T-USED-DAY Update for May 7th, 2019

T-USED-DAY Update for May 7th, 2019
at Redscroll Records

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s

A Story Of Rats “Thought Forms” $5.00
AC/DC “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” $6.00
AC/DC “Highway To Hell” $12.00
AC/DC “Back In Black” (Club Edition) $15.00
AC/DC “For Those About To Rock” (Club Edition) $12.00
Andrews, Michael “Donnie Darko” (Death Waltz Soundtrack with Poster) $27.00
Animal Collective “Centipede Hz” $8.00
Anthony & The Imperials “Payin’ Our Dues” $10.00
Assouf, Kel “Black Tenere” $16.00
Atlas Genius “So Electric: When It Was Now (The Remixes)” $3.00
B.O.B. “The Adventures Of Bobby Ray” (2LP) $69.00
Baez, Joan “Speaking Of Dreams” (1989) $6.00
Balance And Composure “Separation” (Black Vinyl) $14.00
Beatles “1962-1966” (2014 EU Pressing) $20.00
Belle & Sebastian “The Boy With The Arab Strap” (2007 Reissue) $15.00
Black Dice “Repo” $8.00
Black Dice “Load Blown” $9.00
Black Sabbath “Sabotage” (1980s UK Reissue) $15.00
Black Sabbath “Never Say Die!” $10.00
Black Sabbath “Technical Ecstasy” $12.00
Black Sabbath “Born Again” $15.00
Black Sabbath “Heaven And Hell” $12.00
Blake, Norman “Whiskey Before Breakfast” $7.00
Blind Faith “Blind Faith” (1986 Repress) $12.00
Blue Oyster Cult “Extraterrestrial Live” $5.00
Blue Oyster Cult “Fire Of Unknown Origin” $7.00
Blue Oyster Cult “Fire Of Unknown Origin” $8.00
Blue Oyster Cult “Blue Oyster Cult” $12.00
Blue Oyster Cult “Agents Of Fortune” $6.00
Blue Oyster Cult “Some Enchanted Evening” $6.00
Bowles, Nathan “Plainly Mistaken” (Sealed!) $12.00
Bright Eyes “The People’s Key” (+CD Deluxe Version) $15.00
Bush, Kate “Hounds Of Love” $20.00
Califone “Stitches” (Aquamarine Swirl) $12.00
Carn, Doug “Revelation” $18.00
Cash, Johnny “Blood, Sweat & Tears” $6.00
Castanets “First Lights Freeze” $7.00
Castanets / I Heart Lung “Castanets / I Heart Lung” (Grey Mix) $2.00
Cinematic Sunrise “A Coloring Storybook And Long Playing Record” (Picture Disc) $17.00
Clarke, Lenny Live “Life Sucks” $10.00
Cliff, Jimmy “Wonderful World, Beautiful People” $10.00
Coheed & Cambria “The Color Before The Sun” $16.00
Cooper, Matthew “Some Days Are Better Than Others” (Soundtrack) $7.00
Counter Intuits “Monosyllabilly” $10.00
Darrell, Johnny “California Stop-Over” $10.00
Dashboard Confessional “The Shade Of Poison Trees” (Orange Vinyl 2007) $40.00
Decemberists, The “The King Is Dead” $14.00
Deer Tick “The Black Dirt Sessions” $11.00
Del Rey, Lana “Paradise” $10.00
Del Rey, Lana “Honeymoon” $18.00
Destroyer 666 “Unchain The Wolves” (Blue) $14.00
Dio “The Last In Line” $10.00
Drift, The “Blue Hour” $8.00
Eisenberg, Wendy “Its Shape Is Your Touch” $13.00
Elektro Hafiz “Elektro Hafiz” $15.00
Elf “L.A. / 59” $10.00
EMA “Past Life Martyred Saints” (Raspberry) $8.00
Fear Itself “Fear Itself” $14.00
Ferrio, Gianni “Un Dollaro Bucato (One Silver Dollar)” (Soundtrack) $12.00
Fireworks “We Are Everywhere” (Blue LP / Red Flexi 7″) $16.00
Foster The People “Supermodel” $15.00
Four Year Strong “Enemy Of The World” (Orange Transparent) $33.00
Frijid Pink “Frijid Pink” $14.00
Frost, Max & The Troopers “Shape Of Things To Come” $17.00
Girls “Father, Son, Holy Ghost” (1 Black LP, 1 White LP) $8.00
Girls “Album” $12.00
Gorillaz “The Singles Collection 2001-2011” $78.00
Greaves, Tedman “Teddy” “Living It Up – With Teddy Greaves” $4.00
Green, Anthony “Beautiful Things” $11.00
Hendrix, Jimi Experience “Are You Experienced” (2010 Reissue) $18.00
Hey Mercedes “Hey Mercedes EP” (2012 Reissue) $9.00
Hicks, Joe “Mighty Joe Hicks” $15.00
Horner, James “An American Tail” (Club Edition) $5.00
Imarhan “Temet” $9.00
Iron Maiden “Killers” $18.00
Jay-Z “The Blueprint” $17.00
Judas Priest “Hell Bent For Leather” $10.00
Kinks, The “Muswell Hillbillies” (1981 Repress) $14.00
Kiss (K.I.S.S.) Double Platinum” $10.00
Kiss (K.I.S.S.) “Destroyer” (Check Condition) $8.00
Kiss (K.I.S.S.) “Hotter Than Hell” $10.00
Kiss (K.I.S.S.) “Ace Frehley” $7.00
Kiss (K.I.S.S.) “Gene Simmons” $8.00
Kweli, Talib “Gutter Rainbows” (Multi-Color) $12.00
Lumineers, The “The Lumineers” $9.00
Magic Mixture, The “This Is The Magic Mixture” (2008 UK Reissue) $23.00
Melchior, Dan “Born Under A Grey Sign” $10.00
Melchior, Dan “The Souls Of Birds And Mice” $3.00
Melchior, Dan “Melpomene” $10.00
Miller, Steve Band “Greatest Hits 1974-78” (2008 Pressing) $12.00
Minaj, Nicki “Pink Friday” (Pink 2LP) $65.00
Mom “Little Brite” (Green) $10.00
Motion City Soundtrack “Go” (No CD) $14.00
Motions, The “Electric Baby” $14.00
Mugstar “Lime” $12.00
Nite Jewel “One Second Of Love” (White Haze) $6.00
Nugent, Ted & The Amboy Dukes “Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes” $9.00
O’Donnel Levy “Simba” $18.00
Of Monsters & Men “My Head Is An Animal” (Pink) $12.00
One AM Radio, The “Heaven Is Attached By A Slender Thread” (Clear/White Haze) $13.00
Orcutt, Bill “VDSQ – Solo Acoustic Volume Ten” $10.00
Osbourne, Ozzy “Speak Of The Devil” $14.00
Owen “No Good For No One Now” $8.00
Papiercuts, Richard “IF” $12.00
Passenger “All The Little Lights” $16.00
Pearl Jam “Ten” (2LP 2009 Reissue) $18.00
Perry, Katy “Part Of Me (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duke Mix)” (Pink) $7.00
Prysock, Arthur “Where The Soul Trees Grow” $6.00
Queens Of The Stone Age “Like Clockwork” $12.00
Radiohead “Hail To The Thief” (2003 UK Original Pressing 2LP) $44.00
Raveonettes, The “Observer” $12.00
Real Roxanne, The “Roxannes On A Roll” $2.00
Rivers, Sam “Crystals” $17.00
Rodriguez, Ramon Y La Salsa, Canta Raulin “Mama Vieja” (1991) $12.00
Rollerskate Skinny “Shoulder Voices” (2014 Reissue Red Vinyl) $5.00
Segall, Ty “Manipulator” $13.00
Segall, Ty “Twins” $13.00
Segall, Ty / White Fence “Hair” $10.00
Simon, Paul “So Beautiful Or So What” $10.00
Small Brown Bike “Fell & Found” (Red) $9.00
Smith, Elliott “An Introduction To…” $8.00
Smoke Rise “The Survival Of St. Joan” (Canadian Pressing) $15.00
Spirit “Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus” (2009 Reissue) $14.00
Sun Araw “Belomancie” $10.00
Sun Araw / Ralph White “Sun Araw / Ralph White” $6.00
Taylor, James “… Greatest Hits” (Rhino Reissue) $9.00
Thursday “No Devolucion” (Clear Vinyl 2LP + CD) $28.00
Timberlake, Justin “The 20/20 Experience (2 Of 2)” $11.00
Tosh, Peter “Equal Rights” $10.00
Van Halen “Women And Children First” $6.00
Various “The Harder They Come” $7.00
Various “The Breakfast Club” (Soundtrack, #3375, White Vinyl) $19.00
Various “(Music From The Motion Picture) Juno” $9.000
Various “The Best Of Laurie Vol. 1” $3.00
Various “Rocky IV” (Soundtrack) $6.00
Various “Buster” (Canadian Pressing, Sealed) $5.00
Various “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” $10.00
Various “Grease” $5.00
Wailer, Bunny “So Much Trouble” $4.00
Washed Out “Within And Without” (White Vinyl) $13.00
West, Kanye “The College Dropout” $12.00
White, Jack “Boarding House Reach” (1731 Variant) $11.00
Younge, Adrian “The Electronic Void (Black Noise)” $11.00


Chvrches “Project Unfollow” (Gold) $5.00


Arrested Development “Revolution” $2.00
Arrested Development “Tennessee” $4.00
B-52s, The “Good Stuff” $1.00
BC-52’s (B-52’s) “Meet The Flintstones” $1.00
Black Crowes “She Talks To Angels” $2.00
Boy George / Lyle Lovett “The Crying Game” $2.00
Brooks, Garth “God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman” $1.25
Depeche Mode “I Feel You” $1.00
Duran Duran “Come Undone” $4.00
Madonna “Bad Girl” $1.00
Madonna “I’ll Remember” $1.00
Markie, Biz “Just A Friend” $10.00
Naughty By Nature “Hip Hop Hooray” $13.00
Poison “Unskinny Bob” $1.00
Prince “Diamonds And Pearls” $2.00
Prince “Cream” $1.00
Prince “Thieves In The Temple” $1.00
Red Hot Chili Peppers “Soul To Squeeze” $13.00
Red Hot Chili Peppers “Under The Bridge” $2.00
Slngs / Caddywhompus “Slngs / Caddywhompus” (Purple) $1.00
Zevon, Warren “Werewolves Of London” $1.00

Cassette Tapes

Beach Boys “Pet Sounds” (Mono, Club Edition) $13.00
Beach Boys “Sunshine Dream” $2.00
Bon Jovi, Jon “Blaze Of Glory: Inspired By The Film Young Guns II” $2.00
Cabaret Voltaire “Code” $4.00
Doors, The “The Best Of The Doors” $3.00
Hiatt, John “Stolen Moments” $1.00
Jerky Boys, The “All New The Jerky Boys” $0.99
Liebert, Ottmar & Luna Neara “Viva!” $2.00
Liebert, Ottmar & Luna Neara “The Hours Between Night And Day” $2.00
Madonna “True Blue” $2.00
Orbison, Roy “All Time Greatest Hits” $2.00
Public Enemy “Fear Of A Black Planet” $6.00
Siouxsie And The Banshees “Superstition” $3.00
Starship “Greatest Hits” $1.00
TLC “Oooooooohhh… On The TLC Tip” $3.00
Ultravox “The Collection” $5.00
Ultravox “Quartet” $3.00
Vanilla Fudge “The Best Of Vanilla Fudge” $3.00
Various “Power Rap” (Includes “Superbowl Shuffle”) $5.00
Various “Romeo + Juliet” (Soundtrack, 1996) $3.00
Wire “A Bell Is A Cup Until It Is Struck” $5.00
Wire “The Ideal Copy” $5.00
Yardbirds “A Compleat Collection” $2.00