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Update 5th of March 2021; Godspeed You! Black Emperor Pre-Order

This update starts off with a new album announcement from Godspeed You! Black Emperor. The album is coming April 2nd and is available as a CD or LP+10″. Details on the pre-order can be found here.  We have a contest to win the 10″ early by pre-ordering as well. You can also see and listen to a clip of the 10″ on our social media pages.

Here’s the Instagram post:


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New stuff is always coming through the shop. Best way to keep tabs on that is also through Instagram. Here’s the newest stuff from this week:


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We’ve got a few new employee picks up on the wall.  Check out Pauline Anna Strom, Maral and Maria Teriaeva.

We are also hiring part time. We are accepting applications until Monday, March 8th.


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We are still operating at a 10 person max capacity with properly worn mask required (over nose and mouth tight to face) for the duration of the visit and we appreciate the patience of those who have waited in line to get in (can’t mention that enough).  Weekends can get hectic and you should expect to see a line. Monday-Thursday generally are more relaxed.  Hand sanitizer at the door and gloves available for those who want them. This won’t change for the foreseeable future, but hopefully the weather will get better! 

Holiday Hours

Happy Holidays to all y’all!

You’ve really all helped make this year a small joy in times when the rest of it wasn’t!
Wishing the best for you in the coming year! 🎁
We will be open from 11AM-3PM Christmas Eve and closed on Christmas Day.  🎄
New Year’s Eve will also be an 11AM-3PM day and New Year’s Day we will be open normal hours!
Reminder: we moved! 69 South Turnpike Road in Wallingford! Bigger spot! More room to stretch and keep some social distance. Operating at a 10 person max capacity, masks required and sanitizer is at the door (gloves available to those who desire them).

Update 4th December 2020 (new location, new update)

Hiya y’all!

We have now been officially open in our new location for one whole week! It’s been great being an open store again even with a limited capacity (max capacity of 10 customers, properly worn masks required for the duration of the visit, hand sanitizer at the door and gloves available for those that would like them).

During the time we’ve been operating in a different capacity (mail order and pickups and some appointment shopping) we’ve adopted some new practices that we’ll likely continue. With that we are going to change the way updates go. We aren’t going to have the long text lists of yore. We will continue to barrage social media with restocks in the stories and new arrivals on the timelines. New arrival pictures will also make their way here (in lieu of the text lists). If ever you’re unsure of a thing or if you’re looking for a thing, as always, please get in touch with us.


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We’d also like to remind everyone that we will continue to do curbside pickups for the foreseeable future. We understand any trepidation with going into any given public space these days and we are totally agreeable to anything that brings folks comfort and if that means meeting in the parking lot with some music then yep, we’re with that!

Discogs will continue to serve as the main place we’ll list our online inventory. Big Cartel is the spot for our label releases and store merch like t-shirts  – we are discussing a possible growth of that particular online portal so keep an eye out for updates on that. And we have Gift Certificates available in store and also through a link at the bottom of this post! Continue reading Update 4th December 2020 (new location, new update)

New Store Opening! Black Friday! (RSDBF Details as well)

We’re excited to let you all know that we are ready to open this coming Friday!

November 27th, 2020 

Redscroll Records
69 South Turnpike Road
Unit B
Wallingford, CT 06492

We will be open from 8AM-8PM!

We are carrying Record Store Day Black Friday titles and this is our system for that:
1. Show up early.
2. Sign up for your place in line on our clipboard by the door. No emails or phone calls to reserve your place. You have to physically go and sign up. (Sign up sheet will go out some time randomly Thursday night. We’ll post on social media when it’s out.)
3. Wait until 8AM (in your car or wherever you want, but be ready to come in when it’s your turn).
4. At 8AM we will start calling or texting (preference noted on sign up sheet) people to come inside. We’ll have our bay door open for maximum air flow and there will be a 10 person maximum capacity in place. Masks are required (worn properly over nose and mouth), keep 6 feet of distancing between people and hand sanitizer will be at the door for use upon entry.
5. Shop! Have fun! It’s a new experience in a new place! Please try to limit your time during this first visit so we can keep the line system running smooth.

The list of Black Friday titles will go up on our site Wednesday night.

If you are not looking for Black Friday titles it might be wise to wait until later in the day to come by when there won’t be as long a wait time.

RSD DROP DAY August 29th, 2020

Hope you all are doing well and staying safe out there.

Our shop is still closed for walk-in shopping.

We are doing “curb-side” service – details here:

Record Store Day this year has been split into three RSD DROPS which are happening the last weekend of August, end of September and end of October. The first of those is coming up quick on August 29th. We’ve been getting inquiries on how that is working here so let’s go over the procedure.

First off, there will be no physical line so do not come to the store early to get in line.

Next Friday, August 28th, we’ll post up our list of available RSD Drop 1 titles. We’ll post this explanation again then too. Prices will be included this year.

How to do RECORD STORE DAY Drop 1 with us / at Redscroll Records (virtually):

  1. Read the list of what we have available.
  2. Put your want list together. [1 per title per person]
  3. Wait until 10AM, Saturday (August 29th)and call us with your list. Keep calling until you get through. (203)265-7013 (CALL ONLY – NO EMAILS or Social Media Messages)
  4. Once you have talked to us on the phone you have made it through the virtual line and we will get you set with what we can at that point.
  5. Pick up is between 12-6PM. Please don’t come before 12PM. We are reserving the 10AM-12PM time to phone calls so we won’t be able to run orders out before 12PM. Pick up protocol can be found here.

RSD items are allowed to go online at 1PM. We will assess what we have and how the day is going between calls/pick-ups before we start listing online. We will also announce widely when we start making things available for online sales. In the same regard, we will only answer emails and social media messages once the phone calls have subsided so the best and most efficient way to get into our virtual line is by calling us until you get through (after 10AM on Saturday, August 29th).

We look forward to talking to you all next week and seeing many of you on August 29th! In the parking lot, wearing a mask with you in your car.

Continue reading RSD DROP DAY August 29th, 2020