Seven Waves”
Coldplay “Kaleidoscope EP”
Crover, Dale “The Fickle Finger Of Fate”
Dead Cross “Dead Cross”
Der Blutharsch “Der Sieg Des Lichtes”
Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Lending Hand “The Wolvennest Sessions”
Dodsmaskin “Fullstendig Brent”
Empusae “Sphere From The Woods”
Gnawed “Pestilence Beholden”
Lapalux “Ruinism”
Monocube “The Rituals”
MZ.412 Vs. Folkstorm “Live Ceremony”
Phurpa “Gyer Ro” (Long Box)
Sewer Goddess “Painlust”
Sutcliffe Jugend “Nude And Full Of Wounds”
Thor “Live In Detroit” (2CD+DVD Reissue)
Thor “Beyond The Pain Barrier”
Trepaneringsritualen “Yours Is A Kingdom Of Death”
Tvlpa “Mountain Of The Opposer”
Vomit Arsonist, The “Meditations On Giving Up Completely”


Amy O “Elastic” (WSP021)
Marela, Briana “Call It Love” (JAG306)


Gabel, J.C. & Jessica Hundley “Beyond The Beyond: Music From The Films Of David Lynch” (Book)



Pissed Jeans
Why Love Now
(Sub Pop)
Formed in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 2004, Pissed Jeans have a brand of ferocious, lumbering sludge-punk and post-hardcore that sounds their best produced yet on this fifth album (with the help of Philadelphia extreme-metal figure Arthur Rizk and influential No Wave icon Lydia Lunch). They haven’t lost any of their imposing punch, however, tackling topics revolving around modern masculinity with a dark humor-tinged, tell-it-like-it-is attitude. This includes advising males to be honest with their partners about kinky fantasies (“Cold Whip Cream”) and sarcastically “sympathizing” with someone overreacting to the benign end of a one-year relationship (“Not Even Married”).
[Reviewer: Mark]

Based in Valdivia, Chile, Trementina is a four-piece band playing a lush, shimmering style of shoegaze mixed with dream pop elements (the label describes it as “music for lucid dreaming.”) Trementina abide by a DIY ethic, having also recorded, produced and mixed this third album to capture their ideal trippy-but-welcoming sound. Opener “Please, Let’s Go Away” relies on a cosmic, echoing atmosphere brought together with an optimistic-sounding guitar, a driving beat and Vanessa Cea’s ethereal vocal delivery.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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