5th Of April 2019 Update

5th Of April 2019 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

Firstly, don’t forget about our week long sale in celebration of 12 years of Redscroll! And next Saturday, the 13th is Record Store Day – we’ll have a list of available titles up Friday night (the 12th) at 8PM.

LPs & 12″s

Ando, Umeko “Battaki”
Bloodsoaked Necrovoid “The Apocryphal Paths Of The Ancient 8th Vitriolic Transencence”
Carpenter, John “Prince OF Darkness: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (White)
Carter, Daniel / Watson Jennison / William Parker / Federico Ughi “Erie Live! Vol. 1”
Ceschi “Sad, Fat Luck”
Chacalon Y La Nueva Crema “Grandes Exitos 1976-1981”
Chasman “Synth-E-Fuge” (Numero)
Chesworth, David “Layer On Layer” (Neon Yellow + D/L)
Choosey & Exile “Black Beans”
Damu The Fudgemunk “Rare & Unreleased”
Damu The Fudgemunk “Victorious Visions: Dreams & Vibrations Instrumentals”
De Clive-Lowe, Mark “Heritage II” (Blue)
Desaever, Dirk “Collected 1984-1989 (Long Play)”
Dobson, Al Jr. “Sounds From The Village, Vol. 2”
Doppelgangaz, The “Beats 4 Brothels Volume Four”
Eastman, Julius “The N***** Series”
Ellis, Roy & The Transilvanians “Almighty Ska” (Mr. Symarip)
Fields, Lee & The Expressions “It Rains Love” (Red Vinyl Ltd. Ed. & Standard Black Available)
GGUW “Behauptungsanimalität”
Gika, Joanna “Thalassa”
Girl Unit “Song Feel” (+ D/L)
Harrison, Kevin “Inscrutably Obvious” (1981 Album Reissue)
Hector, Karl And The Malcouns “Non Ex Orbis” (+D/L)
Honey 2 Honey “A Taste Of”
Hood, Robert “Clocks / Low Life / Go”
Horn “Die Kraft Der Szenarien” (Blue & Black Variants)
Ill Bill & Stu Bangas “Cannibal Hulk” (Gamma Ray Green Vinyl)
Israel Vibration “Reggae Knights”
Jai Wolf “The Cure To Loneliness”
Jakuzi “Hata Payi”
Jedi Mind Tricks “Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell” (Orange)
Johnson, J.J. “Themes And Cues For Movies & Television”
Khotin “Beautiful You” (Smoke Ltd. Vinyl)
Klaus Layer “Lost Track Instrumentals” (Silver)
Konami Digital Entertainment “Silent Hill 2: Original Video Game Soundtrack”
Konami Digital Entertainment “Silent Hill: Original Video Game Soundtrack”
Kongas “Afrodesia”
La Dispute “Panorama” (Purple Sapphire)
Lady Lamb “Even In The Tremor” (+D/L)
Lucy “Dyscamupia”
Malakhim “II”
Med Featuring Guilty Simpson “Child Of The Jungle”
Mr. Green “The Last Of The Classic Beats” (Narrated By Kool Herc)
Mr. Twin Sister “Salt” (Indie Exclusive Version + D/L + Sticker)
Murmur (Ryan White & Pete Morcey) “The Boundless Black” (Swamp Green)
Musmahhu “Reign Of The Odious”
Nali, Gasper “Zoona Malawi”
Nilovic, Janko “Un Homme Dans L’Univers” (Filed In Soundtracks)
Pentagram Home Video “Who’s Here? I’m Here, You’re Here” (180 Gram)
Philthy “Party Crashers (Philip Lassiter Presents)”
Priests “The Seduction” (Special Edition Pink Vinyl)
Raczynski, Bogdan “Rave ‘Till You Cry”
Ringare “Under Pale Moon”
Son Lux “At War With Walls & Mazes” (Debut LP Reissued on Grey Vinyl + D/L)
Son Lux “We Are Rising” (Second LP Reissue on Green Vinyl + D/L)
Sonny & The Sunsets “Hairdressers From Heaven”
Sparrow Steeple “Tin Top Sorcerer”
Statik Selektah “Well-Done Instrumentals” (Clear)
Supercrush “Never Let You Drift Away”
Swift, Richard “Ground Trouble Jaw / Walt Wolfman” (The Richard Swift Collection Volume Two)
Swift, Richard “Dressed Up For The Letdown”
Swift, Richard “The Atlantic Ocean”
Ta-Ku “25 Nights For Nujabes”
Tamaryn “Dreaming The Dark”
Various “Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Once More With Feeling – Original Cast Recording”
Visible Cloaks, Yoshio Ojima & Satsuki Shibano “Serenitatem”
Vlasov, Victor “The Air Seller: Music For Television Film 1967”
Weregoat “Unholy Exaltation Of Fullmoon Perversity”
Xasthur “Nocturnal Poisoning” (Silver Vinyl Ltd. Ed.)


A Race Of Angels “We”
Camacho, Ray “Movin’ On / Si Si Puede”
Oozelles, The “Every Night They Hack Off A Limb”
Soul Surfers “Doin’ The Rasklad”
Stash (Rasputin’s Stash) “Make Up Your Mind / You Are My Everything”
Stools, The “When I Left”
XL Middleton, Zackey Force Funk & DJ Spinna “Shotgun Lover / Dig”


Abyssous “…Smouldering”
Adjuah, Christian Scott Atunde “Ancestral Recall”
Black Funeral “The Dust & Darkness”
Ceschi “Sad, Fat Luck”
Drowning The Light “Cursed Below The Waves”
Fennesz “Agora”
Fields, Lee & The Expressions “It Rains Love” (Deluxe CD)
Hector, Karl & The Malcouns “No Ex Orbis”
Low Jack “Breizh”
Malakhim “II”
Med Featuring Guilty Simpson “Child Of The Jungle”
Murmur (Ryan White & Pete Morcey) “The Boundless Black”
Musmahhu “Reign Of The Odious”
Priests “The Seduction Of Kansas”
Raczynski, Bogdan “Rave ‘Till You Cry”
Ringare “Under Pale Moon”
Sonny & The Sunsets “Hairdressers From Heaven”
Visible Cloaks, Yoshio Ojima & Satsuki Shibano “Serenitatem”
Weregoat “Unholy Exaltation Of Fullmoon Perversity”


American Nightmare “We’re Down ‘Til We’re Underground” (Blue & Translucent Red Cassette Shell Varieties)
Bolzer “Hero” (IBP303)
Ceschi “Sad, Fat Luck” (FFINC-074)
Ill Bill & Stu Banga “Cannibal Hulk” (Uncle Howie)
Jpegmafia “Veteran” (Ltd. Alternate Cover)
Pestilength “Demo MMXIX” (IBP)
Primitive Man “Steel Casket” (TAR090)
Reaper “Ravenous Storm Of Piss” (IBP)
Sonny & The Sunsets “Hairdressers From Heaven” (RIYH 001)
VR Sex “Horseplay” (EP, DAIS133)


Into the Tomb #3 – Heavy Metal Fan-Zine
Wire #423 May 2019 Magazine



Xeno & Oaklander Hypnos
Active since 2004, this Brooklyn duo (Sean McBride and Liz Wendelbo) plays enticing, retro-flavored minimalist synth-pop/coldwave that sounds particularly fleshed-out on this fifth album. Mixed by sound engineer and visual artist Egan Frantz, the polyphonic synthesizer harmonies are particularly effective when paired alongside Wendelbo’s ethereal vocals (she channeled “60s French Pop chanteuse Françoise Hardy and 80s New Wave New York icon Tina Weymouth”). My favorite track is the truly otherworldly “Angélique”: swathed in celestial synth, the lively beat and Wendelbo’s French-language vocals all meld together spendidly.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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