24th Of January 2020 Update

24th Of January 2020 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s

Abdelwahed, Deena “Dhakar”
Aboud, Clark “Slay The Spire” (Soundtrack, Red)
Aggrolites, The “Dirty Reggae”
AJJ “Good Luck Everybody”
Allen, Terry + The Panhandle Mystery Band “Just Like Moby Dick” (2LP)
An-I + Inhuman “Ani-I + Inhuman” (LIES 141)
Arandel “In Bach”
Archetti, Luigi & Bo Wiget “Weltformat”
Atrax Morgue “Autoerotic Death”
Badalamenti, Angelo “Twin Peaks” (Green)
Barbies “Introducing The Barbies”
Beach Slang “The Deadbeat Bang Of Heartbreak City”
Black Lips “In A World That’s Falling Apart” (Die Cut Sleeve Ltd. Deluxe Ed. Red Vinyl + Poster + D/L)
Black Moon “Enta Da Stage” (2LP Reissue)
Bonny Light Horseman “Bonny Light Horseman” (Seaglass Blue)
Breathless “The Glass Bead Game”
Causa Sui “Vibraciones Doradas”
Chadwick, Sarah Mary “Please Daddy” (White)
City Of Women II “City Of Women II” (Jimi Tenor, Edward Vesala, Iro Haarla, Jimi Sumen, Matti Knaapi)
Clear Light “Clear Light” (Clear Vinyl Reissue)
Controlled Death “Ritualistic Mutilation In The Bloody Darkness”
Cursive “Get Fixed” (Indie Store Exclusive Silver/Black)
Deakin “Sleep Cycle” (+D/L)
DeeCoy “Archives Vol. 1”
DeeCoy “Archives Vol. 2”
Dhaima “Love Lives Forever” (Purple)
Dissemblance “Over The Sand”
Division Of Mind “Division Of Mind” (Blue/Black Swirl)
Dream Wife “Dream Wife” (Splatter Vinyl + D/L)
Earthgang “Mirrorland”
Emerald Web “Sound Trek”
En Attendant Ana “Juillet” (Metallic Gold)
Ferrari, Brunhild / Jim O’Rourke “Le Piano Englouti”
Ferrari, Luc “Dialogue Ordinaire Avec La Machine”
Foxx, John “Concrete And Organised Noise”
Glasper, Robert “Fuck Yo Feelings”
Haigh, Robert “Black Sarabande” (+D/L)
Helado Negro & The Smile Band “Live At KCRW”
Higher Power “27 Miles Underwater”
Implosion “Implosion” (Reissue Of 1988 Album)
Incapacitants “Project Pallo ’85” (Wooden Box Set)
Integrity “For Those Who Fear Tomorrow” (Unmixed, Yellow)
K2 “Hepatopolitika”
L’Indecis “Second Wind”
L’Indecis “Plethoria” (White)
Little Brother “The Listening” (White)
LNS “Recons Two”
Luciani, A.R. “Elettroencefalogramma”
Luciani, A.R. “Agonia Della Civilta”
Mamman Sani “Taaritt”
Marletta, Leonardo “Percussion Ed Effetti”
Moore, Steve “Steve Moore” (LIES 134)
Moore, Steve “Bliss: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Morphine “Good” (Run Out Groove Reissue)
Morrison, Van “His Band And The Street Choir” (Turquoise)
Move D & Benjamin Brunn “Let’s Call It A Day”
Mr. Elevator “Goodbye Blue Sky”
Mr. Wrong “Create A Place”
Msylma “Dhil-Un That Shajarat Al-Zaqum”
Mythic Sunship “Changing Shapes: Live At Roadburn”
Nabat “Potere Nelle Strade”
Ocean Blue, The “Cerulean” (Clear)
Ocean Blue, The “Kings And Queens / Knaves And Thieves”
Of Montreal “UR Fun” (Red Vinyl + D/L)
Okay Kaya “Watch This Liquid Pour Itself” (Coke Bottle)
Oliveros, Pauline / Stuart Dempster / Panaiotis “Deep Listening”
Oogbogo “Oogbogo”
Outkast “Stankonia” (180 Gram)
Pharaohs, The “Awakening” (+D/L)
Plastikman / Tres Demented “LF RMX 020”
Pod Blotz “Transdimensional System” (Blue)
PS + ISF (Parrish Smith & Interstellar Funk) “PS + ISF” (LIES 135)
Ramones “It’s Alive” (Red & Blue)
Recondite “Dwell” (Blue)
Saudade “Shadows & Light / Sanctuary Dub”
Seismik Krew “SEIS/\/\IK KREVV”
Sex Pistols “Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols” (Pink)
Shlohmo “Bad Vibes” (Reissue)
Silkworm “In The West” (2LP 1994 Album Reissue + CD)
Skatebård / Crystal Bois “Conga / Live At Skurkeklubben”
Sparkle “Sparkle” (CT Disco!)
Stella “The Break”
Supergrass “The Strange Ones 1994-2008” (2LP)
Tase “Tase”
Templars, The “1118-1312”
TNGHT “TNGHT II” (Hud Mo & Lunice)
Truncate “Level Up”
Twilight “Still Loving You”
Unreqvited “Disquiet” (Silver 180 Gram)
Vaccina, Lino Capra & Untitled Noise “Perpetual Possibility”
Vainio, Mika “Arc 1”
Van Zandt, Townes “Townes Van Zandt” (50th Ann. 1969-2019)
Various “Nigeria 70” (9XLP Boxset)
Various “Vintage Drum Machine Rhythms”
Void Vision “Sour”
Wayne Phoenix “Soaring Wayne Phoenix Story The Earth”
Wolf Parade “Thin Mind” (Loser Edition)
Yano, Akiko “Gohan Ga Dekitayo (Dinner Is Ready)”
Yorkston / Thorne / Khan “Navarasa: Nine Emotions” (2LP+ D/L)


Dying Wish “Demo” (Blue)
Hunter, James Six “I Can Change Your Mind / Who’s Fooling Who”
Integrity “Harder They Fall” (Pink)
Nosebleed “Outside Looking In”
Skourge “Condemned”
Young Gun Silver Fox “Take It Or Leave It / Mojo Rising” (Purple)


Black Lips “In A World That’s Falling Apart”
Boris “Akuma No Uta”
Boris “Boris At Last – Feedbacker”
Boris “Love & Evol” (Numbered)
Controlled Death “Smphony For The Black Murder”
Deitch, Adam Quartet “Egyptian Secrets”
Glasper, Robert “Fuck Yo Feelings”
Konvent “Puritan Masochism”
Marciano, Roc “Marcielago”
Midnight “Rebirth By Blasphemy”
Moore, Steve “Bliss: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Parker, Jeff & The New Breed “Suite For Max Brown”
Sun Worship “Emanations Of Desolation”
Verheerer “Monolith”
Wolf PArade “Thin Mind”
Yano, Akiko “Gohan Ga Dekitayo (Dinner Is Ready)”
Zorn, John “Beyond Good And Evil: Simulacrum Live”


Figured “Clehft”
S.T.L.A. “Concertina Wire”
S.T.L.A. / Orchard Cut “S.T.L.A. / Orchard Cut”
Tongue Depressor “Fiddle Music Volume 5”


Wire Magazine #432

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