13th of January 2012 Update

13th of January 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
AC/DC    “From The Vaults (Unofficial)”
Algernon Cadwallader    “Parrot Flies”
Amebix    “Knights Of The Black Sun”
Antisect    “In Darkness, There Is No Choice.”
Aus Rotten    “The Rotten Agenda”
Bass Communion     “Cenotaph”
Big Star    “3RD”
Big Star    “Radio City”
Breakdown    “Blacklisted”
Cage, John / Fox, Terry (John Cage & Terry Fox)    “HIGHFIDELITY (High Fidelity; Artists’ Records In The Marzona Collection)”
Cave, Nick And The Bad Seeds    “Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Ritz Stockholm, April 23, 1987 (Unofficial)”
Church Of Synth, The    “The Church Of Synth (+ D/L With Bonus Material)”
Cidron, Juan Manuel    “Patagon (Ltd. Ed. /500; Inner Sleeve With Text & Photo)”
Cooper, Alice    “Asesino (Unofficial)”
Cough & The Wounded Kings    “An Introduction To The Black Arts (Gatefold)”
Cut Hands    “Afro Noise 1: Volume 1 “
Doors, The    “Live In Pittsburgh Civic Arena May 2, 1970 (Unofficial)”
Dylan, Bob    “Good As I Been To You (Unofficial)”
Electric Wizard    “Electric Wizard (Gatefold)”
Ericson, Roky (Roky Erickson)    “”Outtakes From” All That May Do My Rhyme”, Arlyn Studios, Austin, Tx., October 1993 – April 1994; Live With The Aliens December 9, 1975, River City, Fairfax, California (Unofficial)”
Esplendor Geometrico    Desarrollos Geometricos (Ltd. Ed. /700; Includes Exclusive Tracks)”
Exodus    “Bonded By Blood”
Haack, Bruce / Miss Nelson    “The Way Out”
Haack, Bruce / Miss Nelson    “The Electronic Record For Children”
Hank III (Hank Williams III)    “Live & In Person With His Damn Band (Recorded Live In St. Petersburg, Florida, US, Oct 22 – 2006)”
Harvey, PJ    “The Peel Sessions 1991-2004 (A BBC Recording)”
Hellacopters, The    “Supershitty To The Max! (Unofficial)”
Hello Fever    “Broken Lines (Debut Full Length)”
Killing Joke    “Extremeties, Dirt, And Various Expressed Emotions (Reissue, Gatefold 2LP)”
Kim Phuc    “Copsucker”
Louvin Brothers    “Tragic Songs Of Life”
McDowell, Fred    “The Alan Lomax Recordings”
Memory As Perfection / Scent Of Human History    “Memory As Perfection / Scent Of Human History”
Mutemath    “Odd Soul”
Neutral Milk Hotel    “Neutral Milk Hotel: NMH Vinyl Box Set”
Sewer Election    “Vittra Sonder”
Thursday    “No Devolucion”
Transit    “Keep This To Yourself”
Tyme. X Tujiko    “GYU”
Various Artists    “Soul Safari Presents Township Jive & Kwela Jazz (1940-1960)”
Various Artists    “Subway Salsa: The Montuno Records Story (Record Mart)”
Venice Dawn (Adrian Younge Presents)    “Something About April”
Young, Neil    “Eldorado”

Hip-Hop LPs & 12″s
Black And Brown    “Black And Brown! Instrumentals”
Blu & Exile    “Below The Heavens: In Hell Happy With Your New Imaginary Friend (Ltd. Ed. Hand Numbered Gatefold 2LP)”
J-88 (Slum Village)    “Best Kept Secret (Produced By Jay Dee / Remixes By Madlib)”
K-Def    “Night Shift”
Madvillain    “Madvilliany Instrumentals”

Electronic 12″s & LPs
Borderline    “Borderline”
Gesaffelstein    “Conspiracy Pt. II”
Hey Today!    “Talk To Me”
Hulkkonen, Jori    “SWOT”
Instinct / Killa & Instinct    “Revolt / Drones Mix”
Kowton V Dusk    “Kowton V Dusk EP”
MIKEQ (Mike Q)    “Let It All Out”
Modeselektor     “Evil Twin (Pic)”
Motor City Drum Ensemble    “Basement L.O.V.E. (DJ-Kicks)”
Ollivierra, Tony    “Nangka EP”
Sei A     “Lazers”
Seiji    “Seiji5: Frustratin / Face Up”
T.O.M. Project    “Renaissance”
Telemachus    “The Sheltering Sky”
Terror Danjah    “U Make”
Twilite Tone, The    “Mean Machine”
Various Artists    “5 Years Compilation (Part Five) “
Various Artists    “5 Years Compilation (Part Four)”
Villa Nah    “Midnight Versions”

Acephalix    “Acephalix”
Against Me!    “Crime As Forgiven By”
Armalite    “Humungous”
Astaroth    “Satanispiritus”
Bare Wires    “Don’t Ever Change”
Big Troubles    “She Smiles For Pictures”
Brain F    “Restraining Order”
Brain F    “So Dim”
Caustic Christ    “No Love”
Cheap Girls / Noise By Numbers    “My Wandering Days Are Over / Between Planets”
Chimp Beams / Marter & Yony    “Lumber / Level 13”
Curmudgeon    “Human Ouroboros”
Cvlts / Virgin Spirit    “Time Debt / Bathed in White”
Discharge    “State Violence State Control”
Discharge    “Realities Of War”
Discharge    “Never Again”
Discharge    “Fight Back”
Discharge    “Decontrol”
Dive    “Human / Big Joke”
Dwarves / Riptides    “Stillborn In The USA”
Evens    “Evens”
Fatal Birth    “Fatal Birth”
Fireworks    “Bonfires”
Girls    “Lawrence (Heartshaped)”
Heavenly Beat    “Faithless”
Joy Division    “An Ideal For Living”
Kidcrash / L’Antietam    “Heavy Nugs And Heady Chugs”
Medicine    “Time Baby 2 / Miss Drugstore”
Mugwumps    “Do Time With”
No Sir    “Holy Land”
Queers / Riptides    “Buy It You Scum”
Self Defense Family    “I’m Going Through Some Shit”
Single Spy, Thee    “Ok Corral / In Clay. In Cloud”
Speak & The Spells    “She’s Dead / Brianna / Caleb Pink”
SSSSnakes / Slow Death    “SSSSnakes / Slow Death”
Trash Talk    “Shame”

Bastard Noise “Our Earth’s Blood” (5xCD)
Ernest Gonzales “Natural Traits”
Andrew Liles “Long Shadows”
Scar Symmetry “Pitch Black”
Tombs “Path Of Totality”

The Primal Screamer


Bringers of Disease Gospel of Pestilence

(Translation Loss / Waylon Recordings)
The members of this Dayton, Ohio metal quintet came together from varying backgrounds, including Mouth of the Architect’s post-metal and Acheron’s straightforward death/black/thrash metal. The latter style is the primary influence audible on this EP. They deliver what one should expect from the genres: screamed vocals, aggressive blast-beats, chords with tremolo picking, and an unmistakable sense of despair throughout. “Doomed To Flames” kicks right into action with high-speed rage, followed by the even more-downtrodden “Your Prayers Remain Unheard;” it starts with a slower, doom-influenced sound, before launching back into intervals with speed ranging from medium to blisteringly fast. “Our Final Reward In Hell” strikes a good balance between the white-hot aggression of the opening track and the more-subdued parts of the second, managing to pull off the record’s most memorable hooks. Closing track “A Plague To End All Plagues” is the longest, trudging through one final wasteland of doom, with an abrupt and brief return to speed halfway through.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Cut Hands Afro Noise 1 Volume 1 LP

(A Dirter Release)
Cut Hands is William Bennett’s (Whitehouse) self described and album titled afro noise project. Volume 1 and Volume 2 are being released currently (we should have vol. 2 shortly) and they are collections of this projects work to this point. Truthfully, it’s not all that noisey considering his past works. It’s welcome. It’s jungle sci-fi soundtrack-type music. Polyrhythms and stabs of dissonance definitely make it more noisey than Fela Kuti for instance and these are not pieces meant for easy digestion by someone looking for afro-funk.  There is no funk here. There is however a mean beat with some meaner instrumentation (non-instrumentation). Foetus might come to mind without the whimsy and plus more afrocentric bases. So, while you won’t find this as the soundtrack to the Venture Brothers (I don’t think it’s a good fit like Foetus is) you might soon find it in an early-John-Carpenter-like jungle sci-fi action adventure movie. Let that movie play in your head.
[Reviewer: Rick]