2nd of March 2012 Update

2nd of March 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Afro Funk    “Body Music (West-African Made Funk & Afrobeat Circa ’75 + D/L)”
Ava Luna    “Ice Level (+ D/L)”
Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band    “Merseytrout: Live At Rotters Club, Liverpool, October 29, 1980 (2LP Set)”
Caustic Christ    “Can’t Relate”
Ceremony    “Zoo (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)”
Cheap Girls    “Giant Orange (Ltd. Ed. 1st Press + D/L)”
Dinosaur L    “Go Bang! #5 / Clean On Your Bean #1”
Every Time I Die    “Exlives (+ CD)”
Falco’s, Tav Panther Burns (Tav Falco’s Panter Burns)    “Behind The Magnolia Curtain / Blow Your Top (+ D/L)”
Ferocious Fucking Teeth    “Ferocious Fucking Teeth (+ CD)”
Flower Travellin’ Band    “Make Up (180 Gram)”
Frak    “Muzika Electronic”
Goblin    “Patrick (Colonna Sonora Originale Del Film)”
Goblin    “Contamination (Colonna Sonora Originale Del Film)”
Houghton, Beth Jeans & The Hooves Of Destiny    “Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose (180 Gram Deluxe Vinyl Edition + CD)”
Karantamba    “Ndigal (2LP Gatefold)”
Lambchop    “Mr. M (2LP With 4 Exclusive Tracks + D/L)”
Lobo, Edu    “A Musica De Edu Lobo Por Edu Lobo Com A Participacao Do Tamba Trio (1965)”
Magnetic Fields, The    “Love At The Bottom Of The Sea (+ D/L)”
Martin, Ian    “Mechanical Rain”
No Neck Blues Band (NNCK)    “YTIU”
OBN IIIs    “The One And Only (+ D/L)”
Om     “Live At Jerusalem (/3100)”
Profanatica    “Sickened By The Holy Host (2LP 1 Black 1 White With Printed Plastic Inner Sleeves + A Eucharist, Yes, You Get The Sacrament With This To Blaspheme All Over)”
Sisters    “Sisters”
Taking Back Sunday    “Tell All Your Friends (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)”
Tamba Trio    “Avanco (1963)”
Tilts    “Tilts (“Fancypants” Color + D/L)”
True Radical Miracle    “Termites”
Useless Eaters    “Cheap Talk: The Singles”
Various Artists    “Listen, Whitey! The Sounds Of Black Power 1967-1974 (Bob Dylan, Gil Scot-Heron, John & Yoko, Last Poets, …)”
Various Artists    “Jende Ri Palenge: People Of Palenque – Afro-Colombia (DVD+5LP Box Set)”
Walls    “The Future Is Wide Open”
Warrior Kids    “Les Enfants De L’Espoir…(30th Anniversary Press – 1st US Press)”
Weston    “Got Beat Up”
White Wires, The    “The White Wires”
Zahir, Ahmad    “Volume 2 (Afghantistan 70’s Folk-Pop-Psychedelia)”

Hip-Hop 12″s & LPs
Die Antwoord    “Ten$ion (+ D/L)”
Kool G. Rap & D.J. Polo    “Live And Let Die (Remastered 2LP Set)”
Main Attrakionz    “808s & Dark Grapes II”

Electronic 12″s & LPs
Aardvarck    “Anti Concept”
Andres, Dez (Dez Andres)    “As We Rock On / A Time To Boogie”
Black Rain    “Now I’m Just A Number: Soundtracks 1993-94”
Bouffmyhre, Hans    “Easy Meat EP”
Claro Intelecto    “Second Blood EP”
Conforce    “Dystopian Elements EP”
Former Descent    “My Life in The Box Of Ghosts EP”
Funcken, Roel (Roel Funcken)    “Fes Bace”
Geeeman    “Bang’t / Fire Extinguisher (Jack For Daze)”
Giorgio Gigli / Obtane    “A Sad Wandering Dreamer In Contemporary Memory Architectures”
Halp    “Tic Tac Toe (Feat. Kissey)”
Henning Baer    “Drop Out EP”
Imugem Orihasam    “Relation EP”
Joy Orbison & Boddika    “Froth”
Lapalux    “When You’re Gone (+ D/L)”
Mason, James    “I Want Your Love (Original Mix And Longer Unreleased Edit)”
Mirto, Ralph    “Chimera EP”
Morphosis    “The TEPCO Report”
Nightjars    “Nocturnal EP”
Owens, Robert    “Sacrifice”
Planetary Assault Systems    “Remixes | Silent Servant | The Black Dog”
Rauch, Roman    “Birth Of Memory”
Recloose    “Magic”
Shrubbn!!    “Echos (2LP /666)”
Simoncino    “WereHouse EP (+ Legowelt Remix)”
Skudge    “Skudge Remixes Part 5 (Boddika, Cosmin TRG)”
Suicide, Warren (Warren Suicide)    “World Warren Remixes (Moving Close Apart Apparate Remix / Hello Mom Oval Remix)”
Thorpe, Tony / Si Begg / Pempi    “Globe Stepping 1”
Trent, Ron (Ron Trent)    “Deep Down (Feat. Robert Owens + Mr. Fingers Remix)”
Van Hoesen, Peter    “Transitional State”
Various Artists    “Vintage Synth Technique (Shawn Rudiman, DJ T-1000, Loner.9, Wave Effect)”
Various Artists    “Livin’ For The City EP (Broke One, JNI, Maxime F., SCR, The Black Madonna, Alec Carlsson)”
WhoMadeWho    “Brighter (+ CD)”
Zum Goldenen Schwarm    “Die Wolke (Staub)”

Lotus Plaza / Nice Weekend    “Come Back / Longest Days”

Allo Darlin’    “Capricornia”
Authorities    “Soundtrack For Trouble”
Beastie Boys / Santigold / Major Lazer    “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win”
Bonnie Prince Billy      “The B-Sides For Time To Be Clear”
Bonnie Prince Billy & Mariee Sioux    “Bonnie & Mariee (2×7″)”
Cormans, Thee    “Biker Bitch”
Daylight    “Run For Cover Acoustic Series #3 (Sinking…)”
Evans The Death    “Telling Lies / Morning Voice (Acoustic)”
Mockingbird    “Wish Me Luck (Run For Cover Subscription Singles Series #4)”
OBN IIIs    “OBN IIIs (Running On Fumes / Do My Thing / Mad / License Plate)”
Swamp Thing    “Swamp Thing”
Swing Kids    “Situations On Mars / Fake Teeth”

Aelter “Dusk-Dawn / Follow You” (2xCD)
Caveman “Coco Beware”
Ceremony “Zoo”
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien    “I Wish My Brother George Was Here (2012 Expanded Reissue)”
Earth “Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II”
Fort Romeau    “Kindoms”
Ital “Hive Mind” (the LP will be here in another week)
Lambchop “Mr. M”
Locrian & Mamiffer “Bless Them That Curse You”
Madlib    “Madlib Medicine Show No. 13: Black Tape [X] Restricted 18+”
Maxilla    Blue
Mouse On Mars    “Parastrophics”
Negative Approach “Nothing…”
New Age Steppers    “Love Forever”
Nurse With Wound “Creakiness And Other Misdemeanors”
Perfume Genius “Put Your Back N 2 It”
Sleigh Bells “Reign Of Terror”
Sutcliffe Jugend “Blue Rabbit”
Various Artists “Listen Whitey!”

Recipes for Disaster: Anarchist Cookbook


Bowerbirds The Clearing  CD/LP
(Dead Oceans)
The third album by Bowerbirds almost didn’t happen. The duo, Phil Moore and Beth Tacular broke up for about a year putting the band behind them; during this time Beth was faced with a life threatening illness. The Clearing, is a reconnection of love between the couple and a testament of their incredible chemistry as a band. The result is a beautifully constructed and perfectly produced album, with gentle yet catchy melodies and unique instrumentation. Songs about love, life, and nature fill the album from front to finish. Eleven tracks and 46 minutes later you will find yourself playing this album over again, and again. Each listen makes The Clearing more wonderful than the last. Although every track is amazing, songs like ‘Tuck the Darkness In’, ‘In the Yard’, ‘This Year’ and ‘Sweet Moment’ make this album impossible to put down. The Clearing, by Bowerbirds comes out March 6th.
[Reviewer: Kyle][Note: This will be in on Tuesday.]

Main Attrakionz 808s & Dark Grapes II LP

(Type Recordings)
This is the second properly hip-hop release from Type (first being Clams Casino). It is the first that relies heavily on actual rapping (Clams = beats). I wouldn’t say it relies extraordinarily heavily on the verses as the beats are pretty exceptional by some pretty exciting names in the upcoming hip-hop producing realm (Squadda B, Friendzone, Silky Johnson, NoaBoa, and Clams Casino himself and a bunch more actually). This also includes a lot of stuff that encompasses my new favorite music phrase: chillbient. Get chill and rock.
[Reviewer: Rick]

Sleigh Bells Reign of Terror CD/LP

(Mom + Pop)
I was a little skeptical at first: after all, Sleigh Bells’ 2010 record Treats seemed pretty one-of-a-kind with its abrasive-and-sweet mix of breathy vocals, distorted guitar, and megaton beats that truly put speakers to the test. Here, they haven’t strayed too far from their signature brand of bulked-up noise pop: the vocals remain hypnotic, the guitar still burns, and the beats pack the same physical punch. However, they’ve adopted a greater focus on melody, so while the blasting from the last album is still clearly present and accounted for, there’s nothing as bracingly extreme as the exploding “Crown on the Ground” or clobbering “Straight A’s.” On Reign of Terror, standout tracks like “Born To Lose” and “Comeback Kid” rely on intense yet head-bobbingly infectious rhythm (complete with pep-talk vocals) that help convey the exhilaration of being at a sporting event where everyone can feel the speakers’ bass. The duo captures said feeling the best on the chant-laden “Crush,” complete a beat that was created by friends stomping on bleachers in a gymnasium.  Toward the end, the guitar riffs on tracks like the hot-on-the-ears “Demons” incorporate a classic metal sound (a personal favorite of mine, “Never Say Die,” creatively mixes a simple, endlessly looping riff with a gorgeous, glassy-sounding 3-note descent to construct a very intoxicating sound.) I’m happy that Sleigh Bells managed to prove that they’re not a one-album curiosity. They’ve got an excellent grip on their sound, and they managed to keep it interesting without sounding stale, while also innovating without changing their sound too much.
[Reviewer: Mark]