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HALLOWEEN! 2014 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
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Horror Soundtracks Halloween 2014
Happy Halloween From Our Horror Soundtracks!

LPs & 12″s
3rd Bass    “The Cactus Album” (Def Jam 30 Ed.)
A Day To Remember    “Common Courtesy”
Ancient Vvisdom    “Sacrificial”
Arca    “Xen” (+ D/L)
Arcing Seas    “Converging Prey”
Artemiev, Edward    “Stalker / The Mirror (Music From Andrey Tarkovsky’s Motion Pictures)” (European Pressing)
Atriarch    “An Unending Pathway”
Balmorhea    “Balmohrea” (+D/L; Ltd. Ed. 180 Gram)
Beatles, The    “Anthology 1” (3LP)
Beatles, The    “Anthology 2” (3LP)
Bing & Ruth    “Tomorrow Was The Golden Age” (+ D/L)
Black Deer    “The Last Remixes”
Black Lips    “Underneath The Rainbow” (180 Gram + D/L)
Black Madonna, The    “Stay”
Black Milk    “If There’s A Hell Below” (2LP)
Bleachers    “Strange Desire” (+ D/L)
Blind Faith    “Blind Faith” (Back To Black Ed.)
Boards Of Canada    “Hi Scores” (Skam Reissue)
Bodan, Dan    “Soft” (Ltd. Ed. Pink Vinyl + D/L)
Bowie, David    “Reality” (Music On Vinyl Ed.)
Brown, Danny    “Hot Soup: Instrumentals” (/500)
Bulbous Creation    “You Won’t Remember Dying” (Numero Reissue)
Byrd, Donald    “The Creeper”
Can    “Flow Motion” (Remastered Edition + D/L)
Can    “Delay (1968)” (Remastered Ed. 180 Gram)
Can    “Rite Time” (Remastered Ed. 180 Gram)
Can    “Future Days” (Remastered Ed. 180 Gram)
Can    “Soon Over Babaluma” (Remastered Ed. 180 Gram)
Cathedral    “The Carnival Bizarre” (Ltd. Ed. 2LP 180 Gram)
Clark    “Clark Edits” (11/04 Release Date)
Clark    “Clark” (2LP + D/L) (11/04 Release Date)
Clash, The    “The Clash” (Remastered 180 Gram Audiophile Pressing)
Coles, Maya Jane    “Watcher Remixes”
Coltrane, John    “Offering: Live At Temple University” (Numbered /2000 2LP Gatefold)
Connect_icut    “Small Town By The Sea” (2LP)
Cooly G    “Wait Til Night” (11/04 Release Date)
Copyrights, The    “Report”
Crobot    “Something Supernatural” (Ltd. Ed. Electric Blue Vinyl + D/L With Visuals)
Cult Of Riggonia    “Nematode Rodriguez Presents… Harry Chanchfield Presents…”
Dads    “I’ll be The Tornado” (+ D/L; Colored Vinyl)
Dead Milkmen, The    “Pretty Music For Pretty Special People”
Death Blues    “Non-Fiction” (Jon Meuller’s; Color Vinyl /300)
Deejay Deer    “Natur” (11/04 Release Date)
Deerhoof    “La Isla Bonita” (Gray Vinyl + D/L)
Dels    “Petals Have Fallen” (+ D/L) (11/04 Release Date)
Demon    “The Unexpected Guest” (180 Gram Ltd. Ed. Coloured Vinyl)
Denmark Vessey & Scud One    “Cult Classic” (Feat. Guilty Simpson, Exile And Quelle Chris + D/L; Red Vinyl)
Depeche Mode    “Playing The Angel” (180 Gram)
Depeche Mode    “Music For The Masses” (180 Gram)
Dismemberment Plan, The    “Uncanney Valley” (180 Gram + D/L)
Dismemberment Plan, The    “Change” (180 Gram + D/L)
DJ Ford Foster    “Gold Cans EP”
Dorham, Kenny    “Una Mas (One More Time)”
Dr. Octagon    “Dr. Octagonecologyst” (Hologram Reissue Jammer)
Drax    “Phosphene (Remixes)” (Clear)
Ekranoplan    “Wing In Surface Effect”
Eyedea & Abilities    “By The Throat” (2LP)
Flaming Lips, The    “With A Little Help From My Fwends” (The Flaming Lips 2014 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Tribute Album)
Forsyth, Chris & The Solar  Motel Band    “Intensity Ghost” (Ltd. Ed. Color)
Frehley, Ace    “Space Invader” (2LP 180 Gram)
Frightened Rabbit    “The Midnight Organ Fight” (+ D/L)
Funkadelic    “America Eats Its Young” (180 Gram Gatefold)
Future Brown    “Wanna Party / World’s Mine” (11/04 Release Date)
Ghoul    “We Came For The Dead!!!” (Ltd. Ed. Color + D/L)
Green Linez    “Hibiscous Pacific”
Grouper    “Ruins”
Hacheros, Los    “Pilon” (11/04 Release Date)
Headless Ghost    “Swept Illusions” (Grey)
Holt, John    “One Thousand Volts Of Holt” (180 Gram)
Homeboy Sandman    “Hallways”(2LP Gatefold + D/L)
Homewrecker    “Circle Of Death” (Ltd. Ed. Color)
Howlin’ Wolf    “Killing Floor: Blues Essentials”
Hozier    “Hozier” (2LP + CD)
Huxley    “Blurred” (2LP + CD) (11/04 Release Date)
I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness    “Dust”
Inter Arma    “The Cavern”
Iron Maiden    “Piece Of Mind” (180 Gram Reissue)
Jones, Fern    “The Glory Road” (Numero Reissue)
Karenn    “SHEWORKS006”
Kele    “Trick”
Kilawatt    “Convoys EP”
Kings Of Leon    “Early Albums” (Box Set)
Kode 9 & The Spaceape    “Killing Season” (11/04 Release Date)
Korallreven    “Second Comin'” (11/04 Release Date)
Kylesa    “Ultraviolet” (Translucent Yellow /500)
La Dusseldorf    “La Dusseldorf” (180 Gram)
Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble, The    “Miles Away (Madlib Yesterdays Universe Full Length Album)”
Led Zeppelin    “Houses Of The Holy” (Remastered By Jimmy Page 180 Gram Reissue)
Led Zeppelin    “Houses Of The Holy” (2LP Remastered By Jimmy Page Deluxe 180 Gram Reissue With Unreleased Studio Outtakes)
Led Zeppelin    “Led Zeppelin IV (Runes)” (Remastered By Jimmy Page 180 Gram Reissue)
Led Zeppelin    “Led Zeppelin IV (Runes)” (2LP Remastered By Jimmy Page Deluxe 180 Gram Reissue With Unreleased Studio Outtakes)
Led Zeppelin    “The Soundtrack From The Film ‘The Song Remains The Same'” (200 Gram)
Les Sins    “Michael” (+ D/L + Stickers)
Lia Mice    “I Love You” (11/04 Release Date)
Liggins, Michael    “Loaded To The Gills”
Lily & Madeleine    “Fumes” (Ltd. Ed. Color + D/L)
Lite    “Installation”
Lorna Dune    “Miamisphere”
Lukid    “Crawlers”
Lumerians    “The High Frontier” (180 Gram)
Lvl Up    “Hoodwink’d” (+ D/L)
Lykke Li    “Wounded Rhymes”
Mingus, Charles    “Oh Yeah” (180 Gram)
Minus The Bear    “Planet Of Ice” (Ltd. Ed. Custom Ice Vinyl /1,000)
Mitchell, Blue    “Step Lightly”
Mobley, Hank / Lee Morgan    “Peckin’ Time”
Modest Mouse    “This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About” (Reissue + D/L)
Mono    “Part Two: Rays Of Darkness” (+ D/L)
Mono    “Part One: The Last Dawn” (+ D/L)
Mr. G    “Got That Swing E.P.”
Murphy’s Law    “The Party’s Over” (Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Mysteries    “New Age Music Is Here” (+ D/L)
Nice, Paul    “Drum Library Vol. 7”
No Mercy    “Widespread Bloodshed… Love Runs Red” (Suicidal Records)
Onyeabor, William    “William Onyeabor Vol. 1” (Box Set) (11/04 Release Date)
Outrageous Cherry    “The Digital Age” (11/04 Release Date)
Picturebooks, The    “Imaginary Horse”
Pig Destroyer    “Mass & Volume”
Plant43    “Scars Of Intransigence” (2LP)
Process, The    “The Process: Jon Batiste, Chad Smith, Bill Laswell” (11/04 Release Date)
Quasimoto    “Microphone Mathmatics”
Quasimoto    “Bus Ride / Rappcats”
Quasimoto    “Come On Feet / Boom Music & MHB’s”
Ramone, Joey    “Don’t Worry About Me” (Ltd. Ed. Color)
Redinho    “Redinho” (Numbered Ltd. Ed.) (11/04 Release Date)
Rescuer    “Anxiety Answering” (Purple / White Splatter)
Roots, The    “Organix”
Run The Jewels    “Run The Jewels 2” (Special Edition 2LP Teal Colored 180 Gram + Poster + Stickers)
Rush    “Moving Pictures: Live 2011” (180 Gram)
Sensational Saints, The    “You Won’t Believe It” (Numero Reissue)
Shivas, The    “You Know What To Do”
Sick/Tired    “Dissolution” (Orange/Black)
Silverchair    “Diorama” (Music On Vinyl Ed.)
Sinatra, Frank    “In The Wee Small Hours” (Capitol Vaults)
Sleater-Kinney    “Call The Doctor” (Remastered + D/L)
Sleater-Kinney    “Dig Me Out”  (Remastered + D/L)
Sleater-Kinney    “The Hot Rock”  (Remastered + D/L)
Sleater-Kinney    “All Hands On The Bad One”  (Remastered + D/L)
Sleater-Kinney    “One Beat”  (Remastered + D/L)
Sleater-Kinney    “The Woods”  (Remastered + D/L)
Slim Twig    “A Hound At The Helm” (Pink Vinyl + D/L)
Specials    “More Specials” (+ 7″)
Submotion Orchestra    “Alium” (2LP + D/L) (11/04 Release Date)
Supa Dave West    “Beat Boxing”
These Hidden Hands    “These Hidden Hands” (2LP)
Today Is The Day    “Animal Mother”
Tomorrows Tulips    “When”
Tre Mission    “Stigmata” (+ D/L) (11/04 Release Date)
TV On The Radio    “Dear Science”
Twilight Sad, The    “Nobody Wants To Be Here And Nobody Wants To Leave” (+ D/L)
Ugandan Methods / Prurient (Collaboration)    “Dial B For Beauty”
Various    “Local Customs: Cavern Sound” (Numero Reissue)
Various    “Radical And Revolutionary Jazz In The USA 1957-82: Black Fire! New Spirits!” (Ltd. Ed. 3LP + D/L + Insert)
Various    “Elf: Music From The Major Motion Picture”
Velvet Underground, The    “March 13th 1969 The Boston Tea Party” (180 Gram)
Veruca Salt    “American Thighs” (180 Gram Direct Metal Mastering)
Very Best, The    “MTMTMK” (2LP + D/L)
VHS Head    “Persistence Of Vision” (2LP Gatefold)
Ware, Jessie    “Tough Love” (2LP Gatefold)
Wingo, David    “Take Shelter: A Jeff Nichols Film” (Soundtrack + D/L)
Witch    “Vent” (PT5)
WMX / Bombardier    “Void Tactical Media 003”
Wormwood    “Wormwood” (Members Of Doomriders)
Wu-Tang Clan    “Wu-Tang Forever” (4LP Music On Vinyl Ed.)
Xerxes    “Collision Blonde”
Zipcode    “Zipcode EP”

Few Nolder    “If”
Haim    “My Song 5 / My Song 5 Feat. A$AP Ferg” (Shaped Picture Disc)
Klaus Layer    “Es Ist Wie Ein Kreis (It’s Like A Circle)” (Ltd. Ed. Color)
Ought    “Once More With Feeling…” (+ D/L)

Adams, Ryan    “Vampires”
Cherry Glazerr    “Had Ten Dollaz / Nurse Ratched” (+ D/L)
Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) / Joi De Vivre    “Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) / Joi De Vivre”
Iron Maiden    “2 Minutes To Midnight” (Ltd. Ed. Series)
Iron Maiden    “Run To The Hills / Phantom Of The Opera”
Iron Maiden    “Aces High / King Of Twilight”
Iron Maiden    “Running Free / Sanctuary”
Iron Maiden    “Flight Of Icarus / I’ve Got The Fire”
Iron Maiden    “The Trooper / Cross Eyed Mary”
Jacket Thor    “In Our Blisters EP” (Lathe Cut)
Leviathan / Krieg    “Leviathan / Krieg”
Modest Mouse    “White Lies, Yellow Teeth / Buttons To Push Buttons”
Modest Mouse    “Too Many Fiestas For Rueben / Cowboy Dan”
Redrot    “Freedome/Twitch”
Salems Pot    “Ego Trip” (Red  Or Orange Vinyl Copies)
Somos / Sorority Noise    “Somos / Sorority Noise”
Vermapyre / Vehrmoedr    “Vermapyre / Vehrmoedr”

2562    “The New Today” (Slim Case)
Apollo Brown And Ras Kass    “Blasphemy”
Black Cracker    “Poster Boy”
Black Milk    “If There’s  A Hell Below”
Boards Of Canada    “Hi Scores”
Caribou    “Our Love”
Cooly G    “Wait Til Night” (11/04 Release Date)
Crobot    “Something Supernatural”
Cut Hands    “Festival Of The Dead”
Grouper    “Ruins”
Homewrecker    “Circle Of Death”
Hutchinson, Hal    “Wreckage Installations And Metalworks” (Long DVD Style Box)
Invisible Hands, The    “Teslam” (Alan Bishop Of Sun City Girls)
Jakob    “Sines”
Kayo Dot    “Coffins On IO”
Kozelek, Mark    “Mark Kozelek Sings Christmas Carols” (11/04 Release Date)
Led Zeppelin    “Led Zeppelin IV” (2-CD Deluxe Ed.)
Led Zeppelin    “Houses Of The Holy” (2-CD Deluxe Ed.)
Menace Ruine    “Venus Armata”
Moore, Thurston    “The Best Day”
Nothing    “Downward Years To Come”
Occultation    “Silence In The Ancestral House”
Redinho    “Redinho” (11/04 Release Date)
Various    “Spirit Of Malombo: Malombo Jazz Makers, Jabula And Jazz Afrika 1966-1984”
Walker, Scott + Sunn O)))    “Soused”

Cassette Tapes
A.M.S.G.    “Anti-Cosmic Tyranny” (IBP181)
Believer/Law    “Matters Of Life And Death” (CH278)
Birthright    “Slavespirit” (C32; CH-291)
Coleman, John Wesley III    “The Love That You Own” (BRGR566)
Davila 666    “Pocos Anos, Muchos Danos” (BRGR200)
Davila, AJ Y Terror Amor     “Beibi” (BRGR599)
Godflesh    “Decline & Fall” (HH666-241)
Godflesh    “A World Lit Only By Fire” (HH666-242)
Joanna Gruesome / Trust Fund    “Trust Fund / Joanna Gruesome”
J-Zone    “Lunch Breaks: A Collection Of Original And Familiar Drum Breaks (Recorded In Queens, NY)” (RDF-063)
Key    “Open The Door” (MSET12)
Marshstepper    “Marshstepper” (C32; CH-256)
Outrageous Cherry    “The Digital Age” (BRGR738)
Reuerorum Ib Malacht    “De Mysteriis Dom Christi” (FLAME85)
Secam Kino    “Persistence Of Vision / Posible Soundtracks Vol. 1” (Second Edition; VHS + CS) (Chondritic Sound)
Secam Kino    “Dilettante Recital” (CH-286; C37)
Shredded Nerve    “Hanging In The Balance” (C39; CH-295)
Suffer On Acid    “Ride The Light” (EP + D/L)
Supa Dave West    “Beat Boxing” (RDF062)
Wax Witches    “Center Of Your Universe” (BRGR619)
Worn Leather    “Tape II” (New Haven’s Own)


Boards of Canada Hi Scores [Reissue]
Boards of Canada Hi Scores 300x300
A year after fans were treated to not only a new full-length album but six LP and EP reissues, the second widely-released EP from IDM/ambient duo Boards of Canada is finally available again. Originally released in 1996, it continues Twoism’s style of mixing gloomy (yet strangely comforting) electronic sounds with head-bobbing mid-tempo beats, for a downtempo result that sounds like a flow down a river of ghostly memories. The title track, for example, builds from its mournful, cloudy-sounding opening to incorporate a driving beat and a chorus with shrill noises.  It all feels like a curiously introspective experience, closing with “Everything You Do Is A Balloon” moodily pulsating like a hard-to-pinpoint feeling at the end of the day.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Nude Beach 77
Nude Beach 77 300x300
(Don Giovanni)
Like their previous
work, this Brooklyn trio’s third full-length album is brimming with summery, jangling rock’n’roll: this time with better production values and a running time of over an hour. Their catchy, reverb-soaked melodies evoke memories of influences including surf-rock, power pop and early punk, demonstrating the source of the title. I have a personal fondness for the loudly energetic “Can’t Get Enough,” as well as the all-out jam “I Found You” freely flowing with tons of riffs during its ten-minute run-time.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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