9th Of September 2011 Update

9th Of September 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
†‡† (Ritualz) vs. Fostercare    “†‡† vs. Fostercare (+ D/L)”
Alpinist / Masakari    “Alpinist / Masakari”
Art Abscons    “Der Verborgene Gott (/500)”
Badarou, Wally    “Mambo / Chief Inspector / Novela Das Nove”
Barghest    “Barghest (Untitled)”
Barn Owl    “Lost In The Glare”
Basement    “I Wish I Could Stay Here”
Blitzen Trapper    “American Goldwing (+ D/L)”
Bold    “The Search 1985-1989”
Bosse-De-Nage    “Bosse-De-Nage (II)”
Bulldoze    “The Final Beatdown (/500)”
Bury Your Dead    “Mosh N’ Roll”
CANT    “Dreams Come True”
Ceremony    “Covers EP (Urban Waste, Pixies, Crisis, Eddie & The Subtitles, Vile, Wire)”
Chosen Few, The    “The Joke’s On Us! “
Circle Of Ouroborus    “Eleven Fingers”
Colon, Willie & Ruben Blades    “Siembra”
Comeback Kid    “Turn It Around”
Cumstain    “Hurry Up And Kill Yourself You Scum Bag Trust Me Your Mother Wont Miss U (Hurry Up And Die)”
Dark Ages    “Can America Survive?”
Dark Day    “Window (/500)”
Deacon, Dan    “Silly Hat Vs. Egale Hat (2003 Album First Time On Vinyl + D/L)”
Deacon, Dan    “Meetle Mice (2003 Album First Time On Vinyl + D/L)”
Dear Hunter, The    “The Color Spectrum (Ltd. Ed. Clear Vinyl + D/L)”
Devil Wears Prada, The    “Dead Throne”
Dilloway, Aaron    “Lip Syncing To Verme (/500)”
Dry Spell    “Dry Spell”
DYS    “More Than Fashion: Live From The Gallery East Reunion”
Earth / Flying Hat Band    “Coming Of The Heavy Lords”
FALSE    “False (Untitled)”
Far East Family Band    “Tenkujin (180 Gram)”
Friedberger, Matthew    “Cut It Out”
Gay For Johnny Depp    “What Doesn’t Kill You, Eventually Kills You (+ D/L)”
GDFX    “One Thing”
Ghost     “Opus Eponymous (PIC LP)”
Ghostlimb    “Bearing & Distance”
Girls    “Record 3: Father, Son, Holy Ghost (2LP Black & White Vinyl, Ltd. Ed. Flexidisc + D/L)”
Girls    “Record 3: Father, Son, Holy Ghost (2LP Black & White Vinyl + D/L)”
Grier, Jason & Nite Jewel    “Heart Shaped EP”
Hands    “Give Me Rest (+ D/L)”
Haunted House (Loren Connors)    “Blue Ghost Blues (150 Gram + D/L)”
Hendrix, Jimi    “Hendrix In The West (2LP)”
Husband    “Love Song / Slow Motion EP”
Irisarri, Rafael Anton    “Reverie”
Jones, Glenn    “The Wanting”
Jones, Norah    “Come Away With Me”
Kort    “Invariable Heartache”
Krum Bums    “Cut The Noose (/500 Orange Vinyl)”
Me First And The Gimme Gimmes    “Sing In Japanese”
Moore, Thurston / Montera, Jean-Marc / Ranaldo, Lee    “Les Anges Du Peche”
Morello, Tom    “The Nightwatchman: Worldwide Rebel Songs (Audiophile 180 Gram)”
Mueran Humanos    “Mueran Humanos (/1000)”
Mugstar    “Lime”
Neon Indian    “Era Extrana (+ D/L)”
Psychic Babble    “My Brother’s Ears / My Sister’s Eyes”
Silk Flowers    “Day Of Arrest (+ D/L)”
Souleyman, Omar    “Haflat Gharbia – The Western Concerts”
Speculator    “Speculator”
St. Vincent    “Strange Mercy (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)”
Stearica / Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.    “Stearica Invades Acid Mothers Temple And The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. “
Superchunk    “Foolish (Remastered Reissue 180 Gram)”
Throat    “Licked Inch Fur”
Tindersticks    “Tindersticks (I) (180 Gram Reissue)”
Tindersticks    “Tindersticks (II) (180 Gram Reissue)”
Toro Y Moi    “Freaking Out (+ D/L)”
Trainwreck    “If There’s Light It Will Find You”
Tunnels    “The Blackout”
Various Artists    “ISVOLT  (Disaro Witch House Compilation)”
Various Artists    “Love’s A Real Thing: The Fuzzy Sounds Of West Africa – World Psychedelic Classics 3”
Various Artists    “Unfold Presents Tru Thoughts Funk (2LP)”
War Hungry    “War Hungry”
Wild Flag    “Wild Flag (+ D/L)”
Wooden Shjips    “West”
Yage    “Some Time Of A Time (+ D/L)”
You    “Demonstration”

Electronic LPs & 12″s
Champion     “Lighter EP”
Coleco    “Martyr EP”
Dubkasm    “More Jah Songs”
HTRK    “Work (Work, Work) (Ltd. Ed. Red Vinyl + D/L)”
Hud Mo (Hudson Mohawke)    “Pleasure (Pleasure Principle 001)”
Jamie XX    “Far Nearer / Beat For”
Jayson Brothers    “Monster Box / All My Life”
Lone    “All Those Weird Things”
Lukid    “Spitting Bile”
Lunice    “One Hunned”
Mosca    “Square One (Remixes)”
Motor City Drum Ensemble    “Raw Cuts #3 & #4”
Motor City Drum Ensemble    “L.O.V.E. (DJ-Kicks)”
Mtume    “So You Want To Be A Star”
Mz Bratt    “Selecta Remixes (Bok Bok / Royal T / Original)”
Nguzunguzu    “Timesup EP”
Nochexxx    “Savage Herald / Charro”
O1O AKA Aybee    “Futurespective”
Paper/Upper/Cuts    “Illa Killa Yellow Space”
Pixelord    “Iron And Cream EP”
Ras G      “Down 2 Earth (The Standard Edition)”
Regis    “In A Syrian Tongue”
Solvent    “RDJCS5 EP”
Terrance Dixon    “Population One”
Terror Danjah & Ruby Lee Ryder    “Full Attention”
To Rococo Rot    “Hotel Morgen”
Trim    “I Am  “
Vainqueur    “Ranges”
Various Artists    “KOMPAKT TOTAL 12”
Various Artists    “If This Is House I Want My Money Back: ZWEI EP01”
Various Artists    “Frijsfo Beats Volume 3 (Cardopusher, Kuoyah, Geiom, Submerse)”
XDB    “Apari”

Hip-Hop 12″s & LPs
Apathy    “Honkey Kong! (+ D/L)”
Astronautalis    “This Is Our Science (+ D/L)”
B. (Blu, Alchemist, Planet Asia, Hezekiah, Madlib, + More)    “Jesus.”
Elzhi And Will Sessions    “Elmatic (Numbered Limited Ed.)”
Sole And The Skyrider Band    “Hello Cruel World “

Body Language    “Social Studies”
Griever    “Inferior”

Anika “No One’s There / Yang Yang”
Benson, Brandan / Blackwell, Ben
Black Bug “Police Helicopter”
Bleached “Carter”
Cult Of Youth “Devil’s Coals”
D. Watusi “Slave Walls”
DJ Still Life “Try Otra Vez”
Double Negative “HC Conf. 1”
Double Negative “HC Conf. 2”
Eddie Brock
Fantastic Souls, The “Soul To The…”
Gallagher, Noel “Death Of You”
Home Blitz “Perpetual Night”
Ketamines “Line By Line”
Kicked In “In Session”
La Dispute / Touche Amore (White)
Leather “Wretch”
Lowfish “Hello Tinnitus”
Madmen “Suspiria”
Mahonies “Eat ‘Em All”
Neo Cons “Hardcore Elite”
Nervous Assistant “Bastard Blues”
Precious Jules “Pearls Before Swine”
Puffy Areolas “Gentleman’s Grip”
Silent Diane “Capella”
Sqrm “White Saints”
Void Vision “In 20 Years”
Votolato, Rocky & Matt Pond PA “Om Ma”
Xiu Xiu “Daphny”

Aborted “Strychnine.213”
Anthrax “Worship Music”
Bury Your Dead “Mosh N’ Roll”
Captain Planet “Cookin’ Gumbo”
Cosmin TRG “Simulat”
Cyclobe “Wounded Gal”
Forced Reality “Unheard”
Girls “Father, Son, Holy Ghost”
Haunted House (Loren Connors)    “Blue Ghost Blues”
Mz.412 “Nordik Battle”
Mz.412 “Burning The…”
Qwazaar & Batsauce “Bat Meets Blaine” (Available 9-13-11)
Wild Flag

Wax Poetics 48 – Nina Simone / Theophilus London


†‡† (Ritualz) vs. Fostercare LP
(Robot Elephant Records)
Trip-Hop. Straight up. Witch-House. Yes, that too. Don’t be afraid of it/ashamed of it. As with anything, much of it won’t be good. This isn’t that. First thing that comes to mind when I listen to Fostercare is Tricky/Massive Attack. It’s leaps beyond much of the Tricky material however (I think everyone can agree that much of his catalog is pretty forgettable). Add elements of occultism, 90s EBM/Industrial and DJ Screw-isms. “Girl, come with me to the bathroom.” And, of course, it won’t be lost on anyone if I were to compare this to Salem – there’s rap and distorted clips over unconventional dance beats so it’s definitely got that in common. For Ritualz (†‡†) it’s more straightforward 80s-90s EBM worship. I hope they tour with Front 242 and NCC (this one is a bit obscure so here’s a link: http://www.discogs.com/artist/NCC). There is singing with fuzzed out call and responses. Some nice square synths over 4/4 sub-loving booms.  Hell, it’s even got some throws to goa like NCC. It’s a little short, but it is a split so it is probably a good thing that I want more.
[Reviewer: Rick]

Bold The Search 1985-1989 LP

(Revelation Records)
I love reissues, and I especially love Revelation Records. I’m a sucker for their early catalog. So when I heard that Bold was getting a discography issued, I knew I was expecting something good. Bold isn’t necessarily my favorite Rev band, not even in my top 5 really. But you can’t ignore the effect they had on the late 80s hardcore scene. Theyre right up there with Youth of Today, Judge, and Underdog. What’s especially impressive is they did everything while they were in high school. They managed to put out 2 full lengths, an ep, and a good amount of touring in such a short amount of time, and at such a young age. This reissue features every song they released, including compilation tracks and an unreleased song. Housed in a gatefold jacket, includes liner notes and an insert complete with lyrics and fliers / photos.
[Reviewer: Sean]

Grier, Jason & Nite Jewel Heart Shaped EP 12″

(Human Ear Music)
David Lynch is recording music. He has been for a little while. It’s actually not bad. Once physical releases are available widely we’ll carry them. This is not a David Lynch album, but is very inspired by his works (and Angelo Badalamenti; Twin Peaks). I could easily believe this music was meant for a soundtrack of his or will be used in a future work. Man, you know that part in Twin Peaks when three of the youngsters are sitting around tracking some song with just vocals and a guitar? Then right after they revel in how great it was. It is great, but not exactly by conventional thinking. It’s pretty awful. This EP is not that either, it’s actually great and doesn’t sound like that little session at all. This sounds like disaffected pop with moody interludes by Jason Grier.
[Reviewer: Rick]

Mad Men 7″

(Slasher Records)
Mad Men is a side project from Jonah of Fucked Up & Career Suicide. They’ve existed for a few years, but tried to keep it obscure through bootleg cassettes, a couple compilation tracks, minimal gigs, and not crediting anyone. I was led to believe this is their final release, but I’m not 100% on that. The record kicks off with a sweet cover of Goblin’s “Suspiria”, song 2, “The Italian Flag” picks right up off that last riff and starts hammering you with some hardcore punk that’s just overflowing with attitude. The closing mosh part is killer. “The Myth” holds down the b-side with a fast jam, but lacks the intensity of the a-side. Limited to 300 copies.
[Reviewer: Josh]

SQRM White Saints 7″

(Abscess Records)
SQRM is from Western Massachusetts. They’ve been around for a while and have an LP, “Rodeo” on Youth Attack Records. plays distorted hardcore punk that has some fast parts but for the most part it makes me feel like I’m sloshing your way through a knee high flood of honey. The a-side has two originals, “White Stain” & “White Socks”.The B-side is a cover of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” done up with some weird effects, SQRM-style. I dig it.
[Reviewer: Josh]

Terrors Lagan Qord LP
(Weird Forest Records)
There’s a certain endearing quality to being so non-confrontational. Terrors consists of Elijah Forrester, who, according to the label’s website, is a “bi-coastal vagabond dropping tapes from southern California to Baltimore.” With little more than his voice, electric guitar and sometimes tough-to-describe electronic effects, he crafts poignant, mournful laments that really do sound like a reflection of a harsh life’s reality. The very caustic, decaying guitar of opener “Lying On Heather In The Highlands” shakes the listener up before launching into “Coffin Tongue,” where the mellower guitar chords serve to complement the sorrowful, weathered vocals. Forrester’s passionate cries about “many sleepless nights” make the reverb-thick “Withdrawing” strong, and in a cover of “God Bless The Child,” he focuses more on shaping his own delivery of the words rather than adhering to the original music structure. He captures a fitting “cavernous” sound with deep echoes, sharp drifts of unexpected sound and abstract, varied textures. Since this is a compilation of recordings from various cassettes, there’s a light hiss of white noise with differing intensity throughout (if anything, it enhances the “rustic” sound and adds a strangely soothing quality, like falling rain in the distance.)
[Reviewer: Mark]