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Black Friday Update 2018 (+ Regular Weekly Update)

21st Of November 2018 / Black Friday Update of New and Key Restocked Items 
at Redscroll Records

The update here will start with the Black Friday exclusive releases and then below will be the standard update for the week.  Below the update is a diagram and some quick words about parking.  As usual with our events we will be using the back door as the entrance (through the tent!) and the front door as the exit. If you plan to line up early please dress weather appropriately and line up by the back door. Oh yea, and we did a special podcast just for Black Friday here! 

Special Hours for this weekend: 
Thursday/Thanksgiving CLOSED
Friday/Black Friday 8AM-8PM
Saturday 10AM-8PM
Sunday 10AM-6PM

Looking forward to seeing many of you this weekend during our extended hours for the sale. DJ’s start at 11AM and details about who & when can be found at this link.

Record Store Day Black Friday List! Continue reading Black Friday Update 2018 (+ Regular Weekly Update)

RSR PC 015.5 Special Black Friday Supplemental Edition

If you plan on coming out to our Black Friday festivities you might want to give a quick listen to this quick podcast we did.

NOTE: We are closing early on Wednesday at 6PM. And we will be closed on Thursday/Thanksgiving. 

We talk about the Record Store Day Black Friday releases. We talk about the logistics of showing up here: parking, lining up, traffic flow within the store, what’s on sale (everything), the DJs we have lined up

The music bed on this consists of tracks from our Black Friday Mixtape – details on that here.

We’ll have a full update of titles in stock on Wednesday night (by 8PM).

Black Friday DJ Lineup

Each year we try and get a new crop of folks to select some records for you all while you shop – making it a little livelier than our usual full album at a time atmosphere. The music community and record collecting community within that is vast and great and full of a vast array of great folks we have the pleasure of reaching out to.


We’ve got a fresh batch of selectors this year as follows:

Tom Hogan, drummer
Stints in 108, Youthful Offenders, Voice Of Reason, and various other punk / hardcore projects. He’s also currently part of a jazz trio and used to host a show on 88.7FM, WNHU.



Mario Nascimento of Manic Presents / Premier Concerts
Mario can be found behind the scenes of many of your favorite nights out seeing bands at College Street Music Hall or The Space Ballroom or Cafe Nine or any of the numerous venues Manic / Premier might occupy. He also plays in Lift – featured on our Black Friday Mixtape!

John MillerRecording Engineer / Mixer / Musician
John keeps a tight circle of friends in the mix when it comes to recording these days, but that tight circle includes some amazing records at the end of the day: Mountain Movers, Headroom and Landing all have recorded with him to great achievement!


Loren Poin, host of Funk Horizons on WPKN
Loren hosts a great radio show and can be found DJing various nights in our county namesake city of New Haven – Firehouse 12 and the State House among them.



Kevin Zakszewski of Redscroll Records
Kevin used to work here regularly and still helps us out from time to time. Kevin has a broad spectrum of music in his daily listening from glistening pop to the wildly experimental. We’ve never asked him to DJ before and we’re psyched to let him loose!

Black Friday Mixtape 2018

We are once again doing a mixtape for the first folks (about 100) that make it out to us on Black Friday!

The tape is made up of Connecticut acts that we think are cool and worth checking out. We try and make it eclectic and dynamic so it’s a nice ride through the Nutmeg state!

Artists on the tape (and links to check ’em out):
Bilge Rat 
Death Vanish 
Mild Monk 
One Master
Stone Titan 
Ryan Patrick White
Zero Years  Continue reading Black Friday Mixtape 2018

Holiday Sale Announcement: Black Friday – Sunday 2018

It’s November and a few weeks are going to fly by! We’ll be in the thick of holiday season and our big sale will be here. Whether buying gifts for yourself or others it’s a great time to come through or send others through to buy gifts for you!  One thing you won’t do with a record is shoot your eye out!

click to enlarge


And we won’t make you use a decoder ring to decipher the details.

BLACK FRIDAY (11-23-2018):
Special Hours 8AM-8PM
DJ Sets Starting at 11AM
Special RSD Releases
Record Tent
Drinks & Snacks!

SATURDAY (11-24-2018):
Special Hours 10AM-8PM

SUNDAY (11-25-2018):
Special Hours 10AM-6PM

ALL 3 DAYS! Sale Details:
New Stock 15% Off!  (All New Merchandise)
Used Stock $10 or Less is 50% Off!
Used Stock Over $10 is 25% Off! Continue reading Holiday Sale Announcement: Black Friday – Sunday 2018