9th Of November 2018 Update

9th Of November 2018 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s

Afsky “Sorg”
Atobe, Shinichi “Heat”
Baird, Meg & Mary Lattimore “Ghost Forests”
Beast “Ens”
Beatles, The “The Beatles” (White Album Anniversary 2LP Edition)
Bimeni, J.P. & The Black Belts “Free Me”
Bird, Andrew “Break It Yourself” (Picture Disc)
Blake, Tim “Blake’s New Jerusalem”
Boygenius “Boygenius” (Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus)
Bradley, Charles “Black Velvet”
Bradley, Charles “Black Velvet” (Boxset)
Brown, Kev “Fill In The _ _ _ _ _”
Brown, Kev “Kev Browns Delve Into Classical Moog”
Car Seat Headrest “Twin Fantasy (Mirror To Mirror)” (Original 2011 Version Of The Album)
Carbonas “Your Moral Superiors: Singles And Rarities”
Cobra Man “Toxic Planet”
Coil “The Ape Of Naples”
Cookin’ On 3 Burners “Lab Experiments Vol. 2” (+D/L)
Cop Killers, The “The Cop Killers” (Reissue)
Cripple Bastards “La Fine Cresce Da Dentro”
Death From Above 1979 “Heads Up”
DJ Woody “Scratch Sounds No. 1”
Doppelgangaz, The “Lone Sharks”
Fernandez, J “Occasional Din” (Beer)
FKJ “French Kiwi Juice”
Fofoulah “Daega Rek” (+D/L)
Gazelle Twin “Pastoral”
Hissing “Permanent Destitution”
Houses “Drugstore Heaven”
IAmPaul “Something Between” (/300 + D/L)
Ifukube, Akira “Godzilla: Original Soundtrack”
Iron Reagan “Dark Days Ahead”
Kassian “The Premise EP”
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard “Oddments” (Indie Record Store Edition)
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard “Float Along – Fill Your Lungs” (Indie Record Store Edition)
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard “12 Bar Bruise” (Indie Record Store Edition)
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard “Eyes Like The Sky” (Official Reissue)
Kode9 & Burial “Fabriclive 100”
Koenjihyakkei “Dhorimviskha”
Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers “Bought To Rot” (Ltd. Ed. Color + D/L)
Liminanas “I’ve Got Trouble In Mind Vol. 2: 7′ And Rare Stuff 2015/2018” (2LP + CD)
Lotus Eaters “Desatura” (Lucy & Rrose)
Lunch, Lydia “Marchesa”
Maisha “There Is A Place”
Margot & The Nuclear So And Sos “Vulgar In The Chapel – The Animal! Not Animal Demo Recordings” (Ltd. Color)
Mascis, J. “Elastic Days” (Loser Edition)
Masta Ace & Marco Polo “A Breukelen Story”
McCarthy, Eliza & Mica Levi “Slow Dark Green Murky Waterfall”
Men, The “Hated: 2008-2011” (+D/L)
Mercure, Michele “Beside Herself” (2LP 1983-1990 Collection)
Metric “Fantasies” (Picture Disc)
Monophonics “In Your Brain” (+ D/L)
Muse “Simulation Theory”
Nana, Emilie “I Rise Remix EP” (The Francois K Remixes)
Nickelus F. “Stuck”
Oh Sees (OCS) “Live In San Francisco” (2LP)
Pacewon X Mr. Green “The Only That Matters Is Green”
Parks, Aaron “Little Big”
Planningtorock “Powerhouse”
Plyxy “Gloryland” (+D/L)
Poldoore “The Day Off” (/500 Ltd. Ed. Numbered Green Vinyl)
Powell Tillmans “Spoken By The Other”
Public Memory “Demolition”
Radigue, Eliane “Jouet Electronique Elemental I”
Raime “We Can’t Be That Far From The Beginning” (Clear)
Rays “You Can Get There From Here” (Red + D/L)
Reckonize Real & Guilty Simpson “Carved From Stone”
Redshape “A Sole Game”
Restorations “LP5000”
Rivers, Cash & The Sinners (Robert Pollard) “Do Not Try To Adjust Your Set I Am The Horizontal And The Vertical”
Rock, Pete / Inl “Lost Sessions” (Blue/White)
Sessions, Will & Amp Fiddler “The One” (Ft. Dames Brown)
Shinji “Shini In Color”
Shit & Shine “Bad Vibes”
Skiffle Players, The “Skiff”
Slasher Dave “Frights”
SpaceArk “SpaceArk” (1975 Album Reissue)
Spaceman, J “Guitar Loops”
Steinbrink, Stephen “Utopia Teased” (Mint Ltd. Ed. + D/L)
Stereolab “Space Age Bachelor Pad Music” (Clear)
Stereolab “Peng!” (Clear)
Street Sects “The Kicking Mule”
Sweet, Ian “Crush Crusher” (+D/L)
Thomas, Pat “I Ain’t Buyin’ It”
Tiersen, Yann “Hent I”
Tokyo Police Club “Champ” (Picture Disc)
Toots And The Maytals “Recoup”
Unsane “Total Destruction” (+ D/L)
Van Houdt, Reinier “Igitur Carbon Copies” (+D/L)
Various “Sowas Von Egal. German Synth Wave Underground 1980-1985”
Vaudou Game “Otodi”
Vinnie Paz “The Pain Collector” (Orange / Black)
Weaver, Jane “The Silver Globe”
Wume “Towards The Shadow”
YG “Stay Dangerous”

Byrds, The “Eight Miles High”
Deerhoof “Plays The Music Of The Shining”
DJ Woody “Scratch Sounds No. 1”
Ghost Funk Orchestra “Walk Like A Motherfucker / Isaac Hayes” (Orange)
Gripsweats, The “Gripsweats Theme / Intermission” (White)
Ikebe Shakedown “Assassin / View From Above” (Smokey Translucent)
Jones, Thelma “I Can’t Stand It / Only Yesterday”
Lite “Blizzard”
Mad Geezers “Hip Hug-Her / Girl Of My Dreams”
Scientists, The “The Scientists E.P.”
Trashmen, The “Surfin’ Bird”
Underground System / Midnight Magic “Go / Give Me A Reason”


Ace Of Cups “Ace Of Cups”
Adams, Tom “Yes, Sleep Well Death”
Afsky “Sorg”
Akitsa “Credo”
Alastor “Slave To The Grave”
Baird, Meg & Mary Lattimore “Ghost Forests”
Bradley, Charles “Black Velvet”
Cripple Bastards “La Fine Cresce Da Dentro”
Dane, Warrel (Of Nevermore, Sanctuary) “Shadow Work”
Devil Master “Manifestations”
Dracaris “Nowhere (External Inferno, Breath Death Into This Flesh And Return It To Ash.)”
Echlo “Echolocation”
Hissing “Permanent Destitution”
Korwar, Sarathy & Upaj Collective “My East Is Your West”
Lotus Eaters “Desatura” (Lucy & Rrose)
M Slagle “The Endangered Consciousness”
Maisha “There Is A Place”
Marciano, Roc “Behold A Dark Horse”
Mascis, J. “Elastic Days”
Masta Ace & Marco Polo “A Breukelen Story”
Men, The “Hated: 2008-2011”
Mercure, Michele “Beside Herself”
Open Mike Eagle “What Happens When I Try To Relax”
Planningtorock “Powerhouse”
Public Memory “Demolition”
Reckonize Real & Guilty Simpson “Carved From Stone”
Sessions, Will & Amp Fiddler “The One (Ft. Dames Brown)”
Slasher Dave “Frights”
SpaceArk “SpaceArk”
Spirit Of The Beehive “Hypnic Jerks”
Srsq “Unreality”
Street Sects “The Kicking Mule”
Trappes, Penelope “Penelope Two”


Mascis, J. “Elastic Days” (SP1270)
Nothing “Dance On The Blacktop” (RR7394)
Pig Destroyer “Head Cage” (RR7360)
Sweet, Ian “Crush Crusher” (HAR110)



The Holydrug Couple
Hyper Super Mega
(Sacred Bones)
It’s been a decade after Ives Sepúlveda and Manuel Parra joined on the outskirts of Santiago, Chile to form this psychedelic pop duo, and their progression shows on this new album. Like a multicolored nostalgia-tinted dream, their hypnotic songs drift along with an accessible pop style inspired by the infectious vocal harmonies and hooks of 60s and 70s classics (The Beatles, Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac, etc.) “Waterfalls” is a great encapsulation of this well-developed sound, using guitars, synth and strings for what makes me envision breezy and nebulous memories of summers past.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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