7th Of February 2020 Update

7th Of February 2020 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s

(Dolch) “:Fever”
Abysmal Lord “Exaltation Of The Infernal Cabal”
Akaeze, Eric & His Royal Ericos “Eric (Showboy) Akaeze And His Royal Ericos”
Alessandroni, Alessandro “Open Air Parade”
Antibalas “Fu Chronicles” (Black Vinyl & Ltd. Indie Store Color Available + D/L)
Antichrist Siege Machine “Schism Perpetration”
Avenged Sevenfold “Diamonds In The Rough” (Clear Vinyl)
Baker, Chet / Piero Umiliani “Italian Movies” (Filed In Soundtracks)
Black Cilice “Mysteries” (Numbered/300)
Black Cilice “A Corpse, A Temple” (Numbered/300)
Blooming Carrions “Sisters In Blooming Flesh”
Blot & Bod “Ormekongens Argelist”
Bolder Damn “Mourning” (Remastered 1971 Album)
Boyscott “Goose Bumps”
Buildings “Negative Sound” (Creamsicle)
Byyrth “Cold Autumn Shadows”
Capcom Sound Team “Resident Evil X- Code: Veronica X” (Game Soundtrack)
Capcom Sound Team “Resident Evil 0 (Zero) – Original Soundtrack”
Carmen Villain “Both Lines Will Be Blue”
Cianide “Unhumanized”
Coil “The Swanyard Recordings” (3LP)
Coltrane, Alice “Live At Carnegie Hall, 1971”
Company “1983”
Crayon Fields “All The Pleasures Of The World” (Blue/Green)
Death Ridge Boys “Right Side Of History”
Delirant “Delirant”
Deux Baleines Blanches “Singende Drahte Nov 1986”
Dire Wolves Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Set Times”
Dirty Projectors “Sing The Melody” (+D/L)
Disharmony “Messe De Minuit”
Don’t “Away Away”
Don’t “Fever Dreams”
Doon Kanda “Labyrinth”
Drawn And Quartered “The One Who Lurks”
Elkhorn “The Storm Sessions” (Electric Blue + D/L)
Endless Blockade / Hatred Surge “Hatred Surge / Endless Blockade”
Envy “The Fallen Crimson” (Sand/Crimson & Standard Black Varieties)
Flamingo Pier “Indigo EP”
Frahm, Nils / Anne Muller “7fingers”
Ghoul Squad “Necrodoll”
Green Day “Father Of All” (Neon Pink Vinyl)
Hakobune “Ruminating On What Was Unsaid”
Happy End “Happy End”
Haslinger, Paul “Exit Ghost” (Special Edition Die-Cut Sleeve + D/L)
Hassell, Jon / Farafina “Flash Of The Spirit” (CD+LP)
Haunt “Mind Freeze”
Haunt “Luminous Eyes”
Haunt “If Icarus Could Fly”
Hellehond “Verslonden”
HMLTD “West Of Eden” (Ltd. Ed. W/ Red Flexi + D/L)
Holy Mountain Top Removers “Genre Defying And Dramatic”
Hyman, Dick / Mary Mayo “Moon Gas”
Infernal Curse / Deathly Scythe “Necromass Incantions”
Jenny Don’t And The Spurs “Call Of The Road”
Johnston, Daniel “Fun”
Johnston, Daniel “Chicago 2017” (Ltd. Color Vinyl)
Juju “Live At The East 1973”
Khruangbin & Leon Bridges “Texas Sun” (Standard Black & Orange Vinyl Versions Available)
Kitamura, Emerson “The Countryside Is Great”
Konami Kukeiha Club “Metal Gear – Original MSX2 Video Game Soundtrack”‘ 10”
Kraftwerk “Live: Paris ’76 & Utrecht ’81”
La Roux “Supervision”
Laboratorio Della Quercia “Laboratorio Della Quercia”
Mev (Berger/Curran/Lacy/List/Rzewski/Teitelbaum) “United Patchwork”
Moncur, Grachan III “New Africa” (180 Gram Repress)
Nagaya, Kazuya “Dream Interpretation”
Nunslaughter “Devils Congeries Vol. 3”
Ogyatanaa Show Band, The “African Fire Yerefrefre”
Orchestra Cometa “Daydream” (Clear)
Orfeus “Lying To The Wall”
Os Mutantes “Mutantes” (Rematered Reissue Of 1969 Album)
Pagan, J.M. “KIU: I Els Seus Amics: Banda Original De La Serie De TV” (Soundtrack)
Patterson, Bobby “It’s Just A Matter Of Time” (Purple)
Pemberton, Daniel / Samuel Sim “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Volume 1 & 2” (Soundtrack)
Phobia “Get Up And Kill”
Phobia “Grind Your Fucking Head In”
Possession / Venefixion “Passio Christi Part II”
Ratt “The Early Years: (Blue Vinyl)
Repeated Viewing & Timothy Fife “Explore… Paranormal Sounds Of The Synthesizer” (Colored Vinyl + Print + D/L)
Ride For Revenge “Chapter Of Alchemy: Singles And Compilation Tracks 2006-2013”
Rrose + Silent Servent & Various Artists “Air Texture Volume VII”
Scott-Heron, Gil “We’re New Again: A Reimagining By Makaya McCraven” (First Copies With Promo Poster!)
Scott-Heron, Gil “I’m New Here” (10th Anniversary Edition With Bonus LP Of Previously Unheard Material)
Shopping “All Or Nothing” (+D/L)
Show Me The Body “Body War”
Simpson, Sturgill “High Top Mountain” (+D/L)
Sixth June “Trust”
Sorgini, Giuliano “Sounds From The Far Space”
Souleyman, Omar “Shlon”
Spacek, Steve “Houses” (180 Gram + D/L)
St. Werner, Jan “Molocular Meditation”
Syko Friend “Fontanelle”
Syncro Jazz “Live” (Brazilian Spiritual Jazz Reissue)
Tommaso, Giovanni / Torossi, Stefano “Echoing America” (Clear)
Trajeto De Cabra “Sumpreme Command Of Satanic Will”
Unaussprechlichen Kulten “Teufelsbucher”
Unreqvited “Mosaic II” (180 Gram)
Uskumgallu “Rotten Limbs In Dreams Of Blood”
Various “Future Bubblers 3.0”
Vomitor “Roar Of War”
Witchbones “The Seas Of Draugen”


Death Ridge Boys “(Don’t Let Them) Divide Us”
Domino, Renaldo “No Laggin’ And Draggin'” (Orange)
Monophonics “Chances” (Green)
Rank/Xerox “Servants In Heaven”
Raph, Pierre “Jeunes Filles Impudiques” (Soundtrack)
Screaming Fist “Templanza”


(Dolch) “:Feuer”
Antibalas “Fu Chronicles”
Blooming Carrions “Sisters In Blooming Flesh”
Blot & Bod “Ormekongens Argelist”
Breukener, William / Han Bennink “New Acoustic Swing Duo”
Buildings “Negative Sound”
Byyrth “Cold Autumn Shadows”
Cianide “Unhumanized”
Delirant “Delirant”
Disharmony (Tagma Magia Disharmony) “Messe De Minuit”
Envy “The Fallen Crimson”
Frahm, Nils / Anne Muller “7fingers”
Green Day “Father Of All”
Gudveiki “Vaengfor”
Haslinger, Paul “Exit Ghost”
Hellehond “Verslonden”
Khruangbin & Leon Bridges “Texas Sun”
Kozelek, Mark / Ben Boye / Jim White “2”
Mizmor “Cairn”
Nunslaughter “Devil’s Congeries Vol. 3”
Possession / Venefixion “Passio Christi – Part II”
Scott-Heron, Gil “I’m New Here” (10th Anniversary Expanded Edition)
Scott-Heron, Gil / Makaya McCraven “We’re New Again (A Reimagining By Makaya McCraven)”
Sixth June “Trust”
Skaphe / Wormlust “Kosmiskur Hryllingur”
Souleyman, Omar “Shlon”
Spacek, Steve “Houses”
Stetson, Colin “Color Out Of Space: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Trajeto De Cabra “Supreme Command Of Satanic Will”
Unaussprelichen Kulten “Teufelsbucher”
Wilson, Steven “Get All You Deserve” (3 Disc Set – 2CD + Blu-Ray)
Witchbones “The Seas Of Draugen”
Wormlust “The Feral Wisdom”


Iceman Junglist Kru “Mashed On Pills”
Watkins/Peacock “Acid Escape Volume One”


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