7th Of September 2018 Update

7th Of September 2018 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s

Adelaja, Gboyega “Colourful Environment” (1979 Nigerian Afro Disco Reissue)
Alabama Shakes “Boys & Girls” (Platinum Anniversary Reissue)
Amon Duul II “Made In Germany”
Bachman, Eric “No Recover” (Peak Vinyl Blue/Black Swirl)
Baraz, Alina “The Color Of You” (Clear + D/L)
Belly “Dove”
Black Tusk “TGBT”
Blind Justice “No Matter The Cost”
Cherry, Don / K. Sridhar “Bitter Funeral Beer Band Live In Frankfurt 82”
China’s Comidas “Complete Studio Recordings 77-81”
Chiweshe, Stella “Kasahwa: Early Singles” (180 Gram + D/L)
Clearance “At Your Leisure”
Creedence Clearwater Revival “Chronicle: The 20 Greatest Hits”
Davies, Daniel “Events Score”
Descendents “Fartathon: Live In St. Louis, MO. March 24th 1987 US TV Broadcast”
Disfear “Misanthropic Generation”
Disfear “A Brutal Sight Of War”
Doum, Al & The Faryds “Spirit Rejoin”
Emerald Web “The Stargate Tapes 1979-1982”
Green, Collen “Casey’s Tape”
Heavee “WFM”
Hennies, Sarah “Embedded Environments”
Hennix, Catherine Christer “Selected Early Keyboard Works (1976)”
Idles “Joy As An Act Of Resistance” (Deluxe Edition)
Iron & Wine “Weed Garden”
Ital Tek “Bodied”
Jaar, Nicolas “Pomegranates”
Jerman / Barnes “The Finger’d Remove”
Jesus Piece “Self” (Silver & Black Variants Available)
Kooks, The “Let’s Go Sunshine”
L’Éclair “Polymood”
Maribou State “Kingdoms In Colour” (Turquoise Ltd. Ed.)
Mass Gothic “I’ve Tortured You Long Enough”
Mirah “Understanding”
Mods, The “Reactions”
Molochs, The “Flowers In The Spring”
Morlocks, The “Bring On The Mesmeric Condition” (+D/L)
Mothers “Render Another Ugly Method” (LTd. Ed. Yellow)
Om “Variations On A Theme”
Pentangle “Sweet Child” (Sky Blue)
Pineapple Thief “Dissolution”
Primals, The “All Love Is True Love” (Silver Ltd. Ed.)
Probot “Probot” (Silver Ltd. Ed.)
Punch Brothers “All Ashore”
Punks, The “Lost & Found 1973-1977”
Redinho “MMM MMM / Square 1”
Rental, Robert “Different Voices For You Different Colours For Me Demos 1980”
Ribeiro, Catherine + Alpes “No. 2”
Richenel “Perfect Stranger”
Roche, Jean C. / David Toop “Birds Of Venezuela” (Filed In Soundtracks)
Scumputer / L.O.T.I.O.N. “Campaign For Digital Destruction”
Secret, The “Lux Tenebris” (Silver Ltd. Ed. Numbered)
Serration Pulse “Serration Pulse”
Sex Messiah “Eastern Cult Of Sodomy”
Shitgrinder “Eternal Death”
Siege Column “Inferno Deathpassion”
Simon, Paul “The Rhythm Of The Saints”
Smegma “Abacus Incognito”
Soundgarden “A-Sides”
Spiral Deluxe “Voodoo Magic” (Axis Audiophile Series)
Universal Eyes “Four Variations On ‘Artificial Society'” (Universal Indians + Wolf Eyes)
Various “True Romance: Motion Picture Soundtrack” (Clear/White Splatter)
Various “Shaolin Soul Episode 4” (2LP + CD)
Various “Music Of Southern Laos”
Various “Music Of Northern Laos”
Waxahatchee “Great Thunder” (+D/L)
Waxahatchee “Great Thunder” (Peak Vinyl Yellow Ltd. Ed. + D/L)


Barnett, Courtney “Boxing Day Blues (Revisited) / Shivers”
Heavens To Betsy “These Monsters Are Real” (+D/L)
Liza Anne “Live At Third Man”
Mil-Spec “Changes”
Morby, Kevin “Live At Third Man”


AFI “All Hallow’s E.P.”
Black & White Envelope “Method Acting” (Local!)
Chaos Echoes “Transient”
Faustcoven “In The Shadow Of Doom”
Grateful Dead “Pacific Northwest ’73-’74: Believe It If You Need It” (3CD Set)
Iron & Wine “Weed Garden”
Ital Tek “Bodied”
Jesus Piece “Self”
KEN Mode “Loved”
Korpiklaani “Kulkija”
Maribou State “Kingdoms In Colour”
Mass Gothic “I’ve Tortured You Long Enough”
Moenen Of Xezbeth “Ancient Spells Of Darkness”
Mutant Beat Dance “Mutant Beat Dance” (2CD Set)
Primals, The “All Love Is True Love”
Sex Prisoner “Tannhauser Gate”
Sissy Spacek “Ways Of Confusion”
Waxahatchee “Great Thunder”


Chaos Echoes “Unfathomable” (ANTI-GOTH 339)
Iron & Wine “Weed Garden”
Magnetophonique “Une Cartiographie Ideale” (NNF348)
Mmph “Serenade” (TRIANGLE47)



Ocoeur Inner
Based in Bordeaux, France, Ocoeur is the project of ambient composer Franck Zaragoza. He learned to play piano as a child and loved experimenting with melody and rhythm, later discovering electronic influences such as Aphex Twin, Vangelis, Brian Eno and Murcof. For this fifth full-length album, he creates a rich, flowing synth tapestry compromised of notes that seem to melt alongside one another, as demonstrated well by the otherworldly synth and sparse beats of the first-released track “Embers”. I also enjoyed the post-apocalyptic, mechanized atmosphere of eerily subdued tracks like “Passage” and “Echo”.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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