22nd Of September 2017 Update

22nd Of September 2017 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Acetone “Acetone 1992-2001” (Color Wax Ltd. Ed.)
Adilei (Ensemble Adilei) “Traditional Georgian Polyphonic Songs”
Amateur Childbirth “Your Afterlife Is Canceled” (+ D/L)
Ancient Ocean “Titan’s Island”
Apathy + OC “Perestroika” (2LP)
Archspire “Relentless Mutation” (Black /500)
Arnold, David “Hot Fuzz: Complete Original Score” (Mondo, Soundtrack)
Artillery “Fear Of Tomorrow” (2xLP With Bonus Demo Tracks)
Ash Ra Tempel Experience “Live In Melbourne”
Asking Alexandria “From Death To Destiny” (Red Transparent)
Asking Alexandria “Reckless & Relentless” (Cloudy Clear)
Asking Alexandria “Stand Up And Scream” (Blue)
Badalamenti, Angelo “Blue Velvet: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (Blue/Black Splite Ltd. Ed.)
Balmorhea “Clear Language” (White Vinyl + D/L + Poster Numbered Ltd. Ed.)
Barera, John & Will Martin “History Of Space”
Barera, John & Will Martin “Proceed To The Riot” (+ D/L)
Barry, Tim “High On 95” (Color Vinyl + D/L)
Beach, Michael “Gravity / Repulsion”
Behind The Shadow Drops “Harmonic” (Members Of Tortoise & Mono + D/L)
Between The Buried And Me “Colors” (10th Ann. Ed. 2LP 180 Gram)
Big Star “#1 Record” (180 Gram)
Bjork, Brant “Europe ’16” (2LP Gatefold)
Black Ivory “Anthology” (Reissue)
Black Merlin “Issue N. 14” (Jealous God)
Bones, Frankie “Bump Your Head”
Boreal Network “Itasca Road Trip”
Bourgeault, Patrice “Ninja Senki” (Soundtrack)
Bridges, Phoebe “Stranger In The Alps” (Lavender Vinyl + D/L)
Broken English Club “Issue N. 4” (Jealous God)
Broken English Club “Issue N. 16” (Jealous God)
Bronx, The “V” (Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Brooks, Jon “Autres Directions” (Orange)
Camaroes, Los “Resurrection Los”
Cannabis Corpse “Left Hand Pass” (Black Vinyl /650)
Catherine Wheel “Chrome” (Music On Vinyl Reissue)
Ceephax “Acid Quakers 1000”
Chain And The Gang “Live At Third Man Records 07-03-2016”
Clarke, Johnny “Dread A Dub”
Cocktail Party Effect “Battered EP”
Copeland, Eric “Goofballs” (+ D/L)
Costa, Gal “India” (Reissue/Replica)
Cranes “Forever” (Music On Vinyl Reissue)
DarkThrone “Dark Thrones And Black Flags” (Reissue)
Derbyshire, Delia / Brian Hodgson / David Vorhaus “Electronic” (180 Gram)
Devo “Recombo DNA” (4LP Coloured Vinyl, 3″ Mini CD Set + Poster + D/L)
DiBango, Manu “Electric Africa”
Discalce “Discalce” (HOT 45)
Duds “Of A Nature Or Degree”
Ekoplekz “Influkz EP”
Eno, Brian “Before And After Science” (Half Speed Mastering, Abbey Road Studios)
Eno, Brian “Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)” (Half Speed Mastering, Abbey Road Studios)
Eno, Brian “Another Green World” (Half Speed Mastering, Abbey Road Studios)
Eno, Brian “Here Come The Warm Jets” (Half Speed Mastering, Abbey Road Studios)
F Ingers “Awkwardly Blissing Out” (+ D/L)
Flesh World “Into The Shroud”
Focus Groop, The “Stop-Motion Happening With The Focus Groop” (+ D/L)
Foo Fighters “Concrete And Gold”
Four Year Strong “Some Of You Will Like This // Some Of You Won’t” (Ltd. Color + D/L)
Gazelle Twin “The Entire City”
German Oak “Down In The Bunker” (Krautrock Mysteriousness Reissue 3LP + D/L)
Godspeed You! Black Emperor “Luciferian Towers” (180 Gram + Poster + D/L)
Gordon, Mike “Ogogo” (Purple Vinyl + D/L)
Grind, Joel “The Yellowgoat Sessions”
Hardy Tree, The “Through Passages of Time” (Yellow)
Higuchi, Hisato “She” (Expanded Reissue)
Hill, Lauryn “The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill”
Houston, Thelma “Summer Nights” (Previously Unreleased 1980 Soulful AOR)
Iglooghost “Neo Wax Bloom” (2LP 180 Gram Clear Vinyl + Comic + Stickers + D/L)
Immortal “Blizzard Beasts”
Jasss “Weightless”
Killers, The “Wonderful Wonderful”
Kolsch “1989” (2LP Gatefold) (+D/L)
Konami Kukeiha Club “Contra – Original Video Game Soundtrack”
Kosemura, Akira “In The Dark Woods”
Koshiro, Yuzo “Streets Of Rage II” (Soundtrack)
Laraaji “Bring On The Sun”
Lavender, C. “Vanishing Light” (HOT 47)
Lay, Shannon “Living Water”
Lights “Skin & Earth”
Luna “A Sentimental Education”
Machine Woman “When Lobster Comes Home”
Maraudeur “Maraudeur”
McCreary, Bear “Colossal: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Medicine “2.0 Extraneous”
Metz “Strange Peace” (Loser Edition)
Miyashinta, Fumio “Live On The Boffomundo Show”
Moebius, Dieter “Nidemonex EP”
Mogwai “Every Country’s Sun” (180 Gram 2LP Clear + D/L or Standard Black Also Available)
Mogwai “Every Country’s Sun” (180 Gram 2LP White Vinyl + 180 Gram Bonus LP + CD + Photo Prints + D/L Box Set /2000)
Morbid Angel “Covenant” (Full Dynamic Range Reissue)
Morricone Youth “Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans: Original Re-Score”
Movielife, The “Cities In Search Of A Heart” (Ltd. Color + D/L)
Nakabayashi, Tohru “Master” “Altered Beast” (Soundtrack)
Nightbringer “Ego Dominus Tuus” (Ultra Clear 2LP /250)
Ninos Du Brasil “Vida Eterna”
No Warning “Suffer, Survive”
Nordheim, Arne “Electric” (Ltd. Audiophile Ed.)
Numan, Gary “Savage: Songs From A Broken World” (+D/L)
O’Flynn “Pluto’s Beating Heart / Eleven”
Omni “Multi-Task” (Color Vinyl Ed.)
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, The “The Echo Of Pleasure”
Peverelist “Roll With The Punches”
Popol Vuh “For You And Me” (Reissue)
Prawn “Run”
Prophets Of Rage “Prophets Of Rage” (180 Gram)
Pye Corner Audio “Stasis” (Ghost Box)
Pye Corner Audio “Half-Light: Prowler Remixed”
Rakei, Jordan “Wallflower” (Ltd. Ed. 2LP 180 Gram Clear + D/L)
Ramones “Live At The Old Waldorf, San Francisco January 31, 1978” (180 Gram)
Raoul K “Just In A Moment To Find A Way To Sun Dance”
Razor “Live!: Osaka Saikou”
Read, Gerry “New Junk City”
Reich, Steve And Musicians “Steve Reich: Drumming”
Reynolds, Graham “A Scanner Darkly: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Ritual Howls “Their Body”
Russo, Jeff “Legion: Original Television Series Soundtrack” (Pink Marble)
Satyricon “Deep Calleth Upon Deep”
Schweitzer, Curtis “Starbound” (Soundtrack)
Shilpa Ray “Stars As Door Girl”
Shout Out Louds “Ease My Mind” (+ D/L)
Sleeping With Sirens “Gossip”
Social Distortion “Greatest Hits” (2LP)
Souljazz Orchestra, The “Under Burning Skies”
Soundcarriers, The “Entropicalia” (+ D/L)
Spelljammer “Inches From The Sun”
Squalus “The Great Fish…”
Squrl “Paterson: Original Score” (Soundtrack)
Steffi “World Of The Waking State” (2LP + D/L)
Stone Axe “Stone Axe” (Reissue)
Such Gold “Deep In A Hole”
Sumney, Moses “Aromanticism” (+ D/L)
Time Attendant “Treacherous Orb EP”
Today Is The Day “In The Eyes Of God” (Remastered)
ToiToiToi “Im Hag” (+ D/L)
Tricky “Ununiform”
Tullgren, Lina “Won” (+ D/L)
Ultimate Painting “Live At Third Man Records 09-24-2015”
Vacivus “Temple Of The Abyss”
Varg “I’ll Hold You Till We Die” (Jealous God)
Various “Version Dread: 20 Dub Hits From Studio One”
Various “Twin Peaks: Music From The Limited Event Series” (180 Gram)
Various “Atomic Blonde: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Various “Warfaring Strangers: Acid Nightmares”
Various “Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series Soundtrack” (180 Gram) (Colored Versions of these couple Twin Peaks LPs this week have been delayed until next week – got notice just yesterday on that)
Various “Trax Test”
Vibert, Luke “Luke Vibert’s Further Nuggets”
Vincent “Fast Forward”
Voigt, Reinhard “Apokalypse Mau”
Wand “Plum”
Whatnauts “The Best Of The Whatnauts” (I’ll Erase Away Your Pain)(Reissue)
White Stripes, The “The Complete John Peel Sessions (BBC)” (2LP Gatefold)
Winter, Teresa “Untitled Death”
With The Dead “Love From With The Dead” (2LP Gatefold)
Wolfe, Chelsea “Hiss Spun” (Oxblood & Black Vinyl + D/L)
Wolves In The Throne Room “Thrice Woven” (Gatefold 2LP)
Wonder Years, The “Burst & Decay (An Acoustic EP)”
ZGTO “A Piece Of The Ghetto”


Burial “Rodent / Rodent (Kode9 Remix)”
Luna “A Place Of Greater Safety” (+ D/L)


Bowie, David “Heroes” (Picture Disc, 40th Ann. Ed.)
Datenight “Live At Third Man 7-3-2016”
De Angelis, Emma “Emma De Angelis” (Finders Keepers)
Hinds / Los Nastys “El Sueno De Benilandia”
Object Collection “Prisons For Profit”
Ranch Ghost “Sugar And Milk” (Third Man Records – Blue Room Sessions)
Rebel, The “Live At Third Man 8-17-2016”
Spray Paint “Live At Third Man 8-16-2016”
Waters, Muddy “Manish Boy / Young Fashioned Ways” (Chess Reissues By Third Man Records)
Waters, Muddy “She’s All Right / Sad Sad Day” (Chess Reissues By Third Man Records)
Waters, Muddy “Rollin’ Stone / Walkin’ Blues” (Chess Reissues By Third Man Records)
Wye Oak “Spiral / Wave Is Not The Water”


A Sagittariun “Slightly Ajar EP”
Acephalix “Decreation”
Amadou & Mariam “Amadou & Mariam”
Archspire “Relentless Mutation”
Belphegor “Totenritual” (Ltd. Ed. Digipak W/ 2 Bonus Tracks)
Circa Survive “The Amulet”
Copeland, Eric “Goofballs”
Deer Tick “Deer Tick Vol. 2”
Deer Tick “Deer Tick Vol. 1”
Ensiferum “Two Paths”
Focus Group, The “Stop-Motion Happening With The Focus Group”
Foo Fighters “Concrete And Gold”
Forced Order “One Last Prayer.”
Godspeed You! Black Emperor “Luciferian Towers” (We actually are out of the CD version of this already, but I hope to have more early next week.)
Grimes “Halfaxa” (UK Import)
Jabu “Sleep Heavy”
Laraaji “Bring On The Sun” (2CD)
Leo, Ted “The Hanged Man”
Luna “A Sentimental Education”
Mastodon “Cold Dark Place”
Metz “Strange Peace”
My Bloody Valentine “Isn’t Anything” (Special Edition)
Nightbringer “Terra Damnata”
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, The “The Echo Of Pleasure”
Prawn “Run”
Satyricon “Deep Calleth Upon Deep”
Souljazz Orchestra, The “Under Burning Skies”
Spelljammer “Inches From The Sun”
Today Is The Day “In The Eyes Of God” (Remastered)
Tricky “Ununiform”
Ufomammut “8”
Vanum “Burning Arrow”
Various “The Vietnam War: A Film By Ken Burns & Lynn Novick – The Soundtrack” (2xCD)
Various “Warfaring Strangers: Acid Nightmares”
Wand “Plum”
With The Dead “Love From With The Dead”
Wolfe, Chelsea “Hiss Spun”
Wolves In The Throne Room “Thrice Woven”
Zorn, John “The Interpretation Of Dreams”


Ahnnu “Battered Sphinx” (NNA063)
Alexander, Ross “Memorias Vol. 1 Bugandan Sacred Places” (Discrepent)
Astral Social Club “Destiny SNFU” (NNA064)
Berthold City “Moment Of Truth” (Demo)
Bertucci, Lea “All That Is Solid Melts Into Air” (NNA097)
Black Hat “Impossible World” (HAUSMO 63)
Claus, Michael “Memory Project” (SILK 099)
Death Vessel / Misanthropos “Death Vessel / Misanthropos” (DEATH024)
Flash Trading “The Golden Mile” (TO-003)
Inner Self “O.E. Outside Experience” (SILK 095)
Metz “Strange Peace” (SP1199)
Metz “Metz II” (SP1120)
Metz “Metz” (SP1015)
People Like Us “Early Radio Works Vol. 1” (Discrepent)
Sediment Club “30 Seconds Too Late” (NNA077)
Steffi “World Of The Waking State”
Wadlow, Michael “Lost Cosmonauts EP + Letters To Yulia EP” (Inspired Productions)
Wand “Plum” (Drag City)
Whitehouse “Birthdeath Experience”
Wolves In The Throne Room “Thrice Woven” (DIA015CS)
World War “Soundsystem” (HAUSMO 64)


Maximum Rock N Roll October 2017 Magazine



The Myrrors Hasta La Victoria
(Beyond Beyond is Beyond)
Revolving around the very multi-instrumental Nik Rayne and Grant Beyschau, this Tucson, Arizona-based act is fascinated with mysticism and the natural world (particularly their home desert region.) Their otherworldly sound has psychedelic, drone, minimalist, folk and krautrock elements, building layers to establish what feels like a supernatural presence with the staggering amount of instruments somehow all meshing together well. One of my favorites is the six-and-a-half minute “Tea House Music”, which sounds more like the theme for starting a courageous, solitary journey to an unknown place.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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