T-USED-DAY Update for September 8th, 2015

T-USED-DAY Update for September 8th, 2015
at Redscroll Records
TUSEDDAY 9-8-15Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s

1994! “Fckyrhed” $12.00
A Day In Black & White “My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys” $6.00
A Day In Black & White “Notes” (White) $14.00
A Trak / The Rub “Sunglasses Is A Must (Blends)” $3.00
Abe Vigoda “Reviver” $7.00
Ackles, David “American Gothic” $7.00
Ade, King Sunny “Juju Music” $4.00
Adolescents “The Complete Demos 1980-1986” (Red) $10.00
Against Me! “The Original Cowboy” (Blue) $20.00
Against Me! “Searching For A Former Clarity” (A/B Black C/D White) $15.00
Against Me! “New Wave” (Yellow 180 Gram, NO CD) $45.00
Alberto & Lost Trios Paranoias “Italians From Outer Space” $8.00
Albion Band, The “Under The Rose” (UK pressing) $6.00
Algernon Cadwallader “Parrot Flies” $12.00
All “Allroy For Prez……..” $10.00
American Steel “Destroy Their Future” $6.00
Andrew Jackson Jihad “People Who Can Eat People Are The Luckiest People In The World” (Brown /400) $23.00
Andrew Jackson Jihad “Holiday In(n) Gainesville” (Yellow /100 Fest Version) $22.00
Andrew Jackson Jihad “Can’t Maintain.” $12.00
Andrew Jackson Jihad / Ghost Mice “Andrew Jackson Jihad / Ghost Mice” $9.00
Animal Collective “Strawberry Jam” $12.00
Armalite “Armalite” (White) $8.00
Aswad “54-46 (Was My Number) $3.00
Atom And His Package “Making Love” (Grey) $10.00
Balam Acab “Wander / Wonder” $13.00
Balance And Composure / Tigers Jaw “Balance And Composure / Tigers Jaw” (Clear Brown) $15.00
Bangles “Bangles” $5.00
Baribeau, Paul “Unbearable” (Pink) $10.00
Basement Jaxx “Rooty” $7.00
Beau Brummels “The Best Of The Beau Brummels” $6.00
Big Brother & The Holding Company “Big Brother & The Holding Company” $6.00
Big Kids “Hoop Dreams” (Pink) $9.00
Big Troubles “Worry” $6.00
Bizzy B “Retrospective” $13.00
Black Army Jacket “222” $7.00
Blondy, Alpha “Apartheid Is Nazism” $8.00
Blood Brothers “… Burn, Piano Island, Burn” (Pink / Blue “Cotton Candy”) $40.00
Blues Project, The “Live At The Café Au Go Go” (Japanese Pressing With OBI) $18.00
Bok Bok “Southside Remixes” $6.00
Bomb The Music Industry! “To Leave Or Die In Long Island” (“Jawbreaker” /110) $32.00
Bomb The Music Industry! “Album Minus Band” (Blue With Black & White Labels) $9.00
Bomb The Music Industry! “Goodbye Cool World!” (Green / Green Splatter) $9.00
Bomb The Music Industry! “Get Warmer” (Clear / White Splatter) $15.00
Bomb The Music Industry! “Scrambles” (Blue /300) $21.00
Boyle, Gary “The Dancer” $7.00
Braid “The Age Of Octeen” (Blue 180 Gram) $16.00
Braid “Frame & Canvas” (Black 180 Gram Repress) $9.00
Braid “Closer To Closed” (White) $5.00
Braid “Movie Music Vol. One” (Red 180 Gram) $13.00
Braid “Movie Music Vol. Two” (Orange 180 Gram) $13.00
Braid “Frankie Welfare Boy Age 5” (White 180 Gram) $5.00
Brainworms “II: Swear To Me” (Blue) $5.00
Bridge And Tunnel “East/West” (Clear/Rainbow Splatter) $5.00
Brown, James & His Famous Flames “Live At The Apollo Volume 2 Part 1” $8.00
Buckley, Tim “Starsailor” $25.00
Buckley, Tim “Greetings From LA” $20.00
Buckley, Tim “Sefronia” $6.00
Bush, Kate “The Dreaming” (Greek pressing) $8.00
By Surprise “Mountain Smashers” (Smoke) $18.00
California Love “Reaping The Whirlwind” (Green) $8.00
Cannibal Corpse “Gallery Of Suicide” (Picture Disc) $13.00
Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band “Strictly Personal” $10.00
Caravels “Floorboards” (Yellow /200) $7.00
Carpenter Ant “Get Over It” (Clear Green) $4.00
Carry On “A Life Less Plagued” (White) $8.00
Carry On “It’s All Our Blood” $13.00
Chameleons, The “Script Of The Bridge” (UK pressing) $35.00
Chapman-Whitney “Streetwalkers” (UK pressing) $7.00
Chords, The “So Far Away” (UK pressing) $15.00
Circus Maximus “Circus Maximus” $7.00
Clark, Gene “No Other” $32.00
Cliff, Jimmy “Give Thankx” $3.00
Code Orange Kids “Love Is Love // Return To Dust” (Orange) $12.00
Cole, Lloyd & the Commotions “Rattlesnakes” $10.00
Coliseum “House With A Curse” (Embossed Sleeve) $7.00
Comadre “Comadre” (Clear White) $16.00
Comadre “A Wolf Ticket” $12.00
Combatwoundedveteran “I Know A Girl Who Develops Crime Scene Photos” (Transparent Pee) $6.00
Computer Jay “Maintain” $4.00
Congelliere, Todd “Clown Sounds” $8.00
Contortions “Buy” $24.00
Converge “Axe To Fall” (Coke Bottle Blue) $14.00
Cooder, Ry “Alamo Bay” $2.50
Copeland, Stewart “Rumble Fish” $3.00
Cream “Rock Sensation” (German pressing) $5.00
Creatures “I, Lucifer” (Red /400) $12.00
Culture “International Herb” $12.00
Cure, The “Boy’s Don’t Cry” $22.00
Cyrckle, The “Neon” $5.00
Dads “American Radass (This Is Important)” (Coke Bottle /300) $15.00
Daedelus “Love To Make Music To” $10.00
Dangers “Anger” (Clear Blue) $12.00
Danzig “Danzig II – Lucifuge” (Unofficial) $16.00
Dead Boys “We Have Come For Your Children” $15.00
Dead Milkmen, The “Big Lizard In My Backyard” (Green 2014 Pressing) $20.00
Dear Landlord “Dream Homes” (Grey Marble) $9.00
Defeater “Empty Days & Sleepless Nights” (Black 180 Gram + Book) $26.00
Defiance, Ohio “The Fear, The Fear, The Fear” (Grey Marble) $8.00
Defiance, Ohio “Midwestern Minutes” (Red) $8.00
Defiance, Ohio “The Great Depression” (Pink Mix) $8.00
Defiance, Ohio “Share What Ya Got” (Gray Marble) $8.00
Del Amitri “Del Amitri” $6.00
Delay “Rushing Ceremony” $7.00
Devotion “Bastard Son Of Affluence Blues” $3.00
Diarrhea Planet “Loose Jewels” $9.00
Dillinger Four “Versus God” (Silver /300) $14.00
Dillinger Four “Civil War” (Clear With Black Splatter) $8.00
Dillinger Four “This Shit Is Genius: A Collection Of Assorted Songs From 1994-1997” (Red) $8.00
Doors, The “Waiting For The Sun” $8.00
Drake, Nick “Five Leaves Left” $44.00
Dream Syndicate, The “The Dream Syndicate” $14.00
Dream Syndicate, The “Medicine Show” $5.00
Dury, Ian “New Boots And Panties” $5.00
Dylan, Bob & The Band “The Basement Tapes” (Promo) $24.00
Eno “Another Green World” $22.00
Eno, Brian “Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)” (Unofficial) $16.00
Eno, Brian “Before And After Science” $18.00
Ergs!, The “That’s It… Bye” $12.00
Failures “Failures” $7.00
Fairport Convention “Moat On The Ledge: Live At Broughton Castle, August ’81” (UK Pressing) $10.00
Fake Problems “How Far Our Bodies Go” $7.00
Fake Problems “It’s Great To Be Alive” (Pink) $11.00
Falcon, The “Unicornography” (Orange) $27.00
Family “It’s Only A Movie” (UK pressing) $12.00
Fat “Fat” $16.00
Fatter Than Albert “The Last Minute” (Gold) $12.00
Ferraro, Jim “On Air” $7.00
Fifth Avenue Band, The “The Fifth Avenue Band” $12.00
Fishbone “It’s A Wonderful Life (Gonna Have A Good Time)” $5.00
Fishbone “In Your Face” $6.00
Fishbone “Fishbone” $8.00
Floor “Dove” (Red) $15.00
Flying Lotus “Pattern & Grid World” $7.00
Flying Lotus “Los Angeles” $14.00
For Science “Tomorrow’s Just Another Day” (Clear) $5.00
Ford & Lopatin / Shannon Funchess / Tamaryn “Snakes / Flying Dream” (Clear) $9.00
Former Thieves “The Great And The Alleged Great” (Orange) $5.00
Fucked Up “Hidden World” $12.00
Fuhrs & Frohling “Ammerland” (German Pressing) $13.00
Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band, The “The Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band Volume One” $10.00
Gaslight Anthem, The “The ’59 Sound” $13.00
Gaye, Marvin “Anthology” $9.00
Gentle Giant “The Power And The Glory” $5.00
Gentle Giant “Free Hand” $5.00
Gentle Giant “Three Friends” $6.00
Gentle Giant “In A Glass House” $6.00
Get Rad “I Can Always Live” (Screened With Yellow Background Cover /50) $6.00
Get Rad “I Can Always Live” (Clear) $5.00
Get Rad “What The Fuck Happened To Common Sense” (Blue) $7.00
Get Rad “Say Fuck No To Rules, Man” (Pink/Blue) $5.00
Gilkyson, Eliza “Pilgrims” $6.00
Gods And Queens “Gods And Queens” (Orange Vinyl + CD) $7.00
Gods And Queens “Untitled #2” $5.00
Golden Palominos, The “The Golden Palominos” $5.00
Good Luck “Without Hesitation” (Blue) $7.00
Grabass Charlestons / Toys That Kill “Grabass Charlestons / Toys That Kill” (Blue /250) $7.00
Graf Orlock “Destination Time Today” (White) $10.00
Graf Orlock / Greyskull “Graf Orlock / Greyskull” (Clear) $7.00
Gregson, Clive “Strange Persuasions” (UK Pressing) $7.00
Hall, Daryl & John Oates “Whole Oats” $6.00
Harms Way “Rust” (Cloudy Clear) $12.00
Hartford, John “Aereo-Plain” (Canadian pressing) $15.00
Hartford, John “Morning Bugle” $10.00
Heldon “Heldon 6 / Interface” $17.00
Heptones, The “Night Food” $10.00
Hiatt, John “Riot With Hiatt – ‘Live Bootleg'” (Promo) $20.00
Hilton, Theo / Toby Foster / Clyde Petersen / Ryan Woods “Theo Hilton, Toby Foster, Clyde Petersen, Ryan Woods” $7.00
Hoods “The King Is Dead” (Clear/Pink Splatter) $12.00
Hostage Calm “Lens” (Blue / Gold /100) $29.00
Hostage Calm “Hostage Calm” (Blue) $10.00
Hostage Calm “Please Remain Calm” (Blue) $9.00
Hot Water Music “No Division” (Blue/Green/Gray Mix) $8.00
Hound “Out Of Time” $11.00
Housemartins, The “Flag Day” (UK Pressing) $6.00
Husker Du “Flip Your Wig” $18.00
Hutch, Willie “In And Out / Brother’s Gonna Work It Out” (UK Pressing) $6.00
I Hate Myself “3 Songs” (Purple Marble) $13.00
In My Eyes “The Difference Between” $9.00
Insect Trust, The “Hoboken Saturday Night” $16.00
Integrity “Systems Overload” (Grey Marble) $14.00
Iron Chic “Not Like This” $12.00
Iron Lung “Sexless // No Sex” $8.00
Ital “Hive Mind” $13.00
Jam, The “Setting Sons” $7.00
Jam, The “Sound Affects” $7.00
Jam, The “All Mod Cons” $5.00
Jam, The “The Gift” $7.00
James “Village Fire – Five Offerings From James” (UK pressing) $8.00
Jefferson Airplane “Surrealistic Pillow” $8.00
Jellyroll Rockheads “Wake Up, Music – Complete Discography” $14.00
John, Clive “You Always Know Where You Stand With A Buzzard” $25.00
Johnson, Linton Kwesi “Bass Culture” $10.00
Joyce Manor “Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired” $11.00
Joyce Manor “Joyce Manor” $11.00
Judge “What It Meant – The Complete Discography” $15.00
Kayo Dot “Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue” $20.00
Kelly, Brendan / Joe McMahon “Wasted Potential” (White /300) $18.00
Kind Of Like Spitting “In The Red” $13.00
Kind Of Like Spitting / Lemuria “Your Living Room’s All Over Me” $12.00
Kinks, The “The Kink Kronikles” $10.00
Kitajima, Osama “Benzaiten” $44.00
Kittyhawk “Kittyhawk” $6.00
Kylesa “Static Tensions” $12.00
Kylesa “To Walk A Middle Course” $7.00
La Dispute / Koji “Never Come Undone” (Purple / Black) $14.00
Lapalux “When You’re Gone” $7.00
Lapalux “Some Other Time” $7.00
Latterman “… We Are Still Alive” (Pink Marble) $11.00
Lawrence Arms, The “Ghost Stories” (Grey Marble /166) $23.00
Lawrence Arms, The “Ghost Stories” (Clear /550) $22.00
Lawrence Arms, The “A Guided Tour Of Chicago” (Purple /550) $22.00
Lawrence Arms, The “Oh! Calcutta!” $11.00
Lawrence Arms, The “Apathy And Exhaustion” $10.00
Lawrence Arms, The “Greatest Story Ever Told” $13.00
Lawrence Arms, The “Cocktails & Dreams” $12.00
Lazarus, Ken “Today’s Pleasure” (Check Condition) $6.00
Leaves, The “1966” (Green) $26.00
Lemuria “Get Better” $12.00
Lenny And The Squigtones “Lenny & Suiggy Present Lenny And The Squigtones” (Feat. Christopher Guest As Nigel Tufnel) $9.00
Levine, Max Ensemble “OK Smarty Pants” (Blue) $8.00
Lewd Acts “Back Eye Blues” (Clear) $9.00
Love “Best Of Love” $13.00
MacColl, Kirsty “He’s On The Beach” (UK Pressing) $5.00
Madness “Our House” $5.00
Major Lazer “Hold The Line” $9.00
Make Do And Mend “End Measured Mile ” (2nd Press – “Pink Super Hawt Splatter”) $15.00
Make Do And Mend “Bodies Of Water” $13.00
Make Do And Mend “Everything You Ever Loved” (Gold /500) $16.00
Man “Be Good To Yourself At Least Once A Day” $7.00
Man “Back Into The Future” $5.00
Man “2 Ozs Of Plastic With A Hole In The Middle” $30.00
Manfred Mann Chapter Three “Manfred Mann Chapter Three” $14.00
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band “Manfred Mann’s Earth Band” $7.00
Mangum, Jeff “Live At Jittery Joe’s” $15.00
Marks, Kal “Life Is Murder” $8.00
Marley, Bob & The Wailers “Babylon By Bus” $13.00
Marley, Bob & The Wailers “Survival” $10.00
Marley, Bob & The Wailers “Uprising” $7.00
Matthews, Ian “Journeys From Gospel Oak” (UK Pressing) $6.00
Matthews, Ian “Tigers Will Survive” $6.00
Matty Pop Chart “Everyone Does Everything” $5.00
Matumbi “Point Of View” $5.00
Mayall, John / Eric Clapton “Blues Breakers” (Mono 1966 Check Condition) $12.00
Melt-Banana “Bambi’s Dilemma” $14.00
Men They Couldn’t Hang, The “Night Of A Thousand Candles” (UK pressing) $7.00
Metallica “Enter Sandman” (Box / No Prints) $15.00
Metzger, Fresh “Fresh Metzger” $7.00
Mexicans With Guns “Ceremony” $12.00
Mexicans With Guns “Me Gusto” $3.00
Microdisney “The Clock Comes Down The Stairs” $6.00
Minor Threat “Minor Threat” (Green Cover) $14.00
Minor Threat “Out Of Step” (2007 Repress) $8.00
Miyagawa, Hiroshi / Kentaro Haneda “Final Yamato” (Anime Soundtrack, Japan Import) $22.00
Mogwai “Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will” $15.00
Moroder, Giorgio “From Here To Eternity” (Check Condition) $8.00
Nasum “Inhale / Exhale” (Yellow LP + 7″) $40.00
Nasum “Doombringer” (Clear /100) $25.00
National Health “D.S. Al Coda” $10.00
Native “We Delete; Erase” (Orange) $15.00
New Mexican Disaster Squad “Don’t Believe” (White) $7.00
New Mexican Disaster Squad / Western Addiction “New Mexican Disaster Squad / Western Addiction” $6.00
Newcleus “NaNa Beat” $3.00
Newman, Randy “Ragtime” $3.00
Nine Inch Nails “Things Falling Apart”(EP/Single, Sealed) $37.00
Nine Inch Nails “Pretty Hate Machine” (Sealed Original Pressing) $45.00
No Artist “Chilling, Thrilling Sounds Of The Haunted House” (Filed In Soundtracks – Version With “Spooky Party Hints”) $3.00
No Friends “No Friends” (Clear Blue / Solid White) $4.00
Nomos “Notes From The Acheron” $4.50
Norma Jean “Vs. The Anti Mother” (Blood Red) $28.00
Nothington “Roads, Bridges & Ruins” $6.00
NRBQ “Scraps & Workshop” $6.00
Ochs, Phil “Pleasures Of The Harbor” $5.00
Off With Their Heads “Hospitals” $12.00
Off With Their Heads “All Things Move Towards Their End.” (Pink Mix) $9.00
Off With Their Heads “From The Bottom” (Green Mix) $8.00
Off With Their Heads “In Desolation” $10.00
Ohio Knox “Ohio Knox” $8.00
OHL “Wir Sind Die Turken Von Morgen” $9.00
Okkervil River “The Stage Names” $6.00
Old Man Gloom “NO” (White) $24.00
Old Man Gloom “Seminar II: The Holy Rites Of Primitive Regressionism” $9.00
Old Man Gloom “Christmas” (White & Pink LPs) $20.00
Orchid “Chaos Is Me” (Red /100) $18.00
P.S. Eliot “Introverted Romance In Our Troubled Minds” $9.00
Paint It Black “New Lexicon” (Green) $13.00
Pallett, Owen “In Conflict” (2LP 180 Gram) $19.00
Parsons, Gene “Kindling” $5.00
Peanut Butter Wolf “2K8 B-Ball Zombie War” $12.00
Peeple Watchin’ “Somethin’ To Tell Ya” (Pink /100) $11.00
Penetration “Moving Targets” (Glow In The Dark, UK pressing) $9.00
Penetration “Coming Up For Air” $5.00
Pentangle “In The Round” $12.00
Pentangle “Pentangle” $20.00
Pianos Become The Teeth “Old Pride” (Green /200 1st Press) $20.00
Pig Destroyer “Painter Of Dead Girls” (Clear) $15.00
Pirates, The “Skull Wars” $5.00
Prodigy, The “Girls / Memphis Bells” $5.00
Propagandhi “Supporting Caste” $13.00
Propagandhi “Failed State” (LP + CD) $9.00
Pulling Teeth “Paranoid Delusions Paradise Illusions” (Clear Blue) $16.00
Pylon “Chomp” $21.00
R.A.M.B.O. “Wall Of Death The System” $5.00
R.A.M.B.O. “Bring It!” $4.00
R.E.M. “Fables Of The Reconstruction / Reconstruction Of The Fables” $7.00
R.E.M. “Lifes Rich Pageant” $7.00
R.E.M. “S. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)” (UK Pressing) $6.00
R.E.M. “Reckoning” $7.00
Reflector “Where Has All The Melody Gone?” $5.00
Refused “The Shape Of Punk To Come” $29.00
Reggie & The Live Wires “Me Dread” $5.00
Relics “We Owe Ourselves This” $4.00
Renbourn, John “Faro Annie” $6.00
Renbourn, John “Live In America” $8.00
Richards, Keith “Talk Is Cheap” $9.00
Ringers “Detention Halls” $7.00
Ringers “Hurry Up And Wait” $5.00
Rockpile “Seconds Of Pleasure” (bonus 7″) $5.00
Rvivr “The Joester Sessions ’08-’11” $8.00
Saddest Landscape, The “You Will Not Survive” (White /235, Panic) $16.00
Scars “Author Author” (UK pressing) $7.00
Scouts Honor “I Am The Dust” $3.00
Selecter, The “Too Much Pressure” $10.00
Selecter, The “Too Much Pressure” $10.00
Shannon, Del “Drop Down And Get Me” (Promo) $5.00
Shaw, Sandie “Puppet On A String” (French Pressing) $10.00
Shook Ones “The Unquoteable A.M.H.” $12.00
Shusha / Maddy Prior / Melanie Harold / John Kirkpatrick / Robert Johnson / Sydney Carter “Lovely In The Dances” $6.00
Sick Fix “Vexed” (Dirty Orange) $6.66
Skids “Scared To Dance” $5.00
Slingshot Dakota “Their Dreams Are Dead, But Ours Is The Golden Ghost” (Yellow/Pink Splatter) $16.00
Smashed Gladys “Social Intercourse” (White Label Promo) $5.00
Sneeze “Wilt” $6.00
Snowing “I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted” (Clear Blue 1st Press /200) $20.00
Sopwith Camel “The Sopwith ‘Camel'” $8.00
Soul Swallower “Devoured” $7.00
Specials “Specials” $10.00
Specials “Ghost Town” $13.00
Spirit “Spirit” $5.00
Spirit “The Adventures Of Kaptain Kopter And Commander Cassidy In Potato Land” $9.00
Spirit Assembly “Welcome To Lancaster County” $6.00
Spongetones, The “Torn Apart” $10.00
Springfield, Dusty “Dusty In Memphis” $15.00
Springfield, Dusty “Greatest Hits” (UK Pressing) $6.00
Stamey, Chris “It’s A Wonderful Life” $5.00
Steel Pulse “Reggae Fever” $5.00
Steel Pulse “Earth Crisis” $6.00
Steel Pulse “True Democracy” (Promo) $6.00
Streetlight Manifesto “Somewhere In Between” (Tan) $25.00
Swamp Thing “In Shame” (White /300) $8.00
Talking Heads “Remain In Light” $16.00
Tangerine Dream “Tangram” $5.00
Teenage Cool Kids “Foreign Lands” (Blue) $10.00
Television “Foxhole” (Red Vinyl UK Pressing) $9.00
Television “Adventure” $18.00
Tempest “Tempest” $15.00
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb “Front Seat Solidarity” (Blue Marble) $10.00
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb “Three Way Tie For A Fifth” (Green Vinyl) $8.00
Three O’Clock “Baroque Hoedown” $5.00
Three O’Clock “Sixteen Tambourines” $9.00
Thumbs “Thumbs” $9.00
Thursday / Envy “Thursday/Envy” (180 Gram) $12.00
Tigers Jaw “Tigers Jaw” (Orange) $30.00
Tigers Jaw “Two Worlds” (Red 1st Press) $15.00
Toms, The “The Toms” $70.00
Toots & the Maytals “Reggae Got Soul” $7.00
Torche “Healer / Across The Shields” (Orange Vinyl, NO DVD) $9.00
Torche “Songs For Singles” (White) $10.00
Torche “Torche” (Avalanche – Blue Vinyl) $16.00
Torche “Harmonicraft” (Clear) $13.00
Tosh, Peter “Equal Rights” $7.00
Touche Amore “Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me” (Blue/White) $22.00
Trainwreck / Comadre “Trainwreck / Comadre” $5.00
True North “We Speak In Code” $6.00
Tune-Yards “Bird-Brains” $10.00
Turner, Ike & Tina “Ooh-Poo-Pah-Doo” $7.00
Turtles, The “20 Greatest Hits” (Netherlands Pressing) $10.00
Twin Shadow “Forget” $10.00
Tyrannosaurus Rex “My People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair… But Now They’re Content To Wear Stars On Their Brows” (Import Reissue – Bonus Track “Debora”) $17.00
Ultravox “All Stood Still” (UK pressing) $6.00
Umps And Dumps “The Moon’s In A Fit” (UK Pressing) $7.00
Underground Railroad To Candyland, The “Bird Roughs” (Blue) $10.00
United Nations “United Nations” (Red) $43.00
Van Halen “5150” $3.00
Vanilla Fudge “Near The Beginning” $6.00
Various “Rolling Stone Presents 50’s Rock And Roll Classics” $3.50
Various “Objectivity: The Object Singles Album” $20.00
Various “The Big Beach Sound” $2.00
Various “More Intensified! Original Ska 1963-67” $7.00
Various “Rockers” $16.00
Various “Legacy – A Collection Of New Folk Music” $6.00
Various “Death Is Nothing To Fear 4” $4.00
Various “Death Is Nothing To Fear 2” (Sealed) $4.00
Various “Nicky Siano’s Legendary – The Gallery: NY Disco 73-77” $16.00
Various “Tropical Discotheque EP” $48.00
Various “The Rub Remixes Volume 5” $3.00
Various “Chlling, Thrilling Sounds Of The Haunted House” (Filed In Soundtracks) $4.00
Various “Ghostbusters II” (Soundtrack) $5.00
Various “The Emo Apocalypse” (Picture Disc) $14.00
Various “I Think We Should Stay Away From Each Other” (AJJ, Japanther, Joyce Manor…) $8.00
Various “Fuck Off All Nerds: A Benefit Compilation In Memory Of Mitch Dubey” (Black /125) $13.00
Various “Fuck Off All Nerds: A Benefit Compilation In Memory Of Mitch Dubey” (Light Pink /125) $18.00
Velente, Dino “Dino Valente” $10.00
Velvet Underground, The “Loaded” (European 1987 Reissue) $17.00
Velvet Underground, The “The Velvet Underground” (Reissue) $9.00
Victims “Killer” (With Sticker!) $7.00
Wainwright, Loudon III “I’m Alright” $6.00
Webb, Jimmy “Angel Heart” $7.00
Wild Turkey “Turkey” $10.00
Williams, John “Superman – The Movie” (Soundtrack) $4.00
Williams, Lucinda “Passionate Kisses” $6.00
Wu-Tang Clan “Legend Of The Wu-Tang: Wu-Tang Clan’s Greatest Hits” $10.00
Wyatt, Robert “Old Rottenhat” $18.00
Wyndham-Read, Martyn “Emu Plains” (UK pressing) $12.00
X “See How We Are” $5.00
Yankovic, “Weird Al” “In 3-D” $5.00
Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Show Your Bones” $15.00
Young, Neil “Zuma” $10.00
Young, Neil “American Stars’N Bars” $6.00
Youth Attack “Don’t Look Back” $5.00


Andrew Jackson Jihad “Only God Can Judge Me” (White /500) $9.00
Andrew Jackson Jihad / O Pioneers!!! “Andrew Jackson Jihad / O Pioneers!!!” (Green Mix) $9.00
Animal Collective “Peacebone” $8.00
Avail “Live At The Kings Head Inn” $2.00
Bomb The Music Industry! / O Pioneers!!! “Bomb The Music Industry! / O Pioneers!!!” (Rainbow Splatter / Orange Cover – Record Release Edition) $17.00
Bomb The Music Industry! / O Pioneers!!! “Bomb The Music Industry! / O Pioneers!!!” (Leopard Swirl) $15.00
Bomb The Music Industry! / O Pioneers!!! “Bomb The Music Industry! / O Pioneers!!!” (White With Black Splatter) $13.00
Bomb The Music Industry! / O Pioneers!!! “Bomb The Music Industry! / O Pioneers!!!” (Black With White Splatter) $13.00
Bomb The Music Industry! / O Pioneers!!! “Bomb The Music Industry! / O Pioneers!!!” (Red With White Swirl) $8.00
Comadre “A Wolf Ticket” (Black In Tan) $8.00
Comadre “A Wolf Ticket” (Black With Secret Splatter) $10.00
Combatwoundedveteran “Duck Down For The Torso” (Purple) $3.50
Falcon, The “God Don’t Make No Trash* *Up Your Ass With Broken Glass” (Blue) $18.00
Ghostlimb / Fischer “Ghostlimb / Fischer” (Brown Vinyl) $3.00
Graf Orlock “Doombox” $15.00
Immortal “All Shall Fall” (Silver Vinyl 4×10″ Box Set /333) $28.00
Lemonheads, The “It’s About Time” $4.00
Loved Ones, The “The Loved Ones” $7.00
Make Do And Mend “We’re All Just Living” (Orange /250) $18.00
Make Do And Mend “We’re All Just Living” (Black /100) $24.00
Spoonboy “I Love You, This Is A Robbery” $18.00
Suis La Lune “Heir” (Sweden Pressing) $15.00
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb “Dance Party With…” $7.00


Andrew Jackson Jihad / Cobra Skulls “Under The Influence Vol. 6” (Swampwater Green) $17.00
Andrew Jackson Jihad / The Gunshy “Andrew Jackson Jihad / The Gunshy” (Yellow Clear) $3.00
Baths “The Nothing” $4.00
Betercore / Olho De Gato “Fuck The Borders!” $1.50
Blink-182 / Swindle “Lemmings / Going Nowhere” (Gold) $8.00
Boyfriends / Boys And Sex “A Shared Record” (Purple Marble) $3.00
Charles Bronson “Charles Bronson (Demo)” $20.00
Charles Bronson / Unanswered “Charles Bronson / Unanswered” $9.00
Christopher, Gavin “One Step Closer To You” (Promo) $2.00
Comadre “Cold Rain” $5.00
Comadre / Glasses “Comadre/Glasses” (Black+Blue) $10.00
Combatwoundedveteran / Scrotum Grinder “Combatwoundedveteran / Scrotum Grinder” (Purple) $2.00
Coping / The Clippers “Coping / The Clippers” (Gold) $6.00
Crime In Stereo “Love” (Green) $8.00
Dawson, Kimya / Matty Pop Chart “Kimya Dawson / Matty Pop Chart” $3.00
Deacon, Dan “True Thrush” $4.00
Death By Stereo / Ensign “Death By Stereo / Ensign” (Clear Brown) $9.00
Death First “Trapped” $1.00
Defiance, Ohio / Environmental Youth Crunch “Defiance, Ohio/Environmental Youth Crunch” $4.00
Dondero, David / Mischief Brew “Two Box Cars” $6.00
Dropdead / Look Back And Laugh “Dropdead/Look Back And Laugh” (Clear) $5.00
Ergs!, The / Grabass Charlestons “Ergs!, The / Grabass Charlestons” (Yellow) $4.00
Ergs!, The / Lemuria “The Ergs! / Lemuria” (Purple) $7.00
Floor “Tired From Now On” (Yellow /200) $27.00
Floor / Sloth “Floor/Sloth” (Pink Marble /100) $17.00
Floor / Spazz “All Urban Outfield” $12.00
Fruit Punch / Youth Of Togay “Limp Picnic” $2.00
Fucked Up “Spiral Scratch (Daytrotter, Matador)” $20.00
Fucked Up / Haymaker “Fucked Up / Haymaker” (Clear) $3.00
Future, The “Let Us Change The World We Children” (Promo) $2.50
Get Rad / Protestant “Get Rad/Protestant” $1.75
Get Rad / Smashin’ Off “Get Rad / Smashin’ Off” (Yuck Orange) $3.00
Graf Orlock “Los Angeles” $3.75
Hostage Calm “Demo” (Pre-Order Version, Gold Vinyl) $6.00
Hypatia “We Move At Light Speed” (Maroon) $1.00
Hypatia / Robot Attack “Hypatia / Robot Attack” (Clear Amber) $2.00
Jam, The “Going Underground” $1.50
Jethro Tull “The Whistler” (Mono/Stereo, Promo) $6.00
Johnson, Rick Rock And Roll Machine / Bomb The Music Industry! “Presidents Day” (Gray /400) $17.00
Kind Of Like Spitting / Rose Of Sharon “Kind Of Like Spitting / Rose Of Sharon” $6.00
Kodan Armada / Montcalm “Kodan Armada / Montcalm” (Blue) $4.50
Kylesa / Victims “Kylesa / Victims” (Gold) $4.00
Lemuria / Off With Their Heads “Under The Influence Vol. 7” (Blue) $3.00
Levine, Max Ensemble / Spirit Animals “The Max Levine Ensemble / The Spirit Animals” (Gray Marble) $3.00
Loma Prieta “Matrimony” $12.00
Mindflayer / Deep Jew “Mindflayer/Deep Jew” $3.00
Mustard Plug / Bomb The Music Industry! “Under The Influence Vol. 3” (Clear Green / Pink Splatter) $10.00
My Heart To Joy At The Same Tone “Virgin Sails” (Grey Marble) $14.00
Nasum / Warhate “The Nasum/Warhate Campaign” (Clear) $20.00
Nona / Peeple Watchin’ “Nona / Peeple Watchin'” (Get Better Fest Cover /30 Gray Marble Vinyl) $3.00
O Pioneers!!! / By The End Of Tonight “Sweet Junk” (Clear) $4.50
Off With Their Heads / Dear Landord “Off With Their Heads / Dear Landord” (Purple Mix) $3.00
Orchid / Encyclopedia Of American Traitors “Orchid / Encyclopedia Of American Traitors” (Clear) $12.00
Orchid / Pig Destroyer “Orchid / Pig Destroyer” $10.00
Paramedics / Spraynard “Paramedics / Spraynard” $3.00
Pianos Become The Teeth / Ezra Joyce “Pianos Become The Teeth / Ezra Joyce” (Transparent Beer) $14.00
Prine, John “Saddle In The Rain” (Promo) $4.00
R.A.M.B.O. / Crucial Unit “R.A.M.B.O. / Crucial Unit” $2.00
Riverboat Gamblers / Electric Eel Shock “Riverboat Gamblers / Electric Eel Shock” (Picture Disc) $4.00
Saddest Landscape, The / We Were Skeletons “The Saddest Landscape/We Were Skeletons” (Clear Blue) $3.00
Sirs / Run, Walk! “Sirs / Run, Walk!” (Blue/White Swirl) $4.00
Snowing “Pump Fake / Scherbatsky” $15.00
So Many Dynamos / Bring Back The Guns “Son Many Dynamos / Bring Back The Guns” $2.50
Sofy Major / Her Breath On Glass “Sofy Major / Her Breath On Glass” $2.00
Spraynard / Sundials “Spraynard / Sundials” $4.00
Stay Ahead Of The Weather “We Better Get Goin’ If We’re Gonna” (Coke Bottle Clear) $8.00
Stevenson, Laura And The Cans / Bomb The Music Industry! “Laura Stevenson And The Cans / Bomb The Music Industry!” (Clear Red) $4.00
Swear Jar “Swear Jar” (Trash Gray) $3.00
Teenage Cool Kids / Daniel Striped Tiger “Teenage Cool Kids / Daniel Striped Tiger” (Blue) $4.00
Tiltwheel / Off With Their Heads “Tiltwheel / Off With Their Heads” (Yellow Marble) $7.00
Touche Amore / Make Do And Mend “TA/MDAM” (Coke Bottle Clear / Black Streaks) $11.00
Touche Amore / Make Do And Mend “TA/MDAM” (Clear With Black Smoke) $11.00
Toys That Kill “Flys” $3.00
Trifle Tower / Killeur Calculator “Communique06” (Cloth Sleeve) $2.00
Various “Barbaric Thrash Demolition Vol. II” (Limp Wrist, Jellyroll Rockheads, Life’s Hault…) $2.00
Wankys, The / Lotus Fucker “The Wankys / Lotus Fucker” $3.00
We Were Skeletons / MNWA “We Were Skeletons / MNWA” (Yellow/150) $4.00
Weekend Nachos “Torture” $5.00
Weekend Nachos “Black Earth” $4.00
Western Addiction “Remember To Dismember” $2.00
Xerxes “Twins” (Gray Marble) $4.00
Yo Man Go (YMG) “Life Lessons” $1.50
Your Heart Breaks / Paul Baribeau “Your Heart Breaks / Paul Baribeau” $4.00