16th Of March 2018 Update

16th Of March 2018 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Adryiano “Me And You And Her EP”
Amara, Vanessa “Manos”
Bailey, Derek “Lot 74 Solo Improvisations”
Bailey, Derek / Tristan Honsinger “Duo”
Basho, Robbie “Live In Forli, Italy 1982”
Batida “Dois” (+ D/L)
Bayle, Francois “Tremblements…”
Beneath “Special Offer / Kushty”
Bezier “Parler Musique”
Black Meteoric Star “No More White Presidents (Excerpts From The Film Soundtrack)”
Boothe, Ken “Freedom Street”
Braxton, Anthony “Three Compositions”
Camarao “The Imaginary Soundtrack To A Brazilian Western Movie 1964-1974” (+ D/L)
Caroline Says “No Fool Like An Old Fool” (Ltd. Ed. Two-Tone Sky & Ocean Color Vinyl + D/L)
Chatwood, Stuart “Darkest Dungeon: Original Soundtrack”
Clarian “Television Days” (+D/L)
Cocteau Twins “Head Over Heels” (Remastered 180 Gram + D/L)
Cocteau Twins “Treasure” (Remastered 180 Gram + D/L)
Coil “Astral Disaster: Sessions Un/Finished Musics”
Crippled Black Phoenix “Horrific Honorifics” (/650)
Dedekind Cut “Tahoe”
Deftones “Around The Fur” (180 Gram)
Deftones “White Pony” (2LP)
Dorham, Kenny “Jazz Contemporary”
Drowse “Cold Air”
Drudkh “They Often See Dreams About The Spirng” (/650)
Dubkasm “Enter The Gates (Ft. Rider Shafique)”
Dwarves, The “Lick It 1983-86”
Dwarves, The “Free Cocaine 1986-88”
Earthless “Black Heaven” (Yellow/Green Splatter /500)
Efdemin “DJ Koze & Terrence Dixon Versions”
Ekman “Tangent”
Essaie Pas “New Path”
Estardy, Bernard “Space Oddities 1970-1982”
Garden City Movement “Apollonia” (+ D/L)
Gorguts “Pleiades’ Dust” (Silver /400)
Green Druid “Ashen Blood”
Guided By Voices “Ogre’s Trumpet (Live)” (+D/L)
Happy Mondays “Best Of Live In Barcelona”
Hinode “Magnetic Field”
Hood, Robert “Paradygm Shift – Volume 3”
Hookworms “Pearl Mystic” (Green/White/Clear Splatter + D/L)
Hot Snakes “Jericho Sirens” (Loser Edition)
Ibibio Sound Machine “Ibibio Sound Machine” (+ D/L)
Ingleton Falls “Champagne In Mozambique”
J.C. Satan “Centaur Desire”
Jones, Durand & The Indications “Durand Jones & The Indications” (Translucent Red Vinyl + D/L)
Karaca, Cem “Parka” (1977 Collection Reissue)
Kilchhofer “The Book Room”
Korn “The Path Of Totality” (Ltd. Ed. /2500 Coloured Copies Numbered)
Langley Schools Music Project, The “Innocence & Despair”
Lemer, Peter Quintet “Local Colour”
Linqua Franqa “Model Minority”
Lubelski, Samara & Bill Nace “Samara Lubelski & Bill Nace”
Marley, Bob & The Wailers “30 Years Ago” (Special 30th Anniversary Edition 2LP)
McMahon, F.J. “Spirit Of The Golden Juice” (1969 Album Reissue)
Million Brazilians “Red Rose & Obsidian”
Modern Institute “Another Exhibition At The Modern Institute”
Mythless “Patience Hell EP” (Bone Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Nachtbraker “Small Towel People”
Nana, Emilie “I Rise”
Naucke, Brett “The Mansion”
Nebula “To The Center” (Reissue Ltd. Ed. Coloured Vinyl & Standard Black Available)
Nino, Carlos & Friends “Going Home”
Omar S “Your Hit Making Papa”
Omar S “Your Socially Awkward Criminal”
Once & Future Band “Brain”
Pallbearer “Fear And Fury” (Purple)
Phuture “We Are Phuture”
Pica Pica “Spring & Shade” 10″
Potter Natalizia Zen “Shut Your Eyes On The Way Out”
Rah Band “Messages From The Stars”
Regis “The Master Side”
Roach, Max “Award-Winning Drummer”
Sato, Hiroshi “Orient” (1979 Album Reissue)
Scorpios, The “The Scorpios” (+CD)
Shark Toys “Labyrinths” (+ D/L)
Simply Saucer “Cyborgs Revisited”
South Central Cartel “Madness” (1991 Album Reissue)
Special Request X Gerd Janson & Shan “Special Request X Gerd Janson & Shan”
Spiny Normen “Spiny Normen”
Starchild & The New Romantic “Language” (Red/Black + D/L)
Subrosa “Subdued: Live At Roadburn 2017”
Superstar & Star “Mastermind E.P”
TBZ “OG_Beers”
Teenage Wrist “Chrome Neon Jesus”
Thundercat + OG Ron C + The Chopstars “Drank” (Purple Vinyl Ltd. Ed. + D/L)
Trad Gras Och Stenar “Djungelns Lag” (2LP + D/L)
Trad Gras Och Stenar “Mors Mors” (1973 Album Reissue)
TV.Out “TV.Out” (LIES107)
TX-Connect / R-Computrax “TRUTOOLS (001)”
Upheaval “Altar Of Ash”
Various “The Mississippi Blues 1927-1940” (180 Gram)
Various “Gumba Fire: Bubblegum Soul & Synth-Boogie In 1980s South Africa”
Various “Untitled” (XXX999)
Various “Light & Sound Of Mogadishu”
Various “Cold Waves Of Color – Volume 5”
Various “Call Me By Your Name: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Various “The Originators”
Williams, John “Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (2LP 180 Gram)
Winterlight “The Longest Sleep Through The Darkest Days” (Green)
Yo La Tengo “There’s A Riot Going On” (Orange Ltd. Ed. & Standard Black Available)
Zanesi, Christian “Grand Bruit / Stop! L’Horizon”


Thot “Now’s The Only Time I Know”


Caroline Says “No Fool Like An Old Fool”
Dabrye “Two/Three”
Dwarves “Free Cocaine 1986-88”
Earthless “Black Heaven”
Essaie Pas “New Path”
Green Druid “Ashen Blood”
Guided By Voices “Ogre’s Trumpet (Live)”
Hot Snakes “Jericho Sirens”
Hussle, Nipsey “Victory Lap”
Jiha, Park “Communion”
Marley, Bob & The Wailers “30 Years Ago”
Moose Blood “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore”
Nebula “To The Center”
Nightcrawlers, The “The Biophonic Boombox Recordings”
Paradise Lost “Host” (Remastered)
PicaPica “Spring & Shade”
Ritualz “Doom”
Spacemen 3 “Dreamweapon”
Spiny Normen “Spiny Normen”
Starchild & The New Romantic “Language”
Thundercat + OG Ron C + The Chopstars “Drank”
Trad Gras Och Stenar “Djungelns Lag / Mors Mors / Kom Tillsammans” (3CD Set)
Various “Gumba Fire: Bubblegum Soul & Synth-Boogie In 1980s South Africa”
Various “Interferencias Vol. 1: Spanish Synth Wave 1980-1989”
Various “We Out Here: The New Sound Of London Jazz”
Various “Highlife On The Move”
Various “The Sound Of Siam Volume 2 Mowlam & Luk Thung From North East Thailand 1970-1982”
Winterlight “The Longest Sleep Through The Darkest Days”
Yo La Tengo “There’s A Riot Going On”


Decemberists, The “I’ll Be Your Girl” (Capitol Records)
Hot Snakes “Jericho Sirens” (SP1224)



Darkest Hour Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora
(Southern Lord)
Blending metalcore with melodic death metal, this Washington, D.C.-based band sounds equally blistering and memorable on this latest album. Produced by Kurt Ballou (who’s also the guitarist for Converge), the album rips from start to finish, complete with dystopian lyrics themed around being manipulated and ultimately having a revolution (“None of This is the Truth”, for example, describes “the fall of the state” and machines that “prey on the weakest.”) Closure comes with “Beneath It Sleeps”, ultimately finding peace in the natural world after the crumbling of civilization.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Always evolving their sound from record to record, art rock band Liars (of whom Angus Andrew is the only permanent member) once again change the sound that was present on previous album Mess: instead of danceable art-punk focused on themes of feeling overwhelmed, TFCF (Theme From Crying Fountain) uses tranquilized electronics and acoustic guitar to evoke isolation. The roughly pulsing electronic single “Cred Woes”, for example, takes the perspective of a bottled-up employee trying to convince himself that his soul-crushing job is worthwhile in life. One of the most accessible songs is the refreshing acoustic folk ballad “No Help Pamphlet” which reflects on the boundaries people abide by.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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