1st Of June 2018 Update

1st Of June 2018 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s

A Certain Ratio “Good Together” (Ltd. Ed. White 2LP +D/L)
Areski “Un Beau Matin: Areski”
Bad Times “Bad Times” (Jay Reatard, King Louie Bankston, Eric Oblivian – 2001 Album Reissue)
Battiato, Franco “Clic” (1974 Album Reissue)
Brian Jonestown Massacre “Something Else”
Candlemass “House Of Doom”
Case, Neko “Hell-On” (Ltd. Ed. Color)
Cecilia “Adoration”
Che-Shizu “A Journey”
Christ On Parade “A Mind Is A Terrible Thing”
Clipping. “Face”
Coathangers, The “Live” (Ltd. Ed. Black/White/Red Vinyl + D/L)
Cohen, Gabriella “Pink Is The Colour Of Unconditional Love”
Daugherty, Juliana “Light” (Ltd. Ed. Milky-Clear Vinyl + D/L)
DJ Lilocox “Paz & Amor”
Dolo Percussion “Dolo 3”
Dreebs, The “Forest Of A Crew”
Dumb Numbers “Stranger EP” (Color Vinyl + D/L)
Edwards, Richard “Verdugo” (Red Vinyl + D/L)
Express Rising “Fixed Rope II”
Facta “Dumb Hummer / All The Time”
Frahm, Nils “Encores 1”
Fukio, Ryo “Mellow Dream” (1977)
Fukio, Ryo “Scenery” (1977)
Ghost “Prequelle” (Coke Clear, Black, & Smoke With Bonus 7″ Varieties Available)
Ghoul “Hang Ten” 10″
Giffoni, Carlos “Vain”
Gnaw Their Tongues “Genocidal Majesty”
Goya “House At The Sea / Mandy”
Grid, The “One Way Traffic” (Moog)
Hieroglyphic Being “The Replicant Dream Sequence I-VIII”
High Reeper “High Reeper”
Joan Of Arc “1984” (Yellow + D/L)
Joker “Marching Orders”
Joy, Vance “Nation Of Two” (+D/L)
Kataklysm “Meditations” (Ltd. Clear/Black Splatter)
Khan, Sean “Palmares Fantasy (Featuring Hermeto Pasoal)”
Lump “Lump” (Green Vinyl Ltd. Ed. +D/L)
Maps & Atlases “Lightlessness Is Nothing New” (+D/L)
Matthews, Dave Band “Under The Table And Dreaming” (Remastered + D/L)
Mazzy Star “Still” (180 Gram + D/L)
Melchior Productions “Meditations 4-6”
Meyers “Struggle Artist”
Minimal Violence “MVX / U41A”
Mobb Deep “Murda Muzik”
Modeselektor “Modeselektion Vol.04 #1”
Modeselektor “Modeselektion Vol.04 #2”
Modeselektor “Modeselektion Vol.04 #3”
Modeselektor “Modeselektion Vol.04 #4”
Mogard, Abul “Works”
Mogard, Abul “Circular Forms”
Muslimgauze “Maroon” (Numbered Lazer Cut Sleeve)
Nervosa “Downfall Of Mankind”
Now.Now “Saved”
Oneohtrix Point Never “Age Of” (First Copies Come With Yellow Card, Blue Card & 12×12 Print!)
Peach Kelli Pop “Gentle Leader”
Platonos, Lena “Lepidoptera”
Portable “A Life Without Notifications”
Professor Rhythm “Professor 3”
Red Hare “Little Acts Of Destruction” (+D/L)
Rhyw “ARCS-06”
S.M. Wolf “Bad Ocean” (+D/L)
Sami Baha “Free For All”
Silverstein “When Broken Is Easily Fixed” (+D/L)
Silvestri, Alan “Predator: Soundtrack” (Blood Red/Blue Splatter 2LP)
Spacemen 3 “Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To” (2LP +D/L)
Sun God, The (Jamaal Moss) “The Anticipatory Organization”
Surgeon “Luminosity Device”
Taiwo, Vicktor “Joy Comes In Spirit”
Tanaka, Fumiya “You Find The Key”
Toure, Samba “Wande”
Turtle, Michal “Return To Jeka”
Vainio, Mika “Lydspor” (Moog)
Various “LF RMX 007”
Various “Spider-Jazz: KPM Cues Used In The Amazing Animated Series – That We Are Not Allowed To Mention By Name For Legal Reasons”
Various “African Scream Contest 2”
Walker Brothers, The “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore” (180 Gram)
Wayfarer “World’s Blood”
Wilson, Clay “Osho EP”
Zombies In Miami “Take It Off EP”


Beak> “Sex Music”
Blacklisted “Slow Moments. / I Should Have Been A Murder.” (Color)
Coconut Pete (Bill Paxton) “Take Another Hit, The Best Of Coconut Pete”
Dare “DC Straight Edge” (Flexi, Green)
Deadlock “Deadlock”
Goat “Let It Burn / Friday Part 1”
Quantic Y Los Miticos Del Ritmo “Hotline Cumbia”
Uni “Electric Universe”
White, Jack “Over And Over And Over”


Ames Sangantes “Chindia Tower Impalements” (3xCD)
Black Dog, The “Post-Truth”
Black Dog, The “Black Daisy Wheel”
Bleeding Through “Love Will Kill All”
Brian Jonestown Massacre “Something Else”
Case, Neko “Hell-On”
Christ On Parade “A Mind Is A Terrible Thing”
Connections “Foreign Affairs”
Davachi, Sarah “Let Night Come On Bells End The Day”
Detroit Swindle “High Life”
Express Rising “Fixed Rope”
Father John Misty “God’s Favorite Customer”
Fukio, Ryo “Scenery” (1976)
Fukio, Ryo “Mellow Dream” (1977)
Ghost “Prequelle”
Grateful Dead “Road Trips Vol. 4 No. 2: April Fools’ ’88” (3CD Set)
Joan Of Arc “1984”
Kataklysm “Meditations” (+DVD)
Kennedy, Inigo “Strata”
Modeselektor “Modeselektion Vol. 04”
Neurosis “Pain Of Mind”
Noothgrush “Failing Early, Failing Often”
Oneohtrix Point Never “Age Of” (First Copies Come With Yellow Card)
Peach Kelli Pop “Gentle Leader”
Professor Rhythm “Professor 3”
Red Hare “Little Acts Of Destruction – Paired With: Lexicon Mist”
Ritual Necromancy “Disinterred Horror”
Roach, Steve “Molecules Of Motion”
S.M. Wolf “Bad Ocean” (2xCD Including Bonus Demos)
Sami Baha “Free For All”
Surgeon “Luminosity Device”
Tibbetts, Steve “Life Of”
Wayfarer “World’s Blood”


Eilbacher, Max “A Crude Explanation Of Russell’s Paradox” (PPTT002)
Father John Misty “God’s Favorite Customer” (SP1245)
Kataklysm “Meditations” (4438-4)
Oneohtrix Point Never “Good Time… Raw” (WRPMC292R)


Jesse Draxler “Misophonia” Book (Sacred Bones, Soft Cover)



My Disco
(Temporary Residence Ltd.)
This Melbourne trio takes a stark new direction from their previous full-length Little Joy: rather than dance-ability, Severe is based around eerie, bracing minimalist post-punk that uses the space between notes to its advantage. They achieve the inorganic effect with the help of producer Cornel Wilczek (also known as electronic musician Qua) for these tracks brooding with dark, biding intensity. The seven-and-a-half minute “Our Decade” is easily a highlight with its use of distorted guitars, smoke-strewn vocals and pounding tribe-like drums to sculpt a bleak, evocative atmosphere.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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