23rd Of March 2018 Update

23rd Of March 2018 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s

Andrew W.K. “You’re Not Alone” (180 Gram Green/Blue)
Anthroprophh “Omegaville” (Green/Black Swirl)
Atobe, Shinichi “Butterfly Effect”
Axel Rudi Pell “Knights Call”
Biosphere “The Hilvarenbeek Recordings”
Brain Slug “Live In Power”
Brainticket “Cottonwoodhill” (+CD)
Brainticket “Psychonaut” (+CD)
Brother JT “Tornado Juice”
C. Memi “Heavenly Peace” (12″ Reissue Of 1983 Japanese Minimal Synth Pop)
Cavern Of Anti-Matter “Hormone Lemonade” (Clear + D/L)
Choir Boy “Passive With Desire”
Corrupted “Felicific Algorithm”
Currituck Co. “Sleepwalks In The Garden Of The Deadroom”
Cutting Through “A Will To Change” (Clear)
Cyrkle, The “The Minx: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (Reissue)
Czukay, Holger “Cinema” (Box Set)
Dabrye “Three/Three” (Ltd. Ed. Clear + D/L)
Dabrye “Two/Three” (+ D/L)
Dabrye “One/Three” (+ D/L & Payback EP)
Dabrye “Instrmntl” (Blue + D/L)
Dharma “Archipel”
Dharma Quintet “End Starting”
Dharma Quintet “Mr. Robinson”
Dharma Trio “Snoopy’s Time”
Die Wilde Jagd “Uhrwald Orange” (+CD)
DJ Katapila “Aroo” (12″ Single)
Down To Nothing “Life On The James” (Green)
Dr. Octagon “Blue Flowers” (Shaped Picture Disc)
Drumm, Kevin “Inexplicable Hours” (+ CD)
Ecostrike “Voice Of Strength”
Electric Indigo “5 1 1 5 9 3”
Finn, Cian “This Applies In Dub”
Geography Of Hell “Hiroshima 1945 / Nagasaki 1945”
Gilbert, Bruce “Ex Nihilo”
Grateful Dead “The Best Of The Grateful Dead Live Volume 1: 1969-1977” (2LP 180 Gram)
Hanz “Plasty II”
Hendrix, Jimi “Both Sides Of The Sky” (Deluxe 2LP)
Insanity Alert “Insanity Alert” (/400)
J.B.’s “Hustle With Speed”
Judas Priest “Firepower” (180 Gram 2LP)
Jukai “Prologue”
Kink Gong “Dian Long” (2LP)
Le Guin, Ursula K. & Todd Barton “Music And Poetry Of The Kesh” (+D/L)
Lee, Cindy “Act Of Tenderness”
Left Banke, The “The Left Banke Too” (Reissue On Colored Vinyl)
Lightmen Plus One “Fancy Pants”
MacLean, Bryan “IfYouBelieveIn” (Original Acoustic Demos By Love Guitarist/Composer – On Colored Vinyl)
Madball “Look My Way”
Marley, Bob & The Wailers “Ultimate Wailers Box” (5LP Box Set)
Mather, Cotton “Noise And Big Faces”
Merzbow “Noisembryo” (Reissue)
Monster Magnet “Mindfucker”
Morrow, Charlie “Toot! Too”
Mouse On Mars “Radical Connector”
Nebula “Dos E.P.’s”
Nilsson “Aerial Ballet” (Colored Vinyl Reissue)
Nilsson “Pandemonium Shadow Show” (Colored Vinyl Reissue)
Pestilence “Testimony Of The Ancients”
Porno For Pyros “Good God’s Urge”
Preoccupations “New Material” (Ltd. Ed. Grey Streak Vinyl + D/L)
Pritchard, Mark “The Four Worlds” (+ D/L)
Prurient “Hanged Mass Orgasm” (/500)
Regler “Regel #9 (Blues) – Blues For Western Civilization (For Audience And Tape)”
Rosenstock, Jeff “Post-” (Light Blue 180 Gram + D/L)
Satoshi & Makoto “CZ-5000 Sounds & Sequences”
Skodvin, Erik K. & Rauelsson “A Score For Darling” (+D/L)
Southwest F.O.B. “Smell Of Incense” (Sundazed Reissue On Colored Vinyl)
Space Afrika “Somewhere Decent To Live”
Station 17 “Blick”
Sunflower Bean “Twentytwo In Blue” (Light Blue + D/L)
Sword, The “Used Future” (Red Slushie)
Temperance “Searching For Silence”
Third Bardo, The “I’m Five Years Ahead Of My Time + 5″ (Sundazed Reissue Colored Vinyl) 10”
Toure, Sidi “Toubalbero”
Tyler, The Creator “Wolf” (Ltd. Ed. Deluxe 2LP Pink Vinyl + CD)
Various “Interferencias Vol. 1: Spanish Synth Wave 1980-1989”
Various “Eccentric Soul: The Saru Label” (Numero 071)
Various “Musique Experimentale: Groupe De Recherches Musicales De La RTF”
Various “Music From Yemen Arabia: Sanaani, Laheji, Adeni – Samar”
Various “I()”
Various “Spiritual Jazz Vol. 8 Japan: Part Two”
Various “Spiritual Jazz Vol. 8 Japan: Part One”
Various “Cronica Tecnica – Compilation Of Industrial & Noise From Madrid (1981-1991)”
Various “Death In Haiti: Funeral Brass Bands & Sounds From Port Au Prince”
Vision, The “Spectral Nomad”
Yellow Stitches “Good Times Violent Crimes”
Young, Neil + Promise Of The Real “Paradox” (Original Music From “Paradox” The Film)


Pale Kids “Hesitater”


Axel Rudi Pell “Knights Call”
Believer “Extraction From Mortality”
Believer “Sanity Obscure”
Biosphere “Hilvarenbeek Recordings”
Blessed Death “Kill Or Be Killed”
Blessed Death “Destined For Extinction”
Bloodbath “Grand Morbid Funeral”
Cavern Of Anti-Matter “Hormone Lemonade”
Crimson Glory “Transcendence”
Crimson Glory “Crimson Glory”
Czukay, Holger “Cinema” (Box Set)
Dabrye “3/3”
Defiance “Insomnia” (3CD Box)
Electric Indigo “511593”
Eso, Erica “129 Dreamless GMG”
Grateful Dead “The Best Of The Grateful Dead Live (1969-1977)” (2CD)
Heldon “Electronique Guerilla”
Led Zeppelin “Family Tree”
Liziuz “Geschichten Des Lebens”
Monster Magnet “Mindfucker”
Nebula “Dos EP’s”
Preoccupations “New Material”
Pritchard, Mark “The Four Worlds”
Quick Change “Circus Of Death”
Rosenstock, Jeff “Post-”
Skin Crime “Ghosts I Have Been”
Solitude Aeternus “Downfall”
Sun Ra “God Is More Than Love Can Ever Be” (Remastered & Reissued)
Sunflower Bean “Twentytwo In Blue”
Sword, The “Used Future”
Various “Spiritual Jazz Vol. 8 Japan: Parts I & II” (2CD)
Waits, Tom “Blue Valentine”
Ween, Dean Group “Rock 2”
Will Haven “Muerte”
ZnoWhite “ZnoWhite”


Integrity “Live In Rome 1992” (Contraband 007)
Preoccupations “New Material” (JAG320)
Saltas “Currents Demo I – MMXVIII” (ANTI-GOTH 391)
Shafiee, Arian “Beauty Tuning” (HAUSMO 70)


Wire Magazine #410 April 2018



Some Offcell Voices
(Temporary Residence Ltd.)
Originally formed in 1998 with core members Armistead Burwell Smith IV and Rob Crow, this San Diego indie rock band was innovative and engaging even in their early years. This compilation consists of two EPs – 2000’s Some Voices and 2003’s Offcell – and showcases the pair’s talent as vocalists and multi-instrumentalists with guitar, bass, piano, cello, drum programming and more for lean, unique progressive pop songs with thought-provoking lyrics. One of my favorites is the tender, seven-minute piano-and-guitar song “June”, with reflective lyrics (“why must all those pretty be sad somehow?”)
[Reviewer: Mark]

Awalom Gebremariam
(Awesome Tapes From Africa)
Born in Eritrea (a one-party nation on the Horn of Africa which frequently clashes with neighbor Ethiopia, whom it gained independence from in 1991), Awalom Gebremariam is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who escaped his homeland several years ago and currently resides in North Carolina. His music is based on that of Tigrinya, which is Eritrea’s most prominent language: its core element is a persistent heartbeat-like rhythm to keep its listeners moving throughout. Atop the keboro drum and electronic keyboard are Gebremariam’s spirited voice (using his native tongue to sing about love and pride for one’s country) and his traditional string instruments of choice: a krar (an ancient lute said to be an ancestor of the banjo) and wata (a single-stringed violin-like instrument played with a bow) all making for an energetic experience.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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