24th Of October 2014 Update

24th Of October 2014 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

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Apparently some warehouse debaucle left us without a UPS delivery today so a good portion of our deliveries will be here Monday. Next week’s update will have all that, but feel free to check in if you’re wondering about a recent release that we will probably have in for Monday.

LPs & 12″s
2562    “The New Today” (2LP)
A Sagittariun    “Wish You Were There EP”
Absolutely Free    “Absolutely Free”
Accused    “Martha Splatterhead EP”
Alberich    “Nato-Uniformen” (2LP Gatefold)
Ambarchi, Oren / Eli Keszler    “Alps”
Ambrogio, Elisa    “The Immoralist”
Bestial Mouths    “Remixes”
Body, The / Sandworm    “The Body / Sandworm” (Split)
Bodyjack    “Brock Out”
Bonobo    “The North Borders Tour. – Live.” (+ D/L)
Brand New    “Daisy”
Budos Band, The    “Burnt Offering” (Colored Vinyl; Indie Store Cover Variant Gatefold)
Bunyan, Vashti    “Heartleap” (Gatefold)
Captain Planet    “Esperanto Slang” (2LP)
Cave    “Release – Singles 2007-2013”
Chemotex    “Snake Inside My Leg”
CN    “NU” (2LP)
Dalt, Lucrecia    “Lucrecia Dalt” 10″
D.A.R.F.D.H.S. (Dard A Ranj Fran Det Hebbershalska Samfundet)    “Det Stora Oväsendet Remixes”
Detroit Swindle    “Boxed Out: The Remixes”
DJ Koze    “Reincarnations Part 2: The Remix Chapter 2009-2014” (2LP)
Dope Body    “Lifer”
Dorian Concept    “Joined Ends” (180 Gram + D/L)
Dusk + Blackdown    “Back 2 Go FWD>>” (2LP)
Edgar, Jimmy    “Saline”
EDMX    “Wicked Drummer”
Eternal Tapestry    “Guru Overload”
Forma    “Cool Haptics EP”
Generacion Suicida    “Todo Termina”
Haslam, Gunnar    “Ataxia No Logos”
Haswell, Russell    “Double A”
Heat Leisure    “III & IV” (Feat. Ken Babbs & Members Of Pontiak, Guardian Alien, Liturgy, Ben Frost & Beach House)
Hood, Robert    “Movable Parts Chapter 1 EP”
Horse Feathers    “So It Is With Us” (+ D/L)
Iceage    “Plowing Into The Field Of Love”
Jawbreaker    “24 Hour Revenge Therapy” (20th Anniversary Edition + D/L With Bonus Tracks)
Kayo Dot    “Coffins On IO”
KMD (K.M.D.)    “Mr. Hood” (2LP Reissue)
L/F/D/M    “LHF 3”
Lacey, Bruce    “The Spacey Bruce Lacey: Film Music And Improvisations Vol. 1”
Lil Silva    “Mabel”
Little Big League    “Tropical Jinx” (Baby Blue Vinyl)
Magic Castles    “Sky Sounds” (Gatefold)
Masked Intruder    “M.I.” (+ D/L)
Mineral    “EndSerenading.” (DMM 180 Gram Ltd. Ed. Gatefold + D/L)
Mineral    “The Power Of Failing” (DMM 180 Gram Ltd. Ed. Gatefold + D/L)
Moore, Thurston    “The Best Day” (2LP)
Morby, Kevin    “Still Life With Rejects From The Land Of Misfitoys” (+ D/L)
Nautic    “Feedom Of The Floor” (Test Pressing Editions)
Nobunny    “Secret Songs: Reflections From The Ear Mirror” (+ D/L)
Nobunny    “Love Visions”
Nude Beach    “77” (2LP)
O. Utlier    “Genesis EP” (Boards 005)
Olivia Jean    “Bathtub Love Killings” (Produced By Jack White)
Oozing Wound    “Earth Suck”
Pickett, Wilson    “Hey Jude” (180 Gram)
PMH    “Aqua”
Radio-Logg    “Sports/Tools”
Raw Ten    “Funny Thing”
Rowland, S. Howard    “Pop Crimes” (+ D/L)
Sakamoto, Shintaro    “Let’s Dance Raw” (+ D/L; OBI Strip)
Schooley, John & Walter Daniels    “Dead Mall Blues” (+ D/L)
Shackleton    “Deliverance: Series No. 1”
Shifted    “Razors E.P.”
Slant 6    “Soda Pop * Rip Off” (Reissue + D/L)
Tindersticks    “Ypres (Soundscapes From The ‘In Flanders Fields’ World War I Museum In Ypres, Belgium)” (180 Gram + D/L)
Tripeo    “Nargy EP”
Trust Fund / Joanna Gruesome    “Trust Fund / Joanna Gruesome”
Turner, Ike & Tina    “Dynamite!”
Typesetter    “Wild’s End”
Various    “New Orleans Soul: The Original Sound Of New Orleans Soul 1966-76” (Soul Jazz Records; 2LP)
Various    “Spirit Of Malombo: Malombo Jazz Makers, Jabula And Jazz Afrika 1966-1984” (2LP Gatefold + CD)
Various    “WeMe 10- ANS (10th Anniversary Compilation)” (Ceephax, DMX Krew, CN, Leyland Kirby…)
Vertical67    “Aura”
Walker, Scott + Sunn O)))    “Soused” (2LP)
Wampire    “Bazaar” (180 Gram + D/L)
Weed Hounds    “Weed Hounds”
Weyes Blood    “The Innocents” (+ D/L; Ltd. Ed. /1,700)

Adventures / Pity Sex    “Adventures / Pity Sex” (Red Mixed + D/L)
Beastmilk    “White Stains On Black Wax” (White Vinyl)
Business, The    “Back In The Day” (Gatefold, Cream Color)
Dirty Fences    “Ladies Choice”
Forms    “Danse Macabre”
Iron Lung    “Savagery”
Purge    “Sewage” (Transparent Purple + D/L)
Stone Dagger    “Stone Dagger (The Siege Of Jerusalem C/W Black Clad Rider)”

2562    “The New Today” (Slim Case)
Black Cracker    “Poster Boy”
Caribou    “Our Love”
Cut Hands    “Festival Of The Dead”
Hutchinson, Hal    “Wreckage Installations And Metalworks” (Long DVD Style Box)
Invisible Hands, The    “Teslam” (Alan Bishop Of Sun City Girls)
Jakob    “Sines”
Kayo Dot    “Coffins On IO”
Menace Ruine    “Venus Armata”
Moore, Thurston    “The Best Day”
Occultation    “Silence In The Ancestral House”
Various    “Spirit Of Malombo: Malombo Jazz Makers, Jabula And Jazz Afrika 1966-1984”
Walker, Scott + Sunn O)))    “Soused”

Maximum Rock N’ Roll #378
UNTAME Volume 1 2014
Wire #369


Alexander Turnquist  Flying Fantasy
Alexander Turnquist Flying Fantasy 300x300
(Western Vinyl)
Turnquist is an exceptionally gifted composer and guitarist, sounding like he has more than ten fingers to play his 12-string instrument to create captivatingly elaborate beauty. Hearing his latest record Flying Fantasy, I’d never guess that something so gorgeous-sounding came about from brutal hardship: he had to learn to play guitar again after a nerve in his hand seized up and needed surgery, followed by a battle with meningitis. His complex, golden-sounding melodies sparkle and flutter hypnotically, backed by several guest musicians on instruments such as vibraphone, violin, French horn and vocals (Turnquist also provided piano, organ and steel drums at points.) The longest track “Red Carousel” is probably my favorite, incorporating grand piano, strings and wordless vocals with the guitar for emotion-rich, cinematic-style emphasis.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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