12th Of June 2015 Update

12th Of June 2015 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records
New Rack 6-12-15

LPs & 12″s
AfterTheFall “Dedication” (Ltd. Ed. + D/L)
All “Percolater”
Apostille “Powerless”
Barron, Louis & Bebe “Forbidden Planet: Electronic Tonalities By Louis And Bebe Barron” (Soundtrack)
Browning, Ben “Turns” (6-16 Release Date)
Ceschi “The One Man Band Broke Up” (+ D/L) (CT Hip-Hop)
Cheatahs “Murasaki” (+ D/L) (6-16 Release Date)
Damaged Bug “Cold Hot Plumbs” (+ D/L)
Daviz, Hubert “Proceduri De Rutina / O Alta Perspectiva” (2LP + D/L)
DJ Koze “DJ-Kicks (50th Anniversary)” (Special White Vinyl + CD) (6-16 Release Date)
DJ Vadim & Sena “Grow Slow” (2LP) (6-16 Release Date)
Drainolith “Hysteria” (+ D/L) (6-16 Release Date)
Echo & The Bunnymen “Echo & The Bunnymen”
Fernandez, J. “Many Levels Of Laughter” (Clear + D/L)
Fit For Abuse “Mindless Violence” (+ D/L With Bonus Track)
Gala Drop “II” (6-16 Release Date)
Granite Shore, The “Once More From The Top”
Hella “Total Bugs Bunny On Wild Bass”
High Functioning Flesh “Definite Structures” (+ D/L)
High Wolf “Growing Wild” (+ D/L)
House Shoes “The Gift Vol. 8 Raj Mahal”
House Shoes “The Gift Vol. 9 Denmark Vessey”
Hudson Mohawke “Lantern” (Ltd. Ed. 2LP + Art Print + D/L With Bonus Sex) (6-16 Release Date)
Hunting Lodge “Will” (+ D/L, 1983 Industrial Noise Reissue)
Hurula “Betongbarn”
Hval, Jenny “Apocalypse, Girl” (+ D/L)
Institute “Catharsis” (+ D/L)
Jukebox The Ghost “Let Live & Let Ghosts” (6-16 Release Date)
Kanaku Y El Tigre “Quena Quena Quena” (+ CD) (6-16 Release Date)
Kid606 “Recollected Ambient Works Vol. 1 Bored Of Excitement”
L.A. Carnival, The “Would Like To Pose A Question” (2LP)
Large Professor (Large Pro) “Re:Living”
Leafcutter John “Resurrection”
Lord Finesse “The SP1200 Project: 12-Bit Grit EP”
Lundvall, Tor “The Park” (+ D/L)
Mates Of State “Re-Arrange Us”
McCaughan, Mac “Non-Believers” (+ D/L)
Metric “Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?” (Reissue + D/L) (6-16 Release Date)
Mickey (De Grand IV) “Eye Witness”
Mind Fair “Mind Fair” (+ D/L) (6-16 Release Date)
Monster Rally “Crystal Ball” (Special Ed. Color + D/L With Bonus Tracks) (6-16 Release Date)
Nitt, Frank “Frankie Rothstein”
O’Halloran, Dustin “Piano Solos Vol. 2” (+ D/L)
Planning For Burial “Leaving”
Prinzhorn Dance School “Home Economics” (Ltd. Ed. Wine Coloured + D/L)
Rival Mob, The “Hardcore For Hardcore”
Russell, Arthur “Corn”
Shane, Jackie “Jackie Shane Live!” (Red Vinyl, Remastered, Ltd. Ed. + D/L) (6-16 Release Date)
Shash’U “PWR FNK” (Ltd. Ed. 2LP + Poster)
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club SCAC 102 “An Introduction For Young And Old Europe” (2LP + DVD)
Sorority Noise “Joy, Departed” (Available Tuesday with the acoustic performance!)
Spray Paint “Punters On A Barge” (+ D/L)
Stark Reality, The “Roller Coaster Ride” (2LP + D/L)
Terror “CBGB OMFUG Masters: Live June 10, 2004 The Bowery Collection”
Thomas, Pat And Kwashibu Area Band “Pat Thomas And Kwashibu Area Band” (Gatefold + CD) (6-16 Release Date)
Uniform “Perfect World”
Van Etten, Sharon “I Don’t Want To Let You Down EP” (+ D/L, First Copies With Free 7″)
Various “Bronson: Original Motion Pictures Soundtrack” (Nicolas Winding Refn, 180 Gram + 12×12 Insert + D/L)
Various “While We’re Young: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (12×12 Insert + D/L, 180 Gram)
Vidal, Michael “Dream Center”
X “Los Angeles”
Zex “Fight For Yourself”
Zimmerman, Ben “The Baltika Years” (Ltd. Ed. /750 2LP + D/L)


Cornell Campbell / Prince Far I / Charlie Chaplin / Scientist “Jah Give Us Love / Tenastilin / Air Is Polluted / Jah Give Us Dub”
Inturns, The “Nothing Is Impossible”
Jah Joe / Boom B “Love On The Seen / 78 Style / Jah Power”
Jarrett, Winston “Wise Man / I Shen Galore”
Nightbitch “Nightbitch” (Gold Vinyl)
Prince Far I / Junior Reid “Zacky The High Priest / Oh Happy Day”
Riley, Jimmy “Everybody Needs Money / Reggae Music”
Scientist “Malcolm X/Marcus Mosiah Garvey/Toussaint L’Ouverture/Jacques Dessalines”


Revolutionaries, The “Kunta Kinte”
Sheer Mag “Sheer Mag”
Wilful Boys, The “Anybody There?”
Yabby You / King Tubby And The Prophets “Deliver Me From My Enemies”


Akitsa “Grands Tyrans”
Hudson Mohawke “Lantern” (6-16 Release Date)
Hval, Jenny “Apocalypse, Girl”
Mates Of State “You’re Going To Make It” (6-16 Release Date)
Onra “Fundamentals”
Russell, Arthur “Corn”
Van Etten, Sharon “I Don’t Want To Let You Down EP”
White Suns “Totem”

Akitsa “Grands Tyrans” (HOS-442)
Kid Millions “The Sanguine Cadaver” (NNA080) (6-16 Release Date)
Onra “Fundamentals” (ACOLPX3)
Smurphy “A Shapeless Pool Of Lovely Pale Colours Suspended In The Darkness” (LR061)
Wei Zhongle “Nu Trance” (NNA081) (6-16 Release Date)

Bonafide Magazine – The Nineties Rap Special


Reptar Lurid Glow
Reptar Lurid Glow
(Joyful Noise)
This Athens, Georgia band (named after the dinosaur on Rugrats) has a really vibrant, danceable sound, decorating their alternative rock with lots of interesting keyboard textures and additional instruments including horns and marimba. “Cable,” for example, has a loud and motivated sound with its drums and guitars building to an exclamatory horn burst that sounds like a 70s military show jingle. The more subdued, love-minded “Amanda” does a good job of transitioning between marimba, horns and a lovely synth centerpiece.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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