18th Of May 2018 Update

18th Of May 2018 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
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LPs & 12″s

Aquaserge “Deja-Vous?”
Armon-Jones, Joe “Starting Today”
At The Gates “To Drink From The Night Itself” (Ltd. Ed. Clear Red Vinyl /600)
Barnett, Courtney “Tell Me How You Really Feel” (Red Vinyl Indie Exclusive With Tote Bag & Standard Edition Available)
Barrett, Aston “Family Man” & The Wailers Band “Soul Constitution: Instrumentals & Dubs 1971-1982”
Bathory “Under The Sign Of The Black Mark”
Birth Defects, The “Everything Is Fine” (Dark Blue)
Black Dahlia Murder, The “Ritual”
Black Dahlia Murder, The “Everblack”
Blue Hawaii “Blooming Summer” (Ltd. Ed. Blue + D/L)
Bombino “Deran” (+D/L)
Boy “Acoustic Collection”
Bozulich, Carla “Quieter” (180 Gram + Poster + D/L)
Breeders, The “Pod” (4AD Reissue)
Breeders, The “Title TK” (4AD Reissue)
Breeders, The “Mountain Battles” (4AD Reissue)
Breeders, The “Last Splash” (4AD Reissue)
Briggs, Anne “An Introduction To Anne Briggs”
Brubbs, David & Taku Unami “Failed Celestial Creatures”
Burn The Priest (Lamb Of God) “Legion: XX” (Green Smoke Vinyl + D/L)
Castle, Jennifer “Angels Of Death”
Chadwick, Sarah Mary “Sugar Still Melts In The Rain” (+ D/L)
Connections “Foreign Affairs” (Ltd. Red Version)
Deane, Dino J.A. “For Leena”
Detroit Swindle “High Life”
Dubuffet, Jean “Experiences Musicales 1961”
Efdemin “Tracks From Naif”
Elder Brother “Stay Inside” (+D/L)
Fehlmann, Thomas / Terrence Dixon “We Take It From Here”
Forest Swords “DJ-Kicks”
Freaks “Methods In Madness EP”
Gas “Rausch” (+D/L)
Gemini “The Beginning” (4LP Set)
Goransson, Ludwig “Black Panther” (Score To The Marvel Studios Film)
Gordon, Felipe “Tensaquilo EP”
Green, Anthony “Studio Acoustic Session”
Greenwood, Jonny “Bodysong. (Music From The Film)”
Halvorson, Mary “Code Girl” (2LP)
Ishan Sound X Hodge X Muttley “C5 / Still Smoking”
Ivytree, The “Unburdoned Light”
Johnson, Tommy & Ishman Bracey “Canned Heat Blues”
Joker “Anamorphic Forever”
King Diamond “Fatal Portrait” (Picture Disc)
King Diamond “Abigail” (Picture Disc)
King Diamond “Them” (Picture Disc)
Kirchin, Basil “I Start Counting” (Film Music)
Last Poets, The “Understand What Black Is”
Lattimore, Mary “Hundreds Of Days”
Lazar, Gabor “Unfold.”
Lolina “Lolina” (Inga Copeland) 10″
Malkmus, Stephen & The Jicks “Sparkle Hard”
Marley, Ziggy “Rebellion Rises”
Mayfield, Curtis “Super Fly: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
McCartney, Paul “Chaos & Creation In The Backyard” (Gold Ltd. Ed.)
Melchio Productions LTD “Meditations 1-3”
Modern Studies “Welcome Strangers”
New Found Glory “Makes Me Sick Again” (Hot Pink / Yellow Splatter + D/L)
Parquet Courts “Wide Awaaaaake!” (Ltd. Collector’s Edition & Standard Edition Available)
Pink Floyd “P-U-L-S-E” (4LP Box Live Album Remastered)
Pink Floyd “Relics” (Remastered)
Poobah “Let Me In”
Pratt, Phill & Friends “The War Is On Dub Style”
Quiet Slang “Everything Matters But No One Is Listening” (180 Gram Clear Vinyl)
Rault, Michael “It’s A New Day Tonight” (+D/L)
Redding, Otis “Dock Of The Bay Sessions”
Remember Sports “Slow Buzz” (Baby Blue Vinyl /500)
Sandwidi, Pierre “Le Troubadour De La Savane 1976-1980”
Scntst “Scenes And Sketches From The Lab”
Sugai Ken “On The Quakefish”
Various “BMN Ska & Rock Steady Always Together 1964-1968 – Produced By Ronnie Nasralla”
Various “A Sea For Yourself: Original Soundtrack – A Hal Jepsen Film” (2LP + DVD)
Various “Patina Echoes Sampler” (rRoxymore, Bruce, Chekov)
Villalobos, Ricardo “Dependent And Happy 4”
Walker, Ryley “Deafman Glance” (+D/L)
Wax Chattels “Wax Chattels” (+ D/L)
Weiss, Dan “Starebaby”
Yoshimura, Hiroshi “Pier & Loft”


Burn The Priest (Lamb Of God) “Inherit The Earth / In The Meantime”
This Criminal Soul “Ride Or Die!”


Alkaloid “Liquid Anatomy”
Amorphis “Queen Of Time”
Armon-Jones, Joe “Starting Today”
At The Gates “To Drink From The Night Itself”
Barnett, Courtney “Tell Me How You Really Feel” (Deluxe With Tote Bag and Standard Editions Available)
Burn The Priest (Lamb Of God) “Legion:XX”
Father Murphy “Rising. A Requiem For Father Murphy”
Gas “Rausch”
Greenwood, Jonny “Bodysong. (Music From The Film)”
Grimes, Rachel “The Doctor From India: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Hunee “Hunchin’ All Night”
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard “Polygondwanaland” (TPOS Edition)
Landing “Bells In New Towns”
Lattimore, Mary “Hundreds Of Days”
Lee, Okkyung “Cheol-Kkot-Sae (Steel.Flower.Bird)”
Malkmus, Stephen & The Jicks “Sparkle Hard”
Marley, Ziggy “Rebellion Rises”
Maus, John “Addendum”
Monae, Janelle “Dirty Computer”
Nocturnal Graves “Titan”
oOoOO & Islamiq Grrrls “Faminine Mystique”
Overkill “Live In Overhausen” (2CD+BluRay)
Parquet Courts “Wide Awaaaaake!”
Quiet Slang “Everything Matters But No One Is Listening”
Rotten Sound “Suffer To Abuse”
Saweetie “High Maintenance”
She Spread Sorrow “Midori”
Various “Flowers From The Ashes: Contemporary Italian Electronic Music”


Barnett, Courtney “Tell Me How You Really Feel” (MP350)
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard “Polygondwanaland” (TPOS#201)
Quiet Slang “Everything Matters But No One Is Listening” (PRC-349)


The Wire 412 June 2018 Magazine



Cherry Glazerr
(Secretly Canadian)
I saw this Los Angeles rock trio open for Slowdive last year, showcasing their progression from their old style showcased on the debut record Haxel Princess: they’ve evolved their hazy, lo-fi garage rock to a livelier punk and new wave-infused indie sound. Lead single “Told You I’d Be With The Guys” was “born out of a yearning for female solidarity” as demonstrated by Clementine Creevy’s cryptic lyrics delivered with emotional yells that stand out amidst the sparse instrumentation leading to a powerful conclusion. The sinister-sounding “Sip O’ Poison” is probably the “heaviest” song with its driving beat, aggressive guitar and morphing synth, but the dramatic mid-tempo single “Nurse Ratched” might be my favorite thanks to its effective multi-layered vocals.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Sneaks is the solo project from Washington, D.C. artist Eva Moolchan, who creates lean, catchy and quick-to-the-point tracks that could be described as a hybrid of techno and post-punk. Moolchan’s stark and groovy tracks consist of nothing more than beats, bass and her vocals that she gives character via her self-aware droll attitude. Originally released as a self-titled debut cassette in 2014 and retitled and reissued with two additional tracks in 2015, Gymnastics showcases ten such lean, dance-y and tongue-in-cheek tracks like the anxiety-themed “X.T.Y.” (“X.T.Y. is not on your side / X.T.Y. makes me feel alive”).
[Reviewer: Mark]

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