11th Of January 2019 Update

11th Of January 2019 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Abyssous “Mesa” (MLP)
AFI “Very Proud Of Ya”
AFI “Black Sails In The Sunset”
Ahbez, Eden “Eden’s Island – The Music Of An Enchanted Isle”
Alice Cooper “Greatest Hits” (Ltd. Silver)
Allin, G.G. & Antiseen “Murder Junkies” (Reissue Remastered)
Axiom Funk “Funkcronomicon” (Color Vinyl)
Black Witchery / Possession / Nyogthaeblisz “Abhorrent Desecration” (3LP)
Clean Bandit “What Is Love” (Red Vinyl Ltd. Ed.)
Death “The Sound Of Perseverance” (20th Anniversary Edition Ltd. Ed. Deluxe)
Drowning The Light “Tenth Region Of The Night & Paradise Slaves”
Eadem “Luguber”
Ferocious X “Svart Att Overleva”
Fist Of Facts “Fugitive Vesco” (LP + 7″)
Grateful Dead “Amberian Beauty” (Reissue)
Hammock “Universalis”
Jah Gumby “Humility – The Vibes Of Jah G”
Jenkins, Johnny “Ton-Ton Macoute!”
Jungle By Night “Livingstone”
Kero Kero Bonito “TOTEP” 10″
Kero Kero Bonito “Time ‘N’ Place” (180 Gram Black Vinyl)
Kero Kero Bonito “Bonito Generation” (Color Vinyl 180 Gram)
Kiefer, Tim / Various “Adventure Time – Come Along With Me” (Soundtrack)
Kinks, The “Are The Village Green Preservation Society” (50th Ann. Ed.)
Konami Kukeiha Club “Gradius III” (Soundtrack)
Konami Kukeiha Club “Gradius II” (Soundtrack)
Lindblad, Rune “Death Of The Moon And Other Early Works”
Logothetis, Anestis “‘Hor!-spiel’ Nekrologlog 1961 Fantasmata 1960”
Malone, Kali “Organ Dirges 2016-2017”
Matt & Kim “Grand”
Monkees, The “The Monkees Greatest Hits” (Ltd. Orange Vinyl)
Omnipotence “Praecipitium”
Order Of The Nameless Ones “Utter To Me The Word Of Wrath”
Perry, Lee & King Tubby “Cloak & Dagger”
Pohgoh “In Memory Of Bab”
Pousseur, Henri “Early Experimental Electronic Music 1954-1961”
Sex Prisoner “Tannhauser Gate”
Solarize “Nachtwerk”
Television “Adventure” (Ltd. Red)
Temple Nightside “Recondemnation”
Tezcatlipoca “Tlayohualtlapelani”
Throbbing Gristle “20 Jazz Funk Greats”
Tornado, Toni “Toni Tornado”
Undergang “Til Doden Os Skiller”
Vallancien, Daniel & Philippe Mate “Daniel Vallancien / Philippe Mate”
Various Artists “A Creak Retimed”
Witches Hammer “Stretching Into Infinity”
Witches Hammer “Canadian Speed Metal”


Demarco, Mac / Haruomi Hosono “Mac DeMarco Plays Haruomi Hosono”
Kero Kero Bonito “Flamingo” (Pink Vinyl)
Necroholocaust “Laudem Antichristus” (+Poster)
Torso “Build And Break” (Green)


Abyssous “Mesa” (MCD)
At The Gates “Slaughter Of The Soul” (Full Dynamic Range Reissue)
Baxaxaxa “Hellfire”
Bolt Thrower “Realm Of Chaos” (Full Dynamic Range Reissue)
Bolt Thrower “WarMaster” (Full Dynamic Range Reissue)
Bolt Thrower “The IV th Crusade” (Full Dynamic Range Reissue)
Born Of Osiris “The Simulation”
Carcass “Symphonies Of Sickness” (Full Dynamic Range Reissue)
Cathedral “Forest Of Equilibrium”
Dakhma “Hamkar Atonement”
Eadem “Luguber”
Firth, David “Umbilical World” (DVD + D/L)
Kero Kero Bonito “TOTEP”
Kero Kero Bonito “Bonito Generation”
Kero Kero Bonito “Time ‘N’ Place”
Morbid Angel “Altars Of Madness” (Full Dynamic Range Reissue)
Morbid Angel “Blessed Are The Sick” (Full Dynamic Range Reissue)
Municipal Waste “The Art Of Partying”
Napalm Death “Scum” (Full Dynamic Range Reissue)
Omnipotence “Praecipitium”
Order Of The Nameless Ones “Utter To Me The Word Of Wrath”
Sleep “Holy Mountain” (Full Dynamic Range Reissue)
Temple Nightside “Recondemnation”
Tetragrammacide “Typhonian Wormholes: Indecipherable Anti-Structural Formulae”
Tezcatlipoca “Tlayohualtlapelani”
Vektor “Black Future”


Black Mysteries, The “Lemegeton” (Iron Bonehead)
Blasphemy “Fallen Angel Of Doom…” (Nuclear War Now)
Disharmony “Messe De Minuit” (Iron Bonehead)
S. Araw Trio XIII “Activated Clown” (NNA115)



Ribbed: Live in a Dive
(Fat Wreck Chords)
Released in 1991, NOFX’s third album Ribbed served as a benchmark for melodic skate-punk, influencing countless others (including Propagandhi singer-guitarist Chris Hannah, who said the album influenced his band’s early sound.) Twenty-one years later, NOFX played Ribbed in its entirety at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles; now they’ve released this record as their third live album and the eighth in Fat’s Live in a Dive series (the previous entry was a Lagwagon performance released thirteen years ago.) Even decades later, NOFX show a lot of energy and prowess that rises above their ever self-deprecating humor (there’s just the right amount of between-song banter) as they blaze through the album’s many classics. In addition to shining favorites like “The Moron Brothers” and “Cheese/Where’s My Slice?”, diversions like the irresistible ska-punk “Food, Sex & Ewe” and smutty, laid-back “Together on the Sand” are some favorites.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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