2nd Of March 2018 Update

2nd Of March 2018 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s

A.A.L. (Againts All Logic – Alias Of Nicolas Jaar) “You Are The One”
Aksak Maboul “Un Peu De L’Ame Des Bandits”
Alexander, Harold “Sunshine Man” (Ltd. Ed. Reissue)
American Pleasure Club (Formerly Known As Teen Suicide) “A Whole Fucking Lifetime Of This” (Color Vinyl + D/L)
Avatism “Bad Summer”
Baker, Aidan & Gareth Davis “Invisible Cities” (Ltd. Ed. /300 + D/L)
Breeders, The “All Nerve”
Breeders, The “All Nerve” (Ltd. Ed. 180 Gram Orange Vinyl)
Brion, Jon “Lady Bird: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Brion, Jon / Aimee Mann “Magnolia: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (3LP)
C. Spencer Yeh “The RCA Mark II”
Camp Cope “How To Socialise & Make Friends” (Baby Pink Ltd. Ed. + D/L)
Casket Lottery, The “Choose Bronze” (Bronze Vinyl + D/L)
Casket Lottery, The “Survival Is For Cowards” (Blood Red Vinyl + D/L)
Casket Lottery, The “Moving Mountains” (Clear Orange Vinyl + D/L)
Chapman, Michael “Fully Qualified Survivor” (Reissue)
Coma Cinema “Loss Memory”
Creta “Creta” (Ltd. Ed. /300 + D/L)
Dacus, Lucy “Historian”
Digable Planets “Reachin’ (A New Refutation Of Time And Space)” (Reissue)
DJ Aakmael “Take It Back”
DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess “Psalm Tree”
DJ Nigga Fox “Cranio” (+ D/L)
DJ Taye “Still Trippin'”
E Ruscha V (AKA Secret Circuit) “Who Are You” (+ D/L)
Eastley, Max / Steve Beresford / Paul Burwell / David Toop “Whirled Music” (Reissue)
Ekman “Onomatoman”
Elfman, Danny “Batman Returns: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Exorcist GBG, The “II”
Faceless, The “In Becoming A Ghost” (Transparent Forest Green)
Galas, Diamanda “At Saint Thomas The Apostle Harlem”
Gibson, Kenneth James “In The Fields Of Nothing” (+ D/L)
Gou, Peggy “Once”
Grunblatt, Georges “K-Priss” (Reissue)
Guerrilla Art Action Group, The “Action-Interview At WBAI Radio Station-N.Y.”
Guionnet, Jean-Luc & Daichi Yoshikawa “Intervivos”
Harms Way “Posthuman”
Heldon “Allez-Teia” (Reissue)
Heldon “Electronique Guerilla” (Reissue)
Hunger “Strictly From Hunger” (Now-Again Reserve Edition Records With Bonus 2nd LP)
In Tall Buildings “Akinetic” (Ltd.Ed. White Vinyl + D/L)
Insecure Men “Insecure Men”
INXS “The Very Best” (2LP 180 Gram)
Iqbal, Nabihah (AKA Throwing Shade) “Weighing Of The Heart”
Iron Reagan / Gatecreeper “Iron Reagan / Gatecreeper”
King Tubby & Riley All Stars “Concrete Jungle Dub”
Kreator “Renewal” (Remastered Coloured 2LP Gatefold + Bonus Tracks)
Kreator “Coma Of Souls” (Remastered Coloured 3LP Gatefold + Bonus Tracks)
Kunkel, Robb “Abyss” (Reissue)
Kuti, Seun & Egypt 80 “Black Times”
Last Of The Easy Riders “Unto The Earth”
Legend Of The Seagullmen “Legend Of The Seagullmen”
Lucius “Nudes (Electric Lady, New York City” (180 Gram & Chocolate Vinyl Editions Available)
Lundvall, Tor “A Dark Place” (+D/L)
Macari, Eblen “Musica Para Planetarios”
Macintosh, Jackson “My Dark Side” (+D/L)
Mark “Integrier Dich Du Yuppie”
Men, The “Drift” (Ltd. Ed. Yellow + D/L)
Micronaut, The “Contrast”
Miracle “The Strife of Love In A Dream”
MJ Lallo “Star Child”
Moaning “Moaning” (Loser Edition + D/L)
Modern Lovers, The “The Modern Lovers” (180 Gram)
Motorhead “Iron Fist And The Hordes From Hell”
Move D & Benjamin Brunn “Songs From The Beehive” (2LP)
Mozaika “Aqua EP”
MTv “Hollywood EP #1”
Nasum “Human 2.0”
Nilsson, Molly “The Travels”
P. Adrix “Desconhecido”
Phew “Voice Hardcore” (+D/L)
Price, Steven / Felix Buxton / Simon Ratcliffe “Attack The Block: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Primitive World “White On White”
Pye Corner Audio “Where Things Are Hollow”
Pyrolatrous “Teneral” (2LP + D/L)
Richman, Jonathan & The Modern Lovers “Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers” (180 Gram)
Runaways, The “Live: Agora Ballroom, Cleveland – July 19, 1976”
Rush, Otis “Cobra” (Reissue)
Rustichelli, Carlo “I Lunghi Capelli Della Morte” (Soundtrack, Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl /500)
Saccharine Trust “Paganicons”
Sakamoto, Ryuichi “Async – Remodels”
Schulze, Klaus “La Vie Electronique 1.0” (2LP Ltd. Ed.)
Shams Dinn “شمس دين”
Spectre, Aaron “Roots We Seek”
Stusso, Dick “In Heaven” (Colored Vinyl Ltd. Ed. + D/L)
Sun Kil Moon “Ghosts Of The Great Highway” (Ltd. Reissue)
Sun Ra “Of Abstract Dreams”
Sun Ra & His Astro-Ihnfinity Arkestra “Sun Embassy” (+ D/L)
Superorganism “Superorganism” (+D/L)
Suuns “Felt” (Clear Ltd. Ed. + D/L)
Tassone, Nino & Nico Fidenco “Appuntamento A Dallas” (Soundtrack)
Thorn, Tracey “Record” (+ D/L)
Timberlake, Justin “Man Of The Woods”
Titus Andronicus “A Productive Cough” (+ D/L, Standard & Blue-Gray Ltd. Ed.)
Turbonegro “RockNRoll Machine”
Various “Typical Girls Volume 3”
Various “Typical Girls Volume 4”
Various “Co-Ops Vol. 2” (COUNTER010)
Various “Africa Iron Gate Showcase” (Echo Minott, Trinity, Prince Hammer…)
Von Hausswolff, Anna “Dead Magic” (+ D/L)
Walker, Scott “Meet Scott Engel: The Humble Beginnings 1958-1962” (180 Gram + D/L)
Wedge “Killing Tongue”
Wetware “Automatic Drawing” (+ D/L)
Xenakis, Iannis “Persepolis” (Ltd. Ed. /1000 + D/L)
Yellow Eyes “Immersion Trench Reverie” (+D/L)
Yndi Halda “A Sun Coloured Shaker”


A Perfect Circle “The Doomed / Disillusioned” (Ltd. Ed. White Vinyl)
Buio Mondo “Herederos De La Bestia” (Soundtrack)
Senni, Lorenzo / Francesco Fantini “The Challenge: Original Soundtrack” (Ltd. Ed. Numbered /500 + Book)


Dust Witch “Mirage / Hibernaculum”
Tuxedo With Zapp “Shy / Shy Instrumental”
Young Statues “Amarillo”


Amyl & The Sniffers “Big Attraction & Giddy Up”
Ancst “Ghosts Of The Timeless Void”
Andrew W.K. “You’re Not Alone”
Breeders, The “All Nerve”
Dacus, Lucy “Historian”
DJ Taye “Still Trippin'”
Dwarves “Lick It 1983-86”
Galas, Diamanda “At Saint Thomas The Apostle Harlem”
Hunger “Strictly From Hunger” (Now Again Reserve Edition)
Ilsa “Corpse Fortress”
Iron Reagan / Gatecreeper “Iron Reagan / Gatecreeper”
Kreator “Coma Of Souls” (Remastered 2CD)
Kreator “Renewal” (Remastered With Bonus Tracks)
Kuti, Seun & Egypt 80 “Black Times”
Lucius “Nudes (Electric Lady, New York City)”
McCraven, Makaya “In The Moment: Deluxe Edition”
Meat Beat Manifesto “Impossible Star”
Men, The “Drift”
Miracle “The Strife Of Love In A Dream”
Moaning “Moaning”
Nilsson, Molly “The Travels”
Porcupine Tree “Coma Divine” (2CD Set Remastered By Steven Wilson)
Shipp, Matthew Quartet Featuring Mat Walerian “Sonic Fiction”
Sun Ra “Of Abstract Dreams”
Titus Andronicus “A Productive Cough”
Turbonegro “RockNRoll Machine”



Nisennenmondai #N/A
(On-U Sound)
Formed in Tokyo in 1999 and named after the Japanese translation of “Y2K bug”, this all-female experimental trio plays a unique, pulsing instrumental mix of post-punk, noise and krautrock. Like a theme for a never-ending futurist, post-modern cyberscape, these songs are built around tireless kinetic beats snaked by eerie guitar and bass patterns for a stark, mechanical sound. The sixteen-minute “#2”, for example, relies on a gritty hill of noise backed by ghostly electronic sounds, thumping bass and a morphing drum pattern.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Holly Herndon
San Francisco-based musician, composer and sound artist Holly Herndon creates innovative laptop-based experimental pop that relies heavily on meticulous vocal manipulation while maintaining a warm and enticing vibe. The album’s first single was the six-minute “Chorus”: a prismatic journey of minimalist techno with ethereal and breathy voices for an experience that’s both soothingly bright and intimidating in its unpredictability. Probably the most avant-garde track is “Lonely at the Top”: blending amplified small sounds and calm, nurturing spoken word, it’s designed to induce the scientifically unexplained tingling sensation known as ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response).
[Reviewer: Mark]

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