12th Of December 2014 Update

12th Of December 2014 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

12-12-14 New Rack
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LPs & 12″s
A Sagittariun    “Lost Cities”
Actor, The    “Exploded View”
Allman Brothers Band    “The Allman Brothers Band At Fillmore East” (Back To Black Ed.)
An-i    “Gutz / Rut / Save Us”
Arandel    “Solarispellis” [12-16 Release Date]
Ausramp    “Ausramp”
Big Contest    “Time Will Tell”
Bjork, Brant And The Low Desert Punk Band    “Black Power Flower”
Black Moth    “Condemned To Hope”
Blacknecks    “Blacknecks 006”
Boner M    “Change / Dieter003 / Ruuvi / Sudeikiai Dub”
Burning Love    “Songs For Burning Lovers”
Casino Shanghai    “L’Action Minimal (In Aeternam Vale Remix)”
Cave, Nick    “From Her To Eternity” (180 Gram + D/L) [12-16 Release Date]
Cave, Nick And The Bad Seeds    “The First Born Is Dead” (180 Gram + D/L) [12-16 Release Date]
Cave, Nick And The Bad Seeds    “Kicking Against The Pricks” (180 Gram + D/L) [12-16 Release Date]
Cave, Nick And The Bad Seeds    “Your Funeral…My Trial” (180 Gram + D/L) [12-16 Release Date]
Colon, Willie    “Cosa Nuestra” (Canta: Hector La Voe)
Conforce    “Machine Conspiracy” (3LP)
Coop MC    “Watt Up Homie”
Davis, Miles    “Milestones……” (180 Gram Mono)
Dday One    “Dialogue With Life” (Ltd. Ed. Ultra Clear Vinyl)
Del Rey, Lana    “West Coast (Solomun Remix)” (+ D/L)
Dr. Dog    “We All Belong”
Dr. Dog    “Wild Race” (+ CD)
Dr. John, The Night Tripper    “Gris-Gris”
Drexciya    “Harnessed The Storm”
E-    “00/000/0000 EP”
Fall, The    “Yarbles” (180 Gram Ltd. Ed.)
Flight Facilities    “Two Bodies (Feat. Emma Louise)” (+ D/L)
Function    “Recompiled | Extractions”
Genesis    “Selling England By The Pound” (180 Gram)
Glass, Philip    “How Now Strung Out” (180 Gram)
Gravenhurst    “Offerings: Lost Songs 2000-2004” (+ D/L) [12-16 Release Date]
Gravenhurst    “Flashlight Seasons” (10th Ann. Repress + D/L) [12-16 Release Date]
Gravenhurst    “Black Holes In The Sand” (10th Ann. Repress) [12-16 Release Date]
Green, Grant    “Shades Of Green”
Hamburger, Neil    “Great Phone Calls: Your Sides Will Ache From Convulsive Laughter!”
Head Boggle    “Headboggle”
Heliocentrics, The & Melvin Van Peebles    “The Last Transmission” (+ D/L)
Hendrix, Jimi Experience, The    “Winterland” (8LP Box Set)
Hendrix, Jimi Experience, The    “Axis: Bold As Love” (Authorized Hendrix Family Ed.)
Hieroglyphic Being    “The Fourth Dimensions Of A Nubian Mystic”
Hieroglyphic Being And The Configurative Or Modular Me Trio    “The Seer Of Cosmic Visions” (+ D/L)
Hot Water Music    “Caution”
Husker Du    “Dope + Speed = Record” (Fan Club Edition)
Innershades    “Dark Society”
Kid Tsunami Featuring Sean Price & Chuck Chilla    “Bang! Exclusive”
Lady Blacktronika    “All In Vain E.P.”
Laraaji    “Remixes” (Bee Mask, Ela Orleans, Sun Araw, Sickness Of Time Travel)
Los Campesinos!    “No Blues” (180 Gram Pink Vinyl + CD)
Maceo & All The Kings Men    “Funky Music Machine”
Magma    “Ëmëhntëhtt Ré” (180 Gram + D/L)
Magma    “Rïah Sahïltaahk” (180 Gram + D/L)
Magma    “K.A. (Köhntarkösz Anteria)”
Manchester Orchestra    “Hope” (+ D/L)
Marked Men, The    “On The Outside” (+ D/L)
Matsumoto, Takuya    “EKR’s Galactic Dance”
Matthews, Dave Band    “Away From The World” (Clear 2LP + D/L)
Mayfield, Curtis    “Roots”(180 Gram)
Melvins, The    “Hold It In” (+ D/L) [12-16 Release Date]
Meters, The    “Struttin” (Ltd. Ed. Colored)
Mingus, Charles    “Pithecanthropus Erectus” (180 Gram)
Misfits, The    “Project 1950” (Expanded Edition) [12-15 Release Date]
Murderburgers    “How To Ruin Your Life”
Nirvana    “Bleach” (2LP 20th Ann. Ed.)
Ohm    “Tribal Tone”
Old Man Gloom    “The Ape Of God” (SIGE 033)
Parsons, Gram    “GP” (180 Gram)
Planes Mistaken For Stars    “Up In Them Guts” (+ D/L)
Point 5 Posse    “Swisher”
PVNV    “Consortium EP” (Sterac & Shl0hmo Remix)
Q And Not U    “Different Damage” (+ D/L)
Radiator Hospital    “Something Wild”
Rihanna    “Good Girl Gone Bad”
Romare    “Roots”
Rotten Sound    “Species At War”
Royksopp    “The Inevitable End”
RT Sound Factor (Ron Trent)    “7th Heaven – Tribute To The Energy Of Frankie Knuckles”
Russell, Arthur    “Love Is Overtaking Me” (2LP)
Russian Circles    “Enter” [12-16 Release Date]
Safan, Craig    “Warning Sign: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (2LP Red/White Splatter Vinyl Ltd. Ed.) [12-16 Release Date]
Saloman, Gabriel    “Movement Building Vol. 1”
Samrai Meets Ruf Dug    “At The Dane Bank Observatory”
Seven Davis Jr.     “The Lost Tapes (1999-2011)”
She & Him    “Classics” (180 Gram + D/L)
Silk Rhodes    “Silk Rhodes” (+ D/L)
Simoncino    “Dreams Of Konders”
Skarn    “Revolver” (AVN016)
Smashing Pumpkins, The    “Monuments To An Elegy” (+ D/L)
Stevenson, Laura And The Cans    “A Record”
Sub-Conscious    “Pushin’ Orbitz”
Sunshine State    “Pour” (+ D/L) (Picture Disc)
Terror    “Lowest Of The Low”
True Love    “New Young Gods”
TV on The Radio    “World Café Live” (+ D/L)
Val_Ex    “Riot”
Village Of Weedville    “Village Of Weedville” (Duane Rollic Of The Murder Junkies)
Void Vision    “Sub Rosa”
Warren G    “Regulate… G Funk Era” (20th Anniversary Edition)
Wee Bee Foolish    “Brighton Beach Memoirs” (2LP)
Wee Bee Foolish    “The Main Attraction”
Wee Bee Foolish    “This Kid / Turn It Out”
Wee Bee Foolish    “Putting In Work / What It Is”
Wee Bee Foolish    “Maximus / Heavy & Promo ’98”
Weezer    “Death To False Metal”
Yo La Tengo    “Extra Painful!” (Ltd. Deluxe 21st Ann. Ed. With 10 Unreleased Tracks 2LP)

AC/DC    “Rock Or Bust”
Against Me!    “True Trans”
Mascis, J    “Fade Into You” (Orange)
Run DMC    “Christmas In Hollis” (Black Friday Ed.)

Arandel    “Solarispellis”
Mr. Mitch    “Paralell Memories”
Parquet Courts (Parkay Quarts)    “Sunbathing Animal / Content Nausea” (2CD Pack)

Actor, The    “Exploded View” (MNQ 057)    Cassette
Death Cab For Cutie    “Transatlantacism” (SKR004)    Cassette
Diarrhea Planet    “I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams” (ICR-78)    Cassette
Morbid Opera    “Morbid Opera” (TPOS 067)    Cassette
No Milk On Tuesday    “The Whining Ultimate” (TPOS 026)    Cassette
Pist, The    “Boat House” (TPOS 121)    Cassette
Rev. Howard Finster    “Talks On His Work” (TPOS 016)    Cassette
Segall, Ty    “Singles 2” (“$ingle$ 2” DC-611CS) Cassette
Various    “Commerce Day Greetings” (TPOS 104)    Cassette
Various    “Christmas Jeer” (TPOS 070)    Cassette


Deerhoof La Isla Bonita
Deerhoof La Isla Bonita 300
Like their previous works, Deerhoof’s twelfth studio album is an unpredictable mix of indie, punk, noise and more (indeed, the influences cited on the press release include Radiohead, The Flaming Lips, Beck, Sonic Youth, David Byrne and more.) The first single “Exit Only” – developed while trying to write a song similar to their live cover of the Ramones’ “Pinhead” – slams with a slab of churning, hyped-up punk that seems to comment on immigration (“welcome to speech of freedom / you enter USA / thank you for coming, get out now.”) Of course, there are also much more soothing moments such as “Mirror Monster,” using beautifully glistening, echoing guitar ambience to convey what it feels like to be “riders in the cavalry” gazing at an endlessly-stretching frontier sky. “Tiny Bubbles” could be a sibling to it, starting with the same sort of instrumentation but soon incorporating experimentation such as shrill guitar riffs and unconventional timing.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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