RSR PC 038 Three Pieces of News!

This month’s edition of the podcast is a little different than usual. We have no guest. We play whole songs at the end in a playlist (time stamped track list below). And most importantly we discuss three big pieces of news for us!

1. Appointment Shopping is now available! More details at this link.
2. We are moving! A bigger store is coming (just a short distance away in Wallingford). More details to come. We hope to be open in the new space for Black Friday (November 27th).
3.  We are releasing a record by Chained to the Bottom of the OceanIt is called The Vestige and it is all of their long out of print records in one giant package! A double LP in a tri-fold jacket with incredible new art.

More on all of that on the podcast. Plus, the side note that we’ll be running the next RSD Drop in the same way we did the September Drop so look out for that at the end of the month.

The Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean record can be pre-ordered now through our Big Cartel page here:
250 copies on White/Black Vinyl and 250 on Black Vinyl

Listen to a piece of it here (and on the podcast of course):

We had Paul of Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean on the Podcast last November. You can listen to that here:

Full Time Stamped Track List:
[00:00] Airhorn Intro
[06:41] Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean “I’ve Got A Gut Feeling” I Carry My Awareness of Defeat Like a Banner of Victory / The Vestige (Fucking Kill Records / Redscroll Records)
[13:09] Slikback “Black” /// (self released)
[16:22] Sarah Davachi “Play the Ghost” Cantus, Descantus (Late Music)
[21:11] Makaya McCraven “Kings and Queens” Universal Beings E & F Sides (International Anthem)
[25:49] Dame “Mensrea” Dame (Beach Impediment Records)
[28:50] Sevdaliza “Joanna” Shabrang (Butler Records / Music On Vinyl)
[33:00] PJ Harvey “Sheela-Na-Gig” Dry (Too Pure / Island Records)
[36:03] Vatican Shadow “Rehearsing For The Attack” Persian Pillars Of The Gasoline Era (20 Buck Spin)
[41:32] Uniform “Dispatches From The Gutter” Shame (Sacred Bones Records)
[43:41] Idles “War” Ultra Mono (Partisan Records)
[46:43] Realize “Disappear” Machine Violence (Relapse Records)
[50:06] Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean “Hollow Feeds The Emptying Death” Decay and Other Hopes Against Progress / The Vestige (Howling Frequency / Redscroll Records)

The Redscroll Podcast is a monthly show (new episodes on the first of the month) that works as a companion to what we do at Redscroll Records in Wallingford, CT USA. We are a record store that has a heavy emphasis on the left of center / underground music of the world. Whether it be underappreciated or just has a niche audience, marginalized or just off the radar it’s all of interest to us. With the show we’ll generally have a localized focus. We’ll discuss what is in our personal rotation at the moment. We’ll talk to guests who have to do with all of the above. And we’ll talk about specific dealings with the store. If you have input you’re welcome to contact us through email ( Oh, and please do subscribe! New episodes on the first of every month! (Subscribe on Android)(Subscribe elsewhere just by searching for us please!)