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Redscroll Records Holiday Shopping Guide

Redscroll Records Holiday Shopping Guide

We feel it’s important to shop local, independent and small whenever possible. CT has some absolutely great places to shop for your loved ones this holiday season. We figured we’d put out a list to ease you into it.

First off, we’ve invited some local makers and artists to set up in our space during the weekends in December, that way you can browse something beyond records and maybe spark a gift idea.

Sat. Dec 3rdPeace Flour Confections & Honey Hedge Craft will be here 11-5pm

Sun. Dec 4th StarfirexEarthship will be here 11-5pm

Sun Dec 11th Witter Woods Tie Dye 12-4pm

Sat. Dec 17th Aruna Chocolate 11-7pm

Sun. Dec 18th Yellow King Brews 11-3pm & Erica True 12-4pm

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Dealers for the Record Fair October 16th

Here are some of the dealers that will be at our Record Fair at Counter Weight Brewing on October 16th.

The Archive

“The Archive is Vinegar Syndrome’s experimental retail store located at our film preservation facility in Bridgeport, CT (right off I-95!). We carry all of our releases (of course) and a wide variety of other like-minded genre home video companies, in addition to super rare VHS, Laserdiscs and movie posters. We also have a growing selection of vinyl LPs and one of the largest collections of soundtrack LPs you will ever encounter.”

Bad Kitty

“Bad Kitty Music is the outward manifestation of one goofball longhair’s obsession with records… Genres available include: Rock, Pop/Vocal, Country Rock, Folk, Jazz, Blues, Soundtracks, Electronic, Country, R&B/Funk/Soul, Reggae/Ska, etc. Generally speaking, LPs from the 1950s – 1990s, mostly used. Prices start at two bucks (practically free!!) and go from there. Credit/Debit cards, Paypal, and Venmo are all accepted, and impulse purchases are encouraged.”

Big Wheel Vintage

Vintage store that is a go-to spot for people in the know.

C/Site Recordings / Bridge & Tunnel Crowd

C/Site Recordings and Bridge & Tunnel Crowd Monthly Newsletter split table. C/Site Recordings will have all in print releases on hand and a selection of out of print titles. We will also have a small number of test presses with one of a kind cover art by Dan Greene of Mountain Movers, as well as a small selection of used records. The Bridge & Tunnel Crowd will have current and back issues, subscriptions, anthologies, posters and assorted ephemera available. Cash, Venmo and Paypal all accepted.


Our friend Dino you might recognize from various record fairs on the east coast. He loves a good 12″ single and carries a lot of them.  Talk to my man about disco and movies. Solid selection beyond as well – check out his Discogs shop here.


Good source for rock priced to move. I’ve pulled some real cool stuff out of his bins. You might have seen this nice dealer at various record fairs. (no website!)

Get Awesome Records

“I sell the albums your favorite musician likes. Killer and/or rare metal, punk, hardcore, electronic, noise, industrial, and more. Some other weird stuff too. This will be one of my first fairs in months and I’ve been hoarding a bunch of choice slabs. Oh yeah, I just bought a big collection of limited edition dungeon synth tapes, if that’s your thing.  Get Awesome or get bent!”


Host of the Noize In The Attic radio show and representing the Danbury Record show.  Greg and Malcolm co-promote the Danbury show (Malcolm is currently on tour.) “I bought a big collection (of records) I’ve been pricing, so I’m excited to bring them out.”

Northern Void Records

Local online obscure metal boutique. #kvlt

Pauls Boutique

New record store in Vernon, CT.

Records The Good Kind

Ian will be here from RTGK having just past the 8 year mark for their shop! A variety of records from the store’s vast horde!

Slipped Disc

Slipped Disc Records is back with a new collection of punk, new wave, 60’s & 70’s rock, glam and metal titles with many new arrivals including first presses and promos. They will also have over 1,500 sealed reissues and new releases!

Studebaker Hawk

“Your friendly neighborhood DJ selling all genres of LPs, 12″s, and 7″s. Studebaker Hawk is also one third the label Peace & Rhythm, with more than 30 records out.”

The Telegraph

The Telegraph emerged gradually over the course of year ten of the twenty-first century in the small but mighty city on the Sound: New London, Connecticut, United States. Already functioning as an independent label and promoter in the region, a physical store became a necessity for the burgeoning music scene that at the time was busting at the seams.

Willimantic Records

Bringing used rock & jazz LPs from the 60s, 70s & 80s. Willimantic Records is a used record shop currently located in the Bliss Marketplace at 34 North Street in Willimantic, Connecticut.

Zazz Corp


“Zazz Corp aka Helen Kennedy is an illustrator and gig poster artist. Clients include the Grateful Dead, Phish, Primus, and so many more. Zazz Corp embodies and the strange and far out. Can you dig it?

Bringing a shit ton of concert posters which I am going to set up on a free standing grid wall, as well as some apparel, and stickers. ”
[Bonus Beats:]


La Birriamania

RSR PC 046 Zipper – Hughie & David

On this month’s podcast we talk to Hughie and David of CT punk band Zipper! We talk about the music we’re listening to and dive into what happened to get Zipper going.

David (Left) and Hughie (Right) of Zipper
David (Left) and Hughie (Right) of Zipper

We talk about what bands they’re playing and releasing stuff with that they’re stoked on. We talk about the way they got into music and punk in the first place and generally dive into playing music in bands. We actually stay pretty on topic in this episode only veering a couple times to talk about a couple shows that happened in the old store’s basement (Mind Eraser and Greg Ginn – separate shows).

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Update 5th of March 2021; Godspeed You! Black Emperor Pre-Order

This update starts off with a new album announcement from Godspeed You! Black Emperor. The album is coming April 2nd and is available as a CD or LP+10″. Details on the pre-order can be found here.  We have a contest to win the 10″ early by pre-ordering as well. You can also see and listen to a clip of the 10″ on our social media pages.

Here’s the Instagram post:


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New stuff is always coming through the shop. Best way to keep tabs on that is also through Instagram. Here’s the newest stuff from this week:


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We’ve got a few new employee picks up on the wall.  Check out Pauline Anna Strom, Maral and Maria Teriaeva.

We are also hiring part time. We are accepting applications until Monday, March 8th.


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We are still operating at a 10 person max capacity with properly worn mask required (over nose and mouth tight to face) for the duration of the visit and we appreciate the patience of those who have waited in line to get in (can’t mention that enough).  Weekends can get hectic and you should expect to see a line. Monday-Thursday generally are more relaxed.  Hand sanitizer at the door and gloves available for those who want them. This won’t change for the foreseeable future, but hopefully the weather will get better!