11th of October 2019 Update

11th of October 2019 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s

Against Me! “Reinventing Axl Rose” (+D/L)
Allah Las “Lahs”
Apokalpytic Raids “The Pentagram”
Aquarian Blood “A Love That Leads To War” (Color Vinyl)
Bayside “Interrobang” (Blue)
Beastie Boys “Paul’s Boutique” (30th Ann. Ed.)
Berio / Boulez / Messiaen / Stockhausen / Sonatine / Zeitmasze “Serenata / Sonatine / Canteyodjaya / Zeitmasz”
Big Thief “Two Hands” (Ltd. Ed. Desert Peach Vinyl)
Blackwater Holylight “Veils Of Winter”
Bodega “Shiny New Model” (Ltd. Ed. Green)
Boris “Akuma No Uta”
Boris “Feedbacker”
Boris “Love & Evol”
Bowie, David “VH1 Storytellers”
Boy Harsher “Country Girl Uncut” (Deluxe Reissue) (Dark Green)
Boy Harsher “Country Girl Uncut” (Deluxe Reissue)
Cassegrain “ARCS-08”
Clairo “Immunity”
Cloud Rat “Pollinator”
Comet Gain “Fireraisers, Forever!”
Coven “Witchcraft” (Red & Yellow “Hellfire” vinyl)
Coven “Blood On The Snow” (White & Red)
Crypt Sermon “The Ruins Of Fading Light”
Delugg, Milton & His Orchestra “Music For Monsters, Munsters, Mummies & Other TV Fiends” (Ghoulish Green vinyl)
Discharge “War Is Hell”
Dream Theater “Pull Me Under” (Rocktober, Translucent Yellow)
Elbow “Giants Of All Sizes”
Empath “Active Listening”
Empath “Active Listening” (Deluxe Edition)
Emptyset “Blossoms” (Clear)
Essaie Pas “Earth”
Ferrari, Luc “Photophonie”
Fu Manchu “Start The Machine” (Neon Green & Black Splatter vinyl with 7″ flexi picture disc)
Goatpenis “Jesus Coward” (Demo 1994)
Gordon, Kim “No Home Record”
Harlem Gospel Travelers, The “He’s On Time” (Clear)
Heavens Club “Here There And Nowhere”
Hecks, The “My Star” (Light Blue)
Hidalgo, Juan “Rrose Selavy”
Hood, Ernest “Neighborhoods”
Hosono, Haruomi / Shigeru Suzuki / Tatsuro Yamashita “Pacific”
Insanity “Demo 1985”
Kak “Kak”
Kak “Kak”
Kallista Kult “Kallista Kult”
Kalma, Ariel “Nuits Blanches Au Studio 116”
Kiefer “Superbloom”
Lacuna Coil “Black Anima” (Pink & Black Variants)
Lightning Bolt “Sonic Citadel” (Blue)
Lord Echo “Curiosities” (2LP)
Mallinder, Stephen “Um Dada” (Blue)
Mills, Jeff “Director’s Cut Chapter 4”
Minassian, Hamlet “Armenian Pop Music” (Numero)
Mnnqns “Body Negative” (+D/L)
Mosquitoes “Vortex Veering Back To Venus”
Municipal Waste “The Last Rager” (Yellow/Blue)
Munsters, The “The Munsters: Inspired By The T.V. Characters The Munsters” (Ghoulish Gray vinyl)
Music Improvisation Company “1969-1970”
New Model Army “From Here” (180 Gram 2LP + D/L)
Nicolai, Bruno “Defense De Savoir” (Soundtrack)
Nightfell “A Sanity Deranged” (Brown)
Nocturnus “The Science Of Horror”
Numan, Gary “Replicas: The First Recordings” (Sage Green 2LP Set)
Numan, Gary “The Pleasure Principle: The First Recordings” (Orange 2LP Set)
Oh Sees, Thee “Dog Poison” (+D/L)
Oram, Daphne & Vera Gray “Listen Move & Dance”
Oram, Daphne & Vera Gray “Listen Move & Dance”
Orcutt, Bill “Odds Against Tomorrow”
Osadebe, Chief Stephen Osita “Osondi Owendi”
Pade, Else Marie “Electronic Works 1958-1995”
Patton, Mike & Jean Claude Vannier “Corpse Flower”
Perry, Lee “Scratch” “Life Of The Plants”
Pineapple Thief, The “Your Wilderness” (180 Gram)
Polica “Driving”
Pop, Iggy “Free”
Prophecy Of Doom “Retrospective 1988-1991”
Psychos, The “One Voice”
Rahbani, Ziad “Abu Ali” (1978 Disco Cult Classic Reissue)
RF Shannon “Rain On Dust” (+D/L)
Sarcasm “War Song”
Sarcofago “Crust”
Scopes “Scopes” (180g +D/L)
Slikback “Lasakaneku / Tomo”
Starcrawler “Devour You”
Sun City Girls “Dawn Of The Devi”
Sun City Girls “Dawn Of The Devi”
Switchblade Symphony “Serpentine Gallery” (Ltd. Ed. Clear Vinyl 180 Gram /500)
Syphilitic Vaginas “Complete Studio Collection”
Takahashi, Yukiro “Saravah!”
Tamples “Hot Motion” (Galaxy Ed.)
Third Eye Blind “Screamer” (Pink)
Tomb Mold “Planetary Clairvoyance” (Purple)
Trans-4M “Anna (Moon Mix)”
Two Daughters “Recordings 1979-1981”
Vance And Suzzanne “I Can’t Get Along Without You”
Vanzou, Christina “No. 4”
Various “Something Weird Spook Show Spectacular A-Go-Go” (Red vinyl & DVD)
Various “Electro Acholi Kaboom From Northern Uganda”
Various “Speech After The Removal Of The Larynx” (Remastered Ltd. Ed. /500)
Vile, Kurt “Childish Prodigy” (Ltd. Ed. Blue Vinyl + 7″)
Vitriol “To Bathe From The Throat Of Cowardice”
Wet Tuna “Water Weird” (+D/L)
Wilco “Ode to Joy” (Pink & Black Variants)[Wilco made an odd choice to do this single LP in a double LP sleeve and we’ve heard that some warpage has occurred. We’d just like to make that known for anyone interested in buying this that it possibly has some warping, but likely will play ok. This is true of all of them, not just the ones we’re selling in particular.]
Zoumbas, Alexis “A Lament For Epirus 1926-1928”


Allin, GG & The Carolina Shitkickers “Layin’ Up With Linda (GG Allin’s Final Session – Recorded One Week Before He Died)”
Aus-Rotten “Fuck Nazi Sympathy”
Cravats, The “Shy”
Loose Nukes “Behind The Screen”
Nupta Cadavera “Nupta Cadavera”
Rodney P “The Next Chapter”
Seshen, The “Dive”


13th Floor Elevators, The “The Psychedelic Sounds Of…” (2 Disc Set)
Abysmal Lord “Exaltation Of The Infernal Cabal”
Big Thief “Two Hands”
Blackwater Holylight “Veils Of Winter”
Boy Harsher “Country Girl Uncut”
Branch, Jaimie “Fly Or Die II”
Dal Forno, Carla “Look Up Sharp”
Denial Of God “The Shapeless Mass”
Eleh “Living Space”
Fu Manchu “Start The Machine”
Harlem Gospel Travelers, The “He’s On Time”
Intercourse “Bum Wine”
Iron Age “The Sleeping Eye”
Kozelek, Mark / Petra Haden “Joey Always Smiled”
Lacuna Coil “Black Anima”
Lightning Bolt “Sonic Citadel”
Mallinder, Stephen “Um Dada”
Metal Messiah “Honour Among Thieves”
Moral Crusade “An Act Of Violence”
Mortiferum “Discorged From Psychotic Depths”
Municipal Waste “The Last Rager” (EP)
Nas “The Lost Tapes 2”
Numan, Gary “The Pleasure Principle: The First Recordings” (2CD Set)
Numan, Gary “Replicas: The First Recordings” (2CD Set)
Orcutt, Bill “Odds Against Tomorrow”
Purgatory “Demo{n} Days”
Sadokist “Necrodual Dimension Funeral Storms”
Slaughtbbath “Alchemical Warfare”
Snyper “Manifestations”
Synteleia “Ending Of The Unknown Path”
Takahashi, Yukihiro “Saravah!”
Temples “Hot Motion”


Bjork “Post” (TPLP51CS)
Bjork “Homogenic” (TPLP71CS)
Brat, The “Straight Outta East LA”
Giant Swan “Giant Swan” (Cassette Store Day!)
Gordon, Kim “No Home Record” (OLE-1379-4)
Mom Jeans “Puppy Love” (CIR-031)
Turner, Aaron “Interminable Conniption” (TTW118)
VR Sex “Horseplay EP” (Black Cassette)


Wire Magazine #429



DIIV Deceiver
(Captured Tracks)
Originally conceived as a solo project of singer-guitarist Zachary Cole Smith in 2011, Brooklyn-based indie rock band DIIV has cycled through several members and is currently a four-piece for this third album of dreamy and emotional shoegaze. After struggling with substance abuse problems that delayed the production of 2016’s sophomore album Is the Is Are, Smith checked into a treatment center the next year: this album’s darker, potent sound is meant to reflect his “personal resurrection under the heavy weight of metallic catharsis.” First single “Skin Game” explores the pain of addiction, imagining a dialogue of two unspecified characters that includes metaphors (“they gave us wings to fly /
But then they took away the sky”) as well as a reference to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s controversial Sackler Wing (funded by a family tied to the makers of OxyContin.)
[Reviewer: Mark]

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