23rd Of August 2019 Update

23rd Of August 2019 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s

311 “Voyager” (2LP Blue Splatter + D/L)
Ashikawa, Satoshi “Still Away”
Aureole “Alunar” (180 Gram Silver Vinyl)
Blitz “Second Empire Justice”
Brouk, Joanna “The Space Between” (Numero 810)
Bruised “Rotten Codex”
Carter Tutti Void “Triumvirate” (+D/L)
Ceremony “In The Spirit World Now”
Chronic Submission “Sick Of Reality”
Conners, Loren / Vapour Theories “Loren Conners / Vapour Theories”
Cross, David “Oh, Come On” (+ D/L)
Crush The Junta “Hermanos De La Muerte”
Direct Action “Tomorrow Is Too Late: Complete 1984 Tape”
Drown “Unsleep” (180 Gram Blue Vinyl)
Elder “The Gold & Silver Sessions”
Future Islands “In Evening Air” (Blue)
Ghost Funk Orchestra “A Song For Paul” (Gold & Standard Black Vinyl Available + D/L)
Hide “Hell Is Here” (Clear/Black Marble & Standard Black Available + D/L)
Jay Som “Anak Ko” (180 Gram Red/Orange & Pink Splatter + D/L)
Joe+N “The Sunset You Can’t See”
Joyero “Release The Dogs” (Peak Vinyl Edition – Orange & Black Vinyl + D/L)
Korda, Chris “Akoko Ajeji”
Lightning Bolt “Wonderful Rainbow” (Rainbow Splatter)
Lorber, Alan Orchestra “The Lotus Palace”
Lusine “Retrace EP” (GI-341)
Marley, Bob & The Wailers “Soul Rebels”
Martinez, Cliff “Too Old To Die Young” (Soundtrack)
Mekanik Kommando “Dancing Elephants”
Mortician “Chainsaw Dismemberment” (Buzzsaw Shaped Silver Vinyl)
My Chemical Romance “The Black Parade Is Dead!”
Natural Man Band “Living In A Chemical World”
Nelson, Willie “Red Headed Stranger”
Oso Oso “Basking In The Glow” (Pink Vinyl + D/L)
Oso Oso “The Yunahon Mixtape” (White Vinyl / Pink Splatter + D/L)
Parrish, Theo “What You Gonna Ask For”
Parton, Dolly “Jolene”
Pengo “File Under WTF???”
Purple Pilgrims “Perfumed Earth” (Lavender Vinyl Ltd. Ed.)
Queen Of Jeans “If You’re Not Afraid, I’m Not Afraid” (Yellow / Crème)
Rats, The “In A Desperate Red”
Redd Kross “Beyond The Door” (Peak Purple Vinyl + D/L)
Redmond, Gareth Quinn “Laistigh Den Ghleo”
Regurgitation “Tales Of Necrophilia”
Sacred Reich “Awakening”
Sea And Cake, The “The Biz” (White)
Sheer Mag “A Distant Call”
Svirsky, Leo “River Without Banks” (+D/L)
Tchornobog “Tchornobog” (2LP Red Vinyl)
Tropical Fuck Storm “Braindrops” (Neon Magenta + D/L)
Tullgren, Lina “Free Cell”
Turner, Frank “No Man’s Land”
UV-TV “Happy”
Various “Wound”


Bloody Mess And Hate “I’m Glad Sid’s Dead”
Brainstory “Breathe / Sorry”
Death Rate “Nothin’ But Hate”
Gate / Tom Carter “Gate / Tom Carter”
Geeks, The “The Constant”
Howard, Barbara “I Don’t Want Your Love” (Pink)
Shorts, Doug “Get With The Program”
Synthia “Tonight You Might / Dissolve”


Ceremony “In The Spirit World Now”
Crobot “Motherbrain”
Ghost Funk Orchestra “A Song For Paul”
Hide “Hell Is Here”
In Cold Blood “Legion Of Angels”
Jay Som “Anak Ko”
Knocked Loose “A Different Shade Of Blue”
Krlic, Bobby “Midommar: Original Score”
Off With Their Heads “Be Good”
Sacred Reich “Awakening”
Slipknot “We Are Not Your Kind”
Svirsky, Leo “River Without Banks”
Tchornobog “Tchornobog”
Tropical Fuck Storm “Braindrops”
Tyler, The Creator “Igor”
Zion80 “Hod”
Zorn, John “Encomia”


Evil / Siege Column “Evil / Seige Column Split EP” (ANTI-GOTH 450)
Ghost Funk Orchestra “A Song For Paul” (KCR-12002)
Jay Som “Anak Ko”
Queen Of Jeans “If You’re Not Afraid, I’m Not Afraid”
Rained In “Demo 2019” (VCB:002)
Various “Soft Rock For Hard Times Vol. 5” (Universal Cave With Beer Koozie)



Wear Your Wounds
Rust on the Gates of Heaven
Originally conceived as a solo project by Converge frontman Jacob Bannon, Wear Your Wounds is now officially a five-piece band. With input from members whose experience includes The Red Chord, Trap Them, Hatebreed and Sleigh Bells (as well as guests from Chelsea Wolfe and Planes Mistaken for Stars), Wear Your Wounds’ sophomore album further fleshes out Bannon’s emotional, experimental and cinematic-sounding blend of post-rock, metal and indie rock. The title track, for example, begins with delicate piano and softly wailing guitars before erupting into a mighty metallic beast that’s still rooted in the first half’s contemplative mood, intensifying the feeling rather than distracting from it. Probably the heaviest track is the volcanic “Brittle Pillar”, but my favorite is probably “Shrinking Violet” for providing a soaring and gripping guitar climax.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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