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Record Store Day! 20th Of April 2012 Update

Record Store Day Eve 
20th Of April 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records
Hey all! We’re super excited and very tired from all the preparation we’ve been doing for Record Store Day tomorrow! We’ve got a regular stock update too so if you’re looking for the Record Store Day stuff solely you can scan on down (or CTRL+F “Record Store Day Titles”). 
Tomorrow we’ll also be using the front door solely as an exit and the back door as the entrance (with a tent!). There will be signs and it will be completely obvious as to where to go, we swear. If you show up early (and if you’re looking for specific titles we highly suggest you show up early), line up by the tent out back! 
As ever, Record Store Day items are limited to one of each title per person (different versions of single titles are a fine loophole, but that only really applies to maybe one thing [go for it]). 
A couple other specifics for tomorrow (RSD2012): there will be no trade-in or consignment business so if you do need that please leave it for another day; the next day even. We will also not have any listening stations for that day. This is all a good thing, I swear. It helps us keep the flow of the store nice and smooth so we can all enjoy what’s happening around us at the moment (that maybe sounds hokey, it is, but I mean it).  
Thanks in advance to everyone coming out. It really is a great thing to see so many folks come through and then of course to see you all throughout the year is wonderful. And we have goodie-bags for the first however many bags we have number of people!
We’re also doing 25% off new CDs tomorrow as a bonus to the non-vinyl among us (or to those of us that like both – anybody that likes CDs, basically).
On to the updates! First, regular stock and then the bounty of Record Store Day 2012.
LPs & 12″s
10 Ft. Ganja Plant    “10 Deadly Shots Vol. II (Colored Vinyl + D/L)”
AC/DC    “Maximum Rock & Roll Live AT The Marquee 1976 (Fanclub Ed.)”
AC/DC    “Golders Green Ain’t A Bad Place To Be: Golders Green Hippodrome London 27.10.1977 Soundboard Recording (Fanclub Ed.)”
Adele    “Rolling In The Deep Remix 1 (PIC)”
Adele    “Rolling In The Deep Remix 2 (PIC)”
Ambergris    “Anti-Matter Alma Mater / Wormhole”
Bereft    “Leichenhaus (/300)”
Birds In Row    “Birds In Row Collected”
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club    “Howl (Gatefold 2LP)”
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club    “The Howl Sessions March 21, 2006 Sandbox Studio LA, CA “
Black, Frank & The Catholics    “Live At Melkweg Amsterdam / March 24, 2001 (+ D/L)”
Boris     “Looprider Remix”
Bush    “Razorblade Suitcase (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl 2012 Reissue)”
Buzz    “See You Sioux “
Candlemass    “Dactylis Glomerata”
Capitalist Casualties    “Live In Nagoya”
Cash, Johnny    “The Golden Unplugged Album (Unofficial)”
Cash, Johnny    “American Rarities: Heart Of Gold (Unofficial)”
Champion    “Time Slips Away “
Christian Death    “Sleepless Nights – Live 1990”
Dandy Warhols, The    “This Machine (Gatefold + D/L)”
Death Cab For Cutie    “Plans (180 Gram 2LP)”
Destroyer    “Destroyer’s Rubies (Remastered On Ruby Red 2LP + Vinyl-Only 23-Minute Bonus Track + D/L)”
Dry The River    “Shallow Bed (Ltd. Ed. 2LP + D/L)”
Ettinger, Dylan    “Lifetime Of Romance “
From Ashes Rise    “Nightmares”
Haastrup, Joni    “Wake Up Your Mind (Gatefold)”
Hirilorn    “Prophetic Tales Of Armageddon (2LP; Pre-Deathspell Omega)”
Hour Of 13    “The Ritualist (LP+7″)”
Hunx & His Punx    “Gay Singles (+ D/L)”
Icons Of Filth    “Nostradamnedus”
Incredible Tabla Band, Shawn Lee’s    “Tabla Rock (+ D/L)”
Into It. Over It. / Koji    “IIOI KOJI (Khaki Green Second Pressing)”
K-Holes    “K-Holes”
Kilgour, David And The Heavy Eights    “Left By Soft (+ D/L)”
Killers    “Sam’s Town (PIC DISC + Poster)”
King Diamond    “Amon Belongs To Detroit (2LP Color Vinyl)”
Kings Of Leon    “Because Of The Times”
Lovely Bad Things, The    “New Ghost / Old Waves”
Makenwa, Myrian    “La Extraordinaria Myrian Makenwa (Afro Colombian Caribbean Coast)”
Maps & Atlases    “Beware And Be Grateful (+ D/L)”
MDC    “Magnus Dominus Corpus”
Mercyful Fate    “Nuns Have No Fun (Unofficial)”
Mi Ami    “Decade”
Moving Mountains    “New Light”
Mummies, The     “Never Been Caught”
Municipal Waste    “The Fatal Feast: Waste In Space (Ltd. Ed. First Press With Giant Poster)”
Nuclear Assault    “Live At The Hammersmith Odeon”
Obituary    “Cause Of Death”
Old Man Gloom    “Christmas Eve I & II + 6 + Live In NYC”
Operation Ivy    “Hectic E.P. (2012 Reissue)”
Pentagram    “Show ‘Em How (Purple)”
Pentagram    “Sub-Basement (PIC)”
Pentagram    “Review Your Choices (PIC)”
Portal     “Swarth (Gatefold 2LP)”
Rancid    “Live In Colonia, Milano – Italy (Fanclub Edition)”
Rufio    “Perhaps, I Suppose… (2012 Reissue)”
Sabbat    “Envenom (+ Poster)”
Sarcofagus    “Sarcofagus (Live In Studio 1979)”
Sarcofagus    “Cycle Of Life (Ltd. Ed. + 16 Page Booklet)”
Scale The Summit    “The Collective”
Segall, Ty & White Fence    “Hair By Ty Segall And White Fence”
Serengeti    “Kenny Dennis EP”
Sex Pistols    “Spunk (Blank) (Unofficial)”
Sioux, Marie    “Gift For The End (180 Gram)”
Smog    “Forgotten Foundation”
Taylor, Ebo    “Appia Kwa Bridge (Gatefold 2LP)”
Terrible Feelings    “Shadows”
Terror     “Always The Hard Way”
Turner, Ike    “Down And Out: Ike Turner Recordings 1951-1959”
Turner, Ike    “Real Gone Rocket: Ike Turner Session Man Extraordinaire Selected Singles 1951-1959”
Underoath    “0 (Disamguation)”
Various Artists    “Robot Elephant Vs. Tundra Dubs (Husband, Ritualz, Hipdiebattery, The Church Of Synth, Ourobonic Plague, Aaimon, funerals, Mascara, Grimm Soundsystem, I++)”
Various Artists    “Soul Cal: Funky Disco & Modern Soul 1971-1982 (15 Rare And Unreleased Tracks On 2LPs + 80 Page Book)”
Various Artists    “Time Will Make A Change (Gospel Recordings LP+7″ – Mississippi/Change/Social Music)”
Vatican Shadow    “Iraqi Praetorian Guard”
Volcano The Bear    “Golden Rhythm / Ink Music (+ D/L)”
War Of Ages    “Return To Life”
White, Jack    “Blunderbuss (Gatefold)”
Winterpills    “All My Lovely Goners (+ D/L)”
Wolfbrigade    “Damned”
Wormrot    “Abuse”
Hip-Hop 12″s & LPs
Boogie Down Productions    “South Bronx Teachings: A Collection Of Boogie Down Productions (2LP)”
De La Soul    “De La Mixtape: Remixes, Rarities & Classics”
Jel    “Greenball 3.5 (EP)”
Madvillain (Doom & Madlib)    “Madvillainy Remixes (+ 12 Page Comic + D/L)”
MF Doom    “MF Doom Meets Clutchy Hopkins”
Electronic 12″s & LPs
Aardvarck    “Indo EP”
Aim    “Flight 602”
Alarma!    “Mentiras Politico”
Aybee    “11:11 EP”
Berkovi, Justin    “Old Timer”
Daft Punk    “One More Time Vol. 7”
Eat    “Rapture EP”
Greenspan, J    “Crown Princess / Guu”
Ike Release    “Subsequent”
Imugem Orihasam    “Gleam From Distant Gate”
Jameszoo     “Guanyin (10″)”
Josh T    “Fresno EP”
Kid Loco    “My Daddy Waza”
Killawatt    “Sidewinder”
Kolortown    “Sound Is Coming Part II”
Kruder & Dorfmeister    “The K&D Sessions TM (Gatefold 4LP; Fanclub Ed.)”
Lazer Sword    “Memory”
Lucy And Xhin    “LX4/LX5”
Morphosis    “Running Out / Musafir”
Noble, Tom    “Dancing Hard (Clone Loft Supreme)”
Red Stars Over Tokyo    “4 Song 12″ (Hot Hair 45120112)”
Renaissance Man    “Remix Project”
San Proper    “Animal Remixes (Ricardo Villalobos)”
Scott, Patrice    “Orbital Bliss”
Soul Clap    “Efunk: The Album”
Space Dimension Controller    “Journety To The Core Of The Unknown Sphere”
Trago, Tom    “Use Me Again”
Traxman    “Da Mind Of Traxman (+ D/L)”
Tycho    “Dive 12”
Valanx    “Xenolith”
Various Artists    “Lowriders Recordings Power Shuffles Vol. 01 LTD.”
Youngman, Bill    “Shadent”
Zenker, Dario    “2029 EP”
Anthrax    “Fistful Of Metal / Armed And Dengerous (25th Anniversary Edition)”
Band In Heaven, The    “Sleazy Dreams + 3”
Bare Mutants    “Without You / Inside My Head”
Current    “Peace, Love. “
Jagwar Ma    “Come Save Me / What Love?”
Liminanas, The    “I’m Dead / Migas 2000”
No Trigger    “Be Honest”
Power Trip    “Power Trip”
Sessions, Will    “Dub Rock (Black Milk) / True Story (BR Gunna)”
Sic Alps    “Pangea Globe”
Single Mothers    “Single Mothers (+ D/L)”
Teledrome    “Double Vision”
Tiny Lungs    “The Devil Who Painted The Wagon Red: Mountain Man Records Singles Series Volume One”
Wada, Tashi    “Ordient”
Women In Prison    “Women In Prison”
Wrong Answer    “Cross A Black Cat’s Path”
Actress    “R.I.P.”
Luckyiam    “Time To Get Lucky”
M.C. Shan    “Q.B. O.G. The Best Of M.C. Shan”
Reks    “Straight, No Chaster”
Scott-Heron, Gil & Jaime XX    “We’re New Here”
Zomby    “Dedication”
RSD LPs, 12″s & 10″s
311    “311 Music (180 Gram 2LP Ltd. Ed. Numbered)”
311    “311 Remixes”
Abba    “Voulez-Vous (Extended Dance Remix)”
All Our War    “Assassins In The House Of God (+ D/L)”
Anberlin    “Blueprints Fro The Black Market”
Anberlin    “Never Take Friendship Personal”
Animal Collective    “Transverse Temporal Gyros (+ D/L + Poster)”
Arcade Fire    “Sprawl II (Ltd. Ed. 12″ + D/L)”
Atmosphere And The Uncluded (Aesop Rock & Kimya Dawson)    “Atmosphere & The Uncluded (10″ Picture Disc + Sticker + D/L /2000)”
Baez, Joan    “Farewell, Angelina”
Battles    “Dross Glop 4”
BBC Radiophonic    “Doctor Who Sound Effects”
BBC Radiophonic    “Out Of This World: Atmospheric Sounds And Effects From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop”
Bitchin’ Bajas    “Vibraquatic (LP+DVD: Films By Olivia Wyatt)”
Black Keys, The    “El Camino (Spec. Ed. 45RPM Pressing + CD + Bonus 45RPM 7″ With Live Performance + Giant Poster)”
Bonnie Prince Billy    “Hummingbird (10″)”
Botch    “An Anthology Of Dead Ends (First Time On 45RPM 12″ Vinyl)”
Brown, Danny    “XXX (+ Bonus XXXapellas 7″)”
Brubeck, Dave Octet (The Dave Brubeck Octet)    “Fantasy 3-3 Long Playing Microgroove Distinctive Rhythm Instrumentals (10″)”
Chamberlain, Matt / Company 23    “Company 23”
Childish Gambino    “Heartbeat”
Circle    “Manner (Ltd. Ed. Album)”
Cleaners From Venus, The    “The Cleaners From Venus Box Set (4LP + Pin + Promo Pic)”
Cohen, Leonard    “Live In Fredericton EP “
Common    “The Dreamer / The Believer “
Coryell, Larry / McLaughlin, John / Corea, Chick / Vitous, Miroslav / Cobham, Billy    “Spaces”
Crofton, Chris    “Pearls Before Swine: Live At The Springwater”
Cure, The    “Entreat Plus (2LP Expanded Version 180 Gram)”
Cursive    “Burst And Bloom (Ltd. Ed. + D/L)”
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.    “We Almost Lost Detroit EP (Includes Remixes Previously Unreleased On Vinyl)”
Davis, Miles    “Forever Miles (Ltd. Ed.)”
Dear, Matthew    “Headcage”
Death Grips    “The Money Store”
Devo    “New Traditionalists Live 1981 Seattle (+ 2 Posters)”
Dickinson, Luther    “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah / Beautiful Dreamer (78RPM 10″ Record)”
Disturbed    “The Collection (5LP Box Set)”
DJ Food    “The Illectrik Hoax Feat. Natural Self: A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Mix (Ltd. Ed. Multi-Coloured Vinyl Version)”
Dr. John    “Locked Down (+ CD)”
Electronic Anthology Project, The    “The Electronic Anthology Project Of Dinosaur Jr. “
Electronic Anthology Project, The    “The Electronic Anthology Project Of Dinosaur Jr. (Purple Vinyl Ltd. Ed.)”
Endpoint    “In A Time Of Hate”
Farrar, Jay / Johnson, Will / Parker, Anders / Yames, Yim    “Let’s Multiply: All Lyrics By Woody Guthrie (10″ With 4 Exclusive Tracks)”
Farside    “Rigged (+ D/L Ltd. Ed. Color)”
Faust / Like A Stuntman    “Faust / Like A Stuntman (/500)”
Finn Riggins    “Benchwarmers (10″)”
Flaming Lips, The And Heady Fwends    “The Flaming Lips And Heady Fwends (2LP)”
Fleetwood Mac    “Fleetwood Mac (2LP 45RPM 180 Gram)”
Fleetwood Mac    “Fleetwood Mac (1LP Master From Original Source Tape)”
Freakwater    “Feels Like The Third Time”
Fun.    “The Ghost That You Are To Me (10″)”
Futurebirds    “Seney-Stovall: Recorded Live At Seney-Stovall Chapel, February 12TH, 2011.”
Genesis    “Spot The Pigeon (Ltd. Ed. Pressing Blue Vinyl)”
Ghostigital    “Don’t Push Me E.P. (With Alan Vega)”
Graffiti 6    “Colours (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl)”
Grateful Dead    “Dark Star (/4200 180 Gram)”
Green, The    “Ways & Means”
Guy, Buddy    “This Is Buddy Guy! “
Hazlewood, Lee    “The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes & Backsides (1968-71) (2LP Gatefold)”
Heads, The    “Radio One (/500)”
Hey Mercedes    “Hey Mercedes EP (/700 180 Gram)”
Hush Arbors / Arbouretum    “Aureola”
Ignite    “Call On My Brothers (+ D/L Ltd. Ed. Color)”
Infamous Jake & The Pinstripe Mafia    “This Is The Beginning Of The End”
Into Another    “Into Another”
James, Skip    “Devil Got My Woman”
Jamiroquai    “Rock Dust Light Star (2LP + CD)”
Jeff The Brotherhood    “Upstairs At United”
Joplin, Janis    “Highlights From The Pearl Sessions (2×10″ Studio Takes)”
Joplin, Janis    “Pearl (180 Gram Sourced From Original Master)”
Knack, The    “Live In Los Angeles, 1978 (10″ Ltd. Ed. Multi-Colored Splatter Vinyl)”
Kreidler / Tarwater    “Kreidler / Tarwater (/500)”
LCD Soundsystem    “Losing My Edge”
Little Richard    “Here’s Little Richard”
Lopez, George    “Tall, Dark & Chicano: He’s All Over The Hood.”
Luna    “Romantica (/1,000 180 Gram + D/L)”
Luna    “Rendezvous (/1,000 180 Gram + D/L)”
Mae    “The Everglow (Gatefold 2LP)”
Mariachi El Bronx    “Mariachi El Bronx Live (Ltd. Ed. Color EP + D/L)”
Mars, Bruno    “The Grenade Sessions (10″)”
Marsalis, Branford Quartet (Branford Marsalis Quartet)    “Four MFs Playin’ Tunes (180 Gram 2LP + D/L With Bonus Track)”
Mates Of State    “Crushes: The Covers Mixtape (Ltd. Ed. /1,500 180 Gram Clear Vinyl)”
Matt Pond PA    “Measure (Ltd. Ed. /1,000 180 Gram)”
Matt Pond PA    “Several Arrows Later (180 Gram + D/L)”
McLusky    “Mclusky Do Dallas “
Medicine    “Medicine Box Set (5LP + Cassette + Pin + Promo Pic; The Tape Doesn’t Fit In The Box So Please Ask Us For It At The Front With Purchase)”
Melchior, Dan    “Ghost In The Supermarket”
Mendelssohn, Felix    “Symphonie No. 3 >> Schottische * Scottish << Wiener Philharmoniker * Gustavo Dudamel (180 Gram Charity LP)"
Metallica    “Beyond Magnetic (Ltd. Ed. Silver Vinyl + Sticker)”
Misfits    “Walk Among Us (30TH Anniversary Edition)”
Missippi John Hurt    “Last Sessions”
Moving Mountains    “Foreword”
Neon Indian    “Hex Girlfriend (10″)”
Neon Trees    “Everybody Talks (Heart Shaped 7″, But Is The Size Of A 10″ Which Is Why It’s Listed Here)”
Nightwish    “Trials Of Imaginaerum (10″ Picture Disc)”
O’Connor, Sinead    “How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?”
Odd Future    “The OF Tape Vol. 2 (Ltd. Ed. 2LP + CD)”
Of Monsters And Men    “Uti Sjo Og Inni Skog (10″)”
Osbourne, Ozzy    “Ozzy Live (Ltd. Ed. 2LP 180 Gram)”
Owens, Buck    “Coloring Book + Red Flexi Disc 7″ (This Is Filed With The 10″s Because Of Its Size)”
Pelican    “Australasia (Gatefold 2LP)”
Perry, Katy    “Part Of Me (Jacque Lu Cont’s Thin White Duke Mix)”
Perry, Lee “Scratch” & The Upsetters    “Black Board Jungle Dub (/2,000 3×10″ Rasta Colored Vinyl Box Set + Poster)”
Phish    “Junta Deluxe LP Edition (3LP 180 Gram Numbered /5,000 + D/L)”
Phish    “Junta Pollock Edition (Includes A Signed & Numbered Ltd. Ed. Hand-Carved, Hand-Printed Linoleum Block Poster By Artist Jim Pollock; 3LP 180 Gram Numbered /5,000 + D/L)”
Pistol Annies    “Hell On Heels (Gatefold)”
Potter, Grace & The Nocturnals (Grace Potter & The Nocturnals)    “Live From The Legendary Sun Studio”
Preteen Zenith    “Preteen Zenith (180 Gram + CD /2000 Screened Covers)”
Public Image Limited (P.I.L.)    “One Drop”
Radical Face    “Radical Face Presents The Family Tree: The Roots”
Rainbow    “Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll (PIC DISC /2500)”
Reed, Lou    “Rock N Roll Animal “
Reed, Lou    “Transformer”
Refused    “The Shape Of Punk To Come (Red Vinyl)”
Ringworm    “Justic Replaced By Revenge (+ D/L)”
Ringworm    “The Venomous Grand Design (Canto IX) (+ D/L)”
Saturday Looks Good To Me    “All Your Summer Songs (Ltd. Ed. /1,000 180 Gram White Vinyl + 2 Bonus Songs D/L)”
Schnauss, Ulrich & Mark Peters / Pyrolator    “Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters / Pyrolator (/500)”
Sensefield    “Killed For Less”
Shabazz Palaces    “Live At KEXP (+ D/L)”
Sigur Ros    “Hvarf – Heim (Ltd. Ed. 150 Gram Color Vinyl + D/L)”
Simon, Paul    “Graceland (180 Gram + D/L With 3 Bonus Songs)”
Skaggs & Rice (Ricky Skaggs, Tony Rice)    “Skaggs & Rice”
Smith, Patti    “Horses (Remastered)”
Smiths, The    “Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions Of The Smiths (12 Fan Favorites Instrumental Lullabies On Color Vinyl + Full Color Sleeve + Activities + D/L)”
Snapcase    “Progression Through Unlearning (+ D/L)”
Social Distortion    “Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl, CD + Poster)”
Spalding, Esperanza    “Radio Music Society (+ D/L)”
Spencer, Jeremy    “Bend In The Road (2LP Double Gatefold)”
Stanley, Ralph    “Single Girl / Little Birdie”
Starfucker    “Heaven’s Youth (Reptilians Demos) (/1,000 White Vinyl 180 Gram + D/L)”
Stewart, Mark    “Experiments (Ltd. Ed. /700)”
Stooges, Iggy & The    “Live At ATP 2010 (PIC DISC + D/L)”
Stooges, Iggy & The    “Raw Power (2LP + 16 Page Booklet)”
Straylight Run    “Straylight Run (+ D/L)”
Taking Back Sunday    “We Play Songs (/2,000 45RPM 12″ Live In 2011)”
Tallest Man On Earth, The    “King Of Spain (2010 3-Track Single + D/L)”
Tegan & Sara    “Get Along (Ltd. Ed. White Vinyl Live Album)”
They Might Be Giants    “Factory Showroom”
Tinariwen    “Tassili +10:1 (Plus Remixes + CD)”
Tomahawk    “Eponymous To Anonymous (Ltd. Ed. 3LP Box Set + Insert For 4TH Yet Released Album)”
Tosh, Peter    “Legalize It (10″ PIC DISC)”
Townshend, Pete    “The Quadrophenia Demos 2 (10″)”
Uncle Tupelo     “No Depression (180 Gram)”
Uncle Tupelo     “March 16-20, 1992 (180 Gram)”
Uncle Tupelo     “Still Feel Gone (180 Gram)”
Van Zandt, Townes    “At My Window”
Various Artists    “Eight Trails, One Path (Alvarius B, William Tyler, Danny Paul Grody, Six Organs Of Admittance, Steve Gunn, Lee Ranaldo, David Daniell, Sir Richard Bishop)”
Various Artists    “Sacred Bones Presents A Record Store Day 2012 Sampler: Todo Muere Volume 2 (War, Led Er Est, Pop. 1280, Slug Guts, Crystal Stilts, Wymond Miles, The Men, Follakzoid, Amen Dunes, Psychic Ills + D/L)”
Various Artists    “Bring Beer. 12XU’s Bid For Ebait Immortality/Record Store Day 2012 (Cruddy, Golden Boys, Marriage…)””
Various Artists    “Arts & Crafts (+ D/L)”
Various Artists    “The Rough Guide To African Roots Revival (180 Gram Ltd. Ed. + D/L)”
Various Artists    “The Rough Guide To The Music Of New Orleans (180 Gram Ltd. Ed. + D/L)”
Various Artists    “The Rough Guide To Psychedelic Africa (180 Gram + D/L)”
Wake, The    “Here Comes Everybody + Singles 1983-1987 Box Set (2LP + Deluxe Insert + Pin; Pin Doesn’t Fit In The Box So Please Ask For It At The Front Counter With Purchase)”
Widespread Panic    “Live Wood (Ltd. Ed. 180 Gram)”
Wilson, Jonathan    “Pity Trials And Tomorrow’s Child (+ D/L)”
Wilson, Steven    “Catalogue / Preserve / Amass “
Windy And Carl    “Windy And Carl (Recorded Autumn 2011 /250 On Blue Vinyl + D/L)”
Younge, Adrian Vs. Quesada    “Adrian Younge Vs. Quesada (Colored Vinyl + D/L)”
Zomby    “Where Were U In ’92?”
RSD 7″s
Adams, Ryan    “Heartbreak A Stranger (Live) / Black Sheets Of Rain (Live)”
Ahn, Priscilla & Sea Of Bees    “John Denver: The Music Is You Series”
Arctic Monkeys    “R U Mine? / Electricity”
Avengers    “We Are The One”
Avengers    “Paint It Black / Thin White Line”
Avengers    “Teenage Rebel / Friends Of Mine”
Bareilles, Sara    “Stay”
Baseball Project, The    “El Hombre / Harvey Haddix (Holographic Cover)”
Beach House    “Lazuli / Equal Mind”
Benevento, Marco    “This Is How It Goes”
Benson, Brendan    “What Kind Of World / Go Deco”
Black Angels, The    “Watch Out Boy / I’d Rather Be Lonely (Orange Vinyl + D/L With Zombies Cover Track)”
Black Prairie    “Singers, Vol. 1: Portland (Members Of The Decemberists & Guests)”
Black Twig Pickers    “Yellow Cat / You’ll Never Miss Your Mama”
Blitzen Trapper    “Hey Joe / Skirts On Fire”
Blood For Blood    “Enemy (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)”
Bloos Magoos    “So I’m Wrong And You Are Right / Wild About My Lovin’ / The People Had No Faces”
Blouse / Craft Spells    “Gruesome Flowers: A Tribute To The Wake”
Bowerbirds    “In The Yard “
Bowie, David    “Mick Rock Tin (Book & Coloured Vinyl)”
Brad (Shawn Smith, Regan Hagar, Keith Lowe, Stone Gossard)    “Waters Deep / Don’t Cry”
Brown, James    “There It Is / Pass The Peas Recorded Live At The Apollo!  (/5,000) Feat. Fred Wesley & The JB’s”
Buble, Michael & Ray Charles    “Georgia On My Mind: Side By Side”
Buckner, Richard    “Willow”
Byrds, The    “I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better / It’s No Use”
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band    “Diddy Wah Diddy (Gatefold 2×7″)”
Carolina Chocolate Drops & Run D.M.C.    “You Be Illin’: Side By Side”
Cause For Alarm    “Cause For Alarm (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)”
Chocolate Watch Band    “In The Midnight Hour / Psychedelic Trip”
Civil Wars, The    “Billie Jean (Live) / Sour Times (Live From The Alley) (Numbered Ltd. Ed.)”
Clark, Gene    “One In A Hundred / She’s The Kind Of Girl”
Clash, The    “London Calling (2012 Mix/2012 Instrumental)”
Coldplay    “Up With The Birds / UFO”
Crosses (†​††)​    “Op†​ion / †elepa​†hy “
CSC Funk Band    “A Little Weight B/W A Little Planet”
Cult, The    “For The Animals (PIC DISC)”
Deerhoof / Of Montreal    “Deerhoof / Of Montreal (/2,000 Clear Gold Vinyl)”
Del Rey, Lana    “Born To Die / Blue Jeans (Mixes)”
Doomriders / Sweet Cobra    “Are We Not Men?”
Dry The River    “New Ceremony (Ltd. Ed. Gatefold)”
Earle, Justin Townes    “Nothing’s Gonna Change The Way You Feel About Me Now”
Elson, Karen    “Milk & Honey / Winter’s Going (Yellow Vinyl)”
Fallon, Jimmy    “Tebowie / Reading Rainbow”
Field Music    “Actually, Nearly”
Flaming Lips, The & Mastodon    “A Spoonful Weighs A Ton: Side By Side”
Flogging Molly    “Drunken Lullabies”
Florence + The Machine    “Shake It Out (Includes The Weeknd Remix)”
Foster The People    “Broken Jaw / Ruby”
Garbage    “Blood For Poppies”
Glam! (Roxy Music)    “Mick Rock Tin (Book & Coloured Vinyl)”
Grouplove    “Don’t Fly Too Close To The Sun / Tongue Tied Live”
Hause, Dave    “Resolutions”
Hiss Golden Messenger    “Jesus Shot Me In The Head / Jesus Dub”
Hives, The    “Go Right Ahead”
Hood, Patterson    “After It’s Gone (+ D/L)”
Horrible Crowes, The    “Record Store Day 7″”
Icky Blossoms    “Babes (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)”
Jukebox The Ghost    “I Love You Always Forever / Temptation (New Order Cover) (Ltd. Ed.)”
Kid Liberty    “Give Up. Give In. (Blue Vinyl)”
Lemuria    Varmoom “Allure / Cannonballs To Hurt”
Lorelle Meets The Obsolete    “Ghost Archives”
Loveless, Lydia    “Bad Way To Go (Ltd. Ed. Exclusive B-Side Track)”
M83    “Mirror (Ltd. Ed. Etched)”
Martian Denny Orchestra, The    “Crossfire: The 2,000 Pound Bee – Part 2”
Mastodon / Feist    “Feistodon”
MC5 & Afrika Bambaata    “Kick Out The Jams: Side By Side”
McReady, Mike & Star Anna    “Keep On / Call Your Girlfriend”
Means, Sam    “NONA”
Memphis May Fire    “Between The Lies (Red Vinyl)”
Miike Snow    “Devil’s Work: The Remixes”
Mynabirds, The    “Generals (Ltd. Ed. Hand Numbered Hand Painted Screened Cover /1,000 + D/L)”
Neanderthals, The    “Teen Dance Time!”
Nobunny    “The Maximum RockNRoll EP”
Now Now / The Lonely Forest    “Shifting / Woe Is Me (Alt. Version) “
Oberhofer    “Away Frm U”
Osbourne, Ozzy    “Believer Live (Ltd. Numbered Polka Dot Picture Disc)”
Otis, Shuggie    “Inspiration Information Magic (###/1500)”
Palmer, Amanda + The Grand Theft Orchestra    “Polly”
Pelican / Playing Enemy    “Pelican / Playing Enemy Split 7″”
Po & The 4Fathers    “Kingdom Come / Do Ya”
Poison Idea    “Pick Your King E.P. (Clear)”
Pop, Iggy    “Mick Rock Tin (Book & Coloured Vinyl)”
Pujol    “Reverse Vampire (/1,000 + D/L)”
Pussy Galore    “Feel Good About Your Body EP”
Ramone, Joey    “Rock ‘N Roll Is the Answer”
Receiving End Of Sirens, The (TREOS)    “Songs//2003”
Redding, Otis & Aretha Franklin    “Respect: Side By Side”
Revere, Paul & The Raiders    “Ride Your Pony / (You’re A) Bad Girl”
Right Now, The    “He Used To Be / Good Man”
Robinson, Chris Brotherhood, The (The Chris Robinson Brotherhood)    “CRB: Blue Suede Shoes / Girl I Love You”
Rose, Caitlin    “Piledriver Waltz / Love Is A Laserquest”
Saddest Landscape, The    “Cover Your Heart (Blue Marble + Band Will Have Different Cover Edition When They’re Here)”
Scientists, The    “E.P.”
Sharpe, Edward & The Magnetic Zeros    “One Love To Another / A Note To The American Democrat”
Shores / Creepoid    “Golden String / Weak Trees”
Slightly Stoopid / The Expendables    “John Denver: The Music Is You Series”
Small Faces, The    “Itchycoo Park I’m Only Dreaming (Re-Masters Series)”
Small Faces, The    “Tin Soldier / I Feel Much Better (Re-Masters Series)”
Smoke Fairies    “The Three Of Us EP (2×7″)”
Smugglers Way (Various Artists)    “Smugglers Way (Domino’s First Flexidisc Zine)”
Sonnymoon    “Wild Rumpus”
Spektor, Regina    “Regina Spektor Sings Two Bulat Okudzhava Songs In Russian (Ltd. Ed.)”
Springsteen, Bruce    “Rocky Ground”
St. Vincent    “Kokodil / Grot (Red Vinyl)”
T. Rex    “Electric Warrior (Ltd. Ed. Singles Box 6×7″)”
Teenage BottleRocket    “Teenage Bottlerocket (/1000)”
Thomas, Rosie / Stevens, Sufjan    “Hit & Run Vol. 1 Rosie Thomas Sufjan Stevens Split 7″”
Thompson, Richard    “Haul Me Up (Live) / 1952 Vincent Black Lightning (Live)”
Tortoise    “Lonesome Sound / Mosquito (2×7″)”
U.S. Elevator    “Both Sides Now / Spin, Spin, Spin”
Uncle Tupelo    “The Seven Inch Singles (4×7″ Numbered Box Set + Poster + D/L)”
Unrest    “Perfect Teeth Box Set (6×7″)”
Various Artists    “Never To Be Forgotten: The Flip Side Of Stax 1968-1974 (/4,000 + D/L + Lots Of Stuff)”
Vedder, Eddie    “Love Boat Captain (Live) / Wishlist (Live)”
Walk The Moon    “Anna Sun / Anyway I Can”
Ward, M.    “Primitive Girl (2 Exclusive B-Sides + D/L)”
Watkins, Sara Feat. Fiona Apple & The Everly Brothers    “You’re The One I Love: Side By Side”
Watt, Mike + The Missingmen    “Sweet Honey Pie”
White Stripes    “Hand Springs (Red Vinyl)”
Winter Boys (Featuring Jesse Tabish & Tyson Meade)    “Daffodils / Winder Boys Cutting The Rug (/700 + D/L)”
Wooden Wand & Catherine Irwin    “Sing The Songs Of Hazel Dickens (/500)”
Xiu Xiu / Dirty Beaches    “Always / Tu Ne Dis Rien (/2000 + D/L)”
Bragg, Billy & Wilco    “Mermaid Avenue: The Complete Sessions (3CD+DVD + 44 Page Book)”
Civil Wars, The    “The Civil Wars Live At Amoeba”
Electronic Anthology Project, The    “The Electronic Anthology Project Of Dinosaur Jr.”
Finn Riggins    “Benchwarmers”
Gruntruck    “Gruntruck 3 Song EP”
Hush Arbors / Arbouretum    “Aureola”
Kimbra    “Settle Down EP”
King Crimson    “The 21ST Century Guide To King Crimson Volume One And Two + RSD T-Shirt”