15th Of January 2016 Update

15th Of January 2016 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
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LPs & 12″s

Abate, Maurizio “Loneliness, Desire And Revenge”
Anderson, Joey “Invisible Switch”
Answer Code Request “Code”
Bachs, The “Out Of The Bachs” (60s Garage-Psych Reissue)
Botch “061502” (Remastered /2000)
Boy “Darkest Visions”
Boys Life “Departures And Landfalls”
Broken English Club “Scars”
Butcher “Holding Back The Night”
Chaino And His African Percussion Safari “Jungle Echoes”
Circle “Miljard”
Cows “Cunning Stunts” (+ D/L)
Cranberries, The “Bury The Hatchet” (180 Gram)
Cut Teeth “Night Years”
Davis, Miles “In A Silent Way” (180 Gram)
De Mey, Yves “Drawn With Shadow Pens”
Dozzy, Donato “The Loud Silence” (+ D/L)
Ernestus, Mark Ndagga Rhythm Force “Lamb Rhythm / Lamb Ji (Wit Mbene Diatta Seck)”
Faith No More “The Real Thing” (Reissue 180 Gram 2LP)
Fort Romeau “Secrets & Lies”
Freeze, The “Freak Show”
Freeze, The “Crawling Blind”
Hector, Karl And The Malcouns “Unstraight Ahead” (+ D/L)
Hopkins, Lightnin’ Sam “Lightnin’ Sam Hopkins” (Gold Vinyl /500)
Ignite “A War Against You” (180 Gram + CD)
Linear Movement “The Linear Way”
Makaton “Ra Ra Replica”
Mikkel Metal “Resemblance”
Mouse Sluts “Mouse Sluts” (Dan, Glen & Letha Rodman Melchior with Graham Lambkin)
Muslimgauze / Underspreche “Split EP”
No Tolerance “You Walk Alone”
Octopus Project, The “Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter: Original Soundtrack (A Zellner Bros. Adventure)” (White Vinyl + D/L)
Psycho Sin “Forward To The Caves” (Reissue)
Rammellzee “Fight My Fire” (/500)
Royal Blood “Out Of The Black EP”
Severed Heads “Clifford Darling, Please Don’t Live In The Past”
Severed Heads “Lamborghini/Petrol”
Sex Church “Flowers”
Shorter, Wayne “Night Dreamer” (Blue Note Reissue)
Sports “Demon Daze”
Surgeon “Force + Form Remakes”
Tale Of Us & Mind Against “Astral”
Thomas, Prins “Toransu”
Urban Waste “Urban Waste” (+ D/L)
Vektor “Black Future”
Wavves / Cloud Nothings “No Life For Me” (+ D/L)
Witch “Induction Hardened Bedways” (Electronic Act, Not Rock Group)
Wyatt, Robert “The End Of An Ear”
Younge, Adrian Presents Venice Dawn “Something About April II”
Zadig “The Stellar Hunter EP”

Dress Code “Perception”
Ghostface Killah “Twelve Reasons To Die II (Adrian Younge Presents)”
No Parole “No Parole”
Prawn “Settled”
Protester “No Identity”
Response “There’s No Choice E.P.”
Unbroken “(Unbroken Circa ’77)”


Harvest “Living With A God Complex”
Saddest Landscape, The “After The Lights” (TSR053)
Sorority Noise “Joy, Departed” (TSR128)
Maximum Rock N Roll January 2016 #392 Magazine



Wolf Eyes
I Am a Problem: Mind in Pieces
Wolf Eyes I Am a Problem Mind in Pieces(Third Man)
Though well-established as the “kings of American noise,” the Michigan trio Wolf Eyes have been distancing themselves from the “noise” label in favor of “trip metal” (described as “heaviness you can trip out to.”) The addition of guitarist James Baljo several years ago led to a more riff-based sound, making Wolf Eyes more rhythmic but still fitting for a horror score with smoky, drawn-out electric guitars and plenty of screeching sounds. Opener “Catching the Rich Train”, for example, sets the mood with a soft two-note keyboard loop that steadily gets clouded with psychedelic guitars, horns, vocals and various weird effects.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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