17th Of November 2017 Update

17th Of November 2017 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

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LPs & 12″s

Achterbahn D’Amour “Acid Test 13”
Acid Pauli “Selected Indianer Werks: Songs From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ‘Es War Einmal Indianerland”
Adicts, The “And It Was So!” (White Vinyl Ltd. /500)
All Pigs Must Die “A Caustic Vision”
Ambarchi, Oren / Jim O’Rourke / Keiji Haino “This Dazzling, Genuine ‘Difference’ Now Where Shall It Go?”
AmenRa “Mass VI”
Askew, Ed “A Child In The Sun: Radio Sessions 1969-1970”
Atle Lauve “Atle Lauve” (1979-1985)
Ayler, Albert / Don Cherry / John Tchicai / Roswell Rudd / Gary Peacock / Sonny Murray “New York Eye And Ear Control”
Baird, Ka With John Saint-Pelvyn & Camilla Padgitt “Five Years Inside The Sun”
Baths “Romaplasm” (Mint Vinyl Indie Exclusive)
Belief Defect “Decadent Yet Depraved”
Bicknell, Steve “Awakening The Past – 1”
Bird, Andrew “Echolocations: River”
Black Heart Procession “The Waiter Chapters I-VIII.”
Black Moon “Enta Da Stage (The Remixes)” (2LP Reissue)
Black Sabbath “The End” (3LP Live Final Show)
Black Witchery “Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom”
Body, The & Full Of Hell “Ascending A Mountain Of Heavy Light”
Boy Harsher “Country Girl EP”
Broderick, Peter “All Together Again”
Brown, Barry “Step It Up, Youthman”
Budamunk “Baker’s Dozen” (BDZ007)
Burnin’ Beat “It’s Hot”
Buzzov*en “The Gospel According… II”
Cameron, Dylan “Purgatory EP”
Caribou “Your Love Will Set You Free”
Caron “Shifted Reality”
Causa Sui “Vibraciones Doradas” (Mint Green /1000)
Chepang “Dadhelo – A Tale Of Wildfire”
Childish Gambino “Awaken, My Love” (Standard Edition)
Cluster “Qua”
Conan “Man Is Myth (Early Demos)”
Daeva “Pulsing Dark Absorptions”
Deadboy “Auogeides 77”
Degenerics, The “Generica”
Demoncy “Within They Sylvan Realms Of Frost”
Demonomancy “Burnt Vitriol – A Relics Compendium”
Dive, Sascha / Andre Galluzzi “Child Of Sorrow / Bambo”
DJ Pierre “Acid Love”
DJ Sling “The Secret EP”
DJ Tre “The Underdogg”
Doctor Pablo & The Dub Syndicate “North Of The River Thames”
Dub Kazman & Roots Masashi “Osaka Steppas”
Dub Oven “Skin ‘N’ Bones”
Dub Syndicate “The Pounding System (Ambience In Dub)”
Dub Syndicate “One Way System”
Dub Syndicate “Displaced Masters”
Dub Syndicate “Tunes From The Missing Channel”
Electric Wizard “Wizard Bloody Wizard” (Standard & Ltd. Ed. Red Vinyl Available + D/L)
Eleh “Home Age”
Eleh & Christina Kubisch “Christina Kubsich / Eleh”
Eno, Brian “Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)” (Remastered Single LP Edition)
Eno, Brian “Before And After Science” (Remastered Single LP Edition)
Eulberg, Dominik “Bienenfresser & Blauracke”
Evil “Rites Of Evil”
Expander “Endless Computer”
Fifty Foot Hose “Cauldron”
Fireburn “Don’t Stop The Youth” (Translucent Green/Black Marble)
First, David “Same Animal, Different Cages Vol. 3: Civil War Songs (For Solo Harmonica)”
Forest Drive West “Static Escape”
Frizzi, Fabio / Andrew Leman “The Picture In The House (H.P. Lovecraft)” (Filed In Soundtracks)
Fujiya & Miyagi “Transparent Things” (Clear Vinyl + D/L)
Fukamachi, Jun “Nicole (86 Spring And Summer Collection – Instrumental Images)”
Function “Recompiled II/II”
Gainsbourg, Charlotte “Rest” (2LP + CD)
Gainsbourg, Serge / Jean-Claude Vannier “Les Chemins De Katmandou: A Film By Andre Cayette” (Soundtrack)
Gam Spun “AF Hyperlink” (LP+7″)
GBH “Momentum” (Opaque Red)
Gethard, Chris “Career Suicide” (2LP Gatefold)
Gifted, The “Southbound: Original Motion Picture Score”
Gion, Joel “Joel Gion”
Girlsperm “Girlsperm”
Gun Club, The “Elvis From Hell”
Hacker, The “Le Theatre Des Operations”
Hazlewood, Lee “Forty” (Ltd. Ed. Color Wax)
Hazlewood, Lee “Requiem For An Almost Lady” (Ltd. Ed. Color Wax)
Hazlewood, Lee & Ann Margaret “The Cowboy & The Lady” (Ltd. Ed. Color Wax)
Hedberg, Mitch “Do You Believe In Gosh?” (+D/L)
Hedberg, Mitch “Mitch All Together” (+D/L)
Hedberg, Mitch “Strategic Grill Locations” (2LP + D/L)
High, Martha “Tribute To My Soul Sisters”
Hyetal “Youth & Power”
Hypoxia “Division Of Trust”
Iron Maiden “The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter” (3LP)
Ivan Ave “Every Eye”
JK Flesh “Suicide Estate”
Jones, Sharon & The Dap-Kings “Soul Of A Woman” (Red Vinyl Indie Exclusive)
Joy Orbison “Selectors 004”
Konstrukt & Keiji Haino “A Philosophy Warping, Little By Little, That Way Lies A Quagmire”
Ksiezyc “Rabbit Eclipse”
Kupfer, Florian “Florian Kupfer”
Lau Nau “Poseidon” (+D/L)
Lone “Saturday Night (DJ Kicks)”
LSD “Process”
Lumpy And The Dumpers “… Those Pickled Fuckers”
Manfredini, Harry “House & House II: Original Motion Picture Scores” (2LP 180 Gram Colored Vinyl)
Mano Le Tough “Ahsure”
McCraven, Makaya “Highly Rare”
Med / Blu / Madlib “The Turn Up”
Metavari “Symmetri”
Midnight “Sweet Death And Ecstasy”
Moonsorrow “Voimasta Ja Kunniasta”
Morris, Trevor “Castlevania: Music From The Netflix Original Series”
Morrissey “Low In High School” (Clear & Green Editions Available)
Nebraska “Metaphor To The Floor EP”
Nine Inch Nails “The Downward Spiral”
Nine Inch Nails “Add Violence”
Nine Inch Nails “The Fragile”
Nine Inch Nails “Broken”
Nine Inch Nails “Deviations 1” (From Original Fragile Sessions)
Nine Inch Nails “Not The Actual Events”
Orb, The / Fenin / Bus “The Orb / Fenin / Bus (W/ Dabrye)”
Panphage “Drengskapr”
Parmegiani, Bernard “Rock: Original Soundtrack”
Parrish, Theo “The Baby Steps EP”
Partial Traces “Glass Beach”
Pearl Jam “Ten”
Perala, Aleksi “Simulation” (2LP)
Pharcyde, The “Bizzarre Ride II The Pharcyde”
Phon.O “Schutt Und Asche”
Pope “True Talent Champion” (Transparent Amber Gold)
Portugal. The Man “Waiter: ‘You Vultures!'” (Ltd. Ed. 180 Gram + D/L)
Portugal. The Man “Church Mouth” (Ltd. Ed. 180 Gram + D/L)
Powell “New Beta Vol. 2”
Project Mama Earth & Joss Stone “Project Mama Earth”
Raincoats, The “The Raincoats” (+ D/L)
Reed, Lou “Early Lou: Lou Reed Pre-Velvet Underground Recordings 1958-1965”
Romare “Live Sessions I”
Rone “Mirapolis”
S. English “Eris”
Sacrificio “Guerra Eterna”
Sadist “The Shadow Of The Swastika” (W/ Bombings)
Samo DJ “Born Free 31”
Sampa The Great “Birds And The Bee9” (Ltd. Ed. Vinyl)
Sanders, Pharoah “Jewels Of Thought”
Sandy B “Amajovi Jovi”
Sannhet “Known Flood”
Sarde, Philippe “Les Choses De La Vie: Original Soundtrack”
She’s, The “All Female Rock And Roll Quartet”
Soar “Dark/Gold”
Sons Of Crom “The Black Tower”
Staples, Mavis “If All I Was Was Black” (+ D/L, Produced By Jeff Tweedy)
STL “Nonzero Sonics”
Story Of The Year “Page Avenue”
Sun Ra And His Arkestra “Sun Ra And His Arkestra Featuring Pharoah Sanders And Black Harold: Recorded Live At Judson Hall, New York City On December 31, 1964”
Superpitcher “The Golden Ravedays (011)”
Tanda Tula Choir “Tanda Tula Choir”
Templars, The “Deus Vult”
Tennis “We Can Die Happy”
Terekke “Plant Age”
Tiga “Woke”
Tootard “Aissez Passer” (180 Gram + D/L)
Trupa Trupa “Jolly New Songs”
Various “Black Man’s Pride” (Studio 1, Soul Jazz Records)
Various “Displaced Soundtracks” (2LP, Simian Mobile Disco, Redshape, Appleblim, Kink…)
Various “Rude Boy Scorchers”
Vono “Dinner Fur 2”
Walton “Praying Mantis”
Wun Two “Ships”
Wun Two / Hubert Davis “Paseadero EP”
Yamashirogumi, Geinoh “Akira: Symphonic Suite” (Soundtrack, 180 Gram)


Alvarius B / Sir Richard Bishop “Strange Fruit”
Dewalta / Alex & Digby “Bitter Earth Dub / Citadel”


Acrylics “Structure”
American War Machine “Prey Drive”
Brownout “Evolver / Things You Say”
Charly Bliss “Soft Serve”
Cinderblock “The Executioner E.P.”
Cookin’ On 3 Burners “Real Life Baby (Feat. Emmi) / Enter Sandman”
Hangman “A Vile Decree”
Haram “What Do You See?”
Matador Soul Sounds “Get Ready / Mr. Handsome”
Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The “Where’d You Go? / Sweet Emotion”
Pearl Jam “World Wide Suicide”
Rakta “Oculto Pelos Series”
Rotten “Waiting For The Bomb”
Smith, Elliott “Alternate Versions From ‘Either/Or'” (+D/L)
WVRM “Can You Hear The Wind Howl”


Adicts, The “And It Was So!”
Baths “Romaplasm”
Bertoia, Harry “Sonambients: The Sound Sculpture of Harry Bertoia – A Film By Jeffrey & Miriam Eger 1971” (CD/DVD Deluxe Set)
Black Sabbath “The End” (2CD Of Final Show)
Body, The & Full Of Hell “Ascending A Mountain Of Heavy Light”
Call Super “Arpo”
Conan “Man Is Myth”
Converse, Connie “Vanity Of Vanities – A Tribute To Connie Converse”
Deacon, Dan “Rat Film (A Film By Theo Anthony)” (Soundtrack)
Dub Syndicate “Ambience In Dub 1982-1985”
Eera “Reflection Of Youth”
Electric Wizard “Wizard Bloody Wizard”
Elysian Fields “Adelain”
Eneferens “In The Hours Beneath”
Exposed As Rot “Premature Exhibition Of Advancing Decay”
From Scratch / Goat / Don’t DJ / Utena Koboyashi Group “8,9,10 And 9,10,11 From Gung Ho 1,2,3”
GBH “Momentum”
Godflesh “Post Self”
Iron Maiden “The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter” (2CD + Book Deluxe Edition)
Jones, Sharon & The Dap-Kings “Soul Of A Woman”
Jones, Sharon & The Dap-Kings “Soul Of A Woman / Give The People What They Want / I Learned The Hard Way” (3CD Box)
Lil Uzi Vert “Luv Is Rage 2 (Deluxe Edition)”
McPhee, Joe “The Willisau Concert”
Midnight “Sweet Death And Ecstasy”
Morrissey “Low In High School”
Nine Inch Nails “Not The Actual Events”
Sons Of Crom “The Black Tower”
Spectral Voice “Eroded Corridors Of Unbeing”
Stalker “Shadow Of The Sword”
Throbbing Gristle “20 Jazz Funk Greats” (Remastered Editon + Bonus CD)
Throbbing Gristle “The Taste Of TG: A Beginner’s Guide To The Music Of Throbbing Gristle”
Throbbing Gristle “The Second Annual Report Of Throbbing Gristle” (Remastered Editon + Bonus CD)
Various “Diggin In The Carts: A Collection Of Pioneering Japanese Video Game Music”
Various “Black Man’s Pride (Studio 1)” (Soul Jazz Records)
Wrathprayer / Force Of Darkness “Wrath Of Darkness”
Zorn, John “The Hermetic Organ Vol. 5 – Philharmonic Of Paris”


Acephalix “Decreation” (SRUIN052)
AmenRa “Mass VI” (NR108)
Calques “Civilizing” (SRUIN042)
Death Worship “Extermination Mass” (Anti-Goth 331)
Exposed As Rot “Premature Exhibition Of Advancing Decay” (Self Release)
Masta Killa “Loyalty Is Royalty” (NSD-173)
Misanthropic Noise “Misanthropic Noise” (Self Release)
Morrissey “Low In High School” (538337928)
Naucke, Brett “Multiple Hallucinations” (HAUSMO 65)
Pope “True Talent Champion” (CR-081)
Soar “Dark/Gold” (FD-060)
Tavishi “Dwait” (Hot Releases)
Various “Hot Releases 9 Year Anniversary Compilation” (Cube, Nick Klein, Housefire, Faster Detail, Naga…)


Finding Joseph I: The HR From Bad Brains Documentary DVD



(Dead Oceans)
Twenty-two years after their previous record (1995’s Pygmalion), English band Slowdive prove that they haven’t lost their touch for crafting gorgeous, intoxicating shoegaze. This self-titled fourth album is an essential progression for their atmospheric and otherworldly style, as demonstrated excellently on the singles: the nebula-wide “Star Roving” and the delicately artistic “Sugar For The Pill”. Closing track “Falling Ashes” features a twinkling piano loop that reminds me of the mesmerizing mood on Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool.
[Reviewer: Mark]

On Fillmore
Happiness of Living
(Northern Spy)
Consisting of Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche and Tweedy bassist Darin Gray, On Fillmore is a Chicago-based duo whose amorphous experimental sound is challenging to describe. This fourth album was recorded in Rio de Janeiro – where the duo travelled years before and struck up a friendship with local musicians – and a samba influence definitely shows on these abstract compositions. “Jornada Inteira” mostly relies on a catchy guitar riff with guest vocals from Guillereme Valerio (the brother of the duo’s Sao Paulo promoter.) Several of my favorites include “Espaço” and “Despidida Suspensa”, which utilize fascinating ambient vocal harmonies.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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