17th Of May 2019 Update

17th Of May 2019 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s

American Pleasure Club “Fucking Bliss” (Blue/White)
Aseethe “Throes” (White)
Automelodi “Mirages Au Futur Verre – Brise” (+D/L)
Beat Junkies “BJIOS Training Wax 2.0”
Black Midi “Talking Heads”
Blu & Nottz “Gods In The Spirit, Titans In The Flesh” (Blue/Yellow Swirl)
Butler, Serena “We Want Neither Clean Hands Nor Beautiful Souls”
Cameron, John “Jazzrock” (KPM: Music Recorded Library)
Capcom Sound Team “Resident Evil 2” (180 Gram, Soundtrack)
Capcom Sound Team “Resident Evil” (180 Gram, Soundtrack)
Charles, Tanika “The Gumption”
Com Truise “Persuasion System” (Sky Blue & Standard Black Variants)
Crisci, Domenico “Velvet”
Dalek “Respect To The Authors”
DeMarco, Mac “Here Comes The Cowboy” (Green/Black Swirl)
Dommengang “No Keys” (Orange)
Dynatron “The Legacy Collection Vol. 1”
Dynatron “The Legacy Collection Vol. II”
Empath “Active ListeningL Night On Earth”
Endless Boogies “Vol. I, II” (Reissue Of First Two 2005 LPs)
Epic Beard Men “This Was Supposed To Be Fun” (Sage Francis & B. Dolan with Slug of Atmosphere, Eligh of Living Legends, Blue Raspberry, Yugen Blakrok…)
Exile One “Exile One”
Fauna “The Hunt” (Red & Black Variants)
Full Of Hell “Weeping Choir” (White/Black/Grey)
Fury “Failed Entertainment” (Purple)
Ghostface Killah / Adrian Younge “Twelve Reasons To Die II”
Gong “The Universe Also Collapses” (180 Gram)
Hawkshaw, Alan “The Road Forward” (KPM: Music Recorded Library)
Hawkshaw, Alan / Keith Mansfield “Beat Incidental” (KPM: Music Recorded Library)
Herndon, Holly “Proto”
Hill, Thomas William “Grains Of Space”
Institute “Readjusting The Locks” (Clear/Bourbon Marble)
Integrity “Those Who Fear Tomorrow’ (Ltd. Color Vinyl + D/L – Reissue)
Interpol “A Fine Mess”
Jedi Mind Tricks “Legacy Of Blood” (Red)
Juan Maclean, The “What Do You Feel Free About? / Zone Non Linear”
Kelman Duran “1804 Kids”
Kerridge, Samuel & Taylor Burch “The Other”
Koray, Erkin “Elektronik Turkuler”
Lahey, Alex “The Best Of Luck Club” (White)
Lateef, Yusef “Hikima – Creativity”
Les Rallizes DeNudes + Be “There’s No Heaven Like Hell”
Local H “As Good As Dead” (Reissue)
Los Orientales De Paramonga “Fiesta En Oriente” (Peruvian Psych Chicha Classic Reissue)
Meshuggah “I” (Aqua Blue)
Meshuggah “Koloss” (Blood)
Midnight Hour “Live At Linear Labs” (Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Jack Waterson…)
Mistura Pura “Hollywood Spritz” (+D/L)
Morrison, Devin “Bussin'”
Mueller, Jon “Canto” (Red Marble)
National, The “I Am Easy To Find” (Indie Exclusive Color And Standard Variants Available)
National, The “I Am Easy To Find” (Deluxe 3LP Color Vinyl)
Nobody “All Too Familiar” (+D/L)
Noyes, Rob “The Feudal Spirit” (+D/L)
Ohbliv “Give Thanks”
Olden Yolk “Living Theatre” (Green)
Parker, Alan / John Cameron “Afro Rock” (KPM: Music Recorded Library)
Patricia “Heavy Merging”
Perdu “Skye EP”
Popcaan “Forever” (3LP)
Potter And Tillman “New York To L.A.: Coasting”
Pregnant Women “Soft Features”
Puto Tito “Carregando A Vida Atras Das Costas”
Radcliffe, Spencer & Everyone Else “Hot Spring”
Ras_G “Down 2 Earth, Vol. 3”
Reich, Steve “Steve Reich At UC Berkeley University Museum 11.7.1970”
Ringworm “Death Becomes My Voice”
Rosetta Stone “Seems Like Forever”
Salt Lick “Salt Lick” (Reissue)
Sanders, Pharoah “Live At Antibes Jazz Festival Juan-Les-Pins July 21st, 1968”
Seaway “Fresh Produce” (Blue Yellow + D/L)
Siskiyou “Not Somewhere”
Slater, Luke “Love Remixes” (+D/L)
Snow Ghosts “A Quiet Ritual”
Social Distortion “Poshboy’s Little Monsters”
Somers, Alex & Sigur Ros “Black Mirror: Hang The DJ” (White Vinyl, Soundtrack)
Space Cats “Something New” (Reissue)
Spring Heel Jack & Wadada Leo Smith “The Sweetness Of The Water”
Staples, Stuart A. “High Life” (Soundtrack)
Strawberry Girls “American Graffiti”
Tiny Holes “City Of Siege: Olympia”
Truncate & Chambray / Biri “Figure James 006”
Tsukerman, Slava & Branda I. Hutchinson & Clive Smith “Liquid Sky” (Soundtrack, Reissue)
Umiliani, Piero “Il Paradiso Dell’Uomo” (Soundtrack)
Unknown Instructors “Unwilling To Explain” (Purple, Copy with dinged corner discounted)
Vacation “Frenship”
Various “Sad About The Times”
We Never Learned To Live “The Sleepwalk Transmissions”
Wiggs, Josephine “We Fall”
Younge, Adrian “Produced By Adrian Younge” (Ft. Black Thought, Estelle, Gallant, Georgia Anne Muldrow & Terrace Martin)
Ze, Tom “Estudando O Samba” (Reissue)
Zorn, John “Pellucidar”


Flughand & Smuv “Fluo”
I, Ced “Percu”
Ill Bill & Stu Bangas “Cannibal Hulk”
Kumar, Aki “Dum Maaro Dum”
Mermaidens “You Maintain The Stain”
Ol’ Burger Beats “Immaculate Remix”
Red Channel “Crazy Diamonds EP”
XL Middleton “H1nds1ght Vol. 1”
XL Middleton “H1nds1ght Vol. 2”


Abraxas “Gevurah”
Com Truise “Persuasion System”
Comet Is Coming, The “Channel The Spirits & Prophecy” (2CD Set)
Current 93 “Invocations Of Almost”
Dynatron “The Legacy Collection – Vol. II”
Endless Boogie “Vol. I, II” (2-CD Set)
Epic Beard Men “This Was Supposed To Be Fun” (Sage Francis & B. Dolan with Slug of Atmosphere, Eligh of Living Legends, Blue Raspberry, Yugen Blakrok…)
Fury “Failed Entertainment”
Head & The Heart, The “Living Mirage”
Herndon, Holly “Proto”
Institute “Readjusting The Locks”
Interpol “A Fine Mess”
Lahey, Alex “The Best Of Luck Club”
National, The “I Am Easy To Find”
Saint Vitus “Saint Vitus”
Zorn, John “The Hierophant”


Fury “Failed Entertainment” (RFC180)
Gengras, M. Geddes “I Am The Last Of That Green And Warm Hued World” (HAUSMO 88)
Urban Sprawl “Urban Sprawl” (415 Nightmare)



(Captured Tracks)
I saw this Portland, Oregon band live as part of a mixed bill: their brand of super-mellow, 80s-flavored indie pop served as a balm of sorts between two hardcore punk acts. They cite “sci-fi art, cult mentality and deep connections” as sources of inspiration for their surreal (but accessible) lo-fi synth dreamscapes that seem to melt together. On this sophomore album, tracks like first single “Shuggie II” create a breezy atmosphere with smooth melodies and synth that morphs like it’s from a well-worn VHS tape. “Give Me Your Love” is memorable as well, sounding like an easygoing blend of krautrock, surf and funk.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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