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RSD DROP DAY August 29th, 2020

Hope you all are doing well and staying safe out there.

Our shop is still closed for walk-in shopping.

We are doing “curb-side” service – details here:

Record Store Day this year has been split into three RSD DROPS which are happening the last weekend of August, end of September and end of October. The first of those is coming up quick on August 29th. We’ve been getting inquiries on how that is working here so let’s go over the procedure.

First off, there will be no physical line so do not come to the store early to get in line.

Next Friday, August 28th, we’ll post up our list of available RSD Drop 1 titles. We’ll post this explanation again then too. Prices will be included this year.

How to do RECORD STORE DAY Drop 1 with us / at Redscroll Records (virtually):

  1. Read the list of what we have available.
  2. Put your want list together. [1 per title per person]
  3. Wait until 10AM, Saturday (August 29th)and call us with your list. Keep calling until you get through. (203)265-7013 (CALL ONLY – NO EMAILS or Social Media Messages)
  4. Once you have talked to us on the phone you have made it through the virtual line and we will get you set with what we can at that point.
  5. Pick up is between 12-6PM. Please don’t come before 12PM. We are reserving the 10AM-12PM time to phone calls so we won’t be able to run orders out before 12PM. Pick up protocol can be found here.

RSD items are allowed to go online at 1PM. We will assess what we have and how the day is going between calls/pick-ups before we start listing online. We will also announce widely when we start making things available for online sales. In the same regard, we will only answer emails and social media messages once the phone calls have subsided so the best and most efficient way to get into our virtual line is by calling us until you get through (after 10AM on Saturday, August 29th).

We look forward to talking to you all next week and seeing many of you on August 29th! In the parking lot, wearing a mask with you in your car.

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24th of July Update: Label Highlights & Current Operations

We thought we’d take a moment to look at our releases from this year and last. These last months have halted all sort of social assembly of which music thrives on so it’s definitely been a difficult ride for bands. Take a moment with this and check ’em all out and consider buying directly from them via the links. We also have all of these available (some in more limited quantities) via our Big Cartel or Discogs shops.

Regarding our current operations, we have no plans to open up the shop to customers coming inside as it stands now. We will let folks know when that time comes. For now, the best way to keep up with us is by checking out our Discogs shop and/or following us on Instagram (you don’t need an account to view it) and Facebook.  We are also going to be running a contest through our Instagram (and we truthfully post the most on there) tonight so definitely give that a follow if you do have an account.

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Landing / Headroom LP out today!

Coming to you today with a bright spot in the current murky world we live in! Landing and Headroom have new music for you to hear on a vinyl 12″ record that is out today!

Landing and Headroom split LP

We have it for sale at the store if you’d like to do a curbside pick-up for that (call us at 203 265 7013 or email If you’d like to get it mailed to you you can order through our Big Cartel here:

Check out some quick snippets of songs here:

It should also be streaming on all the basic streaming services soon.

Digitally (and also physically) you can buy either bands’ halves at their pages:
Landing –
Headroom –

Besides us, if you are not nearby and you’d like to pick it up around the world from your  local shop the following spots will have it in stock:
Autumn Records (Vermont)
Bruit Direct (France)
Cloister Recordings  (Colorado)
Discreet Music (Sweden)
End of an Ear Records (Texas)
Feeding Tube Records (Massachusetts)
Grapefruit Record Club (Nebraska)
Iris Records (New Jersey)
Knotwilg Records (Belgium)
Philadelphia Record Exchange (Pennsylvania)
Pleasantly: Peasantries & Pleasantries (Utah)
Record Grouch (New York)
Records The Good Kind (Vernon, CT)
Resurrection Records (Washington)
Revolver / Midheaven (California)
Robotic Empire (Washington)
Siren Records (Pennsylvania)
Stormy Records (Michigan)
Telegraph Records (New London, CT)
Tor Johnson Records (Rhode Island)
Vinyl Conflict (Virginia)
Willimantic Records (Willimantic, CT)

(If you own a store or distro and would like to carry any of our music please do get in touch for wholesale rates –

13th Anniversary Specials! FRIDAY & SATURDAY PICK-UPS!

Hey All,

We didn’t get to have a sale this year because of the global pandemic of Covid-19. Record Store Day has been divided into 3 parts that start monthly at the end of August (the 3 parts will not be events and the degree with which we’ll be participating will be diminished much as the year has been in general). In spite of that we’ve stockpiled a bunch of great titles in the secondhand department that we’re going to show you all tonight!

Follow our Instagram here:
You do not need an account to view it.

If you see something you’d like and know that you can pick it up by Saturday at 6PM (Friday 12-6PM or Saturday 12-6PM) please email us at and let us know what it is you’d like and when you’ll be by to pick it up.  We must stress that you must EMAIL to take advantage of this. We are taking requests first come, first served so if you message us through any other avenue other than EMAIL it will not count – it is the only way we can be sure to know which request has come in first. REDSCROLL@GMAIL.COM

Items that are still here Saturday night will start to be listed on Discogs Monday morning! For those that can’t make it on Friday or Saturday you can find our Discogs shop here to see what ends up online:

25th Of May 2020 Update | CURBSIDE PICK-UP!

25th Of May 2020 Update | CURBSIDE PICK-UP!
at Redscroll Records

In this update:

  • Curbside Pick-Up Service
  • Anniversary Sale Cancelled
  • Donation to Branford Compassion Club!
  • Reminder of where to buy from us online

Curbside Pick-Up
We are starting curbside pick-up service at the store starting tomorrow (Tuesday, May 26th 2020).

Here’s how to do that:
1. Call or email an order to us (you can use our Discogs shop to find what you desire, but please only place a Discogs order if you want it delivered as there are fees associated with that we’d like to avoid). Beyond what is in our Discogs shop you are welcome to inquire about used records we may not have listed, accessories (poly-sleeves, cleaning kits, 45 adapters, etc.), magazines (we don’t carry many – mostly Wire), and whatever else we may have in the shop that you recall.
2. Drive to the store on the same day (if you are thinking of an order and would like to pick it up at some time in the future please make the order in the future when you can pick it up on the same day).
3. Call us from the back lot where we will have a table set up with a sign to park next to. When you call us we will take your credit card information over the phone as payment (credit card payments only, not cash). If you have a GIFT CERTIFICATE either on file with us or with you that is also a form of payment we can take now (we’ll sort that out over the phone as well).
4. Stay in your car. We will bring your order out and either place it on the table or hand it to you, wave and say thanks!
5. After you retrieve your order you are on your way! Happy listening ensues!

Orders can be placed Monday-Saturday 11AM-5PM and can be picked up from 12PM-6PM.
Phone: (203)265-7013

We have started taking trades / buying collections again. We are doing that by appointment in our parking lot. Call or email about that please. 

Anniversary Sale Cancelled
In other news, we have officially cancelled our Anniversary Sale that was re-scheduled for June 5th-11th. It’s just not safe to have a large gathering and won’t be for some time so the sale is cancelled for that reason. We will be doing some promotions during that time including the release of some special items we had stashed for the occasion. Keep an eye out on our social media for that (in particular our Instagram account – you don’t need to even have an account yourself to keep tabs on it – just refresh!).

Donation to Branford Compassion Club!

This week we sent a donation to the Branford Compassion Club! Thanks to all who’ve bought a shirt and tote so far. We will continue to send 15% of all sales from shirts and totes of this design to them. Available in our Big Cartel shop here. 

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