8th Of September 2017 Update

8th Of September 2017 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

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LPs & 12″s

AJJ “The Bible 2”
Alvvays “Antisocialites” (180 Gram Yellow Vinyl + D/L)
Antwood “Sponsored Content”
Arch Enemy “Will To Power” (Gatefold 180 Gram + CD)
Beaches “Second Of Spring” (Deluxe Gatefold + D/L)
Bonaventure “Free Lutanga”
Boogarins “Manual” (+ D/L)
Brown, Zac Band “Welcome Home” (+ D/L)
Burn “Do Or Die”
Cameron, Alex “Forced Witness” (White Vinyl + D/L)
Cave In “Perfect Pitch Black” (Remastered Reissue /1200)
Coles, Maya Jane “Take Flight” (3LP Box)
Comeback Kid “Outsider” (Clear Vinyl /700)
Corrupted / Noothgrush “Noothgrush / Corrupted”
Dalek “Endangered Philosophies” (2LP)
Death From Above 1979 “Outrage! Is Now” (+ Flexi 7″ While They Last)
Deerhoof “Mountain Moves” (Blue Swirl Vinyl + D/L)
Diet Cig “Over Easy” (Fried Egg Colored Vinyl + D/L /1000)
Dinner “New Work” (+ D/L)
DJ Shante & Haircules “Vol. 1”
Fox, Greg “The Gradual Progression” (+ D/L)
Gogol Bordello “Seekers And Finders”
Goo Goo Dolls “You Should Be Happy” 10″
Helpless “Debt”
Holy Circle, The “The Holy Circle” (Orange)
I Speak Machine “Zombies1985”
Indian Wells “Where The World Ends”
L.A. Witch “L.A. Witch” (Translucent Pink + D/L /1500)
Laraaji “Essence / Universe” (Reissue)
Laraaji “Celestial Music 1978-2011” (+ D/L)
Laraaji “Sun Gong” (Ltd. Ed. Clear)
LCD Soundsystem “LCD Soundsystem”
LCD Soundsystem “45:33”
LCD Soundsystem “Sound Of Silver”
LCD Soundsystem “This Is Happening”
Livanskiy, Kedr “Ariadna” (+ D/L)
Low Life “Dogging”
Master “On The Seventh Day God Created… Master”
Material Girls “MG VS IQ”
Midnight Sister “Saturn Over Sunset” (Ltd. Ed. Blue Vinyl)
Moebius / Story / Leidecker “Familiar” (+ CD)
Mount Kimbie “Love What Survives” (White Vinyl + D/L)
Negro, Joey & Sean P “The Best Of Disco Spectrum”
Nosaj Thing “Parallels”
O Yuki Conjugate “Tropic” (Milky Clear)
Odesza “A Moment Apart” (Deluxe Edition With Bonus 2LP Green Vinyl + 7″ + D/L)
Palmbonen II “Palmbonen II” (+ D/L)
Paradise Lost “Medusa” (Purple Vinyl /700)
Paramore “After Laughter” (Black & White Marble + D/L)
Pioulard, Benoit “Lignin Poise” (+ D/L)
Porcupine Tree “Voyage 34” (2LP 180 Gram Remastered)
Portamento Boys “I Never Koos This Life”
Pyrit “UFO”
Richter, Max “Three Worlds: Music From Woolf Works”
Rodinia “Ex Anima” (+ D/L)
Ruby The Hatchet “Planetary Space Child” (Clear Midnight Blue Vinyl)
Sakamoto, Ryuichi “Async” (2LP + D/L)
Sparks “Hippopotamus” (2LP + D/L)
Stoltz, Kelley “Que Aura” (+D/L)
Takada, Midori & Masahiko Satch “Lunar Cruise” (First Time On Vinyl)
Van Wissem, Jozef & Jim Jarmusch “The Mystery Of Heaven” (Gold /350)
Various “Baby Driver”
Various “Running Back Mastermix By Tony Humphries” (+ Poster + D/L)
Various “Cultivation – First Edition” (Arthur Colvin, Blair French, Mazri / Imzra, Windy & Carl)
Wreck & Reference “Black Cassette”
Youandewan “The Brane 001”
Young, Neil “Hitchhiker” (Unreleased 1976 Solo Album Produced By David Briggs)
Zola Jesus “Okovi” (Standard & Rust Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Zola Jesus “The Spoils” (Smoke Vinyl)
Zola Jesus “Stridulum” (Ice Vinyl)
Zomby “Gasp!” (+ D/L)


City Streets Country Roads / Breakthrough Frequencies “In Blankets” (Local, Numbered /250)
Heiress / Earth Control “Heiress & Earth Control”
Heiress / Great Falls “Heiress & Great Falls”
Heiress / Grvr “Heiress & Grvr”
Irisarri, Rafael Anton “Hopes And Past Desires”
Of Mice & Men “Unbreakable / Back To Me”


Aesop Rock “Bushwick: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Antwood “Sponsored Content”
Arch Enemy “Will To Power” (Deluxe Digipak)
Breakthrough Frequencies “Temporary Limbs” (Local)
Cannabis Corpse “Left Hand Pass”
Comeback Kid “Outsider”
Death From Above 1979 “Outrage! Is Now”
Deerhoof “Mountain Moves”
Main Source “Breaking Atoms” (30th Anniversary Edition)
Merzbow “Eureka Moment”
Mogwai “Every Country’s Sun”
Mount Kimbie “Love What Survives”
National, The “Sleep Well Beast”
O Yuki Conjugate “Tropic”
Odesza “A Moment Apart” (+D/L)
Sannhet “So Numb”
Various “Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series Soundtrack”
Various “Twin Peaks: Music From The Limited Event Series”
Young, Neil “Hitchhiker” (1976 Unreleased Album – Until Now)
Zola Jesus “Okovi”


Alexander “The Pale Light Over The Dark Hills” (Self Released)
Alvvays “Antisocialites” (+D/L, PRC-334)
Diet Cig “Overeasy” (FD-025)
Moon King “Hamtramck” (ABT059)


Jenx “The Thai Occult: Sak Yant” Book




(Temporary Residence Ltd.)
Hailing from Athens, Georgia, Maserati are a band performing post-rock with a cinematic space rock edge that suggests a universe-spanning environment. After opener “No Cave” pumps up anticipation with its driving beat, pulsing synth and reverberating guitar, “Living Cell” cools the mood with both the catchy bass-line and stark vocals provided by Chris McNeal. The band’s guitarist Matt Cherry also provides robotic vocals on the intense-feeling “End of Man”.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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