3rd Of August 2018 Update

3rd Of August 2018 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Artaud, Antonin “Pour En Finir Avec Le Jugement De Dieu”
Axis Of Despair “Contempt For Man” (Silver)
Baptists “Beacon Of Faith”
Baptists “Bloodmines” (Silver)
Bestia Arcana “Holokauston”
Blood Incantation “Starspawn”
Brown, Kev “Homework” (+ 7″, Color Vinyl)
Brownout “Fear Of A Brown Planet”
Chthe’ilist “Le Dernier Crepuscule”
Coltrane, Alice “Lord Of Lords”
Cradle, The “Bag Of Holding” (+D/L)
Culture “Harder Than The Rest”
Darklands “Hate It Here”
Davis, Miles “At Newport 1958”
Demarsan, Eric “Le Cercle Rouge” (Soundtrack, Half Speed Mastered)
Desolate Shrine “The Heart Of The Netherworld”
Desolate Shrine “Deliverance From The Godless Void”
Devouring Star “Antihedron”
Dissevelt, Tom & Kid Baltan “Electrosoniks – Electronic Music”
Don’t DJ “All Love Affair”
Earth “The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull”
Elephant Micah “Genericana” (Ltd. Ed. Arctic White + D/L)
Ellorsith “Orbhais”
Eludem “Films For The Mind”
Father Befouled “Desolate Gods”
Forma “Semblance”
Fugees (Refugee Camp) “Bootleg Versions” (Certified Reissue)
Fujita, Masayoshi “Book Of Life” (Clear Vinyl And Standard Black Available)
Garcia Peoples “Cosmic Cash”
Godin, Nicolas “Au Service De La France” (Soundtrack)
Gravehill “Death Curse”
Gwar “This Toilet Earth” (Reissue)
Hauff, Helena “Qualm”
Hauschildt, Steve “Dissolvi” (Ltd. Ed. Cloudy Red)
Have Mercy “The Earth Pushed Back”
Hawke, Sinjin & Zora Jones “Vicious Circles”
Heresiarch “Death Ordinance”
Immortal “Sons Of Northern Darkness” (Blue/Black Swirl /1500)
James “Living In Extraordinary Times” (+ D/L, 180 Gram Vinyl)
Jesus Lizard “Down” (+D/L)
Jpegmafia “Jpegmafia”
June Of 44 “Anahata” (+D/L)
Khalab “Black Noise 2084”
Koreatown Oddity “A Beat At The Table” (Coke Bottle Clear)
Lambchop “What Another Man Spills” (Peak Vinyl Ltd. Ed. Yellow & White Marble + D/L)
LFZ “Name Plus Focus” (+D/L)
Lie In Ruins “Towards Divine Death”
Little Ugly Girls “Little Ugly Girls” (+ D/L)
Love Language, The “Baby Grand” (Peak Vinyl Ltd. Ed. Pink & Yellow Marble + D/L)
Lucy “Tarkomania” (Clear) 10″
Lykke Li “So Sad So Sexy”
Mabadu, Tunde “Viva Disco” (Mr. Bongo Reissue With Restored Artwork)
Maribou State “Feel Good (Feat. Khruangbin) / Turnmills / Turnmills (Club Mix)”
Marq Spekt “At War With The Shadows”
Martellotta, Massimo “One Man Sessions Volume 2 // Unprepared Piano”
Meggy “Welcome To The V”
Mosquitoes “Drip Water Hollow Out Stone”
Murder By Death “Good Morning, Magpie” (Reissue)
Nas “Nastradamus” (Certified Reissue)
Neighbourghood, The “I Love You.” (Ltd. Color SRC Hifi Edition)
Nextmen ,The Vs. Gentleman’s Dub Club “Pound For Pound”
Niblock, Phil “Nothin To Look At Just A Record”
NOFX “Ribbed – Live In A Dive”
Nurse With Wound “Homotopy To Marie” (2LP)
Obuxum “H.E.R. EP”
Ohbliv “Retrospective”
Oliveros, Pauline “Early Electronic Works 1959-66”
Parsons, Gram “Another Side Of This Life: The Lost Recordings Of Gram Parsons 1965-1966” (Gold Colored Vinyl)
Philathrope “Waking Dreams” (/500 Red Vinyl + D/L)
Randomer “Slicing”
RF Shannon “Trickster Blues” (Fuzz Club)
River Yarra “Lucky Boy”
Rodan “Rusty” (+D/L)
Sad Girl “NYX EP”
Secret, The “Lux Tenebris” (Silver, Numbered)
Skeletal Remains “Devouring Mortality”
Smith, Parrish “Sex, Suicide & Speed Metal EP”
Solstice “White Horse Hill”
Spectral Voice “Eroded Corridors Of Unbeing”
Spider Bags “Someday Everything Will Be Fine” (Peak Vinyl Ltd. Ed. Bruiser + D/L)
SunnO))) “White2” (Black Vinyl & Silver Ltd. Ed. Versions Available)
SunnO))) “White1” (Black Vinyl & Silver Ltd. Ed. Versions Available)
Sweet Valley “Eternal Champ II” (Blue)
Sweet Valley “Eternal Champ” (Blue)
Thantifaxath “Sacred White Noise”
Thantifaxath “Void Masquerading As Matter”
Vainio, Mika & Joachim Nordwall “Monstrance”
Vanhelgd “Temple Of Phobos”
Various “Nigeria Fuji Machine: Synchro Sound System & Power – Made In Lagos” (Soul Jazz Records)
Verbal Assault “Trial”
West, Kanye “Ye”
White Ring “Gate Of Grief”
Xenakis, Iannis “Electronic Music”
X-Ray Spex “Germfree Adolescents” (Clear X-Rat Vinyl)


Conjunto Jovens Africano “Nhu Djon / Volta Pa Terra”
Crover, Dale / Deerhoof “Tiny Dirt / I Hear An Echo”
Joan Of Arc / Devendra Banhart “First Song For B / Shown And Told”
Moniquea “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On / Break No Hearts”
Mountain Goats “From The Lake Trials”
Os Mutantes / Yonatan Gat “Esos Ojos Verdes / Porto Exilio”
Prophet “Right On Time”
Scientists “Braindead (Resuscitated) / SurvivalsKills”
Spellling “Hard To Please / My Other Voice”
Swift, Richard / Tall Tall Trees “4 Yr Luv / Lost In Time / So Smoothie”
Trailer Limon & Max Kane “Ego Death / Mids”
Vastum / Spectral Voice “Gagging On A Gash / Katabatic Depths”


Apoplexy “Tears Of The Unborn”
Autumn Tears “The Origin Of Sleep”
Baptists “Beacon Of Faith”
Bestia Arcana “Holokauston”
Blood Incantation “Interdimensional Extinction”
Blood Incantation “Starspawn”
Brown, Kev “Homework”
Burial Invocation “Abiogenesis”
Crimson Relic “Purgatory’s Reign”
Deracination “Times Of Atrocity + Demos” (Deluxe 2CD Version)
Fujita, Masayoshi “Stories”
Garcia Peoples “Cosmic Cash”
Gravehill “The Unchaste, The Profane & The Wicked”
Hauff, Helena “Qualm”
Hauschildt, Steve “Dissolvi”
Heresiarch “Hammer Of Intransigence”
Immortal “Sons Of Northern Darkness”
Lucero “Among The Ghosts”
Mabadu, Tunde “Viva Disco”
MF Doom “Special Herbs Vols. 1 & 2”
Supuration “The Cube / The Cube Live” (2CD Deluxe Version)
Thantifaxath “Thantifaxath”
Thantifaxath “Sacred White Noise”


Bestia Arcana “Holokauston” (DDR190CS)
Blood Incantation “Starspawn” (DDR157CS)
Blood Incantation “Interdimensional Extinction” (DDR133CS)
Emptiness “Nothing But The Whole” (DDR105CS)
Gravehill “The Unchaste, The Profane & The Wicked” (DDR200CS)
Heresiarch “Death Ordinance” (DDR188CS)
Immortal “Sons Of Northern Darkness” (2825-4)
Potions “Ostinato” (HAUSMO 78)
Sarcasm “Within The Sphere Of Ethereal Minds” (DDR182CS)
Skeletal Remains “Devouring Mortality” (DDR202CS)
Thantifaxath “Void Masquerading As Matter” (DDR193CS)



RLYR Actual Existence
Hailing from Chicago is this trio (pronounced “Relayer”) whose brand of fuzzy and space-y instrumental rock sounds optimistic (it’s complex and seems aimed to pump you up, kind of like a post-rock oriented version of Hum.) Consisting of drummer Steven Hess (Locrian), bassist Colin DeKuiper (Bloodiest) and guitarist Trevor Shelley de Brauw (Pelican), this group sounds intricate and inspired on this sophomore record, with the complex and multi-faceted “L.Layer” being a definite high point with its ever-morphing structure and kinetic pace.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts
(Rough Trade)
Born and raised in New York City, Jeffrey Lewis is a comic book artist and singer-songwriter whose offbeat and intimate songs have affectionately earned him the “anti-folk” tag (though hard to define, the term generally refers to a style more experimental and laid-back than traditional folk music.) Backed by the band Los Bolts, Lewis delivers endearingly off-kilter and wordy vocals that give entertaining and personal reflections on topics such as meeting with a girlfriend only to break up (“Back to Manhattan”) and the reality of being an unknown musician struggling for exposure (“Support Tours”). Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts will be playing at New Haven’s Café Nine on Monday, August 6th, supported by Lys Guillorn & Her Band and The Outer Side.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Deaf Wish
(Sub Pop)
Originally formed with the philosophy that “let’s not make anything that’s going to last”, this Melbourne-based band joined after their members were scattered across several continents to record this dissonant and exhilarating debut (they’ve recently put out a follow-up entitled Lithium Zion.) Their brand of lo-fi indie/noise rock abides by a simple approach, with these varied tracks recorded in no more than three takes in an out-of-the-way recording studio. The tracks range from abrasive punk freak-outs with barked lyrics (“Newness Again”, Eyes Closed”) to more melodic dissonance reminiscent of Sonic Youth (“Sunset’s Fool”, “Sex Witch”).
[Reviewer: Mark]

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