20th of December 2019 Update

20th of December 2019 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

We are still awaiting our normal Friday delivery too so more stuff should arrive either later tonight or even tomorrow (UPS is on that stretched holiday schedule). 

LPs & 12″s
Akitsa “Goetie”
Akitsa “Au Trepustule De L’Esperante”
Akitsa “Sang Nordique”
Akitsa “La Grande Infamie”
Akitsa “Totale Servitude”
Alogte Oho And His Sounds Of Joy “Mam Yinne Wa”
Altin Gun “On” (Turquoise + White Swirl Vinyl + D/L)
Andrews, Nia “No Place Is Safe”
Beausoleil, Bobby “Lucifer Rising” (Soundtrack)
Benson, Brendan “One Mississippi” (1996 Debut Album First Time On Vinyl)
Blige, Mary J. “Herstory, Vol. 1”
Boysetsfire “After The Eulogy” (Reissue)
Boysetsfire “Tomorrow Come Today” (Reissue)
Busy Signal “Parts Of The Puzzle”
Chain Cult “Shallow Grave”
Coil “The Gay Man’s Guide To Safer Sex + 2”
Coltrane, John “Stardust” (180 Gram Collector’s Ed.)
Cortini, Alessandro “Risveglio”
Cortini, Alessandro “Sonno”
Deren, Maya “Voices Of Haiti”
Duster “Duster”
Eddy Current Suppression Ring “All In Good Time”
Enhet For Fri Musik “Det Finns Ett Hjarta Som For Dig”
Entlang “The Four Sisters”
Fehler Kuti “Schland Is The Place For Me”
Four Tet “Teenage Birdsong”
Galleria, The “Stop & Go”
Hangaala, Smokey “Aunka Ma Kwacha”
Haswell, Russell “37 Minute Workout Volume 2”
Henry, Sean “A Jump From The High Dive” (Aqua Blue)
Homeshake “Helium”
Hooker, William “…Is Eternal Life”
Idles “A Beautiful Thing: Idles Live At Le Bataclan” (Ltd. Ed. Neon Clear Pink Vinyl)
Kidjo, Angelique “Remain In Light”
Lee, Shawn “Rides Again”
Ludemann, Peter / Troja, P. “The Now Generation: Percussive Underscores”
Mallet, Sam “Wetlands”
Nihil Invocation “The Valleys Green And Journeys Mourned”
Pan American “A Son”
Paysage D’Hiver “Winterkaelte”
Paysage D’Hiver “Nacht”
Queens Of The Stone Age “Rated R”
Red Axes “Voom”
Shasta Cults “Shasta Cults”
Various Artists “Over Under Away Volume I”
Various Artists “Ten Years Of Artefacts”
Various Artists “The Hunter / Adventure Story”
Various Artists “All American Powerhouse”
Various Artists “Breath Of Danger”
Various Artists “Visual Impact”
Yobkiss “The Remains Of A Gone Optimism”


Doom / Damu “Coco Mango, Sliced & Diced”
J Rocc “The Funky President Edits Vol. 7”
Makvel, Olli & Ivan “Blow Your Mind”
Moon Riders “Boogie Diaries”
Night Owls / Durand Jones “This Christmas”
Pharoahe Monch “Simon Says”
Post Malone “Wow.”
Raconteurs, The “Help Me Stranger (Radio Edit) / Somedays (Alternate Acoustic Interlude Version)”
Teener “Auger”
Tenacious D. “Don’t Blow It, Kage”
Vantage Point “An Answer You Won’t Find”


Eddy Current Suppression Ring “All In Good Time”
Hood, Ernest “Neighborhoods”
Rrose “Hymn To Moisture”


Akasha System “Echo Lost”
Nihil Invocation “Disease In Solitude”
Nihil Invocation “Dim Light Grace The Endless Path”
Vengeance Sorcery “If None Will Call The Devil’s Blood”
Vengeance Sorcery “Forbidden Doctrine Of The Youthful Gate”


Maggot Brain (Premier Issue by Third Man Records) Magazine



Various Artists Every Winter Is Cold: A New England Hardcore Compilation
(Atomic Action)
Released on a Providence, Rhode Island label that was originally active from 1989 to 2000 before restarting in 2012, “Every Winter is Cold” does a good job of showcasing variously-flavored hardcore and punk bands currently active in the Northeast. Many come from Massachusetts and reflect the distinctive regional sound, with Burden’s uplifting “Divided” and the ferocious female-fronted Brother’s “Tidal” being some of my favorites. One name I recognized is Providence powerviolence legends Dropdead: after forming nearly thirty years ago (they’ve done splits with Crossed Out, Converge, and Totalitär, among others) they still absolutely rip on “Hatred Burning”. Some less-abrasive additions include Jinx (whose melodically grunge-y “Waste of Time” sounds straight out of the mid-90s) as well as the emotive post-hardcore “Stony Brook” from Connecticut three-piece Anxious.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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