Surprise Gift Revealed! Black Friday Mixtape!

If you’re here early Friday you could get one of the 100 mixtapes we’ll be handing out! It includes a variety of Connecticut acts that we’re personally interested in (they rule!).  Grindcore to ambient synth to indie rock to techno and a bunch beyond and in between.

Not to fret, those of you without an interest in cassettes, we’ll also be handing out some store related merchandise that we’ve had before (slip mats, shirts, 45 adapters…).

Here’s the list of bands contained on the tape. Check ’em out to your hearts content now and on the tape and in the future and on any other format you may purchase in that time to come!

All Riot
Stefan Christensen
Exposed As Rot
Ross Menze
Mountain Movers
Nothing Israel
Reduction Plan
Slow Death
T Wreck

And thanks to Caribbean Serpent for putting these together into a physical object!